States Choosing Sides


Republicans now control the governorship and both chambers of the state legislature in every state of the old Confederacy:

Note: Democrats control the Kentucky House, West Virginia state legislature, and the Missouri governorship.

“Conversely, after last week’s vote, the GOP for the first time since 1872 now controls the Arkansas House and Senate. Just 20 years ago, Republicans didn’t have a majority in a single legislative house in the states of the old Confederacy – now they control all 11.

The number of states with divided government is down from 31 just 16 years ago to 12 today, prompting speculation on the country’s evolving partisan geography.”

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  1. Ultimately we will have to sit down at the negotiating table and split this thing up county by county, and some folk will have to be “strongly encouraged ” to move (aka Partition)

    The healthiest thing about this movement is that rank and file whites are splitting off from the neocon controllers like hannity orielly and the beltway GOP!

    Notice how the first thing out of the traitors’ mouths wasn’t that they had to “evolve” on wars of aggression, stealing pensions, or global trade; all of which would get 80% of white support and easily win the 2014 and 2016 elections…

    No, the first thing out of the traitors’ mouths was that we need to flood our land with millions of illegals!

    To Hel with them!

  2. ….like hannity orielly and the beltway GOP!…

    O’Reilly looked sort of pissed off. Seems like if his surface is scratched more, he still has some loyalty left in him. Not so, the Hannity animal.

  3. The only thing that saved the Democrats in the WV House of Delegates was the ghost of Robert Byrd & Stonewall Jackson. LOL. Just kiddin’. Democratic Governor Earl “Roy” Tomblin, and US Senator “I’m a conservative Catholic” Joe Manchin did not support Obama’s re-election. Neither did United Mineworkers President the estimable Cecil Roberts. That saved the slim Democratic majority in the WV House of Delegates.

    Naturally, Yankee elitest & carpetbagger US Senator Jayboy Rockefeller supported Obama. Rockefeller was not up for relection.

  4. The state houses are where this needs to happen. Will enough people be willing (& able) to gather & lobby, repeatedly & constantly, until we have our way? That’s what it will take.

  5. We’re still counting on the republicans to save us? Even subtracting the neocons, I’m not reassured.

    A sane secular party with decent popular support just isn’t going to happen any time soon, is it?

  6. The success of the GOP in the south will further undermine it’s appeal in DWL areas, as in their minds there is nothing worse than a White Southerner. The Hispanization of Virginia and North Carolina has resulted in their loss to the cultural south. Florida is gone. It won’t be long before South Carolina, Mississippi, Arizona and yes, even Texas turn blue. It could happen this year, if “amnesty” is passed, as Obama has promised. Then the noose is around our necks with our hands tied behind our backs. Whatever happens to save Free America, it needs to happen now.

  7. Mr Wallace,

    Yes. In person, as a group, I believe. This is based on the methods used by the Texas motorcyclists’ lobby, the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, and TxCARE adoptee rights organization (those that I know of, personally). The most successful of the three, the motorcyclists, were said to be recognized, individually, on sight (in a positive way & as an example of their frequent presence) by the staff and representatives that they worked with. Someone with Mothers Against Drunk Driving could be very helpful, I would think, anywhere in the country.
    I don’t know what kind of actions preceded their appearances in Austin (letters, petitions, or whatever). I imagine there was some kind of contact- local offices, maybe/ probably.

  8. “Then the noose is around our necks with our hands tied behind our backs.”

    The huge numbers of Southern blacks are a serious problem for the Deep South and they aren’t going anywhere. I’d rather live as I do in an almost all white blue state like Oregon than be cheek to jowl with tens of millions of blacks down South. That swath of blue counties that runs right from the Carolinas all the way through to very black Mississippi is down right frightening. Just try “seceding” and see where it gets you. If you live down there you’re liable to wake up one night with your house on fire or your throat cut.

  9. The en.m. before wikipedia makes it come up weird, John. There’s no information under the summary (?). Take those out (just…) and it works.

  10. Rudel,

    This sorta burning down your house thing is already happening.
    Blacks constitute an invading army and a hostile elite minority.

    The Mexicans in LA had the best idea. Murder the blacks out block by block. Murder them in the jails cell by cell.

  11. They keep saying we have bad teeth John.

    Why do they keep saying we have bad teeth?

    Why are Americans obsessed with English teeth?

    I don’t know anyone with bad teeth. Everyone’s crazy for good teeth. Every other buildings a God damn dentists.

    Make them stop John. Please make it stop.

    Good to see things finally moving with the old secession malarkey. Steady as she goes. The good ship freedoms a comin’.

  12. uKn_Leo,

    I would bet money that it started when National Geographic or TLC had that special about the African tribe where the men got all painted up & danced around, showing all their teeth, in hopes of being picked as that season’s husband by one of the females. It was the same tribe that David Bowie’s wife, Iman, came from, I think.
    Americans are obsessed with having big, bright white teeth. Never mind that bonding makes them look like they have buck teeth. That’s okay. Now people make these ridiculous faces when they smile so that all their teeth (which cost almost as much as a new car) show and they get their money’s worth.
    Too bad they aren’t as fastidious about who they mate with.

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