Got to Love the Russians

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Taking a break from American domestic politics (always a good idea), I look around the world for hope and inspiration – surely some foreign place has to look better than the metro Chicago congressional delegation. Merry Old England looks really bad, Greece – the center of our classical Hellenic civilization is in full meltdown, but our folks seem to be rallying rather well in full melt down mode. PC, Multi Cult Muslim nonsense seems to be plaguing Western Europe – and there are few if any strong, MEN OF THE WEST (Return of the King meme) in the West of Europe.

But, one country stands out as something good – something very close to great:

Got to love Russia.

In recent Russian news – some degenerate Russian Leftists called “Pussy Riot” (link) tried to invade a beloved Russian Orthodox Church and protest the rule of Vladimir Putin. Despite the intervention of internationalist degenerate “artists” like pop star Madonna, Bono and Hilary Clinton, the Russians prosecuted the “Pussy Riot” protesters and sentenced them to a tough work camp in…..


Everything has been looking up in Mother Russia since Vladimir Putin took charge from the Jew Oligarchs, the drunk Boris Yeltsin gave economic control of Soviet State enterprises in the 90s. Russian nationalist strong man Vladimir Putin went so far as to put Yukos Oil Jew Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in a public cage/jail – sort of put the word out that Jew oligarchs weren’t going to be running things in Russia and the remaining Jew Oligarchs jumped ship to England to buy up British Premier League soccer clubs.

I note that mobs of Arab Muslims aren’t invading any Russian embassies in the Middle East. Somalian pirates have learned the hard way that being captured by Russian naval forces is a lot worse than being captured by Dutch or American forces… the Somalian pirates seem to disappear somewhere out in the sea… well actually under the sea 🙂

A big part of my “awakening” (link to David Duke’s book on this theme) was the Soviet/Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1970s. My idiot “American Conservative” relatives were all up in arms that the “Evil Empire” Russians was violating “International Law” to invade, occupy and oppress supposedly proud, anti Communists, Afghan Muslim tribesmen. These are the same nasty, Taliban/Afghan Muslim tribesmen the US/NATO has been fighting for the last 10 years. It’s a “White Thing” and way too many American conservatives just can’t get a handle on basic divides between “us” (Russians) and “them” (Muslim mountain tribal scum).

So let’s be honest, wouldn’t most of us love to see Vladimir Putin heading up a Russian tank division to watch over some Al Sharpton led Trayvon Martin protest? Would any of us lose any sleep over THE RUSSIANS canceling some MTV/BET Rap Music awards show after protests from traditional Russian Orthodox Church leaders?

Yeah, got to love our kinsmen the Russians.


  1. Gotta agree with your general gist, Jack. Most of it. But I’m hard pressed to picture Stalin blowing Trotsky all the way to Mexico.

    I dunno, it would work if Stalin was in the passenger seat.

    Or a sidecar.

  2. ‘Fr. John, since you were formally a Catholic, you know about Fatima. Remember what it said about the errors of Russia? ”

    I do. And I know believe with all my heart, that EVERY Marian Apparition that has occurred, since at least Walsingham, was ‘engineered’ to help Rome’s PR campaign, and nothing more.

    I do not believe the Theotokos would EVER have said the things that she is purported to have said to Bernadette Soubirous, St. Katherine Laboure, the Fatima kiddies, nor do I consider the Medjugorge to be a valid ‘sighting.’ It all has the aura of ‘hoax’ about it.

    This article above helped me to see that Rome’s sightings of God, and/or the Theotokos are false, in that she is no true church, and does not possess the Pnevma.

    Also, everything I learned about the Jews, the danger they pose, and how the Apostolic Fathers saw them (as has the historic church), I learned from reading not Roman sources, but Russian sources- Roman sources after VII were ‘excised’ while Orthodox sources are still being printed. After seeing what is being taught about ‘hollow hoax’ lies in Roman parochial schools as well, I am even more adamant in my views.

    While there is much to be questioned about Russia, I feel that at least here, there is some sincere attempts at christianizing a land, wherein the former rulers were once atheists. I know that the prior Patriarch of Russia was a KGB agent, but he is now gone. I also know that, in Russia, you did what you had to, especially if you know the Slavic soul- which sees suffering and bearing with evil far differently than the West.

    So, while nothing’s perfect. I still hold to my earlier views. Fatima is garbage, lies, and Roman propaganda. Sister Lucia saw NOTHING.

  3. This post fails to mention the reason why Russia is such a hopeful society based upon the ethnic nation state. This is because Vladimir Putin’s Russia supports the Russian Orthodox Church (the traditional faith of the Russian people) as the religion of the state. Russian law comes down hard upon interests that offend that faith and its laws.

    Vladimir Putin’s Russia does not tolerate the former errors of the Comintern that were mandated for the Russias as the first officially aetheistic union of Socialist republics.

    These are – atheism – taught in all the schools and the official Party Line, Jew rule from the top, materialist world view, repression of all religions and especially the Russian Orthodox Church, legalisation of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance, concentration camps, police state, genocides.

    Russia still has the highest abortion rate in the world, but one hopes that will change.

    The West now espouses all of these. Indeed the West now promulgates all the errors of Russia under the Judeo-Communist rule of globalisation.

    The story of Lucia dos Santos never changed. As a little girl she reported in 1917 that according to the Blessed Virgin Mother of God “Russia will spread her errors throughout the world”. Just before her death, in her final interview Dec 26 1957 she told Father Fuentes that “all nations would go Communist” because the errors of Russia had spread throughout the world.

    Now it is 2012 and we see that all nations have gone Communist – that is they are Globalised under the Judaic Imperium. Exactly as Russia was beginning in 1917.

    The current anti-pope in Rome would certainly agree with Fr John. The anti-papacy has been opposing Fatima since 1960.

    But the candid mind clearly sees how right was the Blessed Virgin’s prophecy made to the little shepherd children of the Serra da Aire almost 100 years ago.

  4. “if President Putin is endorsing Obama its because he thinks its in Russia’s interest, probably to weaken us. Good for him as thats his job. Would that we had men of ah hell at least some caliber …”

    “You say that and then oppose Romney for taking the correct stance.”

    Tamer, nations have divergent interests and its reasonable to assume that there will be conflicts. Its expected. And to your point I don’t hold its against Mitt for stating Russia is problem #1 , its just silly. The cold war is long over and if anyone is a threat, its not Russia its China

    Also from a racial POV, Russia is one of the few nations (other than others Russo-Sphere ones) that actively seem to be making some effort to better our race or even to notice things like asteroid near misses (Putin wanted a meteor shield) that threaten the human race.

    Its not perfect , not necessarily what we need but its, in its own Russian way its actual leadership.

  5. Attacking Putin is the old case of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Putin is infinitely better than anything that is vomited up by the Western ruling elites. It is true that are too many non-Russians in Moscow, but Putin at least does not have a policy of ethnically cleansing the Russian people.

  6. fnn says:
    November 2, 2012 at 11:28 am
    “Attacking Putin is the old case of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Putin is infinitely better than anything that is vomited up by the Western ruling elites. It is true that are too many non-Russians in Moscow, but Putin at least does not have a policy of ethnically cleansing the Russian people.”

    Jack responds:

    I agree and well said. The ridiculous American WN whining that Putin isn’t perfect reminds me very much of the reaction to full time American WNs to the electoral successes of David Duke in the 1990s. (Duke actually won his state representative race and polled over 45% in US Senate, Governor’s primary races). The reaction of full time American WN was/is jealousy and anger to any White European nationalist like Putin who has any success – they whine “He’s a sell out, he’s soft on the Jews, he has ties to former Communists, socialists” – well folks, I note that Mussolini and Hitler also had ties to former Communists and Socialists, the name of Hitler’s party was after all, the German national SOCIALIST WORKERS’ party.

    And I note that the NSDAP/Hitler’s greatest propaganda movie Triumph of the Will has exactly ZERO negative references to Jews – so the American drop out WNs whine that HITLER AND THE NSDAP WERE SOFT ON THE JEWS, HITLER WAS A JEW etc.

    Putin is fine, a great modern day White leader/ruler of a White nation. Putin lives in the here and now, isn’t dressed in some costume from some era that ended 100 years ago, he works with existing institutions like the Russian military and yeah, the ex-KGB but also the revitalized, nationalistic Russian Orthodox Church. Putin knows how to speak to, appeal to regular, poor White Russians out in the small towns, country, Putin doesn’t waste his/his people’s time trying to push Libertarian intellectualism on a large White nation that simply doesn’t want to listen to Libertarian, free market economics wonk stuff. Putin organized the public humiliation of the worst Jew oligarch – Yukos oil “Capitalist” – put him in a public cage.

    Putin handles Jew issues very well – there is no public anti-Jew campaigns, no pogroms, Jews aren’t put in cc camps. But Putin puts the word out that Jews don’t run Russia or Russia’s foreign policy – Jews like the purged Yukos Jew Oligarch who try to buy/start Russia media networks similar to Jew dominated American media networks (CNN, all the Networks, Hollywood studios) – these super rich, power Jews find out that…..

    This doesn’t play in Putin’s Russia.

    And degenerate, idiot young Leftists (America’s Occupy Wall Street, the 99%) like the Russian political punk rock band “Pussy Riot” who invade sacred, nationalist Russian Orthodox Churches, well they end up…

    In prison work camps in Siberia in the dead of Winter!

    Yeah, got to love Putin’s Russia!

  7. Putin had an interview in an outdoor magazine answering written questions, it was quite fair and informative. Of course Big Jew Inc. probably had the editor sacked, but the interview certainly put Putin in a good light.

  8. Fr. John+ the Fake Priest writes:

    “I also know that, in Russia, you did what you had to, especially if you know the Slavic soul — which sees suffering and bearing with evil far differently than the West.”

    – Oh for crying out loud… And just how the hell would YOU know, internet charlatan? You don’t have one drop of Slavic blood in you, you fucking Anglo. And when was the last time you’ve even been to Russia, if ever?

    You regularly take shots at my ethnic heritage on here — suggesting that I’m not white because of my Roman-Italian and Polish-Tatar ancestry, yet here you are trumpeting the spiritual resilience of the very people you deride. Hypocrite clown.

    And just out of curiosity, Mr. Orthodox Priest, just what is the name of your church? What is the name of the seminary you attended? And how is it that an Orthodox priest is married and has children? Do tell.

  9. The Eastern tradition is that married men may become priests. This includes married men in the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church.

  10. The comments section on this post is falling down in to hobby horse, theological hair splitting. Please follow OD’s comment guidelines.

  11. The big big problem with Russians is the birth rate. It’s way below replacement rate and there’s a very high level of divorce and abortion. The damage done 70 years of Communism will take some time to undo. Meanwhile the Muslims there breed like flies. So caution is required.

    But as you say w/r/t Somali pirates, they do know how to handle such people. In Nigeria robbers swarm all over every ship that arrives there. Except those from Russia. If you board a Russian ship, quite simply, you’re never seen again. Nobody knows what happens to the robbers but the net effect is that Russian ships can lie at anchor, hardly a guard in sight, while all the others are like mini Fort Knox’s.

  12. “The big big problem with Russians is the birth rate.”

    Putin instituted measures to try and increase the native Russian birth rate.

    It may or may not turn out to be effective but compared to the genocidal anti-white policy of deliberate race-replacement going on in the west it’s a pretty big deal.

  13. The only problem with declining birth rates is that the socialist Ponzi schemes crumble. Of course this can’t be allowed to happen because these schemes are how the idiot masses are controlled.
    Most of the world could do with less people. Less people equals less stress on mother nature and resources, more space, less stress on existing infrastructure. All that needs done is to enforce our borders. Let the turd world breed until they exhaust their portion of the petri dish, then nature will bring them sharply in line.

  14. test says:
    November 3, 2012 at 12:07 pm
    “The big big problem with Russians is the birth rate.”

    Putin instituted measures to try and increase the native Russian birth rate.

    Jack Ryan responds:

    Yes, my favorite American political, media leader was Pat Buchanan – and Pat goes on a lot about the declining birth rates in Russia and the West. I wish Pat had made this healthy pro White families extended to Mother Russia back in the 1980s when he was an influential leader of the Reagan Administration. We wasted the 80s fighting “The Russians” bashing American liberals for not backing huge military expenditures to fight “The Russians”.

  15. Eff the politics BS. Russia is the white race’s strategic depth, that must be the most important consideration.

  16. Wayne
    “Most of the world could do with less people.”

    I agree the best response would be “great, technology means we don’t need as many people to do the same amount of stuff so let the population decline to a more sustainable level.” However compared to “falling birth rate is bad we need more immigrants!” “falling birth rate is bad we need more white babies!” is better and something that can’t even be *said* let alone done in the genocidal electronic gulag we’re trapped in.

  17. A word to the wise, Russians do not regard Americans as their kinsmen, they regard us as their enemies. Especially the likes of Madonna, the Jewish banking elites here, the Jews in power here, and the darkies here. They are quick to point out that when England was shipping its rabble and undesirables to the New World, Russia was not just a nation, but an empire. Still, they are the best hope for the white race globally. Let’s hope the Russians never forget the genocides, invasions and oppression against them on the part of the Jews, the West and the Muslims too. As long as they do that, they will never lose their lives, creed and country to these invaders.

  18. I was born in Russia, and immigrated with my parents here(Yankeeland) when I was less than two years old, back in the early 90s. My parents are hardass conservatives and vote Republican. I live in Minnesota where all college students are brainwashed by their professors and, from early ages, are molded into insane liberals. Up here, people like me that do not bendover for minorities and care about the degradation of American society(if it can still be called that) are a rare breed.

    Even though I am a foreigner, I feel a strong bond towards Southerners and would be honoured to one day fight for your people. I may not be of old stock, I may not have Confederate ancestors, but we are both connected through our love of Christ and his gospel. If anything, we owe it to Him to restore Dixie, the true successor of the nation of Washington, Jefferson, and Madison, back to its former glory.

  19. I feel good that the Russians are in control of. Crimea. It’ll keep Johnny Turk subdued in the long run.

    Crimea is more Russian than California is American. And has been so for longer.

  20. Any racially conscious white man feels more kinship with Putin than he does with an American black. To translate that into Ebonics, it’s a slam-dunk.

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