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  1. UK Leo observed that the light above you is disturbing/distracting. Incorporate the light. Re-place your camera, or chair, and “play around” a bit, til you get your head between the light, and camera, and the light creates a Halo Effect around your head. You are delivering the Righteous Truth. Do NOT shy way from using visual effects.

  2. http://chuckbaldwinlive.com/home/archives/5259

    Chuck Baldwin has weighed in. Note his throwing the gauntlet down on the thought that a corrupt Administration DARE NOT engage a well-armed populace, unless they are fools: (oh, wait, we’re talking about Barak Obama…. never mind)

    “And as an aside, a friend of mine, not in military service, just shot a bull elk over the weekend with a .300 Winchester Magnum rifle at a distance of 960 yards. One shot. One kill. And he is only one of thousands of Montanans that know how to do that. Let me ask all of the would-be tyrants in Washington, D.C., some questions: what’s Montana worth to you? What’s Idaho worth to you? What’s Wyoming worth to you? What are the Dakotas worth to you? What’s Texas worth to you? What’s Arizona worth to you? What’s Louisiana worth to you? What’s Oklahoma worth to you?”

    Exactly. Power to the [White] People. Now, and forevermore.
    Death to Tyrants is obedience to God.

  3. “Most Jews live in Yankeeland. Consequently most Jews are dirty Yankees. Same for any northern white ethnic group.”

    Tamer, that is unfair, to one, at least.

  4. The single biggest change from this election aside from the collapse of American patriotism in the Lower South is that the taboos have eroded to the point where we can now openly start to organize.

  5. Baldwin post was good except that I doubt that Mr. Putin is “salivating” over prospect of nuclear war with US. Is there a consensus here on that question?

  6. Why would Putin want war with the usa? All he/ Russia wants is for the usa to stop stirring their kool-aide

  7. Yeah- I sent Baldwin an email to that effect, and included that video on YT that Lynda graciously linked.

    I think he’s still suffering from Zio-friendly heresies like Dispensationalism. That will always see Russia as ‘Gog and Magog.’

    Similar to those who believe the Fatima mythos.

  8. That article was the standard conservative mixture of stale rhetoric, worn out tropes, lies by omission (no mention of demographics), half truths and paranoia. Why would China want nuke the US? That would destroy their biggest market and a nation that owes them money.

  9. What an extreme treat, HW, to see and hear you in person (hopefully it’s really you). You made a good impression on me, as I would have expected.

    My experience is that secession is on the minds of people from whom you wouldn’t expect it. They may be thinking of it initially as simply relocating — but this is their growing awareness that action is going to have to be taken. But it’s not that far a jump from knowing you’re going to have to relocate to wondering if we might, instead, have to secede. The question is now, secede to where and with whom. A first step in that direction is encouraging our own families to begin thinking in terms of extended family, not in terms of individuals or individual families.

  10. Nice touch with the glasses, it’ll make yankees think you are an intellectual(not that you aren’t already).

  11. the stupid thing about the hispanic issue is pretending to not realize the GOP LOVES hispanics, and will do anything to get them— EVEN IF THEY LOSE elections. Upper establishment wins, either way.

    GOP does not care how “hypocritical” they look (as they cause their own failure). They get paid are just silently thinking, “I can have people think I’m dumb for all this money.” GOP knows better on immigration, they know what it means for their future, AND THEY DO NOT CARE. They will just go to the next job, for whoever pays.

  12. “That article was the standard conservative mixture of stale rhetoric, worn out tropes, lies by omission (no mention of demographics)….”

    I know, it’s gotten to the point I’m no longer annoyed when a conservatard fails to mention race or demographics and spouts the same 1990’s era canned angry white male response, now it just bores me.

  13. This is a funny way to self represent. Just flip on the computer camera and talk. Looks Un-contrived. This is good. Not looking professionally produced is an aesthetic all of its own.

  14. You are doing a fine job with these videos, Hunter. Yeah, it’s true that your lighting needs fine-tuning, but your verbiage is right on the money.

  15. Each one of these is better than the last, Hunter Wallace. Thanks for making them and I hope there are more to come! No complaints on the lighting.

    @ Dixiegirl- I’ve wondered if this back and forth between the republican and democratic parties isn’t some kind of strategy to convince people (who disagree with “the other side”) to vote for them- sort of a set up. The mantra is “we need more (republicans/ democrats) to be able to accomplish what the people want”, but their own specific agendas never change, regardless. It’s just an excuse.

  16. “Why would Putin want war with the usa? All he/ Russia wants is for the usa to stop stirring their kool-aide”

    Truth. And yet we continue to bait the Russian bear. It’s insane.

  17. Lew/John:

    Remember that not everyone is as far along in their ‘Enlightenment’ as y’all are.

    Give people some slack. The point of the article by Baldwin (if that is what you were referring to) is to point out the VALIDITY of the petitions.

    Talked to a lady in a local ‘membership store today’ and told her to look up ‘secession petition in all 50 states. When she said she listened to A. Jones, and L. Rockwell, I thought, bingo. She was MOST appreciative. Doing the “mitzvot” for White racial self interest, to throw the BS back in the Deicide’s faces.

  18. In the ‘Fatima Mythos’ – there are two nations for whom Heaven desired special consecrations due to the elect roles they would play in the latter times of the world. Those nations are France and Russia. Our Lord desired France to be consecrated to His Sacred Heart. He desired Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    In retrospect we can see why.

    In 1789, the Revolution was inaugurated in France. It entered its Communist (i.e. globalist phase) in 1917 in Russia.

    That these nations were not consecrated for the elect roles they were and are to play is the main reason why the Judaic Imperium is consolidating world power.

  19. Here is a great clip from that old movie about Custer – ‘they died with their boots on’ or some such. But it has a wonderful cinematic moment that still stands as a tribute to American honour – when that meant something.

    “Fitzhugh Lee and ‘Dixie’ at West Point”

  20. Lynda, I have always been disgusted by Dixie memes inserted into “American patriotism” but I’m forever a sucker for the great national anthem “Dixie”.

    My disgust does not lie in Dixie but in “American patriotism”.

    I hate the USA with all my guts.

    Thanks for posting this, anyway.

  21. Bill Yancey writes:

    “I hate the USA with all my guts.”

    – In my case, I look back on it more with a sense of profound regret — like say, remembering a loved one who self-destructed young, and never realized their potential excellence. I objectively see the USA as deceased and thus not worth the expenditure of intense emotion. What now sits in it’s place though, is an abomination and indeed worthy of hatred.

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