Rush on White Guilt


Not bad.

“Folks, this is last ditch desperation bottom of the barrel unseemly. It’s the Obama administration which wrote off the white working class vote last year, almost one year ago. That now famous column by Thomas Edsall in the New York Times announcing that the Obama campaign was writing off the white working class vote. They’d lost the bitter clingers. They weren’t going to be campaigning for them. What they were going to be doing instead was trying to suppress those votes. So here it is a year later,and the AP says that this new racist attitude among whites in America could cost Obama votes as he tries for reelection. This is outrageous, as far as I’m concerned. This is beyond the pale.

These same people voted for Obama four years ago. These same white people voted for him. So they’ve become racists in four years? They’ve become full-fledged unmitigated racists in four years? These same white people who were heroes four years ago, now the AP’s got a poll out that shows they’ve all become racist? They’re racists and their guilt is no longer sufficient to make them vote for Obama. Those views could cost Obama votes as he tries for reelection. So if you don’t want to be called a racist, you had better vote for Obama. And nevermind that blacks’ prejudice for Obama does cost Romney votes. Is there any doubt about that? Obama’s gonna get, what, 95% of the black vote? That’s obviously gonna cost Romney some votes, but we don’t care about that, no, no, no, no, no. The majority harbor prejudice against blacks. Who knew.

Just four years ago, we were such a wonderful country, why, we’d elected the first black president and that was the end of racism. Obama was gonna end racism, and what’s he done? He’s created a bunch of brand-new racists out of the white people that voted for him four years ago. This is the bottom of the barrel, folks. This is the despicable, and this is the low-rent nature of today’s left and the Drive-By Media, which are one and the same. “

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  1. I’m no fan of Rush. I hear him a bit when I drive around. That’s it. Over the past few years I have heard the attacks against him by the left ( does it make any sense to say far left any more?). I would think they are really in a clean up phase of our culture.

    Maybe, but as Hunter says: “Not bad.” Not bad indeed Rush.

  2. White people are getting tired of blacks in direct proportion to increasing Liberal anti-white racism and the now common exposure of black on white crime by alternative, non mainstream media sources.

    You can only run a scam so long. Liberals were able to run their scam for decades because of their exclusive control of media and information outlets. But now the monopoly is over. Reality sets back in. Nature reasserts itself and the potbellied white man sees the nigger for what he is once again. Things come full circle. Including illusions.

  3. ( does it make any sense to say far left any more?)

    No. Why use a word like “left?” Use “pundits for the left-right paradigm.” Pundits making a living as spokespersons for a public they have never met, and from whom they are in a different ethnic group.

    Why should people from other ethnic groups (like Sullivan who is Irish Catholic) speak for the wasp public? Or for Southern nationals?

    Obviously, southerners were well-identified enough (as a white sub-group) to make a war on them, lol—- so aren’t they a group now? Should these left-right paradigm pundits speak FOR Indians?

    Of course not. So quit speaking FOR wasps, when you’re not one. Or FOR Indians. Or FOR Southrons.

    It’s fine they have NO REPRESENTATION or voice in the Empire. Fine. But don’t be in one group and speak FOR “the other.”

    It’s just rude… right?

  4. The whole FACT of the WBTS proves that Southerners were a group. (lol).

    So, how can the Empire speak FOR THEM on t.v. anymore than they speak FOR Indians. Why do Indians get a paid-for reservation but not Southrons?

    That’s the main question. Just pull it back to that main point, maybe.

    Both groups meet criterion for Genocide. But only one got a reservation! Why?

  5. He missed one trick. What is racism? If it applies to everyone it’s not a meaningful term. It’s just human nature.

  6. lol They won’t let me post on Free Republic anymore. They didn’t like me pointing out the obvious…

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  7. Yep pretty soon a respectable CONservative is gonna go off script and just say, “anti-racism is anti-white and nothing more.” Then the scams really start to unravel when your average Doofus Americanus just basically starts flipping off the anti-whites.

    And may I recomend prior to this happening that you fine folk aquire an AR-15 for each competant adult in your tribe and the necessary accoutraments that go along with these weapons.

  8. I’m not sure the left is really dying. The same was said in 2004 and about the evil right in 2008.

    I can’t recall where, possibly Martin Armstrong or Strauss and Howe, but someone with good historical perspective predicted the US would swing from one party to the other until we were all eating eachother or in WWIII. Seems about right

  9. Rush doesn’t like being called a racist. It is “despicable.” He, like other Republicans, is better than us racists. What will he do?

    There is no future for whites in the GOP. That is the problem. They have become the SWPL lite party. Even more PC than the Democrats, truth be told.

    Why settle for near beer when you can have real beer? SWPL folks will continue to stay with the anti-white Democrats. They like their anti-white anti-racism neat, not watered down.

    The current anti-racist establishment Republicans only constitute another failed GOP gambit to “widen the base” while simultaneously alienating even more of their real base.

    Republicans, party of Herman Cain, Michael Steele, Allen West, and Mia Love, can tolerate much. The only thing they cannot tolerate is real conservatism.

    Up with white people, down with Republicans.

    “OD and SNN are under DDOS attack.”
    I knew there was something going on the past few days.

    Deo Vindice

  10. Rush has “gotten it” for a long time, but protecting a $60 million per year salary probably tends to make one avoid publicly speaking the truth about race in Amurrica.

    Demographics guru and polls interpreter extraordinaire Michael Barone wrote a very interesting article today, and for me, this was the money line:

    “Why are whites more one-sidedly partisan than just about ever before? Maybe because they’re constantly being told that they’re headed toward becoming a minority of the electorate. Self-conscious minorities tend to vote more cohesively.”

    Here’s the link to the article:

  11. Ahhhhh, the constant whining! Apparently most are more interested in race rather than getting rid of the IRS!

    How about a “Flat Tax”?
    Gary Johnson was my candidate.

    Naaaaw, you’re more interested in who gets elected!

    Ol’ George Wallace pulled the same stunt, keeping race on the forefront, instead of getting major companies to come to Al.,so the people could prosper. The worst thing of all, the semi-illiterates voted him in.

    I love it, when a man pulls out his knife, and cuts his own throat!

  12. HAHAHA!!!!

    I’ve stated repeatedly that when I do BUGS/Swarmfront type stuff, on “mainstream” and even lefty sites, I get pushback from the professional handlers that troll these sites, to try to “manage (mangle) opinion”, and get called the typiucal names – but I get tons of “likes/thumbs-up” reactions, and support.

    We aren’t even close to being out of the woods yet – but there may be a glimmer of light. I recently, as in this past weekend, got into discussions with complete strangers, about these sorts of issues, and the Whites I’m talking to in PERSON – well – I can recommend Stormfront openly. And did so. And NOW I’m talking women. I hipped a young Mom (A lovely Alpinid Italian Mom, Chris, and Lily!) to SF on Saturday night. We were in line waiting for a super-fun event. (We began chatting as the hubsters were gawking over some of the stuff involved with the vent. The setting involved many butch Big Machine type things)…the conversation ran along the lines of “Ever been to this before?” “Nope. ” “Me neither”. “Are you from around here”…she was a local. She began talking about the nearby city she gre up in, how it’s ruined because of all the immigrants…she’s politically connected, but heartbroken. She apparently had a wonderful childhood, she and her hubster moved away for several years, she’s AGHAST at the decline and violence. She and the hubster moved to a small little (super cute) town, for her little kiddies…..but even then there are issues, due to a greedy grabby Socialist style school district/Communist Educariet, who will raise the young Comrades according to the dearest ideologies of our Dear Leader…they’ve gotten their claws into the little tiny wee townlet system. This gal is way way way upset……..I hipped to to the fact that there are others that share her fears and concerns. “The CoCC, and Stormfront are good sites to check out”.

    Now – the middle aged folks I know… Le Resistance is raring to go. Ye Gods. I’m a “moderate” voice, now. FYI – there are NORMAL people.

    Rush follows the money. He’s acknowledging that Darkies literally don’t pay.


    I thnk even Beck the Lunatic has dropped the Black Founding Fathers crap. If we can only get him

    By the by – I told my Tea Party folks I was going to the Stormfront Conference, in September. “Stormfront? Is that some type of a militia group, or something…?” Mysterious and amused half-smile. “It’s a website for like-minded people. Look it up!” . Some of the gals are kinda weird around me – but I’m still invited to attend all events.

  13. Rush does a good job there of pointing out one of my central talking points: the left are sociopaths. They are like an abusive spouse clinging to a partner they despise, but need to prop up their lifestyle. They have no scruples whatsoever. All they want is our money, then they want us to STFU and crawl into some corner and die.

  14. Racism is a semantic head job on the goyim. Israel is a Jewish state – that isn’t racism. It is open season on Whites in South Africa – that isn’t racism, why that is just Blacks reclaiming their country. If you are White – just try immigrating to one of the BRICs nations. Of course, they discriminate in favour of their own races and nationalities. Imagine. That couldn’t possibly be racism, that is just ethnic solidarity.

    Only Whites can be racist (of course) because it is a gelt / guilt industry calculated to bestow entitlements on those who are hostile to the rights of White Americans to organise in their own interests. Rascism is for judeoXtians and libtard goys.

  15. Lynda: truer words have never been spoken. It kills me to hear white “conservatives” crying about “reverse racism”, there is no such thing.
    Tom: my race, culture and heritage is not for sale. You can take the low wage strings attached corporate pandering and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Economies can be rebuilt, governments reformed, one you lose your people you are done permanently. “It’s the economy, stupid” is the siren song of those who would distract and dispossess us.

  16. “Amazing. Rush gets it. I have new-found respect for the man.”

    Or his listeners have started to get it and like all leaders, if the people he’s leading move in a different direction, he has to run ahead of them to get back to the head of the column.

    Which is cool. That’s what you want. Move the base and the leaders have to follow if they want to stay the leaders.

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