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  1. Point of Strategy learned from the Enemy.

    When MN. started their “marriage amendment” campaign, numbers of fags and has-been lez-beans moved into the state, in order to be 1) residents when it came time to VOTE, and 2) thereby, to EFFECT change. The accursed sexual perverts won, as you probably are aware (God damn them all to Hell- oh, wait, HE HAS). But the percentages would not have been so close, HAD THESE PERVS NOT MOVED HERE, in the first place.

    Therefore, for those who can, (retirees with campers, students with institutaional transferrability, folks with relatives, twenty-somethings with no future in the Obummernation) if/when any of the states does get to a ‘critical mass’ (probably Texas, as it leads with the most people, the largest economy, and the greatest threat to FEDGOV/ OBUMMERNATION, should it secede):

    I say- a) MOVE THERE and b) with your guns and ammo (eg., as Tx. has relatively benign laws for guns/gun owners) to DO UNTO THEM WHAT THEY HAVE DONE UNTO US- to a) ‘effect change’ and b) referencing ‘b’ above, to make SURE that [Texas] each state DOES secede. For, if one goes, the rest WILL FOLLOW.

    Because it’s ALL OBAMA’S FAULT.

    Payback’s a bitch, as they say. And the Damn Yankees will pay unto the uttermost.

  2. Good. FYI – it’s not just the Dixie you MAY note.

    FYI – you Men of the South can hate on Yankees all you want. Rightfully so, I add, in perpetuity.

    Howver – hating Yankees won’t WORK, in Secession Movements. The things that will help is to make the Yankess ADMIT they’ve been WRONG (ya have to make them SAY it) – and that the South was RIGHT all along.

    That’s not your job though. YOUR job is prepare the way for your own. Making Yankees admit their evil – that’s MY job.

  3. “As unilateral secession was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, it remains to be seen if this movement is more than a toothless temper tantrum thrown by armchair revolutionaries.”

    Doncha just love the BS ‘temper tantrum’ thrown by the Gawker, with the above statement?

    I mean, stop. Think. If we now consider the FEDGOV to be illegitimate, THE SUPREME COURT DECISION IS NULL AND VOID, as the consent of the governed is what gave the Supremes their ‘legitimacy’ in the first place!

    Liberals are A**holes. Or at least have their heads stuck there.

  4. In other words, Denise, make all Liberals say ‘Uncle’? (Sam???)

    Of course, you’d have to get through their impastor’s sanctimonious blathering, to get to the soul of the Liberal. Oh, wait. I forgot. Yankee liberals (like niggers) don’t HAVE souls. (read the comments on Daily Kommunist/Kos for corroboration)

    “Esau have I hated”….. for eternity. (Doubt me? Read Obadaiah- he, he, he.)

    Deo Vindice, gentlemen. The world is looking to you… Once more.

    It’s 1860.
    The War never ended.
    The North is wrong, the South is right.
    And a Nigger rules over you.
    What are you going to do?

  5. “Liberals” are evil, and CRAZY. They have been hopelessly infected with “Jew”. They blame others for every evil thing they do, are remorseless in wielding power against any-one that DARES offer a whisper of criticism or caution, are in complete denial of reality, and defy God. And then CRY litle colicky 1 years olds, when they don’t get their immediate way.


  6. If we don’t get out of this Union, we are going down with the ship. It’s that simple. It is the difference between certain death and a fighting chance. That’s just the way it is too.

  7. This is the reason I put forward for re-electing the monkey instead of another Bush clone.

    We have to jump on this while it’s hot. Most of the efforts will come to naught in the short term – until at least one is successful. Then look out.

    If you live in one of these potentially seceding states, push it in any way you can. If you do not live in one, contact family and friends who do and get them on board.

    Follow the likeliest ones and do what you can to support them, even if you have no friends or relations there.

    Target Texas!

  8. It looks like secession is on the verge of breaking into mainstream public discourse … if that happens, and the conservatives are forced to start talking about it on talk radio (knowing very well that it is on the mind of the much of the conservative base in the South), it could quickly spiral.

  9. Can anyone recall a single occasion in which a people got their independence by merely asking for it?

  10. Yankess ADMIT they’ve been WRONG (ya have to make them SAY it) – and that the South was RIGHT all along….

    It’s not a question of “right or wrong,” but the groups are A DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

    Sure, they could make some sort of alliance, but not unless the southerners can have a place to LIVE.

  11. “Liberals” are evil, and CRAZY. They have been hopelessly infected with “Jew”. …

    —– And this “left” / “right” paradigm and News-and-jews-speak will bite the dust, eventually. Like “gay rights” when the BILLIONS of bucks they corralled for Big Pharma over the ‘aids crisis’ is called into question.

  12. Hunter Wallace says:
    “If we don’t get out of this Union, we are going down with the ship”

    Secession is a noble, beautiful idea, the only way possible to preserve freedom on this continent. I will advocate this idea, I will work for it, I will pray for it, but I cannot imagine it being successful. It was mercilessly crushed in 1865 by a federal government that is vastly more powerful today than then. Do you really think we could ever convince even 50% of any state population to leave the US? In reality, it would take something more that 70% agreement on the issue. And that would be the easy part. BRA will never let us go. They have the guns. They have the money. They have the undying servitude of 40% of white people. They control the most powerful military in the world, a military run by appointees who will do whatever they bid.

    We will be lucky to go down with the ship, rather than wind up as galley slaves on the way to extermination. The best we can do is to gather together as much as possible, stop working to keep it afloat, and make sure we know how to swim.

  13. Why do folks presume we want unilateral secession?

    I am of the mind that we can make ZOG wish we were gone: I’ll give 2 examples:

    Whites cripple the economy with a general strle and other civil disobedience.

    Another option would be for the House to hold the welfare checks hostage in exchange for Partition.

    What we are doing now is planting seeds: those seeds will blossom in the fight over Amnesty, the onset of Obamacare, or the next economic downturn.

  14. “Can anyone recall a single occasion in which a people got their independence by merely asking for it?”

    Breakup of the U.S.S.R.

    Quebec had the option and almost got it.

    Scotland is being given the option in 2014.

  15. A couple of new lines of assault need to be opened up:

    1) encourage the hard left to help us with partition because they will be able to have their way with their part of the country and build a “Utopia”.

    2) Encourage the muds to help us with partition by pointing out to them that they will be the masters in their part of the country, not the Jews and faggots.

    Unilateral secession is not the way until mutual partition fails.

  16. I read a few comments on Daily Kos and Gawker, it was hilarious!

    They actually believe that the succeeded states need the blue states! They still do not understand basic arithmetic!

    The only states near to breaking even are the red states. Another made a statement how there would be a brain drain! There would be, but not the way they think. It is really quite obvious that American liberals are demented.

    If you succeed, can I come an live in Mississippi or Alabama as a refugee?

  17. “Sure, they could make some sort of alliance, but not unless the southerners can have a place to LIVE.”

    DixieG- you mean, “Lebensraum?”

    Call it what it is.

    The evil empire IS the Military-Industrial Yankee Supremacist Capitalist NORTH/Imperial Britain/Rothschild axis, that has been in bed with the Keynesian faggots since at least WWI.

    And one man, one nation, ALMOST got free in the 1930’s. Now, today, Iceland used his economic paradigm, and won themselves free economically. Jobbik in Hungary is trying to win themselves free from the Ideological shysters, as are Le Front National, Vlaamsbelang, Haider’s Austrian rightists, etc. A much harder task to be sure.

    We are now enjoined in this battle- and to the VICTOR, belong the spoils.
    I don’t know about you, but that verse of Luther’s hymn, “…and HE shall win the battle,’ inspires me, EVERY TIME I HEAR IT!

    I could almost say ‘For Christ and HIS Kingdom,’ so tactile is the spirit of liberty wanting to be free of the Usurious Jew, and the godless Statist antichrists. But the time is not yet- it is close, but not yet.

    “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” – Hab. 2:3

    Afterthought is correct: “What we are doing now is planting seeds: those seeds will blossom in the fight over Amnesty, the onset of Obamacare, or the next economic downturn.”

    “But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.” Matt. 13:8

    May we get a return of a thousandfold, on the idea of FREEDOM of FREE MEN, unloosed from the EVIL that now has USURPED our Nation- the Nigger, the Jew, and the “Other.”

    P.S. Ann Barnhardt calls it like it is, in her second video on ‘The Economy is going to Implode, and why you deserve to understand why’ at about the 3:40 mark, on why it is only with a moral reformation, that a viable government can succeed, and why THIS government (FEDGOV) is so utterly ROTTEN- it is because the people are a (and I quote) bunch of ‘…Braindead, moral degenerate sociopaths and psychopaths…. [and with folks like that] there is nothing that anyone can do to fix that economy.”

    Preach it, sister! http://www.barnhardt.biz

  18. “If you succeed, can I come an live in Mississippi or Alabama as a refugee?”
    – James McGrath.

    It would be the TRUE, the real, the Christly “Aliyah”!!!
    The tribes of Israel, coming to their own TRUE HOME.

    (And not the fallacy of the Khazars, and their talmudic counterfeit. -pace, Jewdel.)

    Praise God! Let Liberty be proclaimed in all the lands!

  19. RE: “temper tantrum”

    When we take umbrage at our country being stolen from us, it’s a childish “tantrum”.

    Doncha just love their choice of language? I don’t buy it. Want to see a tantrum? What were the 60s and the cibble rights movement, but a decade long temper tantrum?

    My feelings are that of calculated hate and righteous indignation. Tantrums fade with time. This will not.

  20. The opposite of 1860 is true today in the north. The rural and fighting age white men are some of the most likely to oppose the federal government. Who will they have? Niggers, queers, and limp-wristed obama voters? The blue collar whites who DO support Obama are lazy union hacks, and they won’t lift a finger unless they are being grossly compensated.

  21. Thanks for the movie.

    Guess the same people who redefined “hitler” as about race, to cover the fact that fascism is really an economic system that can be(and is) multiracial, are still making these movies about how the “south” has no definition except “slavery.” Sort of like they turned Italians into noodles and mexicans into tacos, for the great Northern “cultural” parades.

  22. Lol— a black guy in vid just said the war was “To teach the southerners a lesson!”
    You have to love the direct references to “union” based in terror. Also, that the North was HURT due to the fact that southerners didn’t see themselves as a country with them.

    Wouldn’t the micro level be like people wanting a divorce. Then the man just beats the woman and terrorizes her until she stays in a “union.” lol

    After 150 years, it’s clear they intend to just play this and the Hitler reruns for 150 more years. It really IS thee “northern cultural production.” Along with lady gaga, etc.

    Don’t they ever just want to move on from this—- and make something beautiful or something?

  23. Dixie – it is a matter of right and wrong. Not merely Dixie and Yankee.

    Northern Whites are infected, absolutely ROTTED, with egoism, and a twisted, Satanic sense of “Moral Superiority” – which is the polar opposite of a genuine morality. What sin got Lucifer thrown out of Heaven?

    It IS the difference between Right and Wrong. And you must MAKE people acknowledge thier Wrongs, in order to make them STOP.

  24. “you must MAKE people acknowledge thier Wrongs, in order to make them STOP.”

    No, atonement is not a necessary political requirement. In fact extracting revenge is counter-productive.

    In the real world it is only necessary to show people it is to their individual or collective advantage to “STOP” in order to have them take a different position on any given issue. The point is to win politically by making new alliances, not to impose punishment to satisfy your personal hurts.

  25. Look at the county election return maps. The majority of the “blue” states outside of New England are overwhelmingly “red.” Most notably Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota.

    There is loads of rural sentiment against domination by the big cities in most states. This is fertile ground for any secessionist movement.

  26. “The only money that the South gets goes to military bases and obese nignogs.”

    A whole lot went to NASA too, but that’s gone. Maybe the first thing the CSA can do is bring back the space program?

  27. Yankees will never admit they were wrong in large numbers. Once again we have their historical track record to base that statement on, including their recent doubling down on BRA

    Secession will pick up steam only when enough Southron White men view BRA as ridiculous and unworthy of their loyalty and understand these things are gifts from the yankee.

    While many in BRA will want to fight to keep us, many others will not. We also have the advantage of BRA being broke and we stand a higher chance of receiving international backing. However, mostly I think BRA will break up without a shot being fired as the economy gets worse and States re-exert their authority to side step the economic shackles of BRA/ yankeedom

    The 1st thing the CSA should do is get after the oil and gas reserves off our coast

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