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Bill Yancey once mentioned Tasmania as a possible destination in the comments …

Note: The Yankees have reniged and now it looks like the Republicans are going to cave on amnesty. I’m growing increasingly afraid that these people have gone mad and that they are going to take us down with them. I’m also not really thrilled about sticking around for the 23rd iteration of “worse is better” with the vanguard.

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  1. PrussianCroat
    “I think you are misunderstanding the “the worse the better” mantra, it’s not that the worse things get the better our lives are going to get, our lives are going to get worse no matter what happens.”

    I think what people are missing here is that in states that are 58% white, worse is already at the limit, the beneficial effect of “worse” has already happened but they can’t do anything about it, whereas in states that are 93% white things are still a long way from being worse enough. So the former set of states may not have enough time to wait for the second set.

  2. the very liberal Ron Paul would never allow states to actually seceded, bar beaners or disenfranchise negros women et or any of the other things we need to do because he believes freedom should apply to every one

    Fine, just remember that your other choice is to stay and be a foreigner in someone else’s country. Oscar.

    Damn man that is funny and true. Tip o hat to you

  3. HW et al.
    To be blunt: Been there, done that. Unless you are under 40, independently wealthy, and with no need for a job, good luck in trying to find a ‘homeland’ now that OUR homeland has been occupied by ‘foreign mercenaries’ (i.e., Yankees, nigs, and spics)

    OZ (even Tasmania) has very stringent immigration laws, just like most other ‘first world’ [read, White] nations. And the one group they are NOT accepting? WHITES.
    Add to that, the reality that America alone is the ONLY country that still maintains the fictions of free speech, free assembly, and freedom of association (as long as you are one of the ‘filthy rich,’ you understand)- but they are now only fictions, and not realities.


    The architects of the NWO knew what they were doing, over a hundred years ago. All of it- Jekyll Island, the Federal reserve, the IRS, the Cold War, the reality of McCarthy’s knowing it was happening even then, JFK’s assasination (by LBJ, a crypto-hebe, as more and more people are finding out), Johnson’s jewifying of the USA via the Civil Wrongs Acts/Laws……

    And it is us- you know, those crazed fanatics who actually believe the Deicides actually wrote the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, (and other things like the talmud) who have been saying, ‘This is plannd white genocide’ – that you folks have NOT been listening to!


    We have fag marriage now on the horizon, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CO-OPTED WESTERN “DEMOCRACY”, and a DYKE as a SENATOR from Wisconson, for Christ’s sake (Oh, Lord, smite her down!) Yet we ALL know this is an ‘abomination before the Lord.’

    Stone has a better insight that all the rest of you on this.
    Eastern Europe, who were under the Bolshevik thumb, and who KNOW WHO THEIR FOREIGN MASTERS WERE, is, as a group, far more ‘enlightened’ than the obdurate West (UK, France, Germany), with their ‘Hollow Cost hate laws’ (It’s a ‘crime’ to ask one simple question- Oy?) http://www.biblestudysite.com/sixmil.htm

    And where such draconian laws even NOW, are becoming the norm in the “JewSA,” while E. European countries are trying to shake off the vampires that have bled THEM dry….. the comments here about Russia, Orthodoxy, and the Pussy Riot non-event, and banning gay parades for 100 years (!) clearly show that it is ANOTHER LAND that will stand up to the demonic forces, and not US (us or U.S.). Or don’t you remember the blip about O’Nigger being “bi”?

    You might think that other English-speaking lands could be better, but Britain- England! now is one of the most visible ‘police states’ in the WORLD, with videocams on every corner, churches being made to change their very theology, so as not to ‘include’ every sicko and wacko, and christophobe on the planet!?


    and where the UK is now over 1/3 NON-WHITE?!?! WTF?

    “People with Muslim backgrounds are most concentrated in London (38% of the total UK Muslim population) and other large urban areas, including the West Midlands (14% of the Muslim population), the North West (13%), and Yorkshire and the Humber (12%). Within these areas, Muslims are highly concentrated spatially. Muslims make up 8% of the population of London overall, but 36% of the Tower Hamlets area and 24% of the Newham area population.

    70% of Muslims gave their national identity as British, English, Scottish, or Welsh; 91% of UK-born Muslims gave a British national identity.” – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wikileaks-files/london-wikileaks/8304838/UK-MUSLIM-DEMOGRAPHICS-C-RE8-02527.html

    If the “green and pleasant land” of Walsingham, Sarum, King Arthur, and the C of E is this overrun, now that Protestants make up less than 50% of the entire US, what makes you think it’s going to be ‘better’ here in the future?


    Taxmageddon is coming Jan. 1, 2013. If you have even the slightest hope of getting your money out of the country before then, do so. Also, apply for a passport. If it’s “Germany 1939,” and you are a “Jew,” don’t you think you should leave- or at least consider the possibility?

    Here’s a place to start reading.
    Especially this post:

  4. Jewish-American Rotund Princess says:
    November 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    “I wonder if Tasmania has a fat camp.”

    No need to go so far. I’m sure you could find one in your locality.

  5. oscar the grinch,

    China is a nation of coolies, no matter how populous. Japan can handle it alone if left free to do so. If they could do it in the 1930s they can do it in the 2030s, by which time China won’t be as able to depend on the present financial system that upholds the inferior and quashes the superior.


    I know PC is worse there than here now. That will change 360 once the AE’s grip recedes. The celebrations will be similar to that of Eastern Europe around 1990 but will have the added plus of ability and infrastructure to propel it forward. The expulsion of PC and the thrust forward will be audible from Melbourne Australia to Melbourne Florida.

  6. test,

    The former states have instincts that survive. The second set are being taken by surprise and lack the necessary instincts.

  7. I once invested months investigating immigrating to Australia (which Tasmania is part of) and came back rather disillusioned. For the record, probably 95% of WN’s would not be qualified as “viable Australian immigrants”, based on the requirements of the Australian Immigration Service. Unlike for non-white Third World “refugees”, white Americans must possess very high job skills/advanced college degrees to even be “considered”. If you haven’t got either, or just a run-of-the-mill college degree from Yurnot Important U. you can kiss immigrating to the Land of Oz goodbye.

    Here’s a link to the CALIFORNIA Secession Vote:
    Sign Sovereign WN State Petition

    Hold Back This Day
    The Towers of Eden

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