Can White Northerners Say “No” To Black Run America?

Romney/Ryan 2012: the North's last chance to say "no" to BRA


After several months of watching the Romney/Ryan 2012 presidential campaign, I am left with a final thought heading into this election.

This is the last chance for White Northerners to prove themselves and say “no” to BRA at the ballot box.

If White Northerners choose to renig with Obama in this terrible economy, after all the shit he has done in office (read through four years of Eric “My People” Holder’s press releases), over two Yankees who will win the Confederacy in a landslide, then White Southerners will lose all confidence in the North.

It is November 5th and this ball is teed up and ready to be knocked out of the park. The only thing standing in the way of Mitt Romney becoming the next president is the possibility that White Northerners might close ranks and hold the line for Obama like the 20th Maine at Gettysburg.

A political hurricane is coming out of the South tomorrow. If it washes over Ohio or Pennsylvania, Barack Hussein Obama will be swept out of office. It would be the first (national) public repudiation of black people in five decades. If the tide is checked at the Mason-Dixon line, it will be another gallant, but futile attempt by the South to defend itself from the overwhelming numbers of the Union.

Can White Northerners say no to BRA? In 48 hours, we will know.

Note: The South doesn’t have a problem saying “no” to blacks. We firmly said “no” to Obama the first time around. We said “no” to Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee in 2006 and most recently to Johnny DuPree in the 2011 Mississippi governor’s race.

The only thread that sustains BRA is the political support of White Northerners. If White Northerners started saying “no” to blacks again on a regular basis, BRA would collapse like Reconstruction did the first time around.

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  1. Of course they will re-nig, and with at least a few credible reasons for doing so (the ecomomy is GWBs fault, the GOP has a history of screwing the working class, and what the hell has Romney said he will do about blacks and homos anyway?).

    The Battleground watch author and his readers appear to be in the grip of a mass delusion. That CNN D+11 poll, according to liberals, is weighted to reflect the fact that most independents are de facto Republicans.

    So BGW is happy Romney has a lead with … Republicans.

    Their delusions will be smashed soon enough.

  2. Lew,

    I was certain that NAFTA was signed into law by Bill Clinton. I’m also pretty sure that Wall Street was deregulated in Clinton’s second term when Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs was Clinton’s Treasury Secretary. Jew “Maestro” Greenspan was the Chairman of the Fed under Clinton and W. and presided over the inflation of the housing bubble and the creation of the exotic derivatives market.

    As for Obama, Wall Street supported his 2008 campaign. Timothy Geithner is his Treasury Secretary. It was the Democratic Congress that passed the TARP in 2008. Also, the Justice Department under Eric “My People” Holder has spent all its time suing Alabama, Arizona, and South Carolina over state immigration laws while turning a blind eye to Wall Street.

    Obama has been the president for four years. Is the “working class” thriving under Obama? It looks to me like the (real) unemployment rate is higher, gas is more expensive (the recent decline is due to Sandy), food is more expensive, the net worth of White households is down, and it is harder for college graduates to find jobs, etc.

  3. Unlike Lew and other nay sayers, I hope (and pray) that God allows us an ‘out’ before His Wrath falls in greater power and measure for our corporate sinning via the Negermann, even as He has turned his back on this nation, in direct proportion as we have turned from Him.

    I would think that four years of Two Niggers at the helm, Hurrican Sandy, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Embassy Ambassadors killed and carried through the streets of a foreign land, QE2, (and now, QE3), and that smarmy voice over the airwaves would have awakened Whites, to at least think of acting in their best interest.

    But, if not, what will the Next step be? Without a vision, the people perish. The only vision I see if Obama is elected, is secession. Yet how many are there, who will go that route?

    May God be merciful, even though we don’t deserve it.

  4. +Fr John is correct – we do not deserve God’s mercy, for we – yes, we, Whites – have for so long forsaken him. Father, bless!

    I am a proud Southerner who has spent a lot of life in New England, not always by choice, and I remain there now. Hunter, I love your blog but the New Englanders are often a lot more solid than you realize. The younger sorts, especially when they are working class, are brimming with WN attitudes, just usually unarticulated.

    One of the joys of New England is that, outside the cities, you’re dealing pretty much exclusively with whites. My dear Southron mama, who I had to move up here as she aged, got over her anti-Yankee views pretty fast when she realized living here meant no more dealing with any nig-nogs, really. Living among almost 100% Whites is different and, needless to add, better. She doesn’t even mind the winters too much, as long as she gets to be among her own kind (broadly defined).

    My state has zero chance of going anything but Obama – this part of the country is filled full with older Whites who are reflexively Democrat but not necessarily liberal; there is ample hope for the younger generation of Whites, however – which gives me the liberty of passing on that LDS creep and voting for Merlin Miller (A3P – I can write him in here), who is a far better candidate for our preservation.

    That said, y’all brothers and sisters who are in competitive states, please vote for the red underwear jerk, and send BRA a message.

  5. I know the vanguard is out saying things like “worse is better” … but, aside from a handful of marginal WNs on the internet, the vast majority of White people turning out for Obama are doing so because they support his policies and want them to continue.

  6. A vote for Obama is a vote for White dispossession … that was just made utterly clear by Chuck Todd on MSNBC who said a 72 to 75 percent turnout of the White vote means Obama wins whereas 75 to 78 percent White turnout means that Romney wins.

    The goal of the Democrats is to diminish the White vote and erode White political power. As that happens, White voters have less and less leverage over the Democrats.

    See their full throated embrace of amnesty and gay marriage this cycle.

  7. Thanks for the appeal, Hunter. Neither I nor anyone else in my immediate family is voting to re-elect. I have been wearing a Romney-Ryan pinback around downtown to boot (raising not a few lesbian eyebrows).

  8. The notion that the economy is George II’s fault (or all his fault) is horseshit. Stop letting your hatred of the GOP (which I share) blind you to the obvious.

  9. Hunter,

    I recall a Republican Congress sending Clinton the free trade and Wall Street bills that Clinton signed.

    Have you had a chance to read Gregory Hood’s latest at CC? He makes some good points justifying Obama over Romney.

  10. Idk—- some of the races so deeply raise the question: “What is White?”

    For instance: In Nc, I think it’s Wake County, for schools there’s a New Yorker’s-New Yorker (moved from Jersey to Pittsburgh) transplant— yelling, really loud, imperious, bossy blowhardism, moralistic, streety, whiny, grandstanding, like a fatter Koch—- and so on.

    On the other hand, the simpering Anti-White White blonde Southern woman (Atkinson)

    Which would a Southern Nationalist pick?

    The guilty white lady who doesn’t make eye contact, but who is local and southern? Or some streety Pittsburgh-Jersey-ite whose house was just foreclosed on (have to go look, but think I read that) but who vows he’s going up against the NAACP (and yet teaches children to go around like that) He’s also really fat.


  11. The foundation of the 2008 financial crisis was laid by Clinton and Jews Rubin and Greenspan in the 1990s: deregulation of Wall Street, free trade, the housing bubble, subprime lending, etc. W. continued those policies.

  12. All this whites are doomed crap by both the left and the right is based on whites never ever being nothing but a doofus that thinks “anti-racism” is exactly that.

    No leftist dipstick like Chuck Todd or his respectable conservative dopplegangers can preserve that fraud. Not even the smart doom and gloomer “intellectuals” on the alt-right side can preserve “anti-racism” as their foil.

    The Mantra thinking and espousing co-hort are ripping apart that once fashionable dogma like a hungry pit bull shaking a 10lb beef roast.

    Here are two predictions in one, in the 4 year reign of Romney the Weak the phrase “anti-white” goes mainstream, from there the geniuses of the establishment will begin to act like it always existed and they never, ever denied it.

  13. If White Northerners had said “no” to MLK like 90% of Southerners in Congress, we wouldn’t have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Detroit wouldn’t be a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

    Reconstruction finally collapsed for good when White Northerners succumbed to Negro Fatigue and started saying “no” to blacks in the 1890s.

  14. Wise lets his fanaticism cloud his judgment. The top Republicans and their financial backers share his goals, or, at best, they are so indifferent to his agenda it amounts to de fact support. Wise doesn’t appreciate this.

  15. Jews financially control the Democratic Party.

    As racial demographics change, Republicans are becoming more dependent on the White vote, Democrats are becoming less dependent on the White vote. For the past two nights, Democratic analysts have openly said on MSNBC that their goal is for the electorate to become less White with each passing year.

    Who can forget this?

    November 27, 2011, 11:34 PM 509 Comments The Future of the Obama Coalition By THOMAS B. EDSALL

    For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class.

  16. More illegal aliens crossed our southern border under Bush’s first term than Obama.

    Obama deported far more illegals than Bush, more than any other President actually.

    That isn’t to say that Obama is good on immigration, he is horrible of course. He’s is for Amnesty (like Bush and McCain) and has stopped deporting young illegals which is terrible. But isn’t it interesting and, worth noting that Bush (the GOP) was worse on immigration than Obama? Puts the lie to the Romney is the great white hope meme that is running wild at O.D.

  17. Re: Gottfried

    (1) Fewer illegals have come to the United States under Obama because the housing market tanked in 2007 and the economy has improved in Mexico.

    (2) Unlike Bush, Obama issued an executive order that gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

    (3) Obama has promised to make comprehensive immigration reform a top priority in his second term.

    (4) How can the GOP be worse than the Democrats on immigration when it was the GOP that blocked the Bush amnesty and the DREAM Act in Congress for over a decade?

    (5) Democrats overwhelmingly voted for the DREAM Act the last time it came up for a vote in Congress. Only a handful of Republicans supported the DREAM Act and most of them are no longer in Congress.

    (6) The GOP in most of the Southern states has passed some form of immigration reform since 2008.

  18. The “vanguard” are nothing more than racially aware white people who can be objective. Hunter you seem to want to force this election into a model in which it just doesn’t fit. Is there any evidence that the GOP is any less anti-white than the DEMs? Any policy? Other than just “white people are voting for Romney.”

    The “vanguardists” are just folks smart enough to know that we aren’t going to vote our way out of our problems here in North America. If you aren’t a “vanguardist” Hunter than what are you, just a run of the mill Republican? Perhaps you could blog for the Weekly Standard? Hell with your new found appreciation for Israelis and Netanyahu maybe even Commentary Magazine?

  19. BTW, the reason the “System” never works is because, as we could possibly see tomorrow, White Northerners always take the nigger side. The “System” can never work so long as millions of White Northerners are allied with Jews and blacks in the Democratic Party and continue to throw all their electoral weight behind the “progressive” agenda.

  20. I’ll bet you Obama has been cracking down on French, British and German visas.

    Look at who is getting deported.

  21. I wrote my last post before I read Hunter’s point by point answer. Interesting and valid points I haved to admit, I have to run right this second but I’ll reply when I return to the computer.

  22. Gottfried,

    (1) The vanguard is a group of people who passionately hate Jews, but who mysteriously boomerang around to the Jewish position because their contempt for White America is even greater than their hatred of Jews. It’s shocking to see them echoing Tim Wise.

    (2) I’m not voting for Romney. That doesn’t mean that I am going to vote for Obama though. I’m voting for Virgil Goode who is closest to my position on the issues.

    (3) Here in Alabama, the GOP passed the toughest immigration law in the country and Sen. Jeff Sessions is the strongest supporter we got in the U.S. Senate. If you think Jeff Sessions is the really the same as Chuck Schumer or Harry Reid on immigration, you haven’t been paying attention for the last few years.

    (3) No, I am an Independent voter.

    I’m not voting for Romney. I have no problem voting for Jeff Sessions or Roy Moore or Martha Roby or the Republicans in the Alabama state legislature.

    (4) It’s a sad commentary on our Northern friends that Jewish Zionists in Israel are more supportive and more willing to say “no” to the Black Undertow than our so-called “White” allies in New England.

    If I had to make the choice, I would happily trade Vermont for Israel. Honestly, I think the odds of White survival would improve if we could rid ourselves of the Northeast.

  23. “Puts the lie to the Romney is the great white hope meme that is running wild at O.D.”

    None of that party vs party stuff is relevant. The political system at national level is rigged to be anti-white. The Democrats want unlimited mass immigration for anti-white reasons. The GOP elite want unlimited mass immigration to drive down wages. The only thing that is relevant about this is *if* chunks of white democrat voters start voting tribally *despite* all the party political stuff because it will mean they consider the Democrats to be *more* anti-white than the GOP elite are anti-bluecollar.

  24. (1) Bush did absolutely nothing to stem the huge tide of illegals that came over while he was President, in fact he encouraged it. Yes the economy tanking helped reduce the numbers of illegals under Obama.

    (2) Obama set a new policy for enforcement of immigration laws on young people. The plan while indefensible can be rescinded, it wasn’t amnesty exactly but a good case could be made that it is defacto amnesty I suppose. A better question is will a President Romney rescind the order? (LOL we all know he won’t)

    (3) Every President will always promise this.

    (4,5,6) True, everyone vote GOP in the House, Senate and statewide.

    You failed to mention the fact that Obama has deported more illegals than any GOP President ever?

  25. Hunter, you’re absolutely full of shit that Jews are saying no to the black undertow by switching to Romney. They are saying yes to the greater Zionist.

  26. Actually Hunter, this is a last chance for “respectable Conservatives” who want to work through the electoral system.

    Romney is no Robert E Lee.

  27. I will take that bet.

    Here we are four years later, Obama is running for reelection and the “System” hasn’t collapsed and the vanguard is as marginalized as ever before.

  28. The electoral system doesn’t work because the North is allied with blacks and Jews. The North is bigger than the South and can control the electoral college even if Romney sweeps the entire South.

  29. “I’ll bet you Obama has been cracking down on French, German, and British visas. Look who has been getting deported.”

    – So that’s why the white vote in America has been becoming so racially-conservative as of late! Damn, I might need to re-think my vote..!

  30. “The GOP elite wants mass immigration, but the GOP base doesn’t, and their support for the DREAM Act ended the career of Dick Lugar and Robert Bennett.”

    Yes and *if* white democrats switch *despite* the GOP elite then the republicans at the state level will gradually shift in the same way as has already happened in the south, if slowly.

  31. If you’re hoping for Romney, remember not to get excited if Romney is up early. The Democrat precincts report last. The final Gallup poll showed a big surge for Obama.

  32. Obama likely got a bit of a bounce from sandy, that’s reflected in that poll. I believe that poll ranges from Thurs-Sun. They have no data points implying a trend before that. If it is a late last week bounce, it will behave exactly as that. Up and down. There was no trend toward obama in the gallup poll before this.

  33. Chris is literally exhibit A in Hunter’s main thesis. Even the most stunningly vicious bigot in Europe, vaguely recognizes that white Americans are close relations.

    We shall see about Michigan going Romney shall we not?

  34. “Can White Northerners Say ‘No’ To Black Run America?”

    Can white northerners and white southerners say “no” to anti-whites like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, who flood white countries with non-whites and force whites to integrate with them while hammering whites as “rayciss” if they oppose marrying and having children with them?

    Can white northerners and white southerners say “no” to white genocide?

  35. One of the puzzling side effects of EU and US migration policy in the last 30 years has been a freezing up of migration of whites between Europe and North America. It’s one of the structural reasons for the browning of both continents.

    Chris is too parochial to understand points like this.

  36. I’m not hoping for Romney personally or i suppose i am in a way because *if* it happens as a result of bluecollar democrats switching *despite* Romney being GOP elite then that will imply a significant step towards white tribal voting. Although Reagan did the same thing years ago he explicitly courted those voters whereas Romney at best ignores them and Ryan is Kryptonite.

  37. “Can white northerners and white southerners say “no” to anti-whites like Mitt Romney”

    Let’s unpack this retardation… Southern whites are defacto white supremacists. Northern whites are cultural supremacists. There is a big difference. Southerners are hip deep in niggers. Northern whites are busy building BRA.

    ” and Barack Obama, who flood white countries with non-whites and force whites to integrate with them while hammering whites as “rayciss” if they oppose marrying and having children with them?”


  38. In the D+ abillion category Bruce Springsteen brought in 18,000 halfwits in Madison, WI for a concert, in 2004 it was 75,000 (for Lurch) see Drudge.

    Two groups of people calling this election for Obama, first are his Jim Jones cultists and none of them is going to be accused of defeatism. The second group are the Eeoyres on our side saying “Whitey is gonna lose, we’re all doomed, doomed I say and I’m a genius for saying we are doomed.”

    So Kunta Kinte loses and the polls are not even close, so what, but if they were out there adding their formulas to show a Romney win and large lead in the polls their cult will hate them for demoralizing the Shaniqkwas of the country.

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