Massachusetts DREAM Act


Massachusetts is truly getting the government it deserves:

Note: Every county in Massachusetts voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

“Illegal immigrants in Massachusetts will become eligible for in-state tuition at public universities and community colleges, based on an interpretation of a new federal law by Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick.

In June, Democratic President Barack Obama announced that the Department of Homeland Security will grant temporary relief from deportation to some illegal immigrants who immigrated as children and do not represent a public safety threat. The policy allowed the government to grant “deferred action” status to these immigrants, which means they would not be deported for two years and they would be granted work visas. The government has started accepting applicants for the program.”

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  1. What do you mean “getting the government they deserve”?? They’ve had the government they deserve for many years. Why do you think it’s called Taxachusettes?

    Many of their citizens move into Vermont and New Hampshire and create the same situation they had in their former state, just like the south-of-the-borderites do here.

  2. Send this notice to as many state representatives and Congressional staff members of White GOP officials in the South.

    Sons and daughters of the South, please send your 3rd world illegal aliens to Massachusetts.

    And rub this in the face of White libs, White pussyfooters in Massachusetts.

  3. Giles went ape-shit (again)- according to best rumors.

    I wonder who the source of these “best rumors” are since he did nothing of the kind.
    He was a pleasure to listen to, and in fact had a lot of good things to say about both Hunter and Alex overall .

    Looking forward to the re-scheduled debate!

  4. That’s true.

    This is nothing new for Massachusetts. These people have gone to the polls in four elections and each time have chosen to subject themselves to a negro government. They haven’t learned a damn thing.

  5. Why don’t we get proactive and print all kinds of flyers in Spanish explaining where all the most beaner-friendly states are? Get em here, and get em on their way north as fast as possible. Fuck massachusetts.

  6. yankees are no better then locust but I’d be a lot happier with them if they stayed up north where they belong and limited their destruction to their land and their people

  7. Minnesota and Ohio, among others, would do well to deport all their Somali “refugees” to Massachusetts.

  8. Will these illegal immigrants make it thru the red states first heading towards MA? Has MA a plan to send thousands of buses once an illegal family makes it over the U.S. border, ready in in such a cops-and-robbers way to hurry busloads of Mexicans and willing to spend millions on the gas? Other states do have to respect the oppositional laws passed in another state.

    MA will continue to remain White until further national immigration reforms between states.

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