Village Voice Still Following Occidental Dissent

New York

Good summarythis isn’t the first time Village Voice has lurked here.

Note: For the record, I was right about the fate of Mitt Romney resting in the hands of White Northerners. I was also right about that the rejection of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan by their fellow Yankees would trigger a loss of confidence in the Union in the South.

“Maybe the Twitchies were reassured by the countertrend coming from tweeps in the former Confederacy. Or maybe it isn’t so former: Taking things very hard on the racist tip was Occidental Dissent’s Hunter Wallace; he had asked before the election “Can White Northerners Say ‘No’ To Black Run America?” (“If White Northerners choose to renig with Obama in this terrible economy,” he warned, “then White Southerners will lose all confidence in the North”) and, after learning they apparently could not, analyzed the situation thus: “White Southerners are culturally ready to say NO to BRA [Black Run America],” he wrote, “but we were shot down yet again in another Pickett’s Charge” by damn Yankees who “for 180 years… have thrown White Southerners under the bus for the sake of their negro allies…” Wallace thereafter optimistically tracked the progress of a ” secession movement” by signatories to petitions at the White House website asking that various states be allowed to leave the Union.”

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  1. Mr. Wallace a man named Sean Moffitt came home after the Giants world series victory with lumps on his face and the back of his head. Mr. Moffitt told his room mate he had beeb BEATEN by FIVE YOUTHS he vomited a couple times and never woke up. police are saying this is probably just an accident suffered in the celebrations after the game and not MURDER. oh and those post game celebrations are described as celebrations in one story riots the next. sorry to derail your thread but justice is wanting.

  2. VV used to be kind of trendy. Now they sound really “establishment” and use words like “THUS” a lot, lol.

  3. Back when they used to be able to sell it, I knew people who would buy it. I think it was a dollar. Then it became free and people took extras for their bird and cat boxes, mostly.

  4. I support secession/partition, but, although I live in the South, I’m reluctant to sign a petition started by people who wouldn’t be demanding secession if Mitt Romney won.

    It shows these people are deeply confused about the reasons secession/partition is necessary.

  5. Nate Silver is almost certainly reading your blog. For different motivations you had the same overrall prediction.

  6. 14,541 signatures on the Louisiana petition.

    21,216 signatures on the Texas petition.

    6,301 signatures on the Alabama petition.

    If this breaks out into the media and goes viral on talk radio and gets on television (Texas is now less than 4,000 signatures from the threshold), then it will could easily blow up with the oxygen of attention.

  7. We don’t know these folks are committed to secession. If Romney would have won, they would believe they took back their country, and there would be no petitions. If a Republican happens to win in 2016, they might fold. Maybe this is a good opportunity to explain to these disaffected people that electing a Republican president won’t help them, assuming there is anyone left here who doesn’t think electing a Republican will help.

  8. You might be right about the oxygen of attention.

    It doesn’t hurt to get the secession meme our there by any means that works.

    It doesn’t mean these people don’t have a lot to learn.

  9. This is exactly why I was hoping for an Obama victory, even though it make me almost physically sick to do so.

    The sooner the poisonous entity has been destroyed, the sooner the world can deal with the problems that face us. Europe can deal with its ah hum, immigrant issues without the threat of Uncle Sam placing sanctions on us or overthrowing governments that are not ‘diverse’ enough for them!

    The future is bright!

  10. I’ve been saying for well over a year now in my The Cost of the Union series that there is no way out of our demographic predicament except through dumping the Northeast and the West Coast.

  11. It is long past time to dump New England in particular. I said before the election that if Yankees chose Obama over two of their own guys in this terrible economy that the South would lose confidence in the North.

  12. “It shows these people are deeply confused about the reasons secession/partition is necessary.” – Lew

    Did it matter in 1860? Truthfully, did every single southernor or Yankee TRULY understand the reasons for the WBTS? Secession happened, and if Europe hadn’t been so cowardly, and/or if someone had hated Lincoln with the same tenacity as most now hate O’Buckwheat early on, rather than the symbolic (but ultimately useless JWBooth event), the war would have been won, handily.

    This time around, does the FEDGOV really have the GALL to create a WORLDWIDE economic downturn, in resisting us? Do they REALLY want to come after American citizens with GUNS? Do they REALLY want that much BAD PUBLICITY?

    Think about it…..

  13. This is good. Wallace (confederate) , McGrath (old royal name) it’s all turning into a Celtic fringe meeting. Good good stuff. A people waking from their slumber across the continents.

  14. Of course they’ll say know. That’s almost the point. That we have no self-determination any longer, and are yoked to aliens.

    As a side note, Obama is less popular outside the south now than Lincoln was in 1860, with the exception of the northeast and a handful of urban areas.


    They don’t want to take their country back. They just want to leave it behind.

    As the dust settles in the wake of President Obama’s decisive reelection last Tuesday, the White House petition website has been flooded by a series of secession requests, with malcontents from New Jersey to North Dakota submitting petitions to allow their states to withdraw from the union.

    Most of the petitions submitted thus far have come from solidly conservative states, including most of the Deep South and reliably separatist Texas. But a handful come from the heart of blue America – relatively progressive enclaves like Oregon and New York.

  16. Dear Village Voice,

    Why don’t you foul degenerate KIKES eff off over to Israel, and take all your pet Niggers with you?

    FECK OFF. Nation Wrecking VERMIN.

  17. I grew up reading the Village Voice as a kid, back in the days of Nat Hentoff and Andrew Sarris and the great Mark Alan Stamaty.

    And yet now I hang out here.

    See how that works, Village Voice?

  18. Thoughts on how and why Jewish donors hobbled Romney.

    Adelson et al bought his silence on immigration. This effectively chased off the Whitey McNasty vote.

  19. At the risk of sounding naive, can not – and will not – the Federal Govt. just say no? Take your petition and stick it?

    I’d think, being Irish, you’d know that the crown doesn’t always get its way.

    The first step in secession is getting a lock on a solid majority. And then having the crown say “no” anyway. That’s when the fun begins. Contra the doom and gloomers, it doesn’t take a lot of “hot” warfare to get things done once that solid majority is a lock.

  20. The hard part, far and away the hard part, will be getting White southerners to overwhelmingly ditch their American identity and join the Dixie identity.

    The rest is gravy, really.

  21. I grew up reading the Village Voice as a kid, back in the days of Nat Hentoff and Andrew Sarris and the great Mark Alan Stamaty.

    And yet now I hang out here.

    See how that works, Village Voice?

    I don’t think they do. They’ve gotten so soft and fat and comfortable that they don’t ever hear any real opposition any more. They don’t understand that the door only swings one way, and once a white mind is captured by nationalism or ethnopatriotism, it’s forever beyond their reach.

  22. Svigor, that’s a very good point actually. When Ireland sought independence from Britain the Empire was close to the height of its power. Despite impressions to the contrary these days, when the 1916 Rising broke out the popular support for it was very low indeed. A ham-fisted reaction from the Crown and some other fortuitous circumstances meant that the inconceivable happened – the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland was no more.

  23. There wasn’t much stomach for war with the Irish right after ww1. Too many Irish Catholics faithfully served, and the only soldiers who would fight the Irish were mercs.

  24. Rudel – I actually like Ella F a lot. She had the most wonderful voice, and technique. She sang When White People Ruled. She had a marvelous, successful career, over decades, and she had tons of White fans.

    Every-one does better when Whites are in charge.

  25. Savants here.

    Y’all got anything to say about Irish teeth?

    Don’t worry about the crown by the way. We’re working on getting rid of those parasites right now.

    Secession for all.

  26. “Thoughts on how and why Jewish donors hobbled Romney. ” – The big donors really can’t buy things that he’d be naturally in favor of anyway. he chose to not make an issue of youth employment which is the primary reason for the huge shift in the white youth vote, he chose to not fire back at the president when the ink on the free trade deals Obama had signed was still fresh, and so on.

  27. These degenerate, feminized, ethnomasochistic, negro-worshipping, yankees are really full of themselves in their imagined “end of the white man” scenario with which they delude themselves.

    We do not accept their profligate and perfidious federal government and its genocidal policies toward whites. We must eventually be free from the deformed consciences and intellectual depravity of these sodomite yankees oozing with hatred for our people.

    Leave them to heaven. There is no hope for them here.
    We must go our own way. Soon.

    A free and independent South is the worst nightmare of the yankee fag-man.

    Deo Vindice

  28. Lew makes a solid point about the petitions. But like Hunter I’ll back which ever horse is in the race

    The feds saying no and BRA running hog wild after the petitions will help show even more Southron White men what yankees and BRA are about. It’s a win win for us

    Folks we need to master propaganda and spin. We’ve always had the truth on our side, but yankees love of power and money has always over ridden it. We must learn to spin every event to our favor.

  29. NY Press sadly retreated from the VV a longtime ago but ended up spawning Taki, Exile and Counterpunch. New York Observer may not be a street sheet but it’s much better than Village Voice which is basically massage parlor ads and screeds against scientology and stop & frisk.

  30. I LOVE “Begin the Beguine”. Every version I’ve ever heard. Artie Shaw’s is the definitive interpretation, though, in my Not Remotely Humble Opinion. The work just …BUILDS.

    Here’s my favorite version of “Skylark” in terms of emotional expression.

    KD Lang nails it:

  31. “Artie Shaw’s is the definitive interpretation, though, in my Not Remotely Humble Opinion.”

    Love it. It was THE international radio hit of 1938. Bigger than the Beatles. I really like his version of Moonglow too:

    The Tony Bennett / k.d. lang duet is really awesome. We should get together have cocktails and listen to all the best renditions of The Great American Songbook.

  32. “One of the best songs ever written, by the sublime and IMMORTAL Johnny Mercer. A true Son of the South.”

    Here he is singing one of his own songs set to a Harold Arlen tune. Love the Pied Pipers on backup.

  33. Denise — luv ya doll but I am obliged to remind you that a huge amount of the authors of the Great American Songbook were Jews.

    All it means is that life is complicated.

    Actually it means things that can be figured out and are not mysterious. Firebrands like yourself are needed to break the ice, but if we all sat down and weren’t assholes (and this condition is the thing that makes it so hard to bring Jews into the tent), we could figure out a way to live together. On present terms that’s hardly possible of course, but Mr. Auster has had a few cogent thoughts on the topic in the past.

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