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  1. Carolyn Yenta! I’ll be laughing at that one ’till Christmas.

    Hmmm, I dunno, seems to me it’s going to be Carolyn and a few others having the belly laughs after seeing this performance of yours yesterday on Vnn after the Big Debate 😉 :

    Originally Posted by Greg Johnson:

    I listened to the end of this interview, where I was discussed. Your claim that I told you in an email (an email that is conveniently lost on an old computer) that I am a homosexual is a flat out lie. (And anyone with ears can HEAR it in your voice.) I have our old correspondence. But I don’t need to check it, because I know that I said nothing of the kind, nor would I.

    Alex replies:
    I sometimes misremember things, but I would never deliberately lie about such a thing, and fuck you for claiming so. I still have the hard drive. At some point I will dig out this info. Whether it was a direct statement or a clear implication, you did make it clear you are a queer.
    Do you honestly think a grown heterosexual man would review “Spy Kids” movies under the fake name “The Cat Lady”?

    Greg Johnson said :
    I wrote an article protesting the crude queer bashing on VNN. I republished that article in my CONFESSIONS OF A RELUCTANT HATER. If you want, you can use that as a fig leaf.
    You admitted that you were being an asshole. Why not clear the air fully and just admit that you pulled that claim out of your ass in anger, because I was besting you in a debate?

    Alex replies:
    I don’t admit it because it is not true. You’ve never bested me in a debate; are you kidding? The one you thought you won, about the right strategy – you’ve subsequently recanted your position by doing exactly what I advised all along – trying to hit the entire spectrum, not just influence the elites. Now you just have to figure out the point is to BE the elite, not sit around kibitzing.
    You’re not able to hit anything but the off-beat academic kooks because you lack the wit and humor the original VNN did – still the only site that actually DID, actually ACCOMPLISHED what GLRockwell advised – a multi-level offering that head and hands could both enjoy.
    You’re good at what you do; no doubting it. But it’s monolevel entertainment for certain marginal academics, basically. And the way you threw the revisionists under the bus, and the way you abandoned VNN’s solid principles, shows you are either a fool or politically naive. In any case, it’s your business and no interest of mine at this point. You whored out to conservatism for money, enjoy your reward.

    Greg Johnson says:
    You speak of your political instincts and deride me for my lack thereof. Well, you constantly urge people to imitate the Jews: lie, cheat, and kill.

    Alex says:
    Now you’re moving into clown territory, and also libel territory. I’d watch my tongue, Brown Johnson.
    That pretty much impeaches your credibility as a source right there. If that is what you mean by political instincts, I am pleased to be without them.
    Give me a break, fellow. You’re a fucking fascist who won’t fight who’s a queer who won’t admit it who admires Hitler but renounces his methods.
    Bozo died and appointed you his successor, and it’s increasingly apparent you’re overqualified.

    Alex continues:

    Who the fuck is the joke here? Consistent me or evasive, sperm-gulping you?
    Who do you think you’re kidding, buddy?

    You’d better grow the fuck up, this isn’t a game.

    You’re a goddam faggot and I’ll stake my entire reputation on the fact.
    Go ahead. Deny it.

    Are you a queer or bisexual? Answer the fucking question, you weak little bastard.

    And so now, while the world waits with baited breath for the answer to the , ahem, penetrating questions above, you can read Alex’s entire post here,
    (No. 490):

  2. Big Dogs & Meercats

    Hello again, Dr. Johnson:

    In this bowel Movement of ours there are around a dozen or so Chieftains or alphas or what I call the “Big Dogs.” Those who have their own web page and somewhat of a following. These Big Dogs all have a swarm of betas, charlies, deltas, . . . omegas following them, which I refer to as ‘meercats.’ In the Lindstedt dick-shun-ary the term “meercat” used to refer to pussy-whupped dolts with theys’ little heads bobbling around in some female hyena’s pussy. I came up with the term watching “Meercat Manor” and seeing how meercat society is matriarchal, with all the males being under the sway of the dominant female.

    Anyway, I first used the term to my step-daughter’s second husband, a cowardly whigger dolt. But the term was useful because there are plenty of little de-nutted little whiggers and anglo-mestizos who are . . . nothing but meercats.

    Over the years as I’ve advanced from being a lieutenant in the militia movement and soldier in Christian Identity I’ve seen how all of the chieftains attract and sometimes keep, followers. Not followers able to step up and take over, but rather meercats who flatter them, or even lick their colostomy bags like say, Vargina the Colostomy-Bag lickin’ Meercat for the gut-sick guido kiken-weasel with jew ass-GAIDS, i.e. Alex Lender/Linder of VNNF/ TGMNNF (TraitorGlenn Miller NNF)/ GFRTCNNF (Greater Free Range Tard Corral NNF.

    Now it is possible for Big Dogs to work in tandem as long as their interests don’t overlap. For example, Louis Beam introduced me to David and Katja Lane. Louis Beam is at best One-Seedline Christian Identity, and David and Katja Lane used to be aligned with Pastor Butler but went on to become Wodenists. I politely refused to become a Wodenist priest. However, after TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office in August 2000 and I found out that he was a rat and read his ghostwritten book, I offered, and was accepted, to pretend to be TraitorGlenn Miller’s “Internet handler” in which TraitorGlenn would use me as a reference for the local jewsmedia and I’d ‘regrettably’ tell the local lie-papers what a cowardly rat TraitorGlenn Miller was. This worked out pretty good until March 2004, when I tried — and failed — to get TGM to run for US Senate. TraitorGlenn Miller claimed that his parole officer wouldn’t let him do so. Later, in 2006 and 2010 TraitorGlenn Miller deliberately made it impossible for overt White Supremacists to run for office in the Democratic, Republican and LibberToon Party by trying to file, being refused acceptance of the filing fee, and then deliberately botching up the federal lawsuit so that the political partys now have a precedent to refuse the filing fees of ‘White Supremacist.’

    Likewise in 2010, TraitorGlenn made it so that now write-in candidates can’t force the media to sell advertising for their write-in candidacies. TGM threatened a lawsuit, but let the FCC advisory memo stand, so now there is a precedent that Whites can’t even run a write-in candidacy.

    Lender/Linder, for that matter could go down to the Kirksville Korthouse and file as a Constitution Party precinct committeeman, then elect himself County Chair, and then onto the State Senatorial Central Committee. Maybe even get his Missouri meercats file and run in their counties, and then like me get a State Chair elected for the Constitution Party in Missouri. I’ve told Lender/Linder how to essentially take over a Third Party. Lender refuses to actually use party politics at the grass roots.

    Rather, Linder’s entire ‘debate’ was about how Golden Dawn over in Greece is how to do things, although what that has to do with over here in the ZOGland is never stated. Probably because it cannot apply.

    Linder refuses to actually apply the political process available which will get just so far then hit a ceiling, in large part because of TraitorGlenn Miller’s antics. Linder’s political ‘solution’ is to say, “Look at what they are doing over in Greece. Hitler did it that way too!” Well, this is not Greece and this isn’t 1933 Germany either.

    End Part 1.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  3. Big Dogs and Meercats Pt2

    The entire Movement should now be about ‘Balkanazation / Secession. And it is. There is absolutely no chance of ‘taking over’ Federal ZOG/Babylon, which is due a financial collapse and ZOGling Zombie Whigger and Anglo-Mestizo Apocalypse. This is why the non-ZOGbot Big Dogs have now gotten on the ‘Secession’ bandwagon if they didn’t already advocate it all along. Harold Covington and Hunter Wallace are talking about secession on a regional level. My “Ten Thousand Warlords” program is about racial and religious and class civil war and the breakup of ZOG/Babylon into county-level units.

    Thus the Big Dog alliances are logically Hunter Wallace, Harold Covington, myself and you against the hidden jew Alex Linder, all the ZOGbot Piercetards, the phorafags/feebs, and all the paytridiotic tards and ZOGbots, and the Wandering Mamzers of WikiPedia-Talksjew CI and Carolyn Yenta. The reason that these alliances come about is twofold:

    1: Mutual enemies. Hunter Wallace, with his Southron Nationalism, Covington with his Northwest Imperative, you with the Intellectuals and ‘New Rightists’ and myself with my underground Dual-Seedline CI maniacs are all hated by Lender’s Tards, et. al.,

    2: Because none of our followers overlap and thus can live in separate peace like Jack Spratt and his wife. Jack Spratt and his wife got along famously because Jack Spratt could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean. Hunter’s Neo-Southrons and Covington’s “NorthWest Imperatives” are largely different types of people. My Deep-Woods Dual-Seedliners agree with Covington and Hunter’s wanting to destroy ZOG’s [d]rule and will doubtless find it easier to form our own theocratic dictatorships once ZOG/Babylon is finished, but leave Sans Fagscrisco to its own devices.

    I do know that there is ‘issues’ between you and Hunter and formerly between Covington and Hunter. Some of these problems between the Big Dogs were results of meercats not under tight leash.

    Lender/Linder wants Hunter to become one of his meercats. Lender’s meercats won’t allow it. Not TraitorGlenn Miller. Not CornCobb. Not Vargina. Not 88mmCrack. Not Carolyn Yenta (she presently is teamed up with a Sicilian guido with a jew wife and used to go ass-to-mouth with MildSwill Finckelsheenie, a murderous jew pig jailed for murdering a prisoner in Jersey City pretending to be a CI pastor). Lender’s meercats might well rebel and put an end to bringing in Hunter as First Meercat. Hunter is being taken to task for allowing myself and others to post on his blog and forum and has taken swipes at Lender’s meercats and they were swarming all over Hunter until recently.

    Jim Giles, a self-confessed informant, is trying to get back into the Movement as well. He is extremely easy to bait and derail. I baited him into admitted overt hatred of Edgar Steele and got him to scream at me as well.

    Linder thinks he needs Hunter. Linder is sick, VNNF is a known ZOGbot twat spot and people who post there go to prison like Bill White or Kevin Harpham or inform like TraitorGlenn Miller, AmmoFace Tardd in Floriduh, or the Gut-sick guido kikenweasel with jew ass-GAIDS itzself.

    Also, the main focus of White Nationalism has gone from the v-bulletin forum to the moderated WordPress blog and allied podcast. All of which you, me, Hunter, and Covington are doing, each to our own different separate audience. I’m allied with Covington and sorta with Hunter. I’ve never had any quarrel with you because my kind doesn’t live in Sans Fagscrisco, don’t want to either nor are they in any way ‘intellectuals’ except in the finer points of Dual-Seedline CI theology.

    So I’m predicting that Linder and Hunter Wallace’s ‘conversation’ won’t get much further not only because they have absolutely nothing in common — I have little in common with Hunter and less with you — but because Lender’s ZOGbot Piercetard/CreaTard meercats won’t let Hunter become Lender’s First Meercat and Hunter’s pride won’t let him be subservient not only to a glib little jewboy with a bleeding bunghole, but to a Southern-fried anglo-mestizo drunken rat and a goofy CreaTard with an afro and an additude either. Lender’s meercats simply can’t behave and obey Linder. Linder has over the years banned any actual White or Christian poster who wouldn’t kiss Rabbi Lender’s sacred kike colostomy bag or give him ZOGbux. As a result, Lender has to go over to Hunter’s blog for a spot of intellectual conversation, not wanting to swallow a scoop-shovel full of nutzi gold-mamzer sachs-cerine Triumph of the [s]Will from the delusional niggling Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffer Meercat as it kicks up Itz Royal Kikenessess’ Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS.

    Big Dogs keep theyz’ meercats on a leash.

    Perhaps someday I can submit some article that upon your approval can be written up in your blog without being at the mercy of your meercat, Fatt Parrott.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  4. I think that the Pastors’ verbiage is delightful! Vividly descriptive, vulgarly witty, and laser-beam accurate, in his ability or DESCRIBE his subject.

    He’s also very playful.

    This is important. I’ve said for years that Racialism, WN, whatever term yo uwant ot us needs to be FUN. Yes – our impneding genocide is overwhelmingly horrific – but humous releases the pressure a bit.

    I’m starting to see “movement” in the ordinary Whites I know, who would freeze up, or go int ohystrical denuniactions of Your Truly, when I attempted to point out the racial dispossession. I’m not gettng the denials anymore. I’m still getting this sort of grim, “quickly falls silent” /”well what can we do” response – got that yesterday – but…so….I guess people are beginning to rub the slumber out of their eyes.

    So the witty and impudent terminology is immensely helpful to me Makes people laugh. That’s good.

    Who is Carol Yenta?

    And Robbie Campbell – he’s dropped of the face of the Earth. Is he still on the Earth?

  5. Hunter Wallace says:
    The sort of people who work for Conservatism, Inc. are suburban hipsters from Blue States who shop at Whole Foods and who do their “pilates” sessions in the evenings. Their idea of “conservatism” is the sort of conventional wisdom stuff you can find on sale at Barnes & Noble…..

    Succinct. More radicalized people often come from the “left,” really— the smart people, who could check the right boxes, also—- and who, as children, thought Reagan smelled funny. (Not to mention looked like a make-upped cadaver in front of t.v. cameras while drugging kids with his “war” on drugs and so on). At least the left SAID they wanted some decent things, lol. Neo-con “republicans”… yuck

  6. Goblin says:

    What was up with the South-bashing? About secession: at this point in time, militarily, the South *is* the United States. In fact, Texas alone has 60% of the U.S.’ military industrial production, and (were it independent) would have the strongest military in the world….

    The Northeast tax-collection “Empire’s” army just never left. It has bases there and all over the world. But that’s no reflection on the Southern PEOPLE. The southern diaspora is the southern people— not the federal military (that is always fighting the poor on t.v., hoping not to give them programs so they can feed mercenaries on the public, instead). That’s the only public issue, like on Fox or CNN.

  7. Still listening…

    HW is the smartest.

    The squaring off of catholics and jews (fascism “versus” communism) is actually a very boring paradigm. Hackneyed. Tired. News and Jews blah-blah, then “what we should have learned” in europe.

    We had a strain of family in some of the fascist-versus-commie crap in europe, also (otherwise truly southern)—- and the reason that end of the family hooked up with the SOUTHERN americans, was at least in the Upper South, they were WAY PAST this ignorant European way of framing things.

    They polarize and blame—- and can only see myopically. Either they’re anti-jew catholics, or on the model of the commie-red-diaper descendants.

    Either-or is total ignorance, it really is.

  8. To continue—

    Some of the commie tanks coming in, we WITNESSED. But we had ALSO witnessed the slaughter to begin with, that CAUSED that country to become catholic.

    Once you conquer people for one universalism, it’s just a matter of “gaining power,” for some other ideological “universalism.” There is no difference between “catholic theocracy” and “communism” —FROM THE POINT OF VIEW of peasants and serfs who pay. None.

    Either way, tanks take your home. Either way, some central controlling factions —-literally—- walk onto your lawn and start camping.

    Whether the south or central and eastern europe.

  9. Sorry—- but meant we had family in Europe where both factions rolled over the land. Just like in the south in its “total war.”

    People think that won’t happen in the u.s. now—- they are wrong. It can happen anywhere, and war in your yard is not “fun.”

  10. —– Thanks to this bit about NOVA not being southern (is, in fact, anti-southern).

    Yankees in positions of power—- TROLL for Southerners, like in northeast universities, hoping to find turncoats they can use, and for FAKE Southerners (like Cormac McCarthy, Gillian Welch, Emmy Lou Harris, Jim Goad, etc, etc, etc,—) None of those are southerners.

    Northeast Transplants desperately try to distance themselves from what they are, and try to act as if they are “southern.”

    The litmus is really whether your family is agrarian, fought in the war.

  11. To the Southern question: there really is very little for them now.

    Like, on SNN right now— first article, DiLorenzo (not a southerner), then Golden circle “from Brazil to…”, then “Italian Renaissance article…”

    Many southerners I know find all that somewhat alienating, lol. Brazil and Italy aren’t places I’d ever go. Don’t really care about their cultures, (no offense)— beyond the usual cursory curiosity one has about any foreign culture.

    Unification with South America/ (south europe) is when we leave the country.

  12. I think if you strip out the personal attacks and the entertaining rhetoric, the Pastor makes some solid points. If the dissolution of the United States means power will eventually devolve to the local/county level, it makes sense for white folks to get involved in the local political scene now.

  13. Yeah, Lindstadt has made a few points. For example, what, exactly, is he talking about concerning Miller and legal precedents? I’d like to hear more specifics about that. It is useful information.

    As far as most of the people–all, in fact–that he talks about and that hang around VNN and stormfront and a lot of other racialist sites, there is no doubt they are nothing but kkoks guaranteed to repel 99 percent of normal people, and that is irregardless of if they are ADL or FBI or whatever informants. Take this Craig Cobb character, as a single example, it is obvious from his actual photos and appearance and from enough that can be gleaned from the stories about him that he is a full fledged kook and dirt bag. Who in hell would want to be associated in any way with him? It is also obvious that there are dozens more on VNN alone that are right up there with him or even worse.

    These kind of people are anathema to any even mildly serious person or movement. Reading posts on VNN and elsewhere is seeing an extended video coverage of a gang of meth heads complimented with extreme anti-social neurotics. Ridiculous is what it is. These people MUST be isolated and culled from ANY serious attempt at organizational movement. Wandering vagabonds incapable of steady employment, toothless drug heads, psychotic terrorists with their bombs and murder-suicide predilections, the hopelessly stupid, the dirty and nasty, the unabashed welfare freeloaders like Steve Akins, etc., etc., need airbrushed out in the worst possible way and flushed down the drain.

  14. What happened to this thread? I distinctly remember pointing out that Linder is a NSDAP nut who hates and envies southerners beyond all reason. What else explains his “might makes right, but, er, two-time loser Germany is right” insanity, his “Yankees are race-replacement fanatics but they read a lot so they’re still much better than southerners, even though southerners are far more racially aware, oh and by the way I really am a racialist, honest” insanity, etc?

    Linder is a nutcase.

  15. Follow Germany down the rabbit hole of ethnic supremacy! No. That’s essentially what the New Englanders did. Or vice versa. The Prussians suppressed the variety that existed in agermans into a areich they controlled and in turn they attempted to screw over the other nations in Europe.

  16. Pastor,

    Thanks again for lending this blog some gravitas.

    Alex Linder would give his one testicle to write material even 10% as entertaining as yours. And as Lew pointed out, you are right on matters of substance too.

    Contact me at editor@counter-currents.com and I will send you an autographed copy of my CONFESSIONS OF A RELUCTANT HATER.

    Linder’s MO for more than a decade has been to pass his jaundiced speculations and suspicions off as fact. He does it with Sam Francis. He does it with Jared Taylor. And he does it with me.

    There are two kinds of people in this movement: insiders who know and outsiders who speculate. Linder is an outsider, and I am an insider. I know the truth about Francis and Taylor and of course myself. Linder doesn’t.

    So he just passes off his speculations as facts, and then they pass ass-to-mouth through the Human Centipede over at VNN forum and OD and Majority Rights all they way down to Carolyn Yenta, where they find no outlet.

    I have pointed out Linder’s MO before, and I assume that at this point, neither Linder nor Hunter/Fade/Scorpius/whatever are taken seriously by intelligent people. It is a game to them, and a freak show to their audience, and an embarrassment to those of us who want to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    But with the Giles interview, Linder actually found a new low: he went from passing speculations off as facts to outright lying. You can hear it in his voice, as his shifty little crab eyes darted around and his tongue idled a bit before it pronounced the lie: Johnson wrote him an email “coming out” to him, an email that is conveniently lost on “an old computer.” (“Yeah . . . that’s the ticket.”)

    I can hardly wait for more revelations from the “old computer.” Perhaps we will learn that Jared Taylor confessed to being a Jew agent, being married to a Jewess, having an Asian mistress, and the other nonsense that spreads ass-to-mouth on these forums. Perhaps we will learn that Sam Francis actually confessed to being a coward who is only in it for the Zogbux.

    What is Linder’s reaction to this? He tries to change the subject back to me. Well, this isn’t about me. I am sorry, but it is Linder who is on trial here.

    I really don’t care what people think about me. Those who know me, know me. Those who don’t know me are free to speculate and believe anything they want. I can’t stop that, so I don’t care about it.

    But what IS important to me is that Alex Linder be put in his place, and kept there: He’s on the outside, and he will remain there. He doesn’t know me, or Taylor, or Francis, or MacDonald, or Weber. So he passes off speculations as facts and now resorts to simply making up “confessions.” It needs to be said, in case any serious person is in danger of taking him seriously.

    I listened to the rest of the “debate” while pulling weeds and turning over compost. (It somehow seemed appropriate.) If Linder were interested in the common good of our race, he certainly would not be exacerbating Hunter’s latest Yankee vs. Southron shtick under the guise of critiquing it.

    Hunter claims that my most profound article is “West-Coast White Nationalism.” Actually, it is the most superficial piece I have ever written (though it is fun). He claims twice that a “fundamental” objection to the idea of a white ethnostate is that I don’t tell us its name or location. No, those are not fundamental issues at all. They are utterly superficial. The answers are: (1) the name does not matter, and (2) the location will be wherever white people can seize control of our destinies and keep it.

    As I was finishing that last paragraph, I was called by a fellow insider who reminded me of a promise I made to him and others not to engage in this kind of debate with “those people.” I guess it is time to get back on the wagon.

  17. Greg’s answer to my points is 1.) don’t know and 2.) wherever. This is probably unique in the history of nationalism: a group of people who don’t even know the name of their “nation,” where it is located in the real world, and can’t tell you the first damn thing about it.

    Of course, an abstraction or a fantasy doesn’t need to have any correlation to flesh and blood people in the real world.

  18. What I find amusing about Greg Johnson is (besides his refusal to make clear as to whether or not he is in fact a homosexual), is how he continues to devote so much time, attention and energy in putting comments on and engaging in banter with Alex Linder of VNN, and here too with Hunter.
    The continued hits on Carolyn Yeager, a wonderful and hardworking pro-White woman, are also a bit baffling. Why does an important and powerful self proclaimed “insider” like the great Greg Johnson make it his business to slither so far down the WN hierarchy only to degrade (supposedly) powerless “outsider” rabble?
    One can only wonder……

    Earlier on I attempted to post a response, well a better word for it might be verbal beatdown , that Alex Linder gave Greg after the debate. It was too long for here I guess as it never appeared, so instead this where it can be read in full:

    (Greg’s complaint is post No. 486, Alex’s response is post No. 490)

  19. This is probably unique in the history of nationalism: a group of people who don’t even know the name of their “nation,” where it is located in the real world, and can’t tell you the first damn thing about it.

    We ought to add this to debate Monday, it’s a far weaker point than you imagine. You don’t seem to realize there are two sides to the sword of ‘rootedness.’ As a hint, all you have to do is imagine what would happen if ZOG said, “ok, evil racist whites, we’re giving you a reservation – the state of Wyoming.” What would happen? All the regionalism and patriotardism/libertarianism and religion would fall to distant second place as white men of every stripe raced to get in on the deal.

    Where is the white nation? Wherever whites are sovereign and conscious of the meaning of white sovereignty, defined as jealously protective of it.

    You have famously said you would rather live around southern niggers than liberal northeastern white men, but very, very white men agree with you, including your own Southerners.

    (I say parenthetically, this thread shows what happens when you allow pedophiles, queers, neocons and assorted trolls to post whatever defamatory bilge pleases them. Those interested in something better are welcome to try VNNF, where we do not allow egregious, defamatory lies – and serious assertions must be backed with evidence.)

  20. What I find amusing about Greg Johnson is (besides his refusal to make clear as to whether or not he is in fact a homosexual), is how he continues to devote so much time, attention and energy in putting comments on and engaging in banter with Alex Linder of VNN, and here too with Hunter.

    When things don’t matter, you spend a lot of time on them. I don’t pretend that about Greg; I’ve tried to lead him the right way; I think he does matter. I think he’ s going down the wrong path, and I’ve tried to steer him straight. But…some men you just can’t reach.

    Gregler seems intent on proving to the rest of us he’s an insider; he’s so hot to do this he lies overtly, and misrepresents where he’s not lying.

    For instance:

    I do know MacDonald personally; I’ve bought him a beer and called him a hero to his face. I’d do the same again. I doubt anyone outside of California ever heard of the guy before VNN starting promoting him via my sprintros more than ten years ago. But he’s wrong about politics; his instincts are almost perfectly negative when it comes to what whites need to do. In that he’s generational to the fifties. He cannot conceive of a racial politics that isn’t simply conservative pandering with a racial veneer. I have pointed this out respectfully and repeatedly and will continue to do so so long as he is wrong.

    As for Sam Francis, he was the quintessential conservative career girl – trying to have it both ways. Pretending to be a radical to shake shekels out of us, while taming it up as a respectable publicly to keep his spot at the System trough. If you all are happy being Friday night fucksluts, not good enough to introduce to the parents, then y’all keep supporting Itz Pat Buchanan and Canny Sammy Francis, cuz they’ll sure keep supply near beer to you giddy, giggly mental teenagers.

    Sam Francis was silly fat fellow of dubious sexual interests whom I sincerely hope my deprecations hounded into a timely grave. Well, to remain faithful to the truth, it was me and tasty pies what did him in; and, in my private moments, I must allow the pies the larger part. I must live with the sorrow, and try to do better next time.

    Jared Taylor I have denounced as an enemy of White Nationalism from day one, and will continue to do so until such time as he too helps our race by not being alive any longer. I hope that day comes soon. J. Barnum Taylor says jews are white while calling himself a White Nationalist. This cannot be allowed to stand. All of you should be attacking him for this monstrous, this truly jaw-dropping tergiversation. You won’t because you very mistakenly think, in your generally dimwitted Southron way, that ideas don’t really matter. Contradiction? Eh. Not that big a deal. Hating ZOG while collecting checks to fight for the Dam Yankee Empire? What’s wrong with that? Only an egghead would care about something like that. A man can say, Jews look white to me, they’re my friends, I welcome them to our cause, and too many of y’all just spit in your Skoal cup and shake your head in agreement, lahk you’d just heard fahn wisdom. This is why you are not serious people, and it is why our movement is not — yet — serious. Because it is unprincipled. It is unserious about itself, so it can hardly expect to be taken seriously by others. This thread and what is allowed on it is perfect example.

    Returning to GeeJer – listen, li’l twirpy chirpy, whatever it is you think you’re inside of — and forgive me if I don’t respect your expertise, since you confuse male cloacas for female invaginations — it aint white nationalism. In fact, sweetcheeks, you’re inside the withered old buttocks of professional conservatism. To you it’s a delightful smorgasbord of toothsome opportunities. And I have no doubt many choice bits will fall to your eager lapping tongue as you loving caress Brimelow’s et al.’s perineum.

    But your cooption by professional conservatism has shit-all to do with a future for white children.

    I can only wonder why you and your new friend Mohel Marty are interested in white children in the first place.

    Would anyone here leave his child in a room with either of these ‘men’?

    “No, but they’re funny. Really funny!!”

    As I say, clown show. Pure clown, show our cause – at least here.

  21. Where is the white nation? Wherever whites are sovereign and conscious of the meaning of white sovereignty, defined as jealously protective of it.

    I really like this and am going to use it.
    Thank you.

  22. Like the sick Ashkenazi jew whose jew asshole developed an immuniological response to being hooked up to a jew asshole — which is what Crohns is, namely jew ass-GAIDS, even though four months ago it suddenly developed instead Ulceritive Colonitis, i.e. Aryan ass-GAIDS –Rabbi Lender/Linder ‘forgets’ that when it points a hoof at the Aryan that three more hoofs point back.

    Rabbi Lender/Linder and itz collection of ZOGbot tards and fluffers is reduced to calling me a pedophile. I was on the line to be railroaded for bogus child molestation charges and illegally sent to a psychiatric prison/hospital for ‘evaluation’ and there doped up for over two and a half years until the end of the Dumbya and Runt Blunt administrations and was able to act as my own lawyer and the bogus case fell apart because my grandson refused to lie about me. But still I lost my family, four or five teeth knocked out by piglice, and the better part of four years of my life.

    Now I’ll admit that it was YHWH and hate which has kept me alive and ‘sane.’ I don’t have any doubts of how to take care of ZOG’s problems by finishing off ZOGlings as well as regime criminals.

    Now three years ago, when it was trying to divert attention from itz snitching against Bitch-Tits Bill by bringing up “Dr. Johnson might be a homosexual” and having the Roid-Rage-Retard ambush you, I asked the gut-sick guido kikenweasel with jew ass-GAIDS that if it knew anything about my particular case to go inform the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office. After all Linder, as well as TraitorGlenn Miller and Todd ‘Ammoface’ from Floriduh are excellent informants if nothing else. Rabbi Lender whined, kikelike, that because I allegedly lied about it, then it gets to lie about me. Which is typpycull for Lenderkikelingkind. Linder is the sort of cowardly jew that initially gets itz meercats to lie for it, but will sleeze when necessary.

    Now as for how ridiculously easy it would be to get a confession from any of these ZOGbot tards, no torture or doping need be applied. Just withdrawal of alcohol in the case of TraitorGlenn Miller, or apply the slightest slight — in the case of Jim Giles — or merely give Linder the cover of a subpoena to divulge Internet information on subscribers that there was no need to keep.

    I notice that over on the VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF that all of Lender’s ZOGbot jew and mamzer and whigger meercats are chimping on you. Karl Gharst has told the truth as he sees it. April Gaede, in addition to being a disloyal whore, April’s latest meercat, and CornCobb are deemed to have something to do with Kevin Harpham’s incarceration and other matters. Anyone who has anything to do with them will be afflicted with rats as well as lice. Hence we all yell, “ZOGbot Leper Unclean!!!”

    I see that you are afflicted with meercats over on Lender’s. They are demanding that you answer for me. The proper response is to tell them to cum out of theyz’ ZOGbot meercat holes and to join your forum and they can ask of you or me anythang that they [s]will. Being cowardly as well as miscegenated, drunken, jewish, retarded, mentally diseased and afflicted with small-cox this probably won’t happen.

    You are aware that if you do another interview with Linder and Giles that you will be assaulted by two proven ZOG informants, one jew with jew ass-GAIDS (hopefully not catchy), one Roid-Rage-Retard with both testicles the size of peas with a brain to match, two yellow cowards — one moral and one physical, and a report to the Department of ZOGland InSecurity as to how the money was spent from the petty cash drawer.

    I’d pull a Rabbi Lender and say that you got a bad case of the scruples and stand these two ZOGbot fuktards up.

    Speaking of blowing off interviews with jews, you need to be aware that Peter Goodman/The News Kike is a jew born on the lower East Side and now living north of the Bronx. This jew used to do radio with itz fellow mischling Hal Turner on The Right Perspective until Hal went on to bigger ZOGbotting.

    Linder needs you far more than you need Linder. Linder simply can’t win in any open honest debate which is why it has its own jewnshackle tard-corral. And how do you love Linder’s swarming meercats? Unless you enjoy them Genesis 3:15 foot patrols, I’d simply give it up and see how fast it takes Linder to ban you in pique like he has all the genuinely Aryan and Christian posters.

    Six months ago you were #3 on Lender’s shit list behind Covington — #1, and me, #2. You need to get back on Linder’s shit list, where itz safe, unlike what happened to pore Joe Snuffy, but get this straight:

    I’m the one who has earned #1.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  23. Hello Dr. Johnson:

    I have no idea as to why Hunter is associating himself with known federal informants — as both Alex Linder and Jim Giles are admitted informants who will testify against others — and the ranks of VNNF are full of other known informants. I see no reason why Hunter has joined Linder’s tard corral and apparently is now being verbally sodomized by Linder’s meercats.

    Looking at Linder’s above posts, I am happy to see that Linder’s Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS has spread from itz diseased kike asshole to its kike tongue to where it is now shitting out of itz mouth as well as diseased jew asshole/colostomy bag. This diatribe above will of course make the rounds and I doubt that anyone will have anything to do with Linder again. Lender is under the delusion that he ‘made’ both you and Dr. MacDonald and took down Sam Francis. Why, itz just a matter of time before Lender thinks itz Jesus Christ, like three niggers and a jew did locked up with me on my ward in the NutHouse.

    Harold Covington says that whenever the goat dancers make up a lie that he answers it — once. You can’t let a lie go unanswered. You post the response on the liar’s forum and if not allowed to do so, then you have your own forum and that of others to post it as well. Which is what I’ll do on my forum and other allied forums. Fight liar with fire.

    I’ve been in the bowel Movement for 19 years since Waco. This game is called “Cossack and jewboys.” The jewboys take over for the whigger host, and then you as the Cossack make the jewboys fort up in theyz tard corral. Then they have to eat theyz weaker shabbes whiggers and sick, elderly and young kikelings while ghettoized as the Cossacks circle outside. When played with heavy weaponry this game is called “Nazis and jewboys.”

    Hunter will end up having to pick a side. Right now he is being swarmed by Linder’s diseased meercats. If he goes with them, his carcass will be the first picked to the bone in Lender’s tard corral, oy vey.

    I’ll send you an e-mail. I got your above book free on Kindle. Would you have an equivalent book of comparable worth? In return, I’ll send you a DVD of the Topeka Rally 2004 in which Lender, Pastor Butler, Billy Roper, and myself were speakers. Not the CornCobb Director’s Cut. I didn’t record the scene in which Linder asked this little Swiss guy if he was a jew and like to shit itzself back before it needed a colostomy bag.

    Speaking of which, have you ever met Linder? Your description of Linder’s behavior in real life as being shifty like a kike is spot on, except for the part where these clowns think that they’ve been detected. Linder gets rigid with terror. TraitorGlenn Miller turns grayish-green and claims to smell urine. I had to explain that I store all my urine in plastic jugs to pour on my asparagus patch and didn’t realize at the time that TraitorGlenn must of smelt it running down itz leg while running out of my office back in August 2000.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  24. But he’s wrong about politics; his instincts are almost perfectly negative when it comes to what whites need to do.

    Yes the A3P demonstrates this perfectly.

  25. Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller promised a White Freedumb Party back in 2004 when they first hooked up. Instead, they never delivered on any of this.

    Rather, TraitorGlenn Miller has deliberately destroyed any possibility for quote ‘White Supremacists’ from running for federal and state office in Missouri by deliberately filing for political office, getting refused to be allowed to pay the filing fee, and then deliberately losing the federal lawsuit.

    Don’t believe me? I was refused to be allowed to run for US Senator thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller poisoning the well in 2010:


    Now what Alex Linder says about Pat Buchanan being a crook is correct: I was the main candidate denounced for racism by Pat Buchanan back in 2000 when I ran on the Reform Party primary ballot for US Senate:


    I’ll grant that no political elective policy can save whiggers or ZOG/Babylon. Yet Dr. MacDonald did something and it wasn’t to kick actual White Nationalists off the ballot for state and federal office in Missouri like Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller did.

    I don’t think that there is anyone in the bowel Movement who has run for office and gotten others to run for office than I have. I myself ran for US Senate as a Libbertoon in 1998, Reform Party in 2000, and Republican in 2002 and Governor in 1996, and 2004 and Sheriff in 1996, 2000, 2004, tried to in 2008 and 2012. This year I got my woman Roxie, to run for county commissioner and she got 1659 votes/13% of the total cast even though we were by then boycotting the [s]elections.

    I think Dr. MacDonald should have picked a better whigger horse than Merlin whats-his-name who don’t like White Nationalists in the A3P. But it needed to be done although it should have been done differently, maybe.

    But Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller could form in their own counties a political organization in an established minor political party with ballot access and cause some trouble. They don’t because the only ones they want to cause trouble for are genuine White Nationalists.

    Linder is a sick jew that Dr. William Pierce picked out of the refuse basket to form a second ZOG false-front, paid for out of Order ZOGbux. Nothing more. If Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Greg Johnson and Hunter Wallace are accepting constructive criticism on how to run their blogs, forums and podcasts as opposed to learning from their own mistakes it should be from anyone other than a sick jew and a professional informant running off of stolen money. I think Dr. Johnson could run twice the ZOG false-front that Pierce did if he had been given $400,000 in Order armored-car loot, $800,000 with inflation.

    In fact, my friend Jimmy Von Brunn killed more niggers with a 1906 single-shot 22 rifle at the Holohoax Museum than TraitorGlenn Miller did with $250,000 Order ZOGbux, a single-wide full of automatic weaponry and explosives, and a emptied case of Jim Beam, although to be fair, TraitorGlenn Miller did fill up a pantload when arrested.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  26. That’s true.

    I’m accustomed to the blacks. Most people around here know the score on race. I can live openly as a racialist. There is no intense pressure to believe in and conform to something as stupid as racial equality.

    In the Northeast, it is very different. I’ve been told by lots of people from their about their agonizing experiences with their own friends, families, and neighbors. Being a racialist there is the modern equivalent of being an an open homosexual in the 1950s.

  27. Hail Victory!!! Pastor Martin writes:

    “In fact, my friend Jimmy Von Brunn killed more niggers with a 1906 single-shot 22 rifle at the Holohoax Museum than TraitorGlenn Miller did with $250,000 Order ZOGbux, a single-wide full of automatic weaponry”

    Jack Ryan responds:

    The reference here is to the incident where a crazed, old conspiracy mongered kook invaded a US Holocaust museum and murdered some minimum wage Black workers there, giving the Jews a huge propaganda victory. This crazy, cowardly murder confirmed the Hollywood scrip that American White racialists are only deranged, old HATERS who want to murder saintly Blacks, Jews and other minorities, who are working together to oppose violence, ignorance and most of all HATRED.

    One can be tempted to think that Steven Spielberg or some other Hollywood Jews are directing every moved by these deranged, counter productive Hollywood bad guy Nazis, but sadly, they a real and they destroy the reputation of our people and get our “movement” to go backwards.

  28. You know Hunter and Jack, if the word “racist” was destroyed and whites were allowed free speech, the conspiracy folks would be marginalized, big time.

  29. I have to say that I take great enjoyment in reading how hurt people’s feelings are over the lyceum incident. The fact that the usual suspects swarm to the defense of people who picked a fight with me and were put down in their place only confirms my viewpoint that I did the right thing.

  30. After reading the vnn thread, you’ll understand why people like “Freidrich Braun” and myself make the mistake of trying to ally with Zionists. It’s because of the kooks and morons who patrol the internet forums, including forums that aren’t wn forums. It’s one thing for vnners to set up forums, but it’s another thing to set up “Free speech forums” but then really have it controlled by people from the same movement.

  31. I admit to making a mistake regarding my original interpretation of the Jewish question, which essentially didn’t take into account the people who suffer because of the misbehavior of Jews and was opportunistic. I haven’t gone the other direction, I still consider myself moderate on the issue.

    On the other hand, it must be stated that the phora/lyceum conflict was not fought over the Jewish question, and while I regret “playing friendly” with genuinely bad Jews, I don’t regret the whole phora/lyceum incident. That was their own fault.

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