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  1. That’s where the ‘nation of Cascadia’ historically has been located. Oregonians and No Californians who knew that neither state wanted them, heard them, or saw things ‘their way.’

    Trouble is (of course) with the establishment of Eureka State University, the minions of diversity have RUINED the chance of a port in Cascadia, making it (like all other tragedies of world wars- such as Austria (Joerg Haider) and Hungary (Jobbik) land-locked economies.

    Only until we get/grasp what the South realized- that access to water gives us both markets, and an ‘escape route’- will we succeed. Cascadia SHOULD secede, and be given diplomatic recognition by Dixie- if they would only start their process of severing the satanic umbilical cord.

  2. Extremes meet. The Occupy rabble understand at some level that usury and globalism are wrong (though they would die before admitting a Jewish component), but Leftists secessionists bridle at foreign wars (though would not name Jewish dark money) and understand that self-sufficiency in terms of growing food and making your own clothes, homes, etcetera, means freedom from globalist power.

    My guess is Catalonia secession will get its day in court before Dixie, the Liberal Arizona contingent, Quebec, or Ecotopia has its day.

  3. “the minions of diversity have RUINED the chance of a port in Cascadia”

    Not true. Coos Bay is the largest deepwater port between San Francisco and Portland or Seattle. Much better than Eureka, CA which can’t handle big ships.

  4. Got to love the “Shift from 2008? view.

    The most disturbing thing about it is the stark Deep South shift towards the Democrats in South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi. Sticks out like a sore thumb.

  5. How do you get the ‘shift from 2008’ view? I’m not seeing it. I’m viewing this on my phone, though.

  6. “How do you get the ‘shift from 2008? view? I’m not seeing it. I’m viewing this on my phone, though.”

    It’s the fourth small US map in the far left hand column. Click on it and the big map will show the details.

  7. Mobile site is must be different. I’ll check it out later. I was only interested in seeing if there was any shift in the Michigan vote.

  8. 313Chris says:
    ‘How do you get the ‘shift from 2008? view? I’m not seeing it. I’m viewing this on my phone, though.’

    The fourth small US map did not show for me using Internet Explorer. I tried
    Firefox and it appeared.

  9. First, look up Jefferson State, Novermber 1941 version. Second, I agree that Coos Bay would be a better port option over Eureka. Humbolt county is hippie land.

    This is why I’ve grown to hate many of those maps splitting up the country that unite the west coast as Cascadia or whatever. The only way the NW stays united is by force if you have a collapse. 3/4 of Oregon, Eastern WA, and N CA border counties would go with the “mountain west” due to a common culture. The Willamette Valley (Eugene to Portland) and north coast would be a mess because it would be the rural farmers fighting whatever survives collapse in Portland area.

  10. @JP #13 — I think the solution would be a union of Greater Cascadia combining the NW, Northern Cali, Northern Nevada, the Mountain West states, Alaska, and a chunk British Columbia and the Canadian plains provinces. (If the US were to come apart then Canada would have a strong security incentive to combine parts of its territory with the larger new republics that are non-BRA.)

    You can solve the problem of the lefties by making Portland and Seattle and Vancouver into free independent city-states within the republic. The lefties won’t mind, as their economy would be urban and tech driven, they can’t be bothered about things like farmland and large-scale fisheries and oil and such.

    Probably they’d have semi-protectorate status for security reasons so they couldn’t pursue a contrary foreign policy. Some version of this would be needed to avoid ideological cleansing without giving leftist ideologues another chance to implement their corrosive rot. Racial and ethnic cleansing would of course be necessary but probably not too violent or awful because those expelled would have reasonable options to exit to, which would make them less likely to fight. Such as the new republics of Diversistan and Brownistan in the former California.

    But I think a system of several large republics, protectorates and city-states would be the best and most peaceably-arrived-at arrangement.

    We need to be clear to blacks, browns and Jews that we don’t hate them and don’t want to harm them — it’s just that it’s no longer possible for us to continue living beside them, we’re unable to share a government or a cuture, and we just sort of would prefer never to see them again.

    This continent is big enough for the two of us. It’s the society that isn’t.

  11. Yes, this is Jefferson State pure and simple.

    Still, I think it likely that the Seattle/Portland Axis of Trendy would be surprisingly incorporable into a NARedoubt scenario, once White became The Trend.

    General Order Four and all that.

    The steezers would vamoose- (vamos) -once EWB-Existing While Brown-became tenuous. Likewise openly or at least openly militant homosexual, Marxist, or simply insufferably lefty individuals. The rest would do as many German Communists did in 1933 and 1934 and many Nazis in the DDR did in the 1950s-decide switching sides beat exile or death. One reason the DDR was as successful as it was was that many old Nazis formed an efficient and stable element in the Communist Party there: the DDR was by far the most economically successful Soviet satellite state. The Trabant was a noisy and smelly car, but it was indestructible and an East German could aspire to own one.

  12. The reason I think white leftists would either have to be purged from a PNW Republic or else politically neutered within a city-state, is that once the dust settles and life returns to normal, they’ll revert to their old corrosive bullshit and the leftist rot begins all over again.

    It’s the same with Jews, they can swear loyalty and even believe it themselves, but they’ll always go back to doing what comes natural to them. They simply can’t help it, and neither can SWPLs.

  13. “Not true. Coos Bay is the largest deepwater port between San Francisco and Portland or Seattle. Much better than Eureka, CA which can’t handle big ships.”

    I defer to superior knowledge of stuff like this.

    But, they STILL won’t secede. I’d move there. I liked that part of the world, back in the day…..

  14. Amazing. Grew up in Southern Oregon and never heard of Jefferson. Definitely don’t miss the place, though. It’s sliding into the abyss.

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