Hispanics We Can Support

If We Have to Go With Hispanics.....

The cursed MSM (mainstream media) is putting out the spin that Mitt Romney lost the election because he and the GOP alienated Hispanics over the immigration issue (all 4% of Wisconsin voters were Hispanics). RINOS (Mike “the Huckster” Huckabee), lying Neo Cons (Sean Hannity!) various, hideous species of Karl Rove styled “Consultants”, GOP homo prostitute “outreach” types, Conservative are now all joining the spin:

The GOP supposedly needs to embrace “comprehensive immigration reform” (full amnesty for 11-20 million Hispanic illegals, open borders immigration from the entire 3rd world). And supposedly this (insane, suicidal) immigration cave in will result in millions of new Hispanic GOP voters, who, we are told, are natural GOP voters with their Hispanic “family values”, but they were just turned off by mean, racist GOP immigration restrictionists.

Well, OD readers know the drill, we’ve seen this spin before, beaten it back many times. I think we can do so again, at least in our areas of the South, Indiana, Missouri, Montana.

But, to meet the growing chorus to engage in… HISPANDERING, we at Occidental Dissent would like to reach to Hispanics like…

Chilean General Pinochet!

(Also to the many very lovely Chilean women who put big city, Northern feminist/YANKEE women to shame)

Oh, what we wouldn’t do to wake up and learn that a Chilean General like General Pinochet had successfully completed a coup d’ tat and (temporarily) suspended democracy in the United States of America, until the economy was put in order and the various Communists, Marxists were taken down.

I encourage Occidental Dissent’s race denying Libertarian, Ron Paul cult supporters to read up on General Pinochet. The good Chilean general is the only leader in Post World War II Americas to implement Chicago School of Economics free market reforms. If you are one of these Libertarian, Chicago School of Economics Libertarian true believers, understand that this system can only be implemented by an authoritarian leader/systems, never under mass democracy as poor and working class (even White) voters never go for it.

Here’s a beautiful music video celebrating….

Our kind of Hispanic – Chilean patriot, hero General Pinochet.

Embracing the best Hispanics


  1. Chile is an interesting place and as much as the left bitches about him, I never heard Chilean’s bitch about General Pinochet. I never broached the topic most but he seemed to still be popular in the early 90’s. Most seemed to think he got the job done and was good for the nation at the time

    Plus he always seems to be about 100% European to me as you can get

  2. Stonelifter says:
    November 9, 2012 at 6:11 pm (Edit)
    Chile is an interesting place and as much as the left bitches about him, I never heard Chilean’s bitch about General Pinochet. I never broached the topic most but he seemed to still be popular in the early 90?s. Most seemed to think he got the job done and was good for the nation at the time

    Plus he always seems to be about 100% European to me as you can get.

    Jack Ryan responds:

    Agreed. So my point is to sure, be on guard against foreign races/cultures – but recognize good leaders who share our concerns.

    And the truth is that there were/are good Indo European people in South America, Latin America. Though this week, our kinsmen int he South are making a very convincing argument that there are very few or any good Indo Europeans in the NorthEast or the North.

  3. I have admired General Pinochet ever since I learned that when Marxists tried to take over in Chile, he rounded them up and had them shot. He spoke the only language the left understands.

  4. Oh, another Hispanic we can support would be El Cid.

    Hell, while we’re talking about “latins”, let’s not forget Charles Martel.

  5. The left DESPISES him, that’s enough for me. The same reason I can’t bring myself to write off Netanyahu. Anyone the left hates that much can’t be all bad.

  6. Since we’re talking about “latins” that we could get behind, maybe we should also consider Mussolini.

  7. Hell, Israel has nukes. They are about the only nationalist nations on earth. Obama is about to feed them to the Iranians. It would the very Bismarkesque to work something out. Not kidding.

  8. Or Franco. I’ve marched with Spanish patriots and twice been to honour the Generalissimo at the Valle de los Caidos (one of the most impressive places I’ve ever been). The Socialist Party has since closed the place off, sadly. But Franco is a man worthy of respect. He saved his country from being destroyed by communism. And the church and the military stood with him.

  9. Pinochet and Franco were White men, like many, even most Spaniards and the White, Hispanophone populations of much of South America.

    Revilo Oliver, who spoke and taught Spanish and Spanish literature, has a great deal to say on this subject. Unfortunately, his best work on this subject was written while he was affiliated with the John Birch Society, which has suppressed his writings on which they hold copyright.

    The Spanish made a bad decision in mixing with indigenos, and creating the curse of the mestizo. But they are still Whites, and often a noble band of Whites at that.

    Let’s get our minds straight by using proper terminology. “Hispanic” means “of, or pertaining to, Spain”. Mestizo and indigeno radicals HATE the terms Hispanic, Latino (which means, simply, Latin…..what Caesar looked like an Aztec???), and even Chicano because those are White terms for White people. They are right. Let’s start using proper terms like mestizo (mixed, mongrel, mutt) and indio (Indian, feather-not-dot.) The “Indigenous” nonwhites were simply a degraded band of generally bovine or vicious peoples who themselves took over societies they themselves could never have built.

    The Spanish language is a good, European language, although it is mainly of literary rather than technical value today (vis-a-vis, say, French…a language in which there is far, far more valuable technical, scientific and historical literature), and to be fair, as much is published today in Spain itself in Catalan as in Spanish (which they call Castilian) proper, despite Catalans being maybe a fourth of the population in Spain.

  10. Don’t leave out Salazar over the Portuguese. It seems that the Hispanics, Meds and urban masses need their dictators to keep them in line, but make OURS FREEDOM!

  11. So much for the effin Cubans! They are now on Obama’s bandwagon too.


    President Barack Obama won Hispanics in 2012 by 44 points (71%-27%) over Mitt Romney, as Latino voters continued the trend of voting for Democrats in greater numbers over the past decade.
    In 2004, 44% of Hispanics voted for the Republican ticket. In 2008, only 31% voted for Republican John McCain for president. And in 2012, only 27% voted for Mitt Romney.

    According to Pew Hispanic Center, the share of the Hispanic vote in 2012 increased in states such as Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and Colorado.

    In Nevada, Obama won 70% of the Hispanic vote. In Colorado, he won 75%.

    In Florida, the trends are even more disturbing.

    Consider this: Obama won Cuban-Americans, once the staunchest of Republicans, by two points over Romney.

    In 2004, 78% of Cubans, the majority of whom are in Florida, voted Republican. In 2012, 47% voted for Mitt Romney, compared to 49% for Obama.

    Cubans who came to America from Cuba and became citizens still voted Republican. But Americans of Cuban descent (those who were born here) voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

    “An increasing portion of Cuban-Americans are not the people that fled from Cuba at various times but people who have grown up (in the U.S.) … and they are not as heavily Republican as their parents,” political analyst Michael Barone said.

    An even more result may be that in Florida, Romney lost Puerto-Rican voters in Central Florida’s famed I-4 corridor by a stunning margin, made more so because Puerto Ricans have backed Republican candidates in the past:

    The exit polling in the Puerto-Rican community should concern Republicans even more. Bendixen & Amandi pegged Obama’s support at 83 percent, an astonishing number considering that Puerto Ricans have backed Republican candidates in the past. Most of the state’s 850,000 Puerto Ricans live in Orlando and Osceola counties, where former Gov. Jeb Bush won handily. Former President George W. Bush only narrowly lost Orange County and won Osceola County in 2004

  12. @Sam

    Yep. And I caught some flak on here a couple months ago because I asserted that Cubans would band togethor with the rest of the spic swarm and vote for The Nigger. The Confederatards on OD were delusionally convinced that, because Cuba had once upon a time been part of their silly “Golden Circle”, that modern Cubans would surely vote “Southern”. Fucking idiots.

  13. Chris,

    Your state by state prognostications on here are spectacularly poor. Michigan for Romney! Like most Of your kind you probably failed geography.

  14. Pedro del Valle:


    Del Valle, who had been General Douglas MacArthur’s commander of artillery during World War II, emerged in the post-war era as an extreme far-right activist and founded of an organization called Defenders of the American Constitution. He was also the primary promoter of John O. Beaty’s anti-Semitic book Iron Curtain Over America. This work, which presented anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from disparate sources with a Cold War, anti-communist theme, was very influential on the development of the anti-Semitic right wing of the 1950s and 1960s.

    As a result of Del Valle’s proselytizing on its behalf, the book was endorsed by a number of other officers including General George E. Stratemeyer, General Charles A. Willoughby, Colonel Truman Smith, General Edward M. Almond and Albert C. Wedermeyer, and received a wide readership among the American far-right.

    The book claimed that Jews descended from a medieval Central Asian nation called the Khazars. It argued that a Jewish conspiracy for world domination which originated in this obscure medieval Central Asian nation was the ultimate source of both communism and the international banking system. The book argued that “Khazar Jews” are an “indigestible mass in the body politic” of the countries where they live. It claimed that the Democratic party was completely under the influence of the Khazar conspiracy, and that it was responsible for the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, United Nations and the State of Israel.

    Von Brunn corresponded with Del Valle (read here: Guide to the Pedro A. Del Valle Papers 1949-1978) and said that Del Valle personally gave him a copy of Iron Curtain (read here). Von Brunn credits his anti-Semitism to this book.

    According to historian Joseph W. Bendersky, Del Valle believed that the United States was under the control of an “invisible government” of international Jewish bankers. “A Jewish oligarchy had basically run the country for almost half a century, while their fellow conspirators did likewise in Russia and the UN. Del Valle uncovered their influence in Eisenhower’s policies, in the NAACP and the civil rights movement, in Supreme Court decisions on desegregation and race mixing, and in the Federal Reserve system. They had maneuvered Truman into prolonging the war with Japan (unnecessarily killing tens of thousands of American boys) and dropping the atomic bomb just so Russia could move into China”. (Bendersky, The “Jewish Threat”, p. 412)

  15. Porfirio Rubirosa was a good hispanic semi-diplomat.

    In light of the re-election cementing Yankee third world status we will no doubt have much to learn from white minority latins. Chief among these lessons is: political theatre/patriotism is the purview of nonwhites. Brown caudillos will read great speeches, dusky and nigger soldiers will march and sing. Civic nationalism coupled with a handful of white technocrats will keep the HUD favelas from burning.

    It was common in the US at one point to ridicule whites claiming Indian or Negro ancestry. Ward Churchill was ahead of his time. Elizabeth Warren demonstrated its efficacy when she pocketed a Senate seat last Tuesday. Claiming admixture and appealing to civic nationalism has long been a survival strategy for Latin whites living in majority colored countries post segregation.

  16. Porfirio Rubirosa was a Dominican mulatto with an exceptionally big you-know-what and used it to make a living as a call boy and gigolo. He married Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton and another heiress, Doris Duke, and serviced most of the Hollywood actresses of the day.

    He accomplished nothing worthwhile and his only good point was that he never fathered any children, being sterile.

    Unlike his fellow freak of nature John Holmes, Rubirosa was not particularly stupid, being a reasonably successful sports car racer and an amateur pilot who handled the surplus bombers he was given by his heiress wives quite well from all accounts. He was killed in a road crash of his Ferrari in 1965: drunk, he hit a chestnut tree.

    I wouldn’t take him for a hero.

  17. Hispanics are the epitome of evil, second only to Satan’s people, the Jews. The sooner we get them out of our land the better. Completely evil people.

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