Freeper Vanity: What About The White Vote?


H/T Kosher Republic

I’ve been following Kosher Republic on a daily basis for 12 years now and Obama’s reelection and the open contempt toward White males has the synapses firing like never before.

Note: I’m also seeing this on Twitter.

Are we really so beaten down by the left that we are going to accept their blatant racist attacks? Barack Obama received near 100% of the black vote to win the last election. Yet we actually are being made to feel guilty because we got “too many” white voters.

And, the DNC chair is bragging that they have a House caucus dominated by minorities and women. Meanwhile, Susan Rice lied to the whole country, and for mentioning this we are being called racists.

They WON the election and they still are attacking us as racists. Even though they got lots of white votes. This is really getting out of hand.

I’ve grown up with everyone considering it impossible to appeal to white voters. Well for goodness sakes, at this point white voters and republicans are the only ones not acting like fanatical racists.

I can’t believe the racist onslaught being launched by the democrats is popular among white voters. This race stuff is deadly, it is going to hurt America in a terrible way.

We are being told that only “minority” candidates and voters are valid now. That through illegal immigration, we must turn whites into a minority.

This is outrageous. The democrats are racists, in fact they always were. You cannot deal with leftism and racism by hemming and hawing and apologizing, the people attacking us are merciless.

Conservatives better launch a counterattack on this and soon. They’d better identify the democrats as the racists in the room, because they are. If we don’t we are about to be eaten alive.

There is nothing wrong with whites and white voters. Whites have been strongly conditioned NOT to be racist in today’s America. We’d better damn well insist that all segments of society follow the same rule or we are going to end up in a country beset by real racial unrest on all sides.

We’re witnessing a leftist revolution right now, and it is riding on a wave of racial divisiveness. There is nothing wrong with whites and someone better start defending them and denouncing racism on the left, and quick.

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  1. The nig worshipers include a variety of Germans who fetishize the Schwartzers, some confused diaspora Irish who can’t let go of 150 year old myths
    and namby pamby hipster antiracists. In addition to that I have no role in Anerican public life other than as a tax payer. I simply happen to agree with HW point of view. Sean, I know that you don’t.

    Sean, cool your fighting words. Go eat some food. Go drown your sorrows. Your life must be a fucking misery to challenge a perfect stranger to fight. Pure unadulterated misery.

  2. Chris, thanksgiving is an offshoot of the harvest festival. Lammas, Autumn Equinox, Harvest is simply the OE word for Autumn. Thanksgiving is an iteration of that folkway. It’s not a battle commemoration it’s as old as the hills.

    You’re a sucker Chris. Just like your predictions about Michigan going Red, you’re a complete fraud.

  3. John, do you want to go the, Chris/Stonelifter route?
    Ill gladly give you my address.
    This Massachusett, Boston guy will give you a good fucking lesson on how to keep your mouth in order.
    You know nothing, John about the NE.
    Hilarious to read your slants!!
    Tell you what, bring yourself to Boston or NYC and talk your shit.

  4. For the record, john. I now live in Vegas. I’ll knock your Brittish ass OUT, my friend.
    go home, John, before someone hurts you. 🙂

  5. No fighting words, John.
    I know you are nothing. A waste of typing on my part.
    But go up north and run your big mouth, my friend.
    Ask Tamer, ask anyone from upnorth.
    It ain’t Missouri.
    You are not even from here. Yes, we have a major divide here. I respect the south, I have family in the south.
    Fuck off OUT of my nation, John.

  6. @Fr. John+,

    From your link: We think of the Northeast as very liberal, but we can actually see that if one removes Jews, “Other Religions”, and self-declared Atheists from the White count, Romney wins even the liberal Northeast’s White vote.

    Yup. Romney won the ‘normal white people’ vote everywhere, even in the heart of Yankeedom. In these 8 states (New England, NY, NJ) Jews made up almost 10% of the white electorate and voted only 29.3% for Romney.

  7. Why on earth would you want to fight a perfect stranger? Did I insult YOU? otherwise you are just posturing. Oh yeah, and Nevada? Christ, what fucking hellhole. Arizona is much much more attractive. Take my word for it. The Sonoran desert is far more livable than the turd world tourist trap you just moved to. You will regret moving to Vegas one way or another, it’s soulless.

  8. Sean,

    America isn’t a nation. Surely you understand the consequences of the last election? It’s a Negrified-Mestizo frontier with Suburban and rural whites holding the demographic line.

  9. No posturing, John. I just don’t like you.
    Of course this is the internet. As I said, I am wasting time as I type.
    Good luck to you, Green card John.
    Just another parasite.

  10. test says:
    November 22, 2012 at 4:02 pm
    “Your reading comprehension sucks.”

    Your comprehension of what it is we are doing, SUCKS.

    As Ole Bob says, either do it right, or go work for the other team.

  11. The idea that America is a nation (one that straddles a continent) is one of the most humourous notions I’ve come across. It’s at least 5 nations. For homogeniety to exist as a people wouldnt everyone end up mocha? It’s a monsterous state of affairs.

  12. “It’s at least 5 nations. For homogeniety to exist as a people wouldnt everyone end up mocha? It’s a monsterous state of affairs.” Multiracial immigrants to England are said to become British by aculturalising, adopting English language, etc. But it remains a monsterous case of multiple nations occupying the same space until everyone ends up mocha.

    “wrong for John to be here but not the decedents of ethnic White immigrants?”: The line is drawn between Anglo-Celts and Ulster-Scots, and all others such as Irish and Germans?

  13. Note that there is no such thing as “white people” or “white civilisation” here, only “different peoples” or ethnic groups that are more closely or less closely related culturally, genetically, etc.

  14. Chris and Sean – shame on both of you. John is WHITE. He blongs anywhere he chooses to go.

    We’ve all bickered and sparred. I’ve gotten into some pretty vicious cyber dust-ups. But WE are NOT each other’s enemy’s. So STOP it.

    Chris and Sean – if the well-bred, responsible Englishman moved in next to you – would you immediately worry about the neighborhood going down the tubes? I would not.

  15. I honestly have to wonder about Chris. The Brits Out! Meme is dreadfully suspect. Less so Sean.


    There are definite character traits in the different whites who live in North Anerica, their cultural and ethic origins are important in understanding how Obana was elected for example.

  16. There’s definitly white folk in Ameirca, and they constitute the actual America. But they clearly break down into nations within nations. New England is clearly very very different from the plains or the deep south. They relate to darkies in different ways. They are also rivals for power within the US.

  17. JamieG
    “Your comprehension of what it is we are doing, SUCKS.”

    Nope. The mantra works because it produces cognitive dissonance: it does step 1 and 2 of this.

    “1.Discredit the figure of authority: the cult leader
    2.Present contradictions (ideology versus reality): “How can he preach love when he exploits people?” is an example.
    3.The breaking point: When a subject begins to listen to the deprogrammer; when reality begins to take precedence over ideology.
    4.Self-expression: When the subject begins to open up and voice gripes against the cult.
    5.Identification and transference: when the subject begins to identify with the deprogrammers, starts to think of him- or herself as an opponent of the cult rather than a member of it.”

    On reflection minor changes to suit individual audiences probably don’t outweigh the advantages of consistency but it’s still the same method.

  18. I’m not sure if this is the right place to say this- and I say it as an outside observation.
    It is so disheartening/ frustrating to see all the diversion(ary) BS and ego fluffing/ ego battles between people/ groups. It seems like it’s gone waaay off topic from Southern secession. That’s not good, imho. It’s off-putting. (I have to ask, is it intentional? Not in a ZOG-generated kind of way, but a personal, undermining kind of way; as if fearing that the South might actually succeed. Jealousy. I am really sick of the tug of war already. How many other people see this, roll their eyes, and just blow it off?)
    Struggling for “control” will only prevent anyone from succeeding and it is wasting *very* precious time/ energy (the petitions, for all their insignificance, *are* an opening. I hope it isn’t blown.) “Worse is better” will serve one side- or they think it will, but it will not serve the South or Southrons. It’s been getting progressively (pun unintended) worse for us since the 60s. They haven’t had “worse”. It is abstract to them. The South has lived it.
    Secession/ partition/ Balkanization really is our best hope. It’s *possible*, however remote that is. And the more, the better: 3 or 4 “areas of concern” will probably keep their focus divided wrt to response. All of the groups have different goals/ interests and can handle themselves.

    Sean is one of the personal battle “culprits”, but he’s right when he says to keep it serious and appeal widely. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. (don’t shoot yourself in the foot, HW. You have a very, very good thing- as does Palmetto Patriot. Or you did, if you can regain control of it.)
    I hope this is not overstepping/ “upstarting” too much. I’m just sayin’.
    (PS Some of the conversation at VNN between you and Alex Linder was good- productive, even- and some of the debate/ conversation was surprisingly good, fwiw, but it’s still 2 very different directions. The mindsets aren’t really very compatible.)

  19. It is so disheartening/ frustrating to see all the diversion(ary) BS and ego fluffing/ ego battles between people/ groups.

    I don’t really think it’s diversionary. What we’re seeing at OD is a fight between the European Multicult and European Nationalists on the other. The multicultis, typically Yankees, are just a watered-down hair of the dog that bit us. They think all the same shit the multicultis think, just limited to Whites-only. They no more respect Freedom of Association, Self-determination, or Nationalism than the Global Multicultis do. The Nationalists don’t want to be amalgamated with Yankees, etc.

    It’s the same Multicult vs. Nationalism debate we’ve been having with the featherless bipeds all along, with only the players changed.

  20. If the Euro Multiculti “Melting Pot” anti-Nationalists ever got power, they’d turn the keys back over to the Global Multicultis within a generation or two. Which isn’t surprising; Euro Multiculti is what paved the way to Global Multiculti the first time around.

  21. Agreed, Jared. It’s not cute, clever or sneaky to call the Left ‘racist.’ It doesn’t work.

    But they are racist. And I’ve always found truth to be the best policy.

    Yeah, it’s not generally considered ‘racist’ to hate white people or to want to see them exterminated. By contrast, only the most virulent racists actually hate minorities.

    Consider a weapon designed to only target your side, and not your enemies. But then you open up the service hatch and re-program it to target your enemies.

    That’s what you’re doing when you call them “anti-white racists.” You’re taking the weaponized word “racist” and re-programing it to target our enemies. They spent all that time and money (lots of it; billions at the very least) and effort but you just leveraged it for your cause, like hot-wiring a weapon to do what you want it to do.

  22. “This cannot be accomplished as stated and will fall flat on its face. Calling them “racist” and accusing them of “racism” is a dead end. The winning term is ANTI-WHITE.

    Of course, I realize I’m pretty much “preaching to the choir” here.”

    Well if you’ve got a freeper account, go post exactly what you just said here over there.

    Calling them “racist” and accusing them of “racism” is of course a failing strategy if you can’t or don’t make your case. Of course that’s a waste of time. But since they obviously are racists, you can obviously make the case. And if you do, it’s a good strategy.

    The same is true of calling them anti-White, of course. If you just use the labels and don’t support your accusations, you’re wasting your time. But anti-White is far less effective than “racist,” either way. Nobody is programmed to consider “anti-White” a bad thing. Water off a duck’s back. A badge of honor, even.

    But put the two together and you have a winning combination: anti-White racists. Suddenly, “anti-White” is “racist,” which means it’s a very bad thing. And suddenly, “racism” is “anti-White,” which means it’s now programmed to target our enemies, stripping away their immunity.

    I almost feel a protective paternalism for people like this quoted Freeper. They’re the racists! Them! Don’t you see? We hate racism, why are you attacking us for being white? Why?!.

    Indeed, it’s sad and weak. You’ll never catch me making this argument about how racism is bad and we must be anti-racist and conservatives are the real “anti-racists,” etc. It’s a gelded argument. I turn the tables and show the racism of our enemies to drive a wedge between them and their white allies.

    I agree with your point overall but personally when i’m breaking a new site i start out with “anti-white racists” and then shift to “anti-white” once they get the hang of what i mean – as a kind of icebreaker. It is important to shift to just “anti-white” as soon as you think they’ve got it though as you want it as concise and consistent as possible.

    Test gets it, though I don’t agree with phasing the “racist” part out. Concision should not fall to accuracy and explicitness. So what if the current eyeballs “get the hang” of it? The guy who wanders in via Google search 6 months later will not have gotten the hang of it.

    Just wondering, but why do you guys cared if youre labeled “racist”? The next time someone calls you a racist, just ask them what is wrong with being one. Every time I’ve done this, the other person is incapable of coming up with a reason of why being a racist is bad, they simply assume that everyone considers it to be a negative trait.

    Maybe they’re not incapable, they just think they’ve won and figure everyone who shares their worldview agrees. Now, if you say, “sure, I’m a racist, and so is everyone else, only moreso,” and he agrees, that’s different.

    When people scream “racism”, a blended humanity in only White countries, IS what they are demanding and that is Genocide for White people.

    The right word is anti-White. Use it, or go work for the other side.

    I think “genocide” has a hell of a lot more sting than “anti-White” alone.

    The key thing here is to not say “they are anti-white racists therefore they are bad because racism is bad” but “they are anti-white racists therefore they are hypocrites.”

    Correct. And also, “they are anti-white racists therefore they hate you.”

  23. Svigor,

    I get that. And I definitely understand that the Nationalists want their divorce from the yankees ( 😀 you don’t mean the baseball team, right?). What I am saying is that by attempting to dominate the Southrons’ efforts at secession- and in a way, co-opt it, they may undo us all. They *should* pursue their place(s), absolutely! I support that. But in their own way, they are almost as different from Southerners as yankees are. It’s not a philosophy that works for everyone or is likely to be readily accepted (MAYbe in a situation like Greece *IF*/ when that happens in the US. We don’t know. Europeans and Americans are very different. Greece is tiny compared to the US, or even the South.) How much damage will occur before the US could even get to a point that it might be possible- and would that damage even be reversible? With secession being attempted in several European countries, and with the knowledge that there *is* support in the US, now- or very soon, is the time.
    Personally, I don’t think that I would be that much happier under NS, with the only exception being relief from the muds and the Zionists.
    It isn’t just about that. It is about overbearing government. From my understanding (and I acknowledge that I am *not* well-versed), NS would ultimately be about as overbearing as what we have now. If people are already this overbearing, what would it be like if they became “the government”?
    Having said that, I fully support what Golden Dawn is doing. In Greece or even Europe.

    (Having watched the jockeying for control during Iran’s Green Revolution, these discussions ping that. I find it disturbing. Threatening and perilous. It’s probably just me.)

  24. I don’t really think it’s diversionary. What we’re seeing at OD is a fight between the European Multicult and European Nationalists on the other. The multicultis, typically Yankees, are just a watered-down hair of the dog that bit us. They think all the same shit the multicultis think, just limited to Whites-only. They no more respect Freedom of Association, Self-determination, or Nationalism than the Global Multicultis do. The Nationalists don’t want to be amalgamated with Yankees, etc. Svigor

    Well said sir

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