Auster on Americanism


Auster writes:

“The American Nation—or the American Experiment, as neocons love to call it—has decisively failed. Somehow we must start over again. …

I used to love the American flag with an indescribable love; for many years, it hasn’t meant much to me. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance used to move me to my core; I haven’t recited it for many years. The 2012 election carries that alienation to a new level. …

As you know, I feel that the Southern Secession is a suicidally flawed model for us in all kinds of ways. I wrote not long ago that any secessionist movement must start on fresh ground, not evoking the same tired, discredited, and doomed ground of the Southern Secession.

Just as we can no longer go back to the American Founding for our models, because of its ultimately fatal flaws (as I argue above), we cannot go back to the much more radically flawed Southern Secession. Excuse the cliché from the President who defeated the South, but we must think anew and act anew.”

Why is the Confederacy a flawed model?

Dixie is still conservative. New England is still liberal. Nothing has changed in 150 years. Southern secession is perfectly sensible because it draws the international border along the preexisting ethnocultural fault line.

The Founders made a mistake by creating the Union. They should have created a Southern Confederacy at the beginning. Instead, they built “the American Experiment” on the basis of race and republicanism, and that proved to be too weak a foundation to endure over time.

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  1. That might be Jim, but other yankees are saying other wise. I’m simply asking why that, given the yankee flags history, is from that particular strain of yankee. Still haven’t got an answer. Should be easy sense those yankees tell me how much smarter they are then me.

    But yes, the typical yankee prefer negros over Southern White men, which is why your people set them free, put rifles in their hand, gave them the CRM, excuse their behavior and demonize the South. Y’all have been doing it for generations. What other explanation is there for those actions?

  2. I couldn’t give you a first hand explanation since I have never done any of those things. But my personal belief is it was caused by the unholy marriage of the utilitarian moralists uniting with opportunist banking and industry, and carrying on through today except replace industry with Big Education.

  3. I understand that Jim, and you gave an honest answer. Clearly the yankees here ( by and large) are not the ones I’m talking about.

    But what other conclusion is a Southron White man supposed to draw about yankees in general? I look at peoples actions, not their words, and the yankees behave the way yankees behave. Those actions are pro nigger and anti Southron

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