Sweet Home Alabama: We’re #1. In Racist Tweets!

Alabama and Mississippi react to Obama's reelection


In the comments, I said that I had noticed an explosion of hatred of the North and of blacks on Facebook in the aftermath of Obama’s reelection.

My anecdotal impressions were right. There really was an outpouring of hate on social media.

The level of racist tweets coming out of Alabama and Mississippi (where Obama has the smallest margin of White support in America) was something like 8x the national average on election night:

“Floatingsheep.org, a website run by geographers who track and analyze user-generated online content, recently mapped racist tweets in response to President Obama’s re-election. And guess which state was the biggest offender?

Sweet home Alabama. You can review the full results here.

Racism in Alabama? Perish the thought. We see it all around us, even right here on AL.com. In many ways, racial division is so ingrained in our culture that we write it off as a part of life.”

Note: We’ve already seen that there was even a miniature riot at Ole Miss. In hindsight, I think it will be remembered as the exact moment when the South found out that it wasn’t the “real America” anymore.

The White majority in every Southern state overwhelmingly turned out to vote against Obama … and they lost decisively. Even if Obama had lost Virginia and Florida, he would have won the election without winning a single Southern state.

Welcome to Yankee-Run America (YRA).

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  1. Bravo Alabama!!!! Well DONE!!!

    Hate is good. Hatred is a primal force. Hatred is THE most important,energizing fuel, in protectng life and limb. Healthy organisms HATE that which tries to kill them.

  2. Re: Hatred: Anger is the food of pride that makes us feel right when we are not right. All kinds of enthusiasm and hatred can make us impervious to fact and reason. Some McCoys cannot stop, do not learn.

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