Catalonia Goes To The Polls


The Spanish state of Catalonia is holding elections on Sunday which are expected to return a strong pro-independence majority in the Catalan regional parliament:

Her confidence is not based on nothing. The ANC, formally launched in March, is the end-product of an impressive grassroots campaign born of a dawning conviction, since the mid-1990s, that “the idea that Spain is a true federal democracy, in which all the nationalities’ rights are respected, is a joke.

“It’s actually a democratic facade hiding a fundamentally imperialist structure. There is no real Spanish state – there are a series of nations that Castile conquered, and called Spain. . .

So the ANC was formed, “to make the Catalan nation visible in the streets; to grow the number of people who agree we want to be a nation; to unite people, not organisations or political parties; and to work for one single objective: a Catalan state. . .”

The same is true of the United States.

It is also a democratic facade hiding behind a fundamentally imperialistic structure. It is also a composite of nations that were violently conquered by the United States in the nineteenth century and incorporated into “America.” The White majority in the ex-Confederacy never voted to rejoin the Union.

In the United States, “democracy” is the tool by which a majority of Yankees, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, and blacks rule over Southern Whites, who overwhelmingly vote as an ethnic and cultural bloc against that political alliance, and the direction it wishes to take “America.”

Like the Catalans, we need to dissolve this Union, and our time is better spent studying the precedent they are setting for us in Europe and adapting it to our own circumstances than wasting our time sparring with “White Nationalists.”

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  1. You’re right. Catalonia is leftist. They have a lot of Muslims. Typical progressives. They may be nationalists but they are also socialists. It will be interesting to watch if they do unilaterally secede and how it is spun in the USA which used to be my country, but is now ‘their’ country, i.e. the liberals.

  2. A white society will inevitably wax and wane between left and right poles; just so long as it is white, it makes me no nevermind.

  3. Catallan nationalists tend to be leftie of course.

    You’re right. Catalonia is leftist.

    We’ve been over this before. The governing party in Catalonia that has proposed a referendum on secession, the CiU, are centre-right, not leftist.

    The major Catalan political party opposed to independence are the Socialists. Among the smaller parties, there are some leftists that support independence and some rightists who oppose it, but overall Catalan separatism is basically a right wing phenomenon, like in Flanders but unlike in Scotland and Quebec.

    The confusion about the dominant political ideology in Catalonia probably comes from the fact that Catalan voters usually elect a majority of leftist politicians to the national parliament in Madrid, while conversely electing a majority of rightists to the provincial parliament in Barcelona.

    The reason for this political dichotomy is probably that Catalan nationalists see the the centre-right Peoples Party, who are fierce Spanish nationalists, as their main enemy, so they send leftists to Madrid to oppose them while electing rightists at home to govern themselves.

  4. Viva Catalonia!

    If this blog is any indication, it looks as though “white nationalism” is a euphemism for “white multiculturalism.”

    I say no to white multiculturalism.

  5. “National Urban League President Marc Morial sent a letter to Obama, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after the election, urging them to put “a special focus on those communities where unemployment is and remains stubbornly and persistently high.”
    “We who represent the nation’s urban communities will demand a seat at the table in these discussions,” Morial wrote.”

    Gibsmedat! Obama’s walk around money is due. Here come the monkeys to take your stuff.

  6. The solution for Dixie is similar to what is unfolding in Catalonia:

    1.) First, we need to secede from the United States.

    2.) Second, we need to create a new nation-state, the Republic of Dixie.

    3.) Third, we need to jettison Americanism and stop defining ourselves by race and region. In this scenario, we would cease to be “White Southerners” and would become “Dixians,” a distinct European ethnic group like the Quebecois or Catalans with our own nation state.

    4.) Fourth, we need to secure the border, crackdown on illegal aliens, dismantle affirmative action, and shutdown the welfare state. The demise of BRA would precipitate a mass exodus of blacks and Hispanics from Dixie.

  7. Hey Hunter:

    I see that you closed the Lender/Linder ‘debate’ thread.

    And thanks for defending me over on VNNF, although the fact of the matter is that I never was convicted of anything because the case fell apart. My grandson refused to lie against me — in fact I doubt that my grandson actually said anything at all. I was sent to the NutHouse because I wanted to be my own attorney and get to see my grandson and the same judge who took the grandkids and whom I was suing to get them back wanted to force me to take a pub[l]ic pretender and when I refused sent me illegally to the NutHouse. Took me three and a half years to wear them down to where I was able to be my own attorney and get out on an affordable bail and the case had to be dismissed at the preliminary hearing with a new judge.

    Of course that doesn’t keep that jew Linder from lying otherwise. I could sue it but I’d prefer to skin it.

    Anyway, I don’t have any doubts any more about your ability to defend yourself in a debate against Linder and that other informant Giles.

    I am writing you a ‘heads-up’ if you do an interview with this “Peter Goodman” of NimBusters Radio tonight. Peterless Goodmamzer is a jew as are many of the NimBusters. NIM-Busters started out as an anti-racist site because the “National Independence Movement” — a secessionist states-right group allegedly didn’t pay this Stan Lawson a fee for web page work. Now the place is simply chaotic and perverse.

    Anyway, watch your ass tonight what with all the jews and mamzers and faggots. I think that they want to have fun with you. If in doubt, sit down, shut up and hang up.

    I’ll be listening in tonight. Good luck.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  8. Hunter:

    Did you ever receive the Private Message I sent you a couple of months ago as to how to put a youtube BB code into your v-bulletin 3.7.2 forum?

    If you are going to upgrade the forum software, I recommend that you either buy Xenforo as a clone of v-bulletin and give the old license to Kane12345666 so that he can re-open the Lyceum.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  9. I think it will be hard to shake “Southerner.” People say Dixie but will they say “Dixian?” Maybe “Dixinos?” Who knows. The country will probably be called “DixieRep” for short.

  10. With Florida already conquered by the Brown Tide, HW better get his Southron Secession going pretty quick. Otherwise there’ll be nothing left to secede with. A general, L-shaped white Hard Right secession bloc including the south, midwest, and high plains states will work much better. And then we will still have to go into the coastal cities and liquidate the Jew-commanded FreeShitArmy, or they’ll be right back at us, 1863-65 all over again.

  11. White Floridians will eventually radicalize. Additionally Romney wasn’t a Bush. For some reason they need a JEB… It’s crazy.

  12. HW says, “…we would cease to be “White Southerners” and would become “Dixians,” a distinct European ethnic group like the Quebecois or Catalans with our own nation state….”

    Quebec is interesting in that way. They actually pulled it off.

    But the “white southerners” are now ill-defined. That’s where I’m not sure what you’re saying.

    Before, I would have said the litmus of “southern national” would involve family in WBTS, (which often does have colonial overlap as they were the oldest population in country, and often wasp overlap, although certainly not categorically, due to deep south, louisiana, etc— and you add the island cultures).

    So, really, there’s the upper, lower (“deep south”), and island cultures, what altogether is the “Golden Circle.”

    So, who are they?

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