The Blinding Light of White Nationalism: The American Nations and the 2012 Election


How did the American nations vote in 2012?

Derb agrees:

“When you look at the overall picture, however, we are still fighting the Civil War. That is to say, the contest was mainly between two huge groups of white people who don’t much like each other, with the colored folk playing a marginal role. That’s how it was in the War Between the States, and that’s how it still is today.

In the state of Mississippi, for example, 89 percent of whites voted for Romney; in the state of Alabama, it was 84 percent. In the state of Maine, on the other hand, only 40 percent of whites voted for Romney; in Vermont, only 33 percent.

Barack Obama wasn’t re-elected by blacks, Hispanics, or Asians, though they helped at the margins; he was re-elected by Yankees.”

It is so obvious that it is hard to believe that we are still debating this anymore.

Here’s the percentage of the White vote won by John Kerry and Barack Obama in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 presidential elections:


New York: 49% (2004), 52% (2008), 49% (2012)
Massachusetts: 59% (2004), 59% (2008), 57% (2008)
Connecticut: 51% (2004), 51% (2004), 51% (2012)
New Hampshire: 50% (2004), 54% (2008), 51% (2012)
New Jersey: 49% (2008), 43% (2012)
Pennsylvania: 45% (2004), 48% (2008), 42% (2012)
Vermont: 65% (2008), 66% (2012)
Maine: 58% (2008), 57% (2012)
Rhode Island: 57% (2008)
Maryland: 56% (2008), 43% (2012)
Delaware: 55% (2008)

Here’s the number of electoral votes won by John Kerry and Barack Obama in the Northeast:

2004: 117/117 (100%)
2008: 117/117 (100%)
2012: 112/112 (100%)

Compare the 2008 election map by county to the 2012 election map by county in the Northeast. The New York Times interactive map also allows you to toggle by county through the 2012, 2008, 2004 ,and 2000 elections.

In 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012, you can see that Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire became more Democratic. There was no change in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Here’s the percentage of the White vote won by John Kerry and Barack Obama in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida in 2004, 2008, and 2012 presidential elections:

Weakening South

Florida: 42% (2004), 42% (2008), 37% (2012)
North Carolina: 27% (2004) 35% (2008), 31% (2012)
Virginia: 32% (2004), 39% (2008), 37% (2012)

How does the White vote for Barack Obama compare with the other Southern states?

Solid South

Mississippi: 11% (2008), 11% (2012)
Alabama: 10% (2008), 15% (2012)

What about black turnout? How does black turnout in the Weakening South compare to black turnout in the Solid South? What is the size of the black electorate in these five Southern states?

Mississippi: blacks are 38% of the electorate
Alabama: blacks are 28% of the electorate
Virginia: blacks are 20% of the electorate
Florida: blacks are 13% of the electorate
North Carolina: blacks are 23% of the electorate

What about Hispanic turnout? What is the size of the Hispanic electorate?

Virginia: Hispanics are 5% of the electorate
Florida: Hispanics are 17% of the electorate
North Carolina: Hispanics are 4% of the electorate

What is the size of the black and Hispanic electorate combined in the Weakening South compared to the Solid South?

Virginia: 25% of the electorate
Florida: 30% of the electorate
North Carolina: 27% of the electorate
Mississippi: 41% of the electorate

So, it turns out that there is a much bigger black and Hispanic electorate in Mississippi than either Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina. The problem in these three states is simply that 11% of Whites in Mississippi voted for Barack Obama whereas 31% to 37% are voting for him in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

How do we explain this? Where are do these White voters live who are voting for Barack Obama? In Virginia, they obviously live in NOVA and Hampton Roads. In Florida, they obviously live in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. In North Carolina, they obviously live in Asheville and the Research Triangle.

Let’s extend this analysis to the West Coast. What percentage of White people on the West Coast voted for Barack Obama?

California: 53% (2008), 45% (2012)
Oregon: 60% (2008), 54% (2012)
Washington: 59% (2008), 53% (2012)

Let’s do some more fun comparisons of the White vote for Barack Obama:

Texas: 28% (2008)
California: 53% (2008), 45% (2012)

Kentucky: 36% (2008)
Wisconsin: 54% (2008), 48% (2012)

West Virginia: 93% all White, all red
Vermont: 94% White, all blue

West Virginia are Vermont are the two whitest states in America. In Vermont, every county voted for Barack Obama. In West Virginia, every county voted for Mitt Romney. California and Texas are two of the most Hispanic states in America. Yet California is a solid blue state and Texas is a solid red state.

The 2012 election was another clash between the rival subnations: Dixie (Greater Appalachia, Tidewater, Deep South, New France) and Far West versus Yankeedom, Left Coast, New Netherland, and El Norte. The Midlands replayed its traditional role as the swing region between the two coalitions.

Notice how little changed: the Cascades is still the cultural fault line in the “Pacific Northwest” between Far West and the Left Coast. El Norte turned out for Obama in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Iowa still has its split personality. Eastern Iowa, Southwest Wisconsin, and Southeast Minnesota reproduced itself as distinct cultural region. Greater Appalachia and Deep South went hard for Romney. South Florida continued to play its role as a cultural region distinct from North Florida.

For all the talk about “the Hispanic vote,” the fault line of American politics is still the same as it was when George Washington was president: it is still Yankeedom vs. Deep South.

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  1. Except that in England, everyone’s teeth either have fallen out or their dentition would improve if they did. It’s quite common to see otherwise pretty girls with missing, rotted, snaggly, or broken teeth.

    Part of that may be culture, they simply don’t attach the value of attractive teeth that we do to overall appearance, and another may be that the Angles, Saxons and Jutes have poorer tooth development than do Celts, Gauls or Slavs, just as certain White groups tend to have women with more splayed pelvic axes or men with larger male endowments than do others. But the general lower standard of living and the NHS have a lot to do with it as well. You don’t see attractive young French or German or Dutch girls with repulsive teeth. (The French girls often smell terrible, though.)

  2. “You have a good shot at justice in any country that is English speaking.”

    Sure, ask Emma West. She’ll tell you all about British ‘justice’. (SPITS)

  3. “South Carolina voted for Dole in the 1996 primaries, breaking the momentum Buchanan had from his win in New Hampshire.” The southern states did the same to Ron Paul after his strong start in Iowa and New Hampshire. It is a predictable pattern by now.

  4. “I wasn’t asking a trick question. I was asking you, what would be wrong with a party that had 75% of whites voting in unison?”

    If the party was all for unlimited immigration, an unsound currency, affirmative action, overseas wars, shipping jobs offshore, and gay marriage and faggotry in general then there would be plenty wrong with it.

  5. John…I may have lost something are from what part of the US? As for Hannity and his Ethnic background,,,just what that might be…stupid fckg mick?? Might that be a reference to the Irish? I detest Hannity as much as anyone..but where do you get off attacking Micks? I’ve never been much into this ethnic identification stuff but for the record my great great grandparents immigrated from Ireland (separately) around 1835 and had the good sense to settle in Mobile, Alabama. Their first son was born in Mobile in 1841..and served with the 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment..he stood in the bloody lane at Antietam with John Brown Gordon…led Jackson’s famous flank march at Chancellorsville and was wounded there. As far as bragging about English justice..well it once WAS the fairest in the world and the system from which we Americans derived our institutions. But ask Emma West about it now,,jailed for complaining about Muslims, while Muslim attackers of native Britons go free.. or of decent Englishmen who are jailed just for defending their homes against criminals..not so great these days

  6. “If the party was all for unlimited immigration, unsound currency… and faggotry”

    Well of course it would be. Like I said, it would be immediately bought and run by the Jews.

  7. All I said was relatively uncorrupted police. Not bragging. Look at that chump who got caught up the the YouTube video from Egypt. The entire national security state found him for a scapegoat. Emma West’s persecution was a major catalyst for me to become racist btw. Last straw for me.

    No legal system is above abuse.

  8. “I detest Hannity as much as anyone..but where do you get off attacking Micks?”

    He likes to even though as an Englishman he is from the paradigmatic mutt ethnic group of Northwest Europe.

  9. John is from, England. Not the US.
    If what he says is true, he was a wild eyed California liberal just a few years ago.
    He seems to be a man without a nation and a flip floper. Give him another two years, the guy will probably be an ardent zionist.

  10. Obama will probably bomb Iran in a couple of years. But you’ll keep your sights locked on an obscure commentator on an obscure blog and call him a Xionist. Sean, those are your priorities.

  11. Rudel,

    Mutts? This is of course exactly the argument that multiculturalists in England use agsinst the English when they address English people bitching about Pakistanis and Nigerians. What a funny coincidence that you would echo those arguments. What a surprise.

  12. John..Rudel,,,the point I was trying to make…I didn’t know anything about even being of Irish ancestry until I was in my late 30s. my great aunt was a founding member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy…There really is founding structure of a new south. based on the old ones.. Hunter..I love Alabama..especially Mobile

  13. White mutts John. Not counting the dusting of disparate ethnicities from the far flung reaches of the Roman Empire the English consist of a layer of ruling R1a haplotype Germanic invaders over the basic Celtic Briton population further confounded by a ruling layer of French Normans with a healthy dose of Norse from the East.

    60% of the native English are still of the Celtic R1b haplotype although there is a distinct cline which increases from east to west reaching 80%+ in Wales and Cornwall and in the far Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides.

    Interestingly Iceland is 40% R1b, much higher than the Scandinavian average, and this is thought to come from the capture and subsequent assimilation of Irish slaves.

  14. That’s not very mutt though. Compare to Germany. Norway’s coast is essentially as English as England. Probably back and forth settlement and slaves.
    Mutt? Jesus. This is a very small swatch of territory as well.

  15. The Irish got up there independently, and they were themselves big time slavers, along with the Scots. Also the nature of the Viking is questionable. Talk funny get in a boat burn a rival town’s shit down. Easy speed kills.

  16. “That’s not very mutt though. Compare to Germany. Norway’s coast is essentially as English as England. Probably back and forth settlement and slaves.
    Mutt? Jesus. This is a very small swatch of territory as well.”

    Then why are you always complaining about your Celtic cousins the Irish (and by implication the Scots since they were merely an invading 5th Century Irish tribe that pushed into Briton and Pict territory.)

  17. I find it odd that voting for that liberal moron Romney is taken as some sort of litmus test for Yankees and Southerners. Especially coming from a bunch of Southern elitist/vanguardists who didn’t vote for Romney either! LOL Rudel

    Yep. Strange days isn’t?And your gripes about the South have always been fairly legitimate

  18. John says:
    November 11, 2012 at 2:53 am


    “Mutts? This is of course exactly the argument that multiculturalists in England use agsinst the English when they address English people bitching about Pakistanis and Nigerians. What a funny coincidence that you would echo those arguments. What a surprise.”


    I was arguing with a man from Israel last week trying to infiltrate the WN movement. He kept saying “Israelis are on our side”, yet he repeatedly called American Whites, “Mutts”

    He refused to apologize or take it back, when I objected. Of course he said, “Jews are not mutts, Jews are an ethnic group”.

    LOL Got to love their double standards.

  19. “Also the nature of the Viking is questionable. Talk funny get in a boat burn a rival town’s shit down. Easy speed kills.”

    I dunno about that. Much of the eastern half of Great Britain was permanently under the Danelaw for the better part of two centuries until 1066. There are a lot of English words taken from the Norse like “leg”, “sky”, “brook”, “they”, “window”, “get” and many more. A lot of Norse DNA in the inhabitants of Northumberland and East Anglia too.

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    The Above can easily be verified in ANY Jew medical journal.

    If you want some REAL fun – bring up the fact that:

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    You’ll get a full on Knish Out on points 4 and 5 – but 1, 2 anfd 3 are easly verified. Ask his “why” genetic screening is such a HUUUUUUUUUUGE issue among prospective Hebe mates. There’s a reason. Is little Hymie going to be the next “brilliant” rabbi, or is little Schlomo going to have 3 legs, a vestigial tail, and 45% dead brain tissue?

  21. I fully agree with the thesis posed by this excellent analysis.

    I have an old White male (now former) buddy who I’ve known since we were in the military together, 35 years ago. He is from Wisconsin, a Yankee state. Over the years, we’ve discussed racial issues and since I’m a White Southerner, I’ve not pulled any punches about my grasp of the realities of race and racial differences. In nearly all of our conversations about race, this guy has grudgingly agreed with nearly every point that I have ever made – primarily because I present indisputable facts to back up my points and he knows he can’t defeat them.

    Recently, this little Yankee worm tells me that he voted for the Mulatto not only the first time, but also the second time.

    So, the author is 100 percent correct. Northern Whites and Southern Whites are two totally different species and they are just as incompatible today as they were in 1860.

  22. There’s virtually no difference between the Danes and the Angles. Have you met Danes? They tend to speak like Englishmen without much effort. Jutland…Jutes…the Romans called their coast in Eastern Britania “Saxon Shore” so I think there was already heavy settlement from traders in the Anglian area. Then, of course, by the time the pilgrims moved over they were nothing but English. This doesn’t even begin to broach the subject of English settlement in Scandinavia as English priests and Soldiers filtered over there in the medieval period.

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