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  1. I’m looking at George Stephanopoulos.

    They seem to be saying that Ohio’s white working class are gonna renig. The White working class slits its own throat. Yankee Pride!

  2. Well, if Yankees renig on Tuesday, and the Solid South refuses to renig, the argument for Southern Nationalism will be stronger than ever before. It is actually in our best interest that Yankees renig and vote for Obama.

    However, I don’t think that is going to happen this time.

  3. “It is actually in our best interest that Yankees renig and vote for Obama.”

    “Our” referring not to white, European Americans as such.

  4. Floridian Commies are already filing jewsuits, to “extend voting opportunities. We are now officially a Turd World Nation.

  5. I have a response to AxelHebe:

    Throw the Jew down the well….throw their God-damned pet Niggers right on top.

  6. I want to know why Axelrod even has a JOB in MEDIA?

    He’s the $%&^ing grandson of TROTSKY, for crying out loud!
    Arrrrgh. Do these white ‘goyim’ not know ANYTHING?

    Do they not see that the same evil genes that gave us one of the butchers of the Soviet Jewish Communist Revolution, that engaged in regicide, is acting as a political COMMENTATOR in America’s elections!?

    Pardon me, I have to sit down. Apoplectic fit coming on……

  7. Most white people today don’t have a clue who Trotsky was, Fr. John. Moreover, if you sat them down and explained in full detail they would not care. They would see no reason to.

    This is the population we are dealing with.

  8. Me personally? I think the whole thing was staged:

    Obama’s dive in the first debate (he had won 6 consecutive presidential level debates…)

    Romney’s love fest third debate…

    The whole Christie-Obama thing…

    all staged! (Exodus 17:10-16)

    All designed to keep white folks invested in the GOP, because the only threat to ZOG is a white nation awake to its powers and potentials.

    The meme that needs to strike deep in the white psyche when they call Ohio for Obama on Tuesday is Partition.

    What else is there when supermajorities of our people in a huge contiguous swath of territory vote against political union with the other? Our people will see that the jig is up, after all, the money men can easily ram any candidate down the GOP primary calender via the Florida primary, especially a self-destructing candidate. You don’t think they would do so for Clinton in 2016?

    I agree with Hunter that the greatest outcome for a Texas centered nation is an Obama victory, but I do think it will happen. Obama’s floor is 275 ECVs.


  9. Obama’s dive in the first debate (he had won 6 consecutive presidential level debates…)

    He’d wone exactly 0 presidential level debates against a competent Republican who wanted to win. Playing to your nigger-worshipping base in Democratic primary debates, and spewing sound bites against a doddering old Republican determined to take a dive (you want to see a dive? McCain in ’08) don’t count.

    First time he faced a real white man, the empty suit folded itself neatly on the empty chair. He spent half the time looking at his shoes.

  10. What’s really flabbergasting to me is how Republicans are such whipped, sniveling curs. Condi Rice threw Romney under the bus to save 0bama over Benghazi, and I haven’t heard a peep from the Republican curs. They’re too busy badmouthing Chris Christie (there are RULES for cracker-slaves, after all) over Sandy. But when it comes to this treacherous backstabbing negro bitch, they just roll over and show their bellies and wag their tails.

  11. Condi Rice probably has her name all over documents used to run guns to syria. This whole debacle has been in the works for a while, Obama just took the reigns and kept it rolling.

  12. No… it’s all b/c of Hurricane Sandy. The inner city, being hard hit, could not vote. Early voting (seems like it started last summer) will need to be extended past the usual election, due to the weather.

  13. I’m still convinced that Obama is going to get 4 more years.
    Denise: Ramzpaul had a great post up on voting. Funny, but true. Specifically, if anyone can be an American based on common belief in equality, diversity, etc, why are we not letting undocumented Americans from all over the world vote? I mean, just because they by happenstance don’t share a border with us is no reason to disenfranchise them, right?

  14. “Obama’s dive in the first debate”

    No-one who says that can be taken seriously. Obama is an actor who was cast to play a role. He needs to be fed his lines via teleprompter to stand a chance in debate against anyone who is a) competent and b) wants to win.

  15. The pan White ethnic European americans a\have been shitting on Southron Whites since they started showing up in the 1840’s. To hell with them and america. Let them live in the america they created with their love of big govt and negro worshiping

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