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The partisan shift in the state legislatures, governorships, and congressional delegations is even more revealing than the 2012 presidential electoral map:

“After this year’s election, the South is nearly purely Republican. The party appears to have taken control of both the Arkansas House and Senate for the first time since the 1870s. The historic switch of parties is now complete: 10 Deep South states have changed from total Democratic control to total Republican control.

The Northeast is now almost purely Democratic. The party won control of the New York Senate, which Republicans had controlled for nearly all of the last 50 years. Both Maine chambers flipped party control. And Democrats took control of the New Hampshire House and came within a whisker of taking the state Senate.

Legislatures in the three West Coast states are now Democratic territory, excluding Alaska. The nation’s middle — the agricultural heartland, the Mountain West, the Dakotas — are mostly reliable Republican. The Great Lakes region is a swing area.

“There’s a polarization of states,” says NCSL elections expert Tim Storey. “The state map is now similar to the presidential map.”

Note: In every Southern state, White Southerners overwhelmingly voted against Barack Obama. In Florida and Virginia, the balance was tipped only by the NOVA suburbs and transplants in South and Central Florida.

In the Northeast, every Northeastern state voted for Barack Obama, Democrats gained ground in the Senate, and they also flipped some state legislatures. There isn’t a single Republican in Congress from New England.

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  1. Partition is natural in this environment.

    Hindus and Muslims couldn’t live together in modern India,

    Hindus and Zoroastrians couldn’t live together in ancient Arya (Indo-Iran),

    Whites and Anti-Whites can’t live together in America.

  2. Sic semper tyrannus. I believe the best course is a break up of the United State into multiple lands free from tyranny lest they be slaves. If the South breaks off it need not break along state lines but along those communities whom people want to join.

  3. That county map Lew linked to was informative. I agree with HW them yanks be whacked up in the NE, look at the counties in NH never mind Vermont, all blue.

    Poor Ricans have some interesting proposals other than statehood that are being mulled over.

    Anyway Amuurika is a third world country with first world expectations, reality is gonna hit us hard.

  4. Nothing has changed.

    There are parts of the North that are conservative, but those areas are of no assistance to us because the liberal element in the North is dominant, and through its control of the majority section it controls us by extension.

  5. Mr. Wallace,

    I believe more and more people are seceding from the Union in their own way. Turnout took a nosedive this year, as you are well aware. The government is looking less and less legitimate even to white people who get all of their Civil War history from Ken Burns. Every movement needs an enemy (even the commies had staged opposition). If the Left becomes the de facto face of a one-party state, then all of that nation’s failings are that state’s baby (an out of wedlock, bastard mulatto in this instance).

    I have a plan for the next four years, more of a vow really, to change the television channel or radio station the moment I see Obama’s face or hear his voice. I will not even give his purple lips the chance to curl, exposing those fetid blue gums. Just click and gone. Nothing but Turner Classic Movies in my household.

  6. I don’t know. Secession certainly appealed to me at one time. But now that it’s such fertile ground it’s tempting to want to take the whole thing back. Just to show people.

  7. Wisconsin Republicans now control both houses and the governorship. They have a two-seat majority in the senate now, so they will be able to pass right to work etc. Wisconsin may be following the same path as Arkansas, we shall see.

  8. Thank you for letting me know your reply was at the other thread, Mr. W. After reading it, I checked Wikipedia’s article about the Alabama Black Belt. I learn a great deal at Occidental Dissent.

  9. This is excellent news. Not that I am a Republican. I’m not. But I am a Southern nationalist and I agree with HW that to survive we must be rid of the Union. It’s literally killing us as a people.

  10. “..it’s tempting to want to take the whole thing back.”

    – I couldn’t care less about it. I’m busy amassing my future domain, one abandoned lot at a time.

  11. You lost a war. The fact you haven’t died as a people completely is remarkable.

    Is that true? Having one’s capital city endlessly firebombed and then being struck by two atom bombs is about as bad a way to lose a war as can be imagined, but Japan rebounded to become one of the greatest countries on Earth. Have you seen photographs of modern Hiroshima? Compare them to what became of Detroit and then ask yourself who won World War II. I don’t really know much about these subjects; but it seems that, at the war’s end, Japan instantly evaluated its position, adjusted its ways, and thrived. It had no trouble swallowing pride. Why didn’t the American South behave similarly, after the Civil War?

  12. “Why didn’t the American South behave similarly, after the Civil War?”

    Many did. But the fact that many didn’t and remain the same in the middle of conquered territory is a testament to them.

    Other than that, I can’t say this is the place to go any further.

  13. “Nothing but Turner Classic Movies in my household.”
    All I watch anymore. Old America was something else.

    “If we don’t secede from the Union, we are doomed.”
    All true Southern men know we must secede sooner or later.
    Our differences with yankees are irreconcilable. They keep trying to kill off our people.
    We can’t afford to let them keep trying until they finally succeed.

    “You lost a war. The fact you haven’t died as a people completely is remarkable.”
    As HW frequently points out, our people are older than the United States.

    Who else here is descendent from the original Jamestown colonists?
    Fess up.

    Deo Vindice

  14. “- I couldn’t care less about it. I’m busy amassing my future domain, one abandoned lot at a time.”

    Come on man! Get up and dust yourself off. We’re just beginning to see the whites of their eyes!

  15. “A3P reports Obama lost in every state with a voter ID law. Just saying: ” – That is just selection. Every state that won a voter ID law has a republican electorate in the first place.

  16. the japs swallowing their pride is a shame on them.

    What do you think they should have done, Stonelifter?

  17. America has become 2 different nations made up of blue states and red states. Nothing gets done in Washington D.C. because the D and the R are always into it. Our biggest problems are of course the massive increase in non white voters including blacks and mexicans. Then you add on the 47% living off the government. Then you add on the social liberals and homosexuals and a few union workers and you get the Democrats voting base. Democrats get their voting base through big government welfare and sadly our Republican friends support a party that ignores their White interests. We have to focus on getting our state and local governments off crack….i mean federal money. They love that federal crack because it funds their state sponsored socialist programs. We fix that problem by voting the D and the R socialists out of office and replacing them with Patriots like us in the movement. Then of course you have to deal with every single senior citizen living off Social Security. That’s the biggest problem getting them to support Southern Independence. The best thing that could happen would be SS going broke and then stop sending checks to us down here in Dixie. Then seniors will realize the feds are broke and it’s time for a new Confederacy in Dixie. Lots of things need to be done through the political, economic, and social system to get our independence. Most of it comes down to MONEY and the rest comes down to demographics. One thing is for sure Southern Independence might mean a bigger Confederacy with states like Montana and others who might just join us and sing a little Dixie. Deo Vindice !

  18. Just what ever you do. Don’t lump Indiana in with the rest of the evil north. If a new Confederacy was born Indiana wants to join.

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