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  1. Well, I never knew him, or of him, so I can’t remember him. But I have to ask, why would anybody want to? Just another ugly Babuntu.

  2. There is not only “Walking Dead” but also a weekly show called “Talking Dead” that follows the development of the multicultural soap opera as if it were important news. Movies and TV program are usually inferior to their original sources, so perhaps the sci fi comic book series is better, but I haven’t seen it. I don’t waste time on this “cultural phenomenon.” There are REAL walking and talking dead all around us, already, and let’s not let their infection reach us through watching TV.

  3. On the other hand Michelle Obama has been keeping herself busy playing the role of scowling black woman with a sword in the series

  4. I thought he was a pretty White acting negro. I remember him correcting someone for holding a pistol gangster style and as the guy who was always at work. Or am I missing something? I thought the zipper head is damn White acting as well

  5. I am NOT watching this show anymore. The Tdaog character was pretty irrelevant – but they killed off Lori and Carole. Bloody HELL.

    I liked them.

    I am NOT watching.

    This pissed me off. WHY did they have to kill off Carole? 3 characters in one show?
    FYI – the actor that played T Dog appeared on “The Talking Dead” last night. He actually looked really upset, at his character’s demise. I kinda felt sorry for him. Not enough to vote for a Negro, though.

  6. Ralph: In your opinion he’s a racist and a sorry excuse for a human. You just say that because he’s white. Anti-racist is a foreword for anti white.

  7. John:

    Oh please John don’t say the dreaded “R” word!!!

    Not that!

    What possible response could there be to the all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-power “R-word”??

    How aboooooout….suckit.

  8. The Michone character is a wonderful representation of BRA. Sullen, Angry, Narcissistic, Suspicious of the White Governor, Morally Superior etc.

    Exactly why in the end I’m guessing SHE will be made the hero of the show, (no, I haven’t read the comic it’s based on).

    In the real world if not propped up by DWLs, (and in the post SHTF one to come) these traits will equal a lifespan of about two weeks if one is lucky.

    I doubt I’ll be watching this series much longer.

  9. That negress is thin, quiet and self disciplined…..that is its make believe. You can’t. Enjoy a fictional story? Jeesh, its the least niggerloving show on Tv that actually has. Niggers in it. Breaking bad and Dexter are the only other shows I care for and they are Lilly white. Wait, Dexter had one black character until he was kilt off early on

  10. The Governor was switched out from a really sleazy, vile Mestizo, to a very attractive White man, in order to make the character more “sympathetic and appealing” according to David Alpert, one of the Hebe producers of the show. The young White vivacious mimbo (male bimbo) host of “The Talking Dead”, Chris Harwick (from TN!) was frothing at the mouth over the myriad of charms of David Morrissey, English Squeegy Yum Yum Hunky Grade AAA Man Meat Actor, a few weeks ago.


    The Mimbo was obviously havng a deeply felt internal argument over the merits of the Governor’s..errrr…negative attributes, as opposed to his plethora of WAY more important positive attributes. His hosting duties be damned – he obviously thinks loooong and HAAAARD about justifying the meglomania and ghoulishness of the character. He was literally speculating and arguing with himself ON AIR, over “why” the governor does what he does. And repeatedly offering how chiselled and attractive the Governor is. On air.

    Meanwhile – the Jew Alpert was blathering about how it’s so GREAT to have a really HOT Black Chick on the show – it’d make any-one “a total fanboy” yada yada yada as the Jew Seinfeld used to burble. (I watch “The Talking Dead”. Mosin. It’s FUNNY.)


    Meanwhile – let’s compare and contrast The Governor, and Rick.

    The Governor has re-established a functioning if tenuous little enclave of Civilization. The Governor is calm, capable, clean, well-groomed, and very very focused on his goals. The residents of Woodbury have food, clean water, the ability to bathe, wash clothing and cooking implements. Woodbury has a ready food supply. The residents are able to prepare cooked meals. They have medical services, and actual medicine. They have a cracker-jacked, disciplined, and rather terrified Armed Guard force, that protects the community. Woodbury is growing in population. The clean, well-behaved, well-protected children attend SCHOOL.

    Rick. Rick loses members of his group, with every episode. Rick and his group must constantly flee the marauding Ghouls. Rick’s group must scavenge supplies. Rick, an alleged White Man, who served as a police officer in one of the BRA hotspots, Atlanta, GA, virtually sacrifced what was ostensibly the most functional, prepared male of the group, another White man, Merle, in defense of his Pet Nigger T-Dog. Rick and his group are incapable of securing a maximum security prison enclave – one that is protected by loads of fencing, and all kinds of easily secured internal areas. There is no apparent source of water and food, for Rick’s group. His group is dirty, sick, mutilated, and dwindling by the moment. The Pet Nigger T-dog is now dead. Eaten by Zombies inside Rick’s space.

    The Governor is a BAD White man. The Negress Michonne (??? Whatevuh) doesa not TRUT him.

    Rick is a GOOD White man.

  11. @ Denise

    Rick is portrayed by one Andrew Lincoln. So Lincoln’s diverse group is floundering in the South? Beautiful. T-Dog still beat the perpetually scowling chimpess. He knew his place damn it! Hopefully Merle will shoot the pouting momkoid in the back after it leaves the main gate. I really only watch it for Merle. I know they’ll find a way to kill him that spits on our people. He’s our new Archie Bunker with all that entails.

    Keep in mind that TWD had a Net Negro Gain (NNG) this season. The “noble” oscar, michonne (seriously the ugliest sheboon I’ve ever seen on talmudvision, and the Hawaiin shirt chimp in the Governor’s employ. Maggie is played by a convert to the Judaic cult. It’s nice to see Whites rising to the top. But it’s the top of a shit heap.

    That’s where our revolution will come from. White people realizing that they can no longer rise to the top (even on a sinking ship). Bring on the anti-White glass ceiling! I’ll be passing out hammers!

  12. Snake – the Governor has an army of Orcs – but Merle is Second in Command, and the Orcs are obviously terrified of the Governor.

    This is the Best System for a functional planet. The White Man protects his Diverse People – but they know their place – and he keeps them in line. This works best for every-one.

    As a woman – I enjoy seeing an accurate trajectory of the Ture Nation of women aka Andrea. She is a beautiful woman. Sh’e toughsmartsuccessful”powerful” in our Faux Degraded Civilization – but when Nature comes roaring in – she is terrified. She IS brave and mostly capable (her shooting of the delicious fabulous gorgeous Heroic Darryl? Tsk tsk tsk….) – but in the crunch – she naturally seeks protection. She seeks strength. Michonne enables her survival (I’m with you on the actress being the UGLIEST Sheboon yet on air. Her face is HORRIBLE. I’ve seen more attractive chimpanzees. I’m NOT being sarcastic) – but when she’s offered refuge from a very strong man, of her own Race – she practically JUMPS on him. Andrea is playing coy – it’s definitely a seduction thng. She’s not offering herself as a mere piece of Azz. She’s Flirtatious Uber Alles . That “Hey what’s your real name?” thing – that’s Female Seeking Strong Protective Mate speak – not Me So Horny verbiage. The actress even did the head cocked to the side thing, so her long golden hair cascades, in waves, and sunlight sparkles off her curls. THAT gesture sez, “I’m pretty. Tell me your name. Tee hee”. That was GREAT.

    Women are historically slagged by men for being “gold-diggers”. Well – it’s true. intelligent healthy women seek the best deal they can find. Think about it. A human child takes an enormous investment of time and energy to raise to adulthood. Most other species the young is ready to go wthinh weeks, to 2 years. Human children are not in full control of their motor skills until age 5. Women need a mate that can feed and house them, and care for them, until the child reaches adulthood. The “gold-digging” is a manifestation of a profound and HEALTHY survival instinct. Men seek youth and beauty aka health, in mates. Women seek a mate capable of producing circumstances that permit the successful raising of children. A long-term investment deal.

    Drat! The show IS really strange. It’s all Jew PC agitprop stuff – or rather wants to be – but the Truth emerges from the muck. Nature always wins. Andrew Lincoln is a Hebe, by the by.

    I watch the show for Merle and Darryl. Now -the Governor. The show already used Merle as the Great White Racist Sacrifice – but his cvharacter was SO popular they had to bring him back, due his WILD POPULARITY. That Alpert Producer Jew was hinting at a reuinion between Merle and Darryl, His eyes were alight. He LOVES Darryl. Darryl is a Heroic Figure. Merle – he’s bringing in revenue. Merle’s a Nazi? Hell – Jews have been making money off Nazis for DECADES. What’s one more? They may try to set him up again -but the Imago of Merle is not se easily dismissed…

    MY Ideal episode would involved some type of physical fight, with Morrissey, Rooker, and Reedus. The Gov, Merle, and Darryl. They’d be…ohhhh….running around in the wilderness….they’d grapple….maybe fall into some body of water….their clothing has been worn down by the wear and tear of Survival Itself, and some-how the…clothing would…fall…off….somehow….

    Oh. That’s would be a wonderful espisode! That would make up for Carol and Lori.

    I didn’t mind T-Dog. He didn’t try to bang Da White Wimmenz. He was Stepin’ Fechit reborn.

    Michonne comes across as a pure Yard Ape DYKE. Of course he HATES The Governor. That Talking Dead show gives little previews of the next week’s episode. They showed, thus Sunday, a clip of Michinne putting her sword to the throat of the Governor. I have a feeling Merle will not be the one to settle her hash.

  13. “This is the Best System for a functional planet. The White Man protects his Diverse People – but they know their place – and he keeps them in line. This works best for every-one.”

    Keeping them under our (national) roof, guiding them, keeping them in line, it’s all masturbation. There’s always a threat of insurection. Cast them off into the wilds. Four hundred years together demonstrates what terrible pets they make. Didn’t you ever seem the movie “Gremlin’s” haha? One softy *will* feed them after midnight. Not tonight, not next week, but maybe 100 years ahead.

    Andrew Lincoln is a judaic? What’s your source? That’s a major case of crypsis if true. David Morrissey is married to sigmund freud’s great-granddaughter! Crazy world huh? You’re right about Hollywood profiting from Natzees. Weren’t the Germans portrayed rather favorably in Tarantino’s zio-revenge fantasy? I’d never pay to see it.

    AMC seems to be the last media outfit capable of producing quality shows in Amurrica. Striving for “realism” naturally invites race realism. “Breaking Bad” is the ultimate rayciss program. Check it out if you can.

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