Duke Lacrosse Stripper Resurfaces

North Carolina

After stabbing her boyfriend to death, Crystal Magnum claims she was set up by the NWO … and now plans to marry the Colorado Batman shooter, James Holmes:

“The motion’s “statement of facts” claimed that Mangum had been a slave to a “ring of sexually perverted politicians” and was paid $50,000 by former District Attorney Mike Nifong to attend the lacrosse team’s now-infamous 2006 party and “fake a rape.”

“The rape never happened, this was a plot for Nifong to make a big arrest before he was re-elected,” the motion said.

It included several other, seemingly random statements claiming that Mangum was the victim of a CIA behavioral engineering program, that she’s now being framed “by the illuminati and New World Order” for murder and that she loves and plans to marry James Eagan Holmes, who is accused in Colorado movie theater mass slayings.

A reaction directly from Nifong was unavailable, but his lawyer, James Craven, through a secretary called the filing “the most remarkable legal document [he’d] ever seen.”

Craven also relayed word that he’d mailed a copy of the filing to Nifong on Tuesday, as the former prosecutor “may not even have seen it yet.”

Mangum is acting as her own attorney as she tries to fend off a murder charge in the stabbing death of Reginald Daye, 46. She recently sacked as her counsel Durham lawyer Woody Vann, who nonetheless has agreed to serve as an in-court adviser to her when the case comes to trial.”

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  1. There’s a different standard for bat-shit crazy for Negroes as compared to White people. If there isn’t than a solid 20% of Negroes are crazy.

  2. “If there isn’t then a solid 20% of Negroes are crazy.”

    Is it that low? I need to get out more, I guess.

    Deo Vindice

  3. I’m not saying this is true and it’s probably not but don’t categorically rule it out. Why? jews and their psychopathic allies do this sort of thing all the time. Look at this chapter by Hervey Cleckley. A psychiatrist that studied psychopaths. The book is “The Mask of Sanity” and can be found online. Well worth reading. Stanley does all kinds of stuff exactly like the post above. They do completely ridiculous stuff like this knowing that no normal person would think, much less do, any such nonsense as this. It keeps them safe as no one believes anyone who says they do this stuff.


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