Spin Zone, Silver Linings, Don’t Write Off the Liberals

I look out my window on my South Side of Chicago neighborhood. I note that it is a dark and gloomy day. It looks like March in Chicago when people who don’t drink can know what a bad hangover feels like. March in Chicago gets the dreaded South Side thaw – garbage and dog poo exposed from under the melting, dirty snow. There was supposedly some neighborhood celebrations yesterday after local guy Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States. But, I don’t see a lot of joy and cheer on the faces of my neighbors today. They all seem to look like the Chicago sky: dark, gloomy and depressed.

Conservative talk radio seems to be filled with similar dark and gloomy depression. One gets the impression that the entire NorthEast and large parts of the MidWest have fallen to Communism or a 3rd, more brutal racial Reconstruction. Or, it’s even worse – White Northeastern and Midwestern (“Yankees”) apparently went crazy, chose suicide, willfully embracing BRA, Cultural Marxism, Lesbian social depravity (Wisconsin just elected an openly Lesbian US Senator Tammy Baldwin). After listening to Conservative Inc, this election supposedly saw the victory of everything bad and terrible that Conservatives have preached against for 50 to 100 years.

But I am here today to tell the Occidental Dissent readership – that all is not lost, not even here in darkest Chicago Obamaland. Yes, it will take some serious spinning to see anything positive from the election, but when you are an alternative right, racial realist, “Straight” (shhh, don’t tell any of my gay neighbors) White guy like me living in Lib/Min Chicago – you learn to spin, spin, spin.

I’m spinning this election as a complete rejection of all things George W Bush, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and especially…..

Sheldon and Miriam Adelson!

Evil Scheming Jews Suffer Terrible Defeat!

The New York TImes reports that Adelson (a greedy Jew owner of a Vegas gambling cartel, famous for exploiting law wage, non union, illegal alien workers) suffered humiliating electoral defeats on Tues:

” Mr. Adelson, the biggest single donor in political history, supported eight candidates through “super PACs.” All of them lost on Tuesday.” (link)

OD readers might remember Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli wife Miriam as the Jew wire pullers controlling Newt Gingrich’s failed Presidential campaign. The Adelsons push the three policies of the cursed Jew Neo Conservatives.

1) Invade the world for Israel – endless wars against Arab/Muslim nations
2) Invite the world – open borders 3rd World immigration to the US (of course not for Israel, that’s a Jewish Ethno State)
3) In hoc to the world – endless borrowing to pay for #1 and #2.

Tuesday’s election results rejected Sheldon Adelson – also rejecting dumb goyim lackeys like George W Bush, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich.

Sure it takes a lot of work to promote different, pro White Liberal politics. But as American Renaissance Magazine’s great article “Don’t Write Off the Liberals” (link) explains, Liberal causes like environmentalism, animal rights, women’s rights and even responsible “gay rights” can be tweaked to promote legitimate White interests.

Ok, so now that Lib Dems are in power in the North, I go with the idea of shifting to opposing New Neo Con Jew wars, supporting abortion rights, birth control for the welfare underclass. Our big government, nanny state isn’t so bad when this nanny state is messing with Blacks and Mexicans, not letting them drink sugary soda drinks, enforcing curfews for their out of control children/teens. Gun rights? low life Blacks and Latinos shouldn’t have many/any gun rights.

Look at lots of other Conservative and Libertarian causes like school vouchers – they’re very bad for our people in places like urban Chicago. The reason White parents send their children to private and parochial schools is so their children aren’t terrorized by lower class Black and Latinos in the public schools. If idiot, race denying Libertarians like Ron Paul have their way, they’ll give vouchers for underclass Blacks who will then demand to be admitted to our nice, safe, clean, White private schools and then over night the private schools become just like the violent, dirty non White public schools.

It ain’t all about free market economics folks!

So I am advising OD readers stuck in Blue State Lib Dem areas to make the best of things, try to look for silver linings, put some imaginative liberal spins on policies that are good for us.

Thinks might look dark, depressing and gloomy in Chicago and the NorthEast (what happened in Wisconsin?!), but we’ve been through worse. Don’t write off the liberals (link).

And this Conservatism/Neo Conservatism that went down to crushing defeat on Tuesday – it wasn’t our Conservatism.


  1. Liberal causes like environmentalism, animal rights, women’s rights and even responsible “gay rights” can be tweaked to promote legitimate White interests.

    Why not swap out the last one or two with anticonsumerism and antiglobalism? Starve the Beast.

  2. Some food for thought.

    I think the immediate concern is to plant the seed of Partition.

    We may harvest it during the next downturn of the economy.

  3. Afterthought says:
    November 8, 2012 at 11:51 pm (Edit)
    Some food for thought.

    I think the immediate concern is to plant the seed of Partition.

    We may harvest it during the next downturn of the economy

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Consider working for something a bit less than “partition”, “secession” – with a Confederate Southern state completely independent.

    Work for something like Switzerland where the different cantons have the right to have their own policies on things like immigration.

    The South should now work very hard to get control of the Southern media – no more Hollywood, New York/New Jersey DC MSM controlling Southern TV. All Southern TV talking heads have to be Southern, raised, educated in the South.

    Go for local ownership of the media.

  4. The Republican Party is now dead. Good riddance. It was fairly evil anyway. We now live in a one party state. I doubt I’ll vote again. Is there someway to unregister to vote? Now I can sit back and look out for mine and mine own as I best I can in new soviet America. It ought to be good fun watching the liberals try and run things.

  5. “I’m spinning this election as a complete rejection of all things George W Bush, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and especially…..

    Sheldon and Miriam Adelson!”

    I wouldn’t consider that spin. It’s what it was.

    Secession, partition, regional separation, same general idea. That’s the target. It’s pretty obvious that it will begin on a state by state basis. As much as I’d like to see South Carolina lead the way again it won’t happen. It could begin with clueless but useful Vermont. Arizona or New Mexico, for different reasons. Or the big baddie, California. Outside of the South I would hope for Alaska. Whichever it is it will open a floodgate for the rest.

    I suggest that some serious studying be devoted to predicting the few most likely states to attempt secession and that agitation plans be drawn up.

    I’m not talking about some Covingtonesque white escape hatch. I’m talking about secession or at least attempted secession in one single state. If one state tries it, successfully or not, the whole Union is over for good. No need for the white American population to move to Seattle.

  6. was reading comments on some post election article, don’t recall which at this point, and one of the people asked “can we please just kick all the red states out of our country already?” and the responses from both sides were in full agreement that we need to split away from each other. silver linings indeed.

  7. Just to suggest something different. Instead of secession, why don’t we have a new constitutional convention and, for a start, remove all social programs and the taxing authority for such programs from the federal government and return them to the states? 75% of all federal foolishness arises in the context of these social programs. Then for round two, identify that special interests have been selfishly using immigration to advance their own interests all the while disingenuously calling those who resist racists. For example, the democratic party have allowed white hating misanthropes to take it over and use immigration as a genocidal tool against whites. California is a text-book example of using alien interlopers to ethnically cleanse a state and any other explanation of what happened to the golden state is a god damn lie. Further, the chamber of commerce republicans have used immigration to je_ , sorry bid down the cost of labor. Two interest groups shouldn’t have the only say in the immigration policy of the whole nation – I think 300 hundred million other citizens should have some say in it as well. Develop a plan for immigration reform that insulates immigration from the corruption of the anti-white elements in the democratic party and the moneychangers in the republican party.

  8. Even if “idiot, race denying Libertarians like Ron Paul” appeared all by itself, the source would be unmistakeable. Strangely absent are the favourite denigrations: “very old” and “whiney voice.”

  9. “I think the immediate concern is to plant the seed of Partition.”

    But Afterthought, that is the MOST invasive weed species that will multiply, spread out of control, and divide everyone from everyone else! Already we have lost the wrong mis-concept of “common whiteness” — realising there never was any such thing as “white people”– and that the “white race” was a myth! Reality that dawns on us now is the necessity of internecine blood feud.

  10. The superiority of the White race and the lack of cognitive and behavioral quality of negroes, mestizos and, for want of a better word, ‘indigenos’, is a subject on which I take a back seat to no one. Nevertheless, I have worked in places where there were a great number of mestizos and/or Negroes and I knew full well most of them were packing illegal heat. It didn’t particularly worry me. I was more worried about knives and razors since they would use those in emotional situations more readily than they would pull out a pistol.

    Stupid people, irrespective of race, and violent or antisocial people should be sterilized and controlled, which would necessarily have disparate impact, but “armed niggaz” are usually only a threat to people who provoke them. They are much more likely to shoot another black than a white, either justifiably or otherwise.

    Likewise, nearly every Mexican male has a pistola, and many of the females. I myself sold dozens of derringers, small revolvers, and 1911s chambered .38 Super (guns are more or less illegal in Mexico for Mexicans, but ones chambered for military cartridges are REALLY illegal because the military’s ammo stockpiles would be pilfered and fenced otherwise) to American citizens, male or female, in the close company of (usually Spanish-white or light mestiza) persons I assumed to be Mexican nationals but who were smart enough to give no indications of “Straw Man Purchase”. So long as they played the game right it was legal even though I knew full well what was going on.

    With the exception of serious IPSC pistol competitors in the last few years, no one, but no one, buys a .38 Super unless it is going where military cartridges are outlawed.

    Disarming the niggaz and steezers isn’t worth the candle. Besides, even they have a right to protect themselves from their own assailants. Better we should worry about kicking the illegals out and separating ourselves from the remaining browners and the blacks in the ways we traditionally were.

  11. Super .38s are cool and serious defensive ammo loaded up to the original specified chamber pressure is becoming more readily available for it.

  12. Vendikar makes reasonable points about guns and NWs.

    And invidual policy decisions can be explained, supported by tradional patriotic, Constitutional, Libertarian arguments. But, my point is that “things change” when a large percentage, large population of low caste non Whites, Blacks, Mestizo, Paki Muslim immigrants become the majority population in your area, as they are in neighboring all Black areas near where I live on the South Side of Chicago.

    The Libertarian idea of giving individuals “freedom to choose” just isn’t appropriate for these non White populations. With high IQ Whites a community doesn’t need some law that says people can’t wear their pants below their butts and men can’t be allowed to father 10 illegitimate children. But, with low caste Blacks, we need all kinds of restrictions, societal, government forces telling them what and what not to do.

    So my point is that in heavy non White urban areas of blue states, restrictive, oppressive government practices are often desirable. The only schools that work at all with these people are very strict authoritarian schools.

    So when in liberal Rome, it often makes sense to

    Do as the liberal Romans do.

    And wealthy, White liberal elites find interesting ways to keep the worst Blacks down or away.

  13. environmentalism, animal rights, women’s rights and even responsible “gay rights” are all part of the anti White cultural marxism. Any part of that you support is supporting the whole system

    “Work for something like Switzerland where the different cantons have the right to have their own policies on things like immigration.” Jack Ryan

    We had something much like that until yankees gave us lincoln. Didn’t work then, won’t work now because yankees will only go back to wanting more power consolidated at the federal level so they can form their “perfect society” and shinning city on a hill

    Same thing applies to Admire’s suggestion of a new constitutional convention. This will continue to happen to our decedents as long as we are tied to the yankee.

  14. To be righteous one must reject the unrighteous. You cannot compromise with evil, and make no mistake, the Mao worshiping dikes, fags, perverts and thieves who sit in Washington are evil.

  15. I’m fairly economically liberal (almost quasi-socialist, I know, I hope this doesn’t go down the wrong way) and would gladly support a Huey Long type / Fascism or national socialism, or even socialist nationalism (the dudes over at Socialist Phalanx). I would gladly have a southern Portland sans the faggotry and add some whites only racism. Liberalism can work economically in homogeneous areas, like pre-70s Scandinavia and Portland. It doesn’t in Chocolate cities because blacks are unproductive.

    I think the environmental argument cannot be underused or overstated. Obama will legalise 12 million Aztecs, let them bring in 25-30 million relatives, and raise 3rd world immigration quotas to likely 5 million a year.

    I honestly believe by 2016 America will have added at least 50 million more non-whites to the voter rolls. This will lead to a housing crisis like in England, and since we have less building restrictions (like green belts) I fully expect to see national forests sold to minority owned businesses to clear off of forests and build endless cheap apartments and condos.

    Liberal NIMBYism is the reason why New England’s countryside is still so beautiful and pristine. Perhaps we can harness that force into some kind of Constitution/A3P hybrid in the future.

  16. I agree that Liberal NIMBYism is a powerful force that is White, anti mud at least at the local level. Resentful poor and working class Whites in the South and Red States who (justifiably) hate Yankees, hate rich White liberals in the North want to remove NIMBY restrictions that preserve safe, prosperous White Lib/Yankee enclaves.

    I don’t think this White Southern hatred of Yankees, rich White liberals in the North is very productive, it’s understandable, just not very productive.

  17. @LRR: Don’t forget O’care. O’care was scored without illegals, and if they’re all amnestied and given O’care it doesn’t work. Plus, the dems don’t want to give 20 million illegals amnesty all at once – the party bosses know that half of them would be out of job overnight and YKW can kiss control of the democratic party goodbye because the hispanics are smarter than blacks and will challenge YKW for control of the party.

  18. Why not?

    Would we be better off without the Northeast? I say absolutely, yes, we would definitely be better off without all the nigger loving liberal Yankees who live there.

  19. We need to do a better job of stirring up trouble, divisions between Blacks and Browns.

    It was a real missed opportunity to pay for organized mobs of Hispanics to confront Blacks in the streets of Florida in defense of their guy Jorge – George Zimmerman, framed as an evil White RACIST killer of a cute little Black child Trayvon Martin.

    It is true that the only thing that works against mob terror, mob threats is counter mob terror.

  20. BTW, that goes for all the faggots, anarchists, weirdos, and freaks in San Francisco and the West Coast too. We would be even better off if we could rid ourselves of all those “White people” in the Bay Area.

    They have nothing at all to offer us, bit they cost us a great deal. If an earthquake struck San Francisco and it fell into the sea, I say it would be a net positive for the South.

  21. Hey Hunter, you’re showing yourself to be a bit “dated”.

    San Fransico is no longer the homosexual capital of America. It’s now Washington D.C. – which is, in it’s own way, rather appropriate.

    Rich White “gays’ are pushing out poor Blacks in Washington D.C. so the days of Black political mob rule of DC are basically over.

  22. I thought we pretty much established that the breakup of the sovereign and, ahem, “indivisible” United States of America was inevitable, necessary, and desirable.

    It’s like tempered glass: it goes from one piece to a lot of pieces without much in between.

    The South as we know it could be one piece, as could the PNW, which survivalists call “The American Redoubt” and which someone we all know calls the soon-to-be Northwest American Republic. The steezers will probably get much of their ‘Aztlan’, which will be a pesthole like Mexico in a few years, and when they look to Dixie OR the NARedoubt, they’ll see…..rifle muzzles. The Northeast is beyond redemption and deserves the inevitable.

    But if you want ONE South and not a pile of Balkanized, squabbling polities, the time to ensure that is now.

  23. There will not be a home-grown racial or cultural revival in New England or the Great Lakes region, as much as it pains me to say so – I am from the latter, and have lived in the former for several years. The only region of the U.S. that has any chance of fostering this sort of movement is the South, where whites never went into the closet with their racial feelings, and have a history and continued identity as a distinct and aggrieved people.

    The formation of an explicitly white movement in the North East or Midwest can only really occur with the backdrop of a re-energized Southern identity. Either as an extension of a South-based movement, or inspired and lent legitimacy by Southern successes.

    I would throw all of my eggs into a Southern basket as far as any actual organizing, outreach, and politicking is concerned. It is at best a waste of time, money, and human capital anywhere else.

  24. Without a serious economic catastrophe to act as a catalyst for outright rebellion we will simply sink into a slow inexorable decline of miscegenation and second world status with the Chinese as our landlords and owners of our extractive industries such as timber, grain, and coal. Whites may hang on for a century or two in isolated pockets such as rural counties or small Slavic countries but the end of the White race as we currently define it is clearly in sight.

  25. “Rudel, the Chinese are going broke too, they have their own problems. Don’t worry so much about them.”

    They own a substantial amount of our debt. They can use those dollars to purchase physical assets. If we repudiate our debt (default) then that will result in economic catastrophe and blood in the streets. There is where some hope lies for renewal; otherwise it’s the long slow slide into extinction through miscegenation and foreign ownership.

  26. Oatmeal
    “I would throw all of my eggs into a Southern basket as far as any actual organizing, outreach, and politicking is concerned. It is at best a waste of time, money, and human capital anywhere else.”

    This may turn out to be true but people should still work in the region that fits them the best as an individual otherwise you’re just importing division.

  27. “[W]e will simply sink into a slow inexorable decline of miscegenation…”

    I don’t think there will be any large scale miscegenation. Despite all the media effort of propagandizing race-mixing and attempts to play it up in news and and “studies” reports, the rate of miscegenation is still only about the same as with the percentage of queers. Statistics and studies show that white women are in general the least likely of all people to mix it up.

    Moreover, modern conditions actually deter large scale miscegenation. In the past, large numbers of courting age or marriage age men would go off to war or for exploration and be totally cut off from the home country for years or even decades at a time. It was in such circumstances that large scale miscegenation was carried on. Or when a foreign army of another race conquered a country or large territory and killed off the native men and took the women. Neither one of these required circumstances exists today.

  28. test wrote: “people should still work in the region that fits them the best as an individual otherwise you’re just importing division.”

    I agree. We know our own local political conditions best, and we belong fighting there, in our own places. True conservatives don’t WANT to “transplant” into the greener grass Paradise on the other side of the Line, but will work to conserve what is left of, and to restore, their own ancestral community.

    It isn’t natural to turn one’s back on, or denigrate, one’s ancestral land.

  29. city people should stay in the city where they belong Mosin. We don’t need their rot spreading any further

    “I think the environmental argument cannot be underused or overstated. Obama will legalise 12 million Aztecs, let them bring in 25-30 million relatives, and raise 3rd world immigration quotas to likely 5 million a year. ”

    I think to few people use environmental arrangements against immigration

  30. I AGREE that THEY should STAY in their cities. The problem for some of us is that the cities tend to expand and surround us completely, and only THEN we might HAVE TO abandon our places.

    The environmental argument against immigration AND suburbanisation (AND against more public highways, big box stores and cosmopolitan shopping and entertainment franchises that lead to more malignant “growth”) is my favourite, and I agree it can hardly be overused.

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