California Democrats Attain Supermajority


Now they have the power to raise taxes even further. This should expedite the White flight and the inevitable fiscal collapse:

“California Democrats hitched their wagon to President Barack Obama’s rising star this election season, a strategy that’s paid off handsomely for the party.

State Democrats have won a supermajority in the legislature (at least 54 Assembly seats and 27 Senate seats), which means they can now reach the two-thirds majority vote needed to overcome filibusters and pass crucial tax revenue laws. It also empowers the party to overturn vetoes handed down by Gov. Jerry Brown. . . .”

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  1. California is 39.7% White Non-Hispanic as of 2011. Subtract peripherally-White recent-immigrants, some/many of whom may be counted as White (like Armenians), and subtract Jews: Not much more than 1/3rd of CA is White.

    Youth: The population of California of school-age is 27% White, and thus under 1/4th True-White, as counted above.

  2. California is like under 30% true white Hail, maybe even only 25% right now if you get rid of Jews

    I think one of the reasons why you are anti-Yankee is because you are seriously underestimating the number of minorities. I think the white percentages are super inflated because I remember standing behind a family of rapscillion hispanics filling out forms and the whole family filled out “White” on the forms yet they were anything but.

  3. we need t set up a border along CA and keep them bastards in there. They’ve ruined enough now let them pay the price for their stupidity

    That we have to allow them into our States is another reason the union must go

  4. I don’t think high taxes will scare the heavy hitters out. Why? Recently the actor Will Ferrell said that he wouldn’t mind if he was taxed at the rate of 70%. He rankled zero feathers, because the film colony, screen actors’ guild, on down to the union construction crews in Hollywood are the red diaper babies of Louis B. Mayer, Lou Wassermann, Irving Thalberg, etcetera.

    Hunter has correctly pointed out that many things are not run by nor entirely the fault of Jews. That is true, but Hollywood and the culture it spawned are ENTIRELY their fault. They will fund any ballot initiative. A 70% income and commensurate capital gains tax will still leave the Weinsteins with enough sheckles to keep a harem of Goyim blondes in their Mulholland mansion, cutting Peruvian flake cocaine on the back of a baby grande piano. And a few million here and there is a small price to pay to witness the remaining whites torn to pieces by the brown and black hordes.

  5. I thought actors paid taxes in a different manner, not income taxes but like the taxes they put on business. Same for athletes and the like though I don’t know for sure

  6. Ode to California
    Sweet land of sunshine
    Hello clouds of brown
    Hell hath no fury
    Like the Jew encrowned there
    Garden o Eden
    Golden land
    Sweet land of the Redwood
    Sweet land of farming
    Why must we part
    Why must you go
    I loved you like a child loves a glow
    So now I see
    It’s hard to go
    Hard to stay
    Where ever the wind shall blow
    I’ll remember you
    Oh California where are your 49 ers now
    Sweet temperate land of plenty
    Curse the evil stain on your virgin blouse
    I sing for land now gone which I never knew
    Yet felt like I had known my entire life

  7. LOL the fireworks are going to really start there. Does anyone remember some of the calls from Californians for California to secede as its own awesome country? We need to remind them of that when the pleas for zogbux to save CALPERS start.

  8. We will be required to bailout this sh*thole because:
    1. Dems are in permanent control of the future of Amurrica
    2. We can’t let the fact that non-whites drove an economic power house in agriculture and high technology straight into the ground be known or discussed. Cali’s bankruptcy will be blamed on white flight and white racism, not the fact that Mexicans invaders have made vast swathes of it virtually indistinguishable from Chihuahua.

    Someone on SF (yes I still read there) the other day said that Mexicans are like Zebra mussels. They just continue to breed and clog up the system until things stop working.

  9. “I don’t think high taxes will scare the heavy hitters out. Why?” – The super wealthy can do all sorts of interesting things to protect their money that the rest of us can’t. they practically write these laws, and yet idiots on the left think they’ll get soaked?

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