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  1. Something is happening:

    Wolf Blitzer: “I hope Texas does not secede from the union.”


    As I have said on many occasions, Texas is the lynch pin for any real world partition of the United States.

    Interest in secession grows in Texas, and needs only a catalytic event to cross the threshold from wishful thinking to work in progress.

    Several catalysts are on the horizon to include: Amnesty, Obamacare, Affirmative Action ruling, and your run-of-the-mill recession. All of which are obvious to the rank-and-file-white that they are imposed on Texas from the outside!

    Radical whites are getting active: infowarriors, Ron Paul people, white nationalists, southern nationalists, Texas nationalists, and we are even harvesting souls formerly captive by the neocon controllers at places such as the Free Republic.

    Remember first they ignore you. then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win!

    PS Hunter, why not give your debate with Alex Linder some publicity?

  2. Note this:

    Israel is going to have a war with some faction in Syria. This means American troops are on the chopping block anyway. So if the Hausfrau’s of the midwest were actually worried about Zionist Romney, they do actually have something to worry about now. Obama’s going to get a lot of Americans killed in the ME by the end of this.

  3. I tried to tell a liberal acquaintance of mine that Obama was more likely to start a war with Iran than Romney. I argued that Obama is a pure ideologue, like Bush, and ideologues are prone to doing stupid things like that.

  4. Do you think the establishment would get us in another war as a distraction and to try to build our unity by means of an external enemy?

  5. Wayne w absolutely. Not so much as a distraction but as a way out of this current output gap caused by ending credit cycle. There are three historical ways out. Debt deflation, high inflation and a good old fashioned total war. The first two choices are very painful for the populace and result in spites losing power and or their life. The third is only painful if your country loses and for the relatively few that die….but the elites get a pass. So guess what the choice will be

  6. John and Jim are right. In BRA politics its often the opposite party one would expect (from rhetoric) that actually executes. Probably a mix of political capital and political outmanuvering. Lbj escalated Nam, Nixon went to China, Reagan balooned the deficit, HW Bush raised taxes and W Bush expanded Medicare with part D.

    In that light I expect obama is more likely to start another major involvement in the ME because everyone will be watching and preparing a contest over amnesty or obamafone dataplans or steakhouse EBT or something.

  7. I would like to hear Denise’s opinion on blitzers oppinion.

    Ps he’s not only a Jew but a former aipac lobbyist.

    Pps. We need a label for types like him. Uber-Jew?

  8. Though I do think Obama starting another war might be the only thing to cure conservatards of their love of sending their kids to die in that shithole, not out of principle, but purely out of spite for Obama.

  9. Yes; I support Obama, but his three great sins of Israelism, abortionism and homosexualism are of grave concern. We need more socially conservative black and Hispanic immigrants to come save us; while meanwhile support for a socialist New World Order and redistributing wealth from the parasite white billionaires will grow.

  10. Why do we even HAVE to have wars for Israel?

    This predilection for seeing the Deicides as ‘Chosenites’ is utterly bogus.
    And those who have written about it, are being targeted, time and time again.

    The trail of bodies at the hands of the AshkeNAZIS is rather large: Faurisson, Zundel, and now Rev. Stephen Sizer –


    Don’t you think this would give most ‘Xtians’ a clue that their ideology is being shaped by the antichrist?

  11. The Israelies beyond their push button joystick warriors are pussies, see the movie “Superbad” for their recruitment pool, they are already into bluff mode with their 36 hour deadline. I’ll say it again the Obamanoid gentiles hate jews, because they are the closet to them and IMO they realize the fastest way for Israel to disintergrate is to give the whacky Israelie right wing its way.

  12. I disagree about Obama and the Jews. That reverend of his said nothing much about Jews at any point. Obama is the bitch of a variety of Jewish advisors. These guys are more realist than Perl or Wolfowitz but they won’t do anything to harm their coreligionists. They will find a way to pour White heroes into the line of fire instead.

  13. Semites versus Semites. We have no dog in this hunt. Let’s not fall into trap of sympathizing with Hamas when ZERO Hamas leaders have expressed sympathy for white suffering.

  14. Israel entertains me, they need more war, war everyday. As for American boys, as an USMC vet I have some attachment to the service, but honestly I think most young white men who join soon realize they are mercs learning a trade.

    The D party has a heirarchy the Js at the top, there be friction there. Those internet hack attempts on the Israeli gooberment are not coming from Harold’s Northwest Republic those attacks are coming from people who vote D, straight ticket.

    My WAG, Raimondo says Israel would last a few years if brood cow Amuurika went tits up. I disagree, Israel is not a country its Club Med for jewnuts and given a set back it would disintergrate within weeks.

  15. Wayne says:
    Do you think the establishment would get us in another war as a distraction and to try to build our unity by means of an external enemy?…

    —-the more multi-cult-multi-race they became, the more “unity” can only be had in extreme crisis (‘9-11’ aftermath) but coexistent are visions of Sandy (like the black woman whose biracial kids were swept away and no doors opened when she knocked), and Katrina.

    You can’t UNHEAR things. And you can’t UNSEE them, either.

    PC makes people suppress things, even as they see and hear another reality.

    At some point, it’s possible “unity after crisis” will seem MORE DANGEROUS to average people, due to realities they witnessed (regardless of what they SAY publicly), and it just won’t work anymore— possibly.

  16. Global Race Traitor says,

    “… support for a socialist New World Order and redistributing wealth from the parasite white billionaires will grow….”

    GREAT— if tools like you can FINALLY please get your money from parasite white billionaires, instead of milking the old lower-middle class who now lives in doublewides, thanks to your impoverishment of them, while you feed on Kentucky coal miners’ savings, the largess of some guy with a gas station and so on— the public whose been feeding your sorry ass for the past 60 years.

  17. I hate Kikes and I wish Hitler would have done what he’s been accused of.

    What do you call 6 million Jews in ovens?

    A slow start.

    I wish those bloody rockers would incinerate them. They’ve been plagueing Humanity for centuries.


    The handful of “good ones”? (I don’t hate ever last one of them) They aren’t worth the horror and misery caused by the rest.

    There ya go, YT.

  18. Rudel! LOL! When they are just doing musical comedy – they are great.

    It’s…everything else.

    Here’s one of Die Judfen I really really like. NO idea why.


    I lived in a HUGE Brownstone, when I was attending University. One of my roomies used to have a “punk” band. I would “channel”, and perform when the band was practicing. I used to sing all the Sex Pistol songs, a la Merman. The The-A-tuh roomies used to LOVE that. They’d be in hysterics. Every once in while, her demonic spirit will sieze me,,,and I’ll belt something out.

    A….good times!

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