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  1. I enjoyed your short video. We’re you really surprised at the data? We’re you surprised that MLK misrepresented his true intentions? We’re you surprised that blacks vote for race irrespective of political philosophy or ideology? More importantly, can anyone be surprised that our country is leaning fully toward Marxist socialism and is crumbling from within?

    If this nation is to get out of the mess it is in, White people will have to do it. If that sounds too blunt – so be it. The only alternative then becomes a radicalization of White people to seize their own destiny outside the burden of the black and brown peoples.

  2. Good thoughts. As I side note, as I was listening to Rush today he was talking about California’s impending financial calamity. He launched into how “illegal immigration starting in the 80’s permanently changed the state” and “republicans can never win there again. Then immediately waffled and tempered his rhetoric by remarking “it’s not a hispanic problem, I’m not against hispanic immigration”. Really Rush? Then why would immigration be a problem if the immigrants aren’t a problem. What an abject weasel he is. The sooner we toss out “respectable conservatives” the better.

  3. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Republicans nominate one of their trophy blacks in 2016.

    Consider –

    The party heads and the media will not allow the nomination of a real conservative and the percentage of white voters will continue to decrease due both to the demographic trend and the increasing lack of confidence in the party by whites.

    Nominating a black will not win the Republicans the next election either, barring a terribly foot-in-mouth white Democratic nominee, as everybody knows which party is officially the gibs-me party.

    I see three possible eventualities:

    1. White flight from the US. Every man (and his family) for himself.

    2. Gradual descent into a non-white hell.

    3. Secession within the next ten or twelve years, after which it will be too late.

  4. There’s no alliance possible with neocon pro immigration factions.

    Look at Breitbart, it’s all Israel all the time. They have also decided to go after the BBC full force for saying Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.
    They allied with the Anglo Saxon for one election cycle and now reveal their true colors.

  5. I haven’t checked in for a while (busy reading books suggested in the Caribbean Project) and am surprised to see you doing videos Hunter. I thought you’d be skinnier and have ‘Bama Bangs for some reason. Anyway, I digress. I don’t know that it is a good idea for you to be putting yourself out there like this. I don’t mean to sound squeamish but this may result in some retaliation for you (I know you know that). Maybe you should stick to audio?

  6. In the previous video Hunter recommends joining League of the South and I strongly agree.One problem that always puts me off is that their leadership emphasize Celtic-Anglo-Saxon ethnicity as if to say-if your background is of continental Europe,than perhaps we may not be as welcoming to you.I hope I got it wrong! To band together for the Nation of Dixie and exclude all of continental European ancestry would seem downright idiotic.Does anyone of you know what is the truth regarding their ethnic preferences?

  7. Great video!
    I’ve done something that I have never in my 42 years done before–call my politicians. I began with Rand Paul and Mitch McConnel asking them to clarify amnesty. Then I called our Dem Governor Bashear and asked what action he was taking to defend Ky heritage, culture, race and language from the inevitable horde invasion. He’s all for Obamacare, so I asked how that was going to work when thousands of foreigners were checking into the system. I asked my state senator and representative the same thing. I can’t wait for the answer, though I do not expect any truth. As best as I can tell, my governor regards my state as just a business district, hence his travels to India for “investment”.
    For secession, it’s going to have to go through the state governments.
    Bobby Jindal is a leftist, traitor who just loves Uncle Sugar.

  8. John,

    Americans might as well be pro-Israel since the USA is over. Until a strong South emerges, Israel is the only country in tbe world standing up to savages.

    What’s with the twerpy anti-zionism? Thoughts on Orde Wingate?


  9. Ahhhh Runner Away from Savages is pimping for the Hebes YET again! Bow Down Goyishe! Ya go no other choice ya know.

    I say Throw the JEW Down to Hell.

  10. Church of Botany, I’m in the League and my ancestors include English, Scottish, Flemish and Germans. When the LS talks about the ‘Anglo-Celtic’ South it’s talking about the culture and predominant origins of most Southerners. However, I’ve never seen any bias in the League against those whose ancestors (including many of mine) were not from the British Isles. I might also add that you don’t even see this term used very much by the League these days. Meanwhile, I see the term ‘anti-White’ used by LS folks to describe our enemies pretty much every day.

  11. “Until a strong South emerges, Israel is the only country in tbe world standing up to savages.”

    Didn’t they just deport like ten thousands negroes as well? They got my respect for that. No reason they shouldn’t have their own state, in fact, if I were king, I’d give all of western jewry a free ride over there.

  12. 100,000 signatures in Texas? That’s Chris’s benchmark for serious
    Consideration. And Chris is a serious commentator!

  13. The sad thing is that if Faux News didn’t latch on to Benghazi, the story would have fallen off the radar; Gen.BangBus would still be running the CIA and Susan Rice would still be a magic queen of sheba.

    Meanwhile the BBC is covering up pedophilia.

  14. “And Chris is a serious commentator!”

    – No, I’m not anywhere close to your 10,000-comments-day level.

    Go home John.

  15. @ Fr. John+,

    112,895 to be exact.

    Arrgghh, I meant to post it earlier, but the day got away from me. The Texas Nationalist Movement will be holding a meeting in League City on Saturday (11/17/2012) at 5PM to answer questions about the current drive for Texas independence. The details are below.

    Saturday, November 17th @ 5pm
    Spring Creek BBQ
    2710 Gulf Freeway South
    League City, TX 77573

    Come join Galveston County members of the TNM at this informative event to learn more about how to achieve Texas independence.
    The featured speaker will be Cary Wise, Executive Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement. Hope to see you there!
    If you are a Facebook user you can RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/462862067068734/

    Short notice, I know, for anyone in the area who is interested in attending. Sorry! (I didn’t know until I checked my email this afternoon)

  16. @Fake Priest John+

    I don’t get your comment. Yes, Detroit is my home, and it’s where I plan to stay till I die. What was your point? And who is this “we” you’re talking about?

  17. Speaking of Chris and jersey….
    You know Trout (jersey boy) deserved the MVP you wop bastard. Screw you and your choke artist spic. Your team is just like your scrapheap city, dirty and dark.

  18. “Your team is just like your scrapheap city, dirty and dark.”

    – Well then that would be right up your alley, Tamer. Literally. Deep up your alley.

  19. I don’t want my people to get “this nation” out of this mess. I want me people to get out of this nation

  20. Indeed. Beyond redemption. When whites lost their nerve in the Democratic primary America was certainly finished. When the general electorate endorsed the primary and gave O the Whitehouse the angels wept.

  21. Church of Botony, the only requirement for League membership and being warmly welcomed at that is being a Southron nationalist. There are a number of Northern persons in the League along with members of different faith traditions.

  22. “More importantly, can anyone be surprised that our country is leaning fully toward Marxist socialism and is crumbling from within?….”

    It was that way my whole life, and even before, really for 3 generations.

    So, it’s the parents indoctrinated under that system that weaken their own children; it’s caused tension in all families. The “breakup of the family” WAS NOT the divorces, not really— that trains the eye away from the much more significant breakup of allowing young children NO ACCESS to older relatives who would pass down the family history, oral tradition, and so on. Even now, older relatives in the luxury of retirement (no longer having to kowtow to bosses and so on) can be a wealth of information— so they have to be far away, in other states and so on.

    The extended family was the key to what Gramsci wanted to interfere with, the transmission of messages about a people’s identity.

  23. Hunter,

    I liked your video. Sure it wasn’t Hollywood flash and glamor, but who cares? The message was on point. You articulated the message very clear and simple.

    I think you look just fine. You’re a handsome young white southern man.

  24. Dixiegirl, you know I love you by name alone but those older generations you try to go on about…. well dear you are just plain wrong in a lot of regard. Many of those are the folks who sold us out. They are the ones who did not hold the line on many of the trials we face today. Often enough they kicked the can down the road, my generation included.

  25. “The extended family was the key to what Gramsci wanted to interfere with, the transmission of messages about a people’s identity.”

    Precisely, DixieG. But speaking of Gramsci to idiots like 666WOP, would get you that fish-eye stare my undergrad classes used to give me, back in the day.

    “Fake priest.” As if you’d know a true one, even if an Orthodox cleric walked up to you with a filled baptismal font, and chrism in his hand. You’d probably think it was a tanning/pool party, most likely…

  26. Does anyone of you know what is the truth regarding their ethnic preferences?

    I don’t now, but I bet these basic rules of thumb apply:

    (1) If you have to ask….

    (2) No greaseballs.


    A generic white identity (in the sense of white=Europe) may perhaps be applicable to the US at large, but the south is the south, get real.

    The real test of one’s commitment to white racial politics is whether you support it whether or not you’re excluded from a group you thought you belonged to. Anything less and you’re naught but a fair weather friend.

  27. The South has always welcomed the various ethnic Whites because in the South they have, as a rule, become one of us… It’s the damnyankee version of them that’s been the problem

  28. Hunter,

    If you make another of these vids, lose the glasses. They make your eyes appear squinty and you give off an evil nerd racial scientist vibe.

  29. I concur on the glasses. Hipster city. Consider a beard, maybe. But very brave of you to make a video.

  30. I normally don’t wear glasses.

    IMO, the glasses and my French polo shirts have a magnifying effect. They’re expecting to click on these videos advocating secession and see a Skoal dipping redneck in an Alabama Roll Tide t-shirt twanging about dissolving the Union because Mitt Romney lost the election.

    The hipsters will appreciate the irony.

  31. Stonelifter says:
    Dixiegirl, you know I love you by name alone but those older generations you try to go on about…. well dear you are just plain wrong in a lot of regard. Many of those are the folks who sold us out…..”

    True. And for that, I use the line in Psalm 69, “I’m forced to restore what I did not steal.”

    When this is the case, the younger people must (somehow) be even stronger and seek out their lost identity in other ways. They have to understand why this is important. They have to have strategies that quickly dispense with rage and confusion at their inexplicable abandonment by their own elders, the ones whose job it was to love them best, but who seem so stupid, so selfish, so uncaring, so “cut off,” so fantasy oriented, so unreal…

    What you point to —the selling out— is just the mark of how Effective the Gramscian Attack WAS.

    The real Elders at the moment are ANYONE who can truly remember.

    Milan Kundera’s —a Czech— book, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, has a worthwhile section about collegiate folly with the “left,” the choice of the ‘ugliest girlfriend, because ugly becomes beautiful, and how it was later, watching the tanks roll in for the “Prague Spring,” and seeing things with your own eyes appearing later very differently in publications, and so on.

    Memory, itself, comes under attack.

    One thing—- even the sellouts sometimes have “hidden” memories. Some have DECIDED to pretend not to remember. Life happened to them—- and even later they can decide to open their eyes, and say what they really remember.

    Re-defining the “family” as YOUR OWN PERSONAL “labor unit” (the mom, the dad, the two kids)—- was a great disservice, because that trains the gaze away from the “elders” and their traditional role as transmitters of oral tradition, oral history, etc.

  32. Hunter, I too concur with the image.

    As a long time reader of your blogs, one of the immediate first impressions I had was “Damn! This guy looks so NORMAL!”

  33. Oh yeah Lacoste! Good one. Skinheads in England wear Fred Perry identified by the Laurel Wreath logo, of course…so it’s a type of raycissism.

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