Secession Movement Spreads To Other States


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Texas Secession!

Louisiana Secession!

Tennessee Secession!

Mississippi Secession!

North Carolina Secession!

Florida Secession!

Georgia Secession!

South Carolina Secession!

Alabama Secession!

Missouri Secession!

Arkansas Secession!

Kentucky Secession!

Oklahoma Secession!

Montana Secession!

Indiana Secession!

Colorado Secession!

North Dakota Secession!

New Jersey Secession!

Oregon Secession!

Pennsylvania Secession!

Michigan Secession!

New York Secession!

California Secession!

Ohio Secession!

South Dakota Secession!

Minnesota Secession!

Illinois Secession!

Hold on … Robert Barnwell Rhett is joining us for a pep talk via seance:

‘The people of the reunited States – South and North – are the heaviest taxed civilized People in the world; and their Government, one of the most despotic and corrupt, staining its annals. Does not hypocrisy and contempt, usually go together? And will the echoes of Revolution throughout the land ever die away, until the South is independent; or the South is free?’ (from his memoir)

‘A political union can only exist, between independent political entities. Such was the Union constituted by the Constitution of the United States, “between the States.” But this Union – a Union of independent political entities – a Union of free-will and choice -, is gone; and the connexion now existing themselves what were formerly States, is no union at all; but is the operation of the different parts of a central consolidated power, held together by fear and force.’ (from his memoir)

‘No one can understand the nature of a Consolidated Government, without perceiving, that it is only the first step to Imperialism.’ (from his memoir)

‘Since the foundation of free governments, no constitution has been ever preserved by the mere faith of those who had power over it; and it has been preserved only by the resistance of those who are mainly interested in its limitations. Men – not inanimate parchments – living men, not dead abstractions – have enforced free governments.’ (1860)

‘The Government is not a Government whose powers “will be exercised mostly in time of war.” Defense against foreign nations is not its characteristic – but internal aggression. It is a sectional despotism. Mr. Madison being the witness, the Constitution of the United States, is an utter failure.’ (1860)

‘If our rights are victorious in the next Presidential election, we may consider it as a kind augury of a more auspicious future. If they are overthrown, let this election be the last contest between the North and South; and the long, weary night of our dishonor and humiliation be dispersed at last, by the glorious day-spring of a Southern confederacy.’ (1859)

‘To submit to the encroachments of this vulgar crew of plunderers and fanatics, is a degradation no other free people than the people of the South ever endured; but to submit to their rule will be the desperation of a weak and conquered race – conquered without a fight.’ (1859)

‘It has been in vain, that those in the North who respect the constitution and the rights of the South, have proclaimed, from time to time, that the South would resist, and the Union be dissolved. We have justified the contempt of our enemies; not the good opinion of our friends. The South has not resisted. The Union is not dissolved; and our aggressors, triumphing in our submission, hold place and power for our harassment, and their exaltation and aggrandizement.’ (1859)

‘Is not a whole life of endurance of unconstitutional oppression, enough for any wisdom in delay – too much, for safety or honor? How long shall we stand, the resistless and despised victims of Northern fanaticism and rapacity? How long shall we cry “wait!” whilst the North advances in power and insolence; and each successive year brings her nearer to the consummation of her policy of domination over us, and over this continent?’ (1859)

‘I have counselled but one policy to the South; yield not one inch, but meet the question here and elsewhere with firm, uncompromising, and unflinching resistance.’ (1847)

‘The spirit which yields one position will yield another, until at length, self-respect and self-confidence is gone, and a conscious degradation prepares the people to be the victims of corrupt and traitorous demagogues.’ (1847)

‘War is always an enormous crime, often on both sides – always on one.’ (1846)

‘The Blufton Boys have been silenced, not subdued… The fire is not extinguished; it smolders beneath, and will burst forth in another glorious flame that shall overrun the State and place her light again as of old, upon the watch tower of freedom.’ (1845)

‘I know that there is no danger in our people being too hot. The danger is the other way. I will keep up the fire, if like a lost hunter in a prairie, I have to kindle it alone, with my gun flint, and watch by the blaze, rifle in hand to keep off the wolves.’ (1845)

‘My constituents have sent for me; and I go in a few days to meet them, and tell them a story of wrongs which their Fathers would have died rather than bear.’ (1844)

‘The only hope of the South is in resistance.’ (1844)

‘If you value your rights you must resist.’ (1844)

‘I fear, that there is no longer any hope or liberty for the South, under a Union, by which all self-government is taken away.’

‘If we are true to ourselves, a glorious destiny awaits us, and the South will be a great, free and independent people!’

‘The South must dissever itself from the rotten Northern element.’

‘From the beginning of time, liberty has been acquired but at the price of blood, and that blood shed in revolution.’

‘You are the vassals and slaves of a consolidated empire.’

‘We have to deal with erring man.’

‘Universal suffrage will give those who have no property, the absolute control of the property and legislation of the country… in all its horrors… the despotism of numbers may be the most terrible that can scourge a fallen people.’

?’I am a nullifier and will never consent that more power should be given to this government than strictly belongs to it.’

‘Do you tell me of “Union,” when I have seen the cannon of ships and fortresses pointed at your towns, and the insolent soldiery of an angry tyrant lording it in your streets? …I can not love, I will not praise that which, under the abused names of Union and liberty, attempts to inflict upon us every things that can curse and enslave the land.’

‘The star-spangled banner no longer waves in triumph and glory for me. …If a Confederacy of the Southern States could now be obtained, should we not deem it a happy termination – happy beyond expectation, of our long struggle for our rights against oppression?’

‘The Union must be dissolved under its present course of administration. It requires no conspiracy to destroy – no exertion on our part to drag it to its dissolution. It goes down with the inevitable weight of its own gravitation, into that dark abyss of anarchy and ruin, where all tyrannies have fallen.’

‘If to think, to speak, to feel such sentiments as these, constitute me a disunionist and a traitor, according to the English language as now understood in Carolina, then gentlemen, I am a Disunionist! – I am a Traitor!’

‘Give me disunion rather than a consolidated government. Aye – disunion, rather into a thousand fragments… Because under such a government I would be a slave – a fearful slave, ruled despotically by those who do not represent me… with every base and destructive passion of man bearing upon my shieldless destiny – love of domination – avarice – long rankling jealousy – and, worst of all, the fell spirit of bigotry, which would exult over my dwelling in flames, and my children given to slaughter.’

‘From the commencement of the Government of the United States, the money power of the North, controlled the North, and hovered over the Government like a vulture seeking its prey.’

‘I am a secessionist – I am a disunionist. Others may submit: I will not. I will secede, if I can, from this Union. I will test, for myself and for my children, whether South Carolina is a State or an humbled and degraded province, existing only at the mercy of an unscrupulous and fanatical tyranny.’

‘The long, weary night of our humiliation, oppression and danger is passing away and the glorious dawn of a Southern Confederacy breaks on our view.’

‘Be prepared to meet all the usual troubles and sacrifices of revolutions. For thirty-two years, have I followed the quarry. Behold! it at last, in sight! A few more bounds, and it falls – the Union falls; and with it falls, its faithless oppressions – its insulting agitations – its vulgar tyrannies and fanaticism. The bugle blast of our victory and redemption is on the wind; and the South will be safe and free.’

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  1. Tennessee gave us Gore, Arkansas advanced the Clintons, and Edwards, Carter, Johnson, Woodrow Wilson were all southerners, too, who did their best to ruin us.

  2. “Tennessee gave us Gore, Arkansas advanced the Clintons, and Edwards, Carter, Johnson, Woodrow Wilson were all southerners, too, who did their best to ruin us.”

    Maybe you would feel better if you stuck to your own kind for this sort of thing, then.

    Deo Vindice

  3. @Mosin

    Don’t forget the king fuck-up of them all, the destroyer of the old America, the deliverer of Obama — proud “Texan” George W Bush.

  4. @ apuleius: Not absolutely sure what you mean by “your own kind” and “this sort of thing”!

    If you mean (by “your own kind”) “Yankees,” anyone born north of the Mason Dixon Line — that “different people” who “are worse than n—–s” — then here is just one of many examples that are clearly better than southerners such as Clinton, Gore, Johnson, Carter, Edwards et al:

  5. To the squabblers: me a white rabbit, you a white rabbit.

    Let’s remember that our race has had many nations and save our energy for raising awareness of Partition.

  6. It’s as if these people just sorta casually decided to fight it out. Woke up one morning looking for a fight. No it appears that the hatred was sincere.

  7. Everything these old confederates said appears to be correct. It’s stunning how close to today they managed to peek into the future.

  8. Can we please stop sniping at each other for a little while? For the first time in I don’t know how long whites despite regional prejudices and differences are trying to join together to find solutions to our impending GENOCIDE! We have a window of opportunity in a limited time frame to make some hay.

    Let’s work together at this critical juncture or at the very least make an effort to stop antagonizing each other. We will never have another chance.

    Our children are destined to a fate worse than what we see in South Africa.

    Death would be preferable.

    If nothing positive develops we can always get back to fussing and fighting.

  9. I have a question. If one wants to sign one of these petitions, must it be in one’s own state? Or can we sign in a different state?

    Again, can we sign in multiple states? And, if that is the case, should we not sign as many voted for O’Buckwheat? Many different times, on many different petitions?

    Or should we concentrate our efforts to get just ONE state’s petition to the 25,000 mark? If that is the case, Texas clearly appears to be the huge leader in this voting….

    Just sayin’….

  10. Opponents will report that the same names are appearing on petition after petition. Let’s sign up anyway, but not put too much faith in this approach. Like voting in the election, it is simply doing our duty, exercises our right, doesn’t cost anything, and has only a miniscule practical effect.

  11. Anti-white petitioners have the anti-white media on their side, and anti-white government eager to grant their requests.

    But Pharaoh will not be persuaded by petitions to let his Christian white slaves go.

  12. “A different people indeed, even our rural music must seem strange, to you all!”

    It does. I’ve never been to a church that featured a honky-tonk pedal steel guitar! 🙂

  13. The Bushes are all carpetbaggers from Connecticut.

    Those youtube video guys are less than inspiring…the “real” yankees will tighten up their collective shot group before long. Apologies to the offended minorities will be in order. For the rest of their lives…

    Insipid attempts to reform the federal beast by quixotic Quakers…yawn.

    We just need to get away from this and all variants of the yankee disease.
    I could give a fat baby poot what the yankees do in Pennsylvania.
    That’s their country, not mine.
    Dixie. Free and independent. Sounds good…just one thing…

    Partition Florida! Cut away the yankee tumor before it metastasizes further!

    Yankees remind me of the old science fiction movie, The Blob, which was set in Pennsylvania. We must stop them somehow before they destroy everything.

    We need to find a way to transport all yankees to Antarctica, like they did with the blob. Yankees are even worse than the Blob. The Blob was racist against negroes, unlike yankees.

    Not unlike white flight, moving away from destructive negroes, we must now add “grey” flight, moving away from destructive yankee locusts.

    South Florida is a gangrenous limb that needs to be separated from the rest of Florida before it is too late. It may be too late already.

    Yankees here now…

    Deo Vindi

  14. There is a reason TX is first in this race to aeceede, because it is the key to a real world partition.

    I can’t emphasize the importance of signs and chalk written on side walks, skywriting and the like to get folks to go to a more detailed internet venue.

    The trouble is that white websites are not optimal for activism; we need an online “war room” with sustained features rather that the scrolling opinion pieces we have now.

    If only we could get 1% of ammo and weapon purchases, we might actually defeat our enemies!

  15. We were separate people way before 1860 Mosin, but for damn sure from that point forward. Your people had the chance to stand for liberty and White men but elected to support the consolidation of power over liberty and sided with killing White men to free niggers. You are not our people. You, your kin, your neighbors etc are my peoples enemy.

    We cannot be the same people as those who did such things. Not their biological descendants or their political descendants

    The anti Southron propaganda started in PA way before 1860, severing any kinship ties before your war to enslave us for the sakes of the railroads ( what they wanted to spend the tariff money on) and niggers. To hell with this we’re the same people bullshit because ya’ll never treat Southron White men like family and like niggers and big govt more than y’all like free White men.


    Somone’s noticing this, and it ain’t US (U.S.)!

    “For still our ancient foe, doth seek to work us woe.” – Martin Luther, author of ‘The Jews and their Lies.’

    “The first to go will see the other three go before them”- Wicked Witch, Wizard of Oz. (non-white Evil in a White Man’s land)

    Something like nigs, fags, liberals, THEN THE JEWS? Yeah, that’s the ticket….

  17. “Quixotic Quakers” was a good one, although the one example is obviously a Scots-Irish Presbyterian type and the other very German Baptist. I could post more, similar examples, but I’ll agree they would all appear pretty weak on oratory, though they do understand everything and are doing their best to get the job done for us rurals, against the force of the liberal urban bloc.

    But that “Yankees are even worse than the Blob?” Up to this point the worst assessment I remember reading was that “Yankees are even worse than N—–s!”

    Also: “You, your kin, your neighbors etc are my peoples enemy.” Before this point, I thought at least some of us were only a “different people” not necessarily all enemies.

    Unlike many other “Yankees,” I have no ancestors involved in the war or the abolition movement (though one family side goes back into pre-revolutionary times) — and unlike many Yankees, I would NOT TRANSPLANT myself (physically) into one of your states, not that I dislike you all, but rather because my rural home place where I was born and bred is where I belong.

    I offer my apologies now to all those here who are “Southrons” who might have been offended by my seeming-to-have transplanted myself deliberately into a Southronist blog. Realise that it wasn’t always (or at least not obviously) a Southronist blog.

    Like “The School of Athens” artwork that once attracted me — that symbolises the genius of Occidental civilisation and people or race, which it is now opined “does not exist” — that once adorned the home page of this once-Occidentalist-but-now-turned-Southronist weblog — the “d—-d Yankee,” for propriety’s sake at least, no longer belongs here! I bid you all farewell nevertheless, and thank you all for the enlightening news and ideas, and stimulating discussions — and shall disappear now, along with my tortuously long sentences, like the School of Athens from your view henceforth.

  18. Mosin,

    It is hardly our fault that Yankees slap away our hand every single time – even this time when the South overwhelmingly voted for two Yankees – and choose instead to embrace the likes of Barack Obama in full knowledge of everything he has done over the past four years and his plans for the next four years.

    We can’t sit here and pretend that “there is really no difference” between Southerners and Yankees and “we’re all White people” when the aforesaid “White people” are dancing in the endzone on national television over the demographic eclipse of the White electorate in America.

    I’m not even sure what you all are arguing about since we have already been over this many times and everyone agrees that the state borders do not line up exactly with the ethnocultural boundaries.

  19. Okay, I see Stonelifter’s comment above, and I will say that I do not agree that everyone in “the North” is the enemy, particularly in contiguous areas like Southwest and Central Pennsylvania, South Indiana, Southeast Ohio, Southern Illinois, etc.

    The Scots-Irish originally settled in the Pennsylvania backcountry. There are plenty of them still there sandwiched in between Philly and Pittsburgh. That’s why the state acts the way it does. Similarly, there are still plenty of Southerners in parts of Maryland and Delaware.

  20. Mosin is now Officially a Racialist. He’s in a snit, over White infighting!


    Mosin – they are RIGHT. They are RIGHT about Yankees. THEY ARE RIGHT.

    Our job is make sure the Yankees are FORCED to admit it. Go forth and sin no more, and all…

  21. Stonelifter says:
    ‘We were separate people way before 1860 Mosin … You are not our people. You, your kin, your neighbors etc are my peoples enemy. ‘

    We get it!! That is all you ever talk about.

    Enemies! Enemies! Enemies!

    Mosin of all people and many of those folks aren’t you enemies, but you sure as HELL are too stupid to see that. You push away potential advocates and make more enemies by you retarded ramblings!

    You are going to need a whole lot of Northeners to assist you in rebelling against the Gov. for you to ever have any kind of chance to carve out your own little chunk of Dixie.

    You ain’t gonna do shit by yourself. Your blustering is only serving to alienate people sympathetic to you.

    Can’t you understand that?? Are you that dense??

    You are a thousand times more destructive than any troll. Moron!!

    Hunter, can’t you throw this ‘Big Smo’ wannabe imbecile into a tard corral where he can’t do any more damage.

    In advance of Stonefool’s reply:

    Fuck You !!!!!!! You fat assed, stupid, drunken tattooed freak!

  22. People criticize The Confederacy and the Southern States and naturally think it was about slavery but quite the contrary it was not. The Southern Plantation owners never enslaved these people they merely purchased them and after their debts were paid they could retire or given their freedom out-right. Sure some slaves were treated horrible and that is undeniable but they were not treated as bad as people have been lead to believe. If you want to bring up slavery and other issues during the Civil War Lincoln enslaved people by initiating a draft and grabbing immigrants coming off ships to do his fighting. Lincoln and The Union were terrorists because they strictly violated The Constitution because they declared WAR on America. Enemies are termed both FOREIGN and “DOMESTIC” hence focus on the word “DOMESTIC”. This makes the issue of SLAVERY non-existent but rather Americans fighting against the home-grown terrorist group. According to The Constitution, Lincoln had every right to be executed for his actions based on his terrorist actions. Everyone wants to criticize and blame whites for them being slaves but during the Civil War whites were slaves as well. People continue to criticize The Confederacy but the Southern States were the first ones to stand up for and defend the American People against domestic terrorists. So before you criticize the”Rebel Flag” and downgrade “The Confederacy” look at what they actually stood for and look at the horrific travesties committed by the Union forces. The Union forces raped, murdered, tortured, burned homes, and starved human beings just to name a few things they did. Lincoln did nothing to control or restrain these forces and if you really think about the Union forces far exceeded anything foreign terrorist groups have committed. By all rights, with what was done by Lincoln and the Union Army and the Confederate States have a every right to seek damages and secede from the United States. Once Lincoln declared WAR on Americans he no longer was a President but therefore a terrorist and stripping him of any of his accomplishments.

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