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  1. Was reading through some of the comments in the milwaukee journal sentinal, dems are all bitching about wisconsin senate flipping back to the GOP, complaining about gerrymandered districts, etc.


    This dem especially made me laugh:

    “Wisconsin – the northermost southern state.”

    If only. But there are positive signs. Wisconsin could be trending in the right direction. Walker is strangling the education lobby in madison, if they decide to bail because the the money isn’t there, a big lib magnet will be diminished.

  2. Heard the Republicans called the “confederate party” up here in Montana in a local paper comment thread as well. Interesting development.

  3. According to the nations map posted by hunter, and personal experience, Indiana is the junction of northern yankedom,the south and the heartland. Sounds about right.

    I recently driven to Charleston from Indiana and south of bloomington it looks like Kentucky and Tennesee

  4. Us Midland Southerners in the Upper South (Tennessee, Kentucky, WV) I think have the best chance of secession. We have just enough *RACISM* in us to make us realise the fact that non-whites are ruining our nation, but demographically are well off enough (for now, until Obama’s permanent amnesty revolution goes into effect) to have soundly said no to renigging. I have some cousins in Northern Alabama (Huntsville) and it reminds me a lot of the Upper South, as do some more distant relatives I have in Southern Indiana and Little Egypt in Southern Illinois. Maybe those peripheral white areas could start state-level secession movements (I know Southern Illinois already has a strong one going) and that way escape the blacker areas (the black belt in Southern Alabama, etc.)

  5. It was in Birmingham that I first remember being discriminated against for being white. My parents took me and my sister to the Museum of Flight as kids on our way down to Florida. We ate lunch at a McDonalds, and an obese black sheboon working there screamed at my sister (who must’ve been like 6 or so) calling her an “ugly lil white trash” when she dropped her coke on the floor. I guess I’ve always had it since then in my mind that the blacks down there are more vocal like the ones in Memphis. Our Nashville niggers mostly know their place and are polite as long as they aren’t in a position of power (ie dmv lady). As foolhardy as I think the PLE idea is (those dudes out in Kalispell are just asking for another Ruby Ridge), perhaps cheap land can be bought up in the black belt?

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