Ultimate 2012 Weekend Pre-Election Thread


The floor is yours …

Update: My predictions are the same as Barone’s … no sign of D+8 electorate so far in early voting, Romney wins, and Obama makes history again by becoming America’s first one term African-American president.

Obama: Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada.

Romney: Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio.

Update: Here are the closing arguments: President Barack Obama: My Vision for America and Mitt Romney: My Vision for America.

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  1. “I’ve noticed a weird boomerang effect among the vanguard this election cycle … niggers suck, Jews suck … but let’s side with the awful Jews and niggers when the chips are down.”

    I would shed more tears if Rhodesia was nuked than if Israel was nuked.

    The Jews are frightened of Obama. That’s why Putin backs Obama. That’s why the Jews are running to Romney.

    I understand your belief that blacks are the biggest threat to our nation, Hunter, and that Jews are secondary. However, all of history, and my faith, tell me otherwise. This may be the greatest opportunity to put Jews in their place we will ever have as a nation. And it’s a black guy! A shabbos black for whites. Awesome.

    Obama’s domestic bias is wrong, but his international bias is correct. I know this because he makes the Zionist’s skin crawl. It’s really nice to see the Zionist’s skin crawl. At the same time we non-Zionist whites are feeling less guilt ridden.

    Those are very logical reasons as to why Obama is good for whites.

    Romney could be good for whites as well. However, right now, in the historical context of things, I think Zionists squirming is more important than liberals squirming.

    This of course is from the Occidental perspective, and not the Dixie perspective.

    It may be shaping up in Civil War 2 that the Zionists side with Dixie to wipe out the last bastion of world Zionist resistance in the North. Now THAT would be ironic.

  2. Obama anti-Zionism goes only as far as painting Israelis as racist “white” westerners oppressing poor put-upon people of color. It’s not anti-Jewish in the least. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the fetid “Palestinians”, in fact, Jews in Israel are a hell of a lot less offensive to me than Jews in New York. And what Jews are breaking for Romney? Obama will get 80+% of the jew vote. It’s as predictable as the black vote.

  3. Putin backs Obama the same way I would back the Patriots starting their 3rd string QB when then come play my team.

  4. The vanguard rails against Jews in their rhetoric, but for some reason boomerangs around to the Jewish side. In the final analysis, there is no substantial difference between them, politically speaking.

  5. It’s like you’ve said, the problem isn’t niggers and jews, the problem is liberal and moderate northern whites using a patchwork of racial minorities to dominate their brethren in the rest of the the country. They can only ride that tiger for so long before it up and eats them.

  6. I’ve never understood the bizarre WN obsession with Israel. If you don’t like jews, isn’t that as good a place as any for them? Ignore the Hollywood and new york jews, and carry the water for the muslim brotherhood instead by railing against Israel and their “opression” of the po’ po’ darkies. Never made sense to me. In fact, it sounds like northerners telling Alabama they have to stop being so mean to those nice Africans.

  7. Like that old Israeli grandmother said in that documentary about the ADL. If jews are hurt so much by anti-semitism, than what are they still doing in America?

  8. Of the Jews, the Israelis are about the best of the lot, and American Jewry the worst of them all. There is a lot of disagreement between Israelis and American Jewry on “what’s good for the Jews.”

  9. It’s simple.

    Millions of White people in the Northern states will voluntarily support Obama on Tuesday. There has to be a compelling explanation for such obviously suicidal behavior. Hence, the idea that “the Jews are controlling our minds.”

    Over 90% of White people in Alabama will vote against Obama. We watch the same television channels as Northerners, but Alabamians are aghast at the idea of niggers controlling the government.

    Instead of confronting the real issue, which is the self effacing, deferential behavior of Yankees toward the Black Undertow (which goes back to Uncle Tom’s Cabin), and their unwillingness to say “no” to black people, we will invent elaborate conspiracy theories and pen diatribes against the essential rottenness of the modern world.

    My revolutionary idea of saying “no” to black people and refusing to cave to their noisemaking is unlikely to gain much traction.

  10. “I’ve never understood the bizarre WN obsession with Israel. If you don’t like jews, isn’t that as good a place as any for them?”

    I’m not a WN, but the existence of Israel in is direct contradiction to my faith as a Catholic. If Christ had given them Israel from which to rule the world He wouldn’t have been crucified, and the entire basis of Western (read: White) Civilization would never have existed. The existence of Israel is a direct affront to Western Civilization. It has gelded the West. We have no motivational factor, no rationale for reasonable action, if the very basis of our faith has been rendered null and void.

    I happen to like Jews also. It doesn’t mean I have to live by their faith. Which in essence we all do by our recognition their victory over the crucified Savior of the World.

    Does anyone now question whether the future of the world turns around how everyone feels about Israel? Anyone realize how perverted and disgusting that is? Anybody sick of it? Anybody yet willing to admit it was a MISTAKE?

    Hunter, you trace the decline of slavery to the French Revolution and back to the Reformation, yet you tie white awareness to the existence of blacks. Whites had the strength of awareness without blacks around when they measured themselves against the Jews. It’s when the Jews a gained foothold in our faith that white identity, unity and strength collapsed; it was never buttressed by the existence of blacks.

    As if white people went to Africa and treated blacks as equals until they realized they were inferior. No. It was immediately apparent, because Whites were already convinced of their supremacy through their Church and their practiced eye towards the Jews.

    Jim, we disagree. I haven’t needed to be hearing about the problems of the goddam Jews every night of my life on the evening news and I don’t need to hearing about the goddam problems of the Jews every night for the rest of my life. Israel is an abomination before God and humanity. Israel falls, Jesus doesn’t “save it,” and white people start looking at themselves first instead of at the Jews. We grab our bootstraps and rebuild. This infantile notion that skin color is paramount is belied by the entire history of blacks in our nation. White slaveowners managed them fine. Jim Crow managed them fine. A strong hand manages them fine. The only strong hand left in America is the Jews and the clownish Christian Zionists that cling to their teet.

    Garbage in, garbage out. It’s been the same throughout Western Civilization since its inception.

    Zionism is not Whiteism. Zionism is the opposite of whiteism, get it? Zionism means Zion is superior, not whites are superior.

    Putin is smart. He takes his victories where he can get them.

  11. “Instead of confronting the real issue, which is the self effacing, deferential behavior of Yankees toward the Black Undertow (which goes back to Uncle Tom’s Cabin), and their unwillingness to say “no” to black people, we will invent elaborate conspiracy theories and pen diatribes against the essential rottenness of the modern world.”

    I agree. I’ve pointed out many times to people on our side that America has had anti-white whites long before jews ever formed their first huddled mass in the new colossus. It’s the utilitarian philosophy, it’s distinctly Northeast, has spread like a cancer throughout the North, and needs to die. It’s marxism with a white collar.

  12. American Jews are a self-selecting population. Imagine a gentile white ethnostate swung its arms open to all good white people…….. And the kind that would refuse the offer to stay in BRA.

    That being said i’m boggled and pissed at the nasty dual citizens like Emmanuel and Foxman but they are outliers.

  13. Silvio/Silver, are you a sophomore in college? If not, you surely can pass for one with your sophomoric posts.

    Brutus, I hate to be mean, but you couldn’t.

  14. I don’t think it does well for Dixie to cloud your blatant philo-semitism with myths about anti-whites on the Mayflower. Anyone and anything we disagree with at a particular time could be considered anti-white. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s anti-white.

    “Anti-white” is a blatant genocidal doctrine emanating from all major media and academia that seeks to downgrade and dispossess whites from their homelands. It smells the same as every other blatant anti-white culture of critique that western civilization has dealt with for 2000 years. It’s not mere inter-ethnic white struggle or misguided white spiritual experiment. Even if a people are incapable of saying “no” to blacks that does not mean it is specifically anti-white. Disliking other whites, or using other whites, does not make something “anti-white.”

    “Anti-white” is a specific, actionable meme that seeks to undermine Western Civilization, across time and space, and is carried specifically by Jews. I know for Dixie the big issue is Yankeedom, because they freed the blacks. But not even that was anti-white. It was anti-Dixie.

    So we can understand how Dixie is still fixated on black people, and how their freedom, so intimately tied with Dixie’s defeat, must be inextricably tied to America’s downfall. But that’s simply not the case. Free blacks don’t take over universities. Free blacks don’t take over media and governments, across continents and cultures, free blacks don’t create broad, complex propaganda. Most importantly, free blacks don’t generally systematically undermine white moral integrity and authority.

    There is one people that do this, throughout the eons. It is their tribal mandate, their God demands it, it is as innate a quality to them as wet is to water, it has been recognized by philosophers and historians, and even themselves, since the dawn of the West. And that people is not black people. It is Jews.

    I know it makes you feel better to think that what the Yankees wrought has destroyed them, that it was the same Yankee moral failing that led to the Civil War that also plagues them now. But it is not. They were not even remotely taken down by the childlike black. They were taken down by the same curse of the ages that besets all advanced white culture eventually. The curse of the Jew.

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