Republican Death Rattle


As the Republicans become ever more dependent on the White working class vote, the GOP is now in full blown panic nd Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, and Mike Huckabee are rallying behind Jeb Bush in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Update: John Boehner is “confident” that the GOP can get a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill done now. Worse is better!!!

Update: As expected, Pat Buchanan spells it out for them at VDARE.

Note: Sean Trende observes that the decline in White turnout cost Mitt Romney the election.

For better or worse, the national Republican Party is finished. I really believe that we are about to see a meltdown on the scale of the breakup of the Whigs in the 1850s.

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  1. I think most of us are simply surveying the situation on the ground for tactical purposes, not being cry babies.

    This last election provided considerable useful and important information.

  2. I think a man secedes in his heart before his feet head in that direction. I think a lot of white men are seceding in their hearts right now.

  3. As the recent election shows, apparently white Southerners are the only people who support the Republican party at the national level.

    The destruction of the GOP is the first step on the road to Southern independence.

    We really need to make sure that all Southerners understand exactly what the “new” GOP strategy actually means for them. We need to get to the point where Southerners let local Republicans know that we will no longer will support the party at the national level. The GOP needs the South far, far more than the South needs the GOP.

    Getting our people to secede from the GOP first should be the objective. They are inundated in the media with the red/blue state dynamic, which is a thin veneer designed to mask the underlying cultural differences that cause this dynamic. We need to explain how the “inescapable” two party system in BRA is designed to permanently shut them out of the the political system.

    Dixie is a great nation waiting to be reborn. Unfortunately, at present our nation is chained to the rotting corpse of BRA.

    Another step would be to work toward the partition of Florida. This gets discussed off and on here. The cession of South Florida to the liberal yankee invaders could be sold to the invaders themselves (appealing to their sense of yankee triumphalism) and help establish a precedent for future partitions. It would help create a better mindset for our people more conducive to a more wholesome (i.e. yankee-free) political environment.

    Just some thoughts. We need to get moving, one way or another.

    Deo Vindice

  4. Jim says:
    ‘I think a man secedes in his heart before his feet head in that direction. I think a lot of white men are seceding in their hearts right now.’

    I think you’re right. I’m doing my best to fan the flames among my friends, family and damn near every White person I meet.

    I also want the Congress to impede, derail, obstruct and destroy all of Obama’s BS programs. No more goody goody White boys playing by the rules to get along. Strip him of all funding, gum up the works in every possible way.

    In Wisconsin, Walker won his first election and we finally had the votes in our legislature to pass bills advantageous to our side.

    Instead of playing by the rules the democrats said screw you. They skipped town and fled to Illinois to avoid required votes. They got away with murder, obstructed us every single step of the way. Lefty judges also came to their rescue time and again.

    It’s our turn to gum up the works. Groids and lefties all mocked Romney for being a typical bland , good hearted, well mannered White man. Let’s turn the tables on them. We have the majority of Governors. A lot of commotion can be caused if we join together and tell the feds enough is enough. Arizona and other states can just tell obama to screw off. We will police our borders and handle our funds the way we wish.

    That is how Saul Alinskyites play ball. We can do the same and better if we put our minds to it.

  5. He didn’t my vote, Hunter. And he lost the white vote in Michigan, to be exact. But that isn’t the point. You guys were sounding off all spring and summer, that Obama’s re-election would be the best thing for you Southerners and your “nation”. Now, 48 hours after getting what you wanted, you’re all weeping with your heads in your hands and ready to surrender your women and children to the Chinese.

    If the North is full of nigger-loving liberals, than clearly the South is full of nothing but piss and wind and talk and tears.

  6. Whew, Hunter! A population of six percent niggers is burning up the sheets of fifty-four percent of whites in a little burg called Lakeview estates in Georgia.

    That site has all the percentages of every state.

  7. 313Chris,

    Romney decent man, ordinary in many ways. Yankee. Upper Midwestern moderate backed solidly by Southern whites.
    If he can’t win in this economic climate… Jeebus.

    What’s the answer? An Hispandering JEB? A Bush dynasty? If Romnay supposedly the neocon, wtf are the Bush’s? Likud?

  8. Forget the South, have you seen the Washington statistics?? So much for HAC’s “homeland”. Poor bastard. He’d probably split that mongrel factory tomorrow if he could. Too bad he’s got those standing warrants back in NC…

  9. Brutus – That website doesn’t have a breakdown for ‘Hispanic’ population. It just has ‘Other/Mixed’ as a single category. If you look at the Wiki entry for almost any of the high ‘mixed’ towns on that website, you’ll find that it can in large part be explained by Hispanics, not nigger-loving whites.

    For example Fennville, the 23% ‘mixed’ town, is 73% white’ and according to its wiki page, 32% hispanic, probably due to the large farming industry of the region.

  10. The actual resistance to a continued BRA will be increased “white flight”, more jury nullification, state legislatures opting out of federal mandates (legislative nullification), non-cooperation with federal law enforcement agencies, and an increase in tax evasion. This will be spotty and sporadic and contingent on federal reaction and the relative solvency of each level of government.

    There is one thing for certain, the money is simply not there for most state and local governments, or the federal government to be able to continue on their present course.

  11. Yeah, Oatmeal, I looked at some of those statistics and then went to other sites to compare. One little town supposedly had almost forty percent mixed race population with only a few blacks living there, but then when I checked wiki it stated the demographics there of people of more than one race was less than one percent! LOL, It was the town that senator or whatever Edwards is from.

    But that site is probably about right with the large cities and the slightly smaller ones, too. Looks about right. And from what I know and have heard about Illinois, the statistics listed for there are probably about right, too. I think there are a hell of a lot of coalburners in that state.

    I was just yanking chris313’s chain.

  12. “They don’t have any choice. Almost their entire financial backing and thus existence comes from super rich businessmen who want the cheap labor. That is the major problem anyone who hopes to use the Republican Party (or ANY other party that is formed) faces as we consider our plight in terms of political activity and power: Funding.”

    That is the problem of hoping to use *national* level GOP for anything pro-white. If the GOP is to be used at all it has to be a bottom-up takeover first.


    “If anyone poo poos this or scoffs, then he or she will do well to take pencil and paper in hand and do some calculations and figuring. Keep in mind that in this last election alone, a reported six billion dollars was spent. Think about that.”

    They needed to spend six billion dollars because they weren’t selling what people wanted. If they had policies people wanted they wouldn’t need to spend so much.


    “But Republican billionaires want to win elections. Isn’t it transparently clear the amnesty route isn’t going win them an election? I just can’t imagine nobody is going to stand up and fill the vacuum.”

    They want money. They get money from cheaper labor. They lose money from higher taxes. On balance – so far – they make more from immigration than they lose from higher taxes so the Democrats are on balance better for them than an anti-immigration GOP. However you’re right there are other factors that could fill the vaccuum
    – Democrats changing the cost-benefit to GOP billionaires in various ways e.g. energy policy, penal taxes etc
    – Neocon money
    – Rich white guys who’ve been playing with balloons for years suddenly realise their country is being screwed
    – White people voting *and funding* as an ethnic bloc (you can get as much money as you need from lots of little people once they’re woke up)

  13. “The destruction of the GOP is the first step on the road to Southern independence.”

    That’s the exact opposite of any sense. The *state level* GOP in the South already has white bloc voting. People need to separate the national and state levels out into separate things.

  14. So the GOP are trying to out anti-white the Democrats? This is to be expected. They are going the way of the Whigs and the GOP is desperate to preserve the GOP and they will betray whites to do it as they always have. This is what all institutions do.

  15. Here’s an example of the Mantra used against Respectable Conservatives. Of course the Respectable Conservatives used the ban hammer, because they believe in the American value of “freedom of speech”. lol

    The only thing I would have done different, when the anti-white asked this question:

    “Do you, or do you not want a White only designated Nation? If so, which one?”

    I would have responded with:

    “As an anti-white, which countries are white in your opinion, and which countries are are allowed to remain white?”

    Of course the answer would be silence, because no countries are allowed to remain White in their opinion.

    I posted this is an argument as to why the Republican Party must die.

    Respectable Conservatives are Cultural Marxists and they prop the anti-white Democrats up. As such, they are the enemy of our people.

    The Republican Party must die. “Worse” really is better.

  16. A nice White Catholic lady with 4 kids said, “I’ve never been so angry about an election. The blacks voted for Obama because he is black!”

    I said, “Well, the whites need to vote their race too, but Romney was not for whites. He said he wished he was Mexican, he put spray tan on for Univision, and he loves illegal immigrant cheap labor. We need a politician who actually cares about our interests. There’s 150 million of us in this country, for heaven’s sakes! We’re still the largest group in this country. Now that we are a multicultural country with all these races looking after their racial interests, whites need to do so, too.”

    White Catholic lady nodded and shrugged and said, “I guess that’s what it’s coming to.”

  17. I would simply have answered the question with “yes, the United States. Which country do you think, Mexico? China?”

    I have used the Mantra quite effectively on several forums like that one. I’d cut out the dialog section of that one, though. Not that hot. But you can pound ’em hard by hammering that no one would tell a black man he is “only a social construct,” or demand that a Japan be flooded with white people. You really can tie them into knots on forums like that one, and if you are sharp and know what you are doing, you can do it in such a way they really can’t label you and cut you off as just another “white supremacist” idiot. The Mantra is loaded with outlet resources and hatchways that allow you to defeat the “just a racist!” cry.

    I like dealing with liberals and anti-white fanatics and letting the audience see how weak and mind-sick they really are.

    Arguing and debating liberal whites is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  18. “White Catholic lady nodded and shrugged and said, “I guess that’s what it’s coming to.””

    On the racial situation and political realities, most white people are like a drunk staggering around the darkness of a polar winter.

  19. Brutus says:
    November 9, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    “I would simply have answered the question with “yes, the United States. Which country do you think, Mexico? China?”

    Then they would drag you into an argument about the United States first belonging to the Indians.

    A better answer than my one above is this one – Of course it incorporates the Mantra:

    Why are you asking me to define which countries are “White”, when you have already defined them for us:

    A “White” country is one for which, you demand massive non-white immigration and forced integration to create a “blended humanity”.


    “I like dealing with liberals and anti-white fanatics and letting the audience see how weak and mind-sick they really are. ”

    “Arguing and debating liberal whites is like shooting fish in a barrel.”

    Yes, they really aren’t all that clever and they all repeat the same talking points, which do not work against the Mantra.

  20. “I would simply have answered the question with “yes, the United States. Which country do you think, Mexico? China?”

    Another one is pointing out anti-whites pretend they can’t tell an African from an Eskimo, when it comes to discussing massive non-white immigration and forced integration into predominately white countries, but when it comes to blaming white people for all that is evil in this world, suddenly they know who is white.

  21. “Then they would drag you into an argument about the United States first belonging to the Indians.”

    So what? Let them.

    That is when you shoot back, “The Indians? Same thing. How long would it be before I was committed to a mental institute if I went around telling Indians that they were only a ‘social construct’ and that ALL of their reservations should be flooded by Japanese people? How long would it take ANY Indian to know that I was not talking about ‘integration’ or ‘freedom’ or “rights’ but that I was talking about finally getting rid of the Indians forever?”

    Just keep hitting them with variations of the Mantra using different non-whites and different non-white countries every time. Keep using a variation of the “mental institute” bit and the “social construct” nonsense like my example.

    It works. Keep THEM on the defensive, not you, and don’t let up. And keep it short.

  22. Oh I see what you are doing there. That works as well. 🙂

    No one called the Indians racist for defending their land. They only call White people racist for defending any land they happen to be standing on. Why? Because they are anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  23. Always answer their questions like that deadpan and then be sarcastic as hell with a question that makes anyone watching laugh at them for being so damn dumb they asked an obvious stupid question. “Of course I’m talking about this country, the US, the fuck country did you think I meant? Vietnam?” Stop them in their tracks and take charge.

  24. “a question that makes anyone watching laugh at them for being so damn dumb they asked an obvious stupid question”

    Good advice.

    I remember Horus said at the conference, the first step is to get people laughing at “the con”. After they reach the laughing stage, they will move into the angry stage, where Pro White activists are now.

  25. Of course the language depends on where you are and the audience, but you get the point. But when they ask dumb questions, make sure your response is sarcastic so the audience get’s the message. (And the questioner. Embarrass them.)

    And don’t repeat the part about codeword for anti-white after *every* remark you make. That’s too much; makes you sound flat and obviously rote-like. Use it just enough to make sure the point is getting across. Every forth or fifth come-back is enough.

  26. We must plant the seeds of Partition and the Mantra now, and I guarantee the will blossom around two events: the push for Amnesty, and the next economic downturn.

  27. Wrt money: just think about the implications of internet crowdsoircing that are going on. In the last 5 years it has started to threaten the long tail distributions in art and media. No reason to think ot cant be done in politics. Obama and Ron paiul campaigns showed that the days of needing to kill a few whales is over. No reason to think that a pro White, small business party couldn’t get billions a few hundred at a time from the ground up.

    Esp. Once big finance finally shoots itself in the head. What good is money if George sorrow is sitting on a pile of all of it? The value of money comes from the efforts of those who create value for it. That’s industrious whites, not AA niggers and skimming Jews.

    Not saying it will be easy or happen overnight but eventually it will. The left are just worthless eaters at the end of the day that have Shit on their fellow whites and posses off lots of foreign Powers

  28. Do NOT participate in this NAGA system. Out most important mission is to live, to take care of our own, and to do everything we can do to stop paying the Jew and paying the NAGA

    The NAGAS – dey da Prezdint now. The Hebes – they can be responsible for their Dark Pets. Let dem pay fo’ deyseves.

  29. Yesterday the puddle of piss was “this is not my country” now he’s back to his old loving the nigger loving union self. You can put no faith in these people

    Rudle made the comment about the Hans and he’s no Southron. Once again the puddle of piss is lying

    No one is surrendering, lest not the Southron posters. Seems to me we’re planning but yankees have no truth in them

    The one thing of “worse is better” that is 100% ruinous is comprehensive immigration reform. But we would be getting that yankee gift if romney won and now we get to say “look at what the nigger and the yankees are doing to us now”.

    Some great replies here. Yes Sam, you nailed it. Men secede in their heart and mind before their feet get to moving. I think most will only do it as a last resort and things aren’t there yet.

    Of course the gop is going to double down on immigration. German immigrates helped propel them to power and they’ve been going against native stock ever since

    Apuleius has a great post as well and I see secession going on in multiple regions at more or less the same time along the lines Rudel laid out. I think states will do those things in an attempt to get an edge on other states during very tough economic times.

    Ah liberal girl friends…. All the hatchet wounds here work for the state department. You’ve yet to meet a crazy liberal chick until you meet one of these. The upside is they are all young and pretty and as lose with their affections as they insane

  30. Hannity seems an Irish “weak link.”

    Buchanan, O’Reilly, Coulter, etc— will voice their opinion, not him. Just yesterday, O’Reilly was gloating over the catholic Supreme Court. Now he says he’s a minority, which means ready to make new alliances. Hannity won’t be able to regroup, seems like.

  31. @Stonelifter

    You Southerners are all talk. Nothing more. You personally issued me a challenge, and never showed up. You “Southrons” talked long and hard on OD all year about you were going to secede after Obama got re-elected, but here it is, and you all just cry like little girls. I had you pegged from the get-go. But do feel free to prove me wrong anytime. I know you won’t, though.

    And when did make any indication that I was back to “loving the Union”? I don’t recall doing so. Please cite a direct quote.

    I’ve made my peace with my country’s suicide, and I’ve moved forward. You oughtta do the same, because your Dixie is turning bluer than a two-day old body pulled from the Detroit river, and there’s nothing any of you can, or will, do to stop it.

  32. Hannity will be replaced by an hispanic pretty face to appeal to the “new base of the gop”. Serves him right.

  33. you didn’t give me a valid address. There isn’t even a person in Detroit listed with your name and for damn sure no property records with your name on it. The closest I could find was 2o miles outside Detroit and 17 years old

    and I offered you about 1ok if you’d fly out here and take it off me. Come and get it

    Is you don’t like Southron people why the fuck are you here expect to show off how vile yankees are?

    You might be right about not being able to stop it, but why are you so pissy about our desires to leave a nation you no longer care for? The answer is because yankees learn to hate free White men at their mothers tits

  34. @Stonelifter

    “you didn’t give me a valid address”

    – Yes I did. You can feed my name into any public records search and you will find me exactly where I told you I am.

    “There isn’t even a person listed with your name and for damn sure no property records with your name on it.”

    – Wrong again. I’m in the whitepages, I’m on Intellus, I’m on any public record anywhere on the internet. You on the other hand, have refused to even tell me your real name.

    “The closest I could find was 20miles outside of Detroit and 17 years old.”

    – That’s funny, because I could easily find myself in Detroit and 35 years old. I’m beginning to think you didn’t even do any search for me at all.

    “and I offered you about 10k to fly out here and come take it off me. Come and get it.”

    – I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way, loudmouth. YOU demanded MY address. YOU promised to come to ME, which you pussied out of doing. So you don’t get to flip it around and put the onus on me.

    “I[f] you don’t like Southern people why the fuck are you here [except] to show off how vile Yankees are?

    – First I have nothing against Southern people. Second, this blog wasn’t always specifically pro-Southern. Third, if Hunter doesn’t want me to post here anymore, I’ll stop. Until then, you can just deal with it, crybaby. And for the record, you hardly come close to representing Southern people, at least the ones I know. You’re a pathetic caricature:

    “You might be right about not being able to stop it, but why are you so pissy about our desires to leave a nation you no longer care for?

    – I’m only pointing out that you people claimed, all year long, that an Obama victory would be the best thing for your South and would surely ignite some kind of secessionary inferno. But now that you have what you wanted, and understand the grim reality of your foolishness, all you can do is weep in defeat and blame “Yankees” for your own lack of courage, planning, realism, etc.

    “The answer is because Yankees learn to hate free White men at their mothers tits”

    – And lunacy like that, is why you and your so-called people, and your imaginary “nation” will be utterly extinct in 2-4 years. Good riddance.

  35. ‘Update: John Boehner is “confident” that the GOP can get a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill done now. ‘

    Have to Limbaugh some credit on this issue. He’s been blasting the idea of amnesty every which way from Sunday.

  36. The statement that “yankees learn to hate free White men at their mothers tits” would seem a challenge to the honour of the mothers, to be taken up by the sons.

    I for one value freedom above nearly all else, God excepted.

  37. Chris noted “this blog wasn’t always specifically pro-Southern.”

    One of the things that attracted me was “The School of Athens” on the home page header, missing now. Now, it is more about dissent FROM Occidentalism than the dissent of Occidentalism, since there is no longer such a thing as white race or white people.

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