Southern Rebels and Northern Revisionists

Today I am re-posting an interesting article from Instauration Magazine which discusses the two, distinct groups of North/South, racial realist activists. Instauration Magazine was clearly THE BEST White racialist magazine in the United States from the 1970s through the 1990s.

Thanks to the hard work of American patriot Jamie Kelso ( the complete Instauration Magazine is now online at

Rebels and

Rebels and Revisionists
Instauration Magazine March 1997

Whoever observes objectively the small number of white Americans struggling to reclaim their nation must sooner or later be struck by the ways in which this activist minority differs from the majority–of the Majority. Even more interesting-and distressing–because less often acknowledged, is the yawning gulf separating the ranks of conscious combatants for the Majority’s supine soul.

it is the difference between the activist and static groups that interests us first, more for its impact on our present potential for rousing the Majority from its suicidal torpor than for the consideration, for historical purposes, of the wider and deeper rifts that have split white American activists in the past. For the purposes of this study, the division among activists consists of two broad affinity groups that will be referred to, somewhat irreverently and imprecisely, as ‘Rebels” and “Revisionists.”

“Rebels” are largely Southern in origin and look to the Confederacy and its precursors (Jefferson, Calhoun, et al.), as well as to subsequent defenders of “the Southern way of life” for inspiration. Even today, with substantial “ethnic” migration southward and Rebel migration elsewhere long a fact of life, Rebels remain largely Anglo-Saxon and Scotch-Irish by descent. They are Protestant by upbringing, if not by active belief, and often Anglophile (but tending more towards Kipling, G.A. Henty and the “thin red line” than E.M. Forster, Bertrand Russell or Benjamin Britten). The chief focus of Rebel watchfulness has been on the Negro and his white “benefactors,” though even today there lingers among Rebels a sentimental attachment to blacks that non-Southern racialists find puzzling. A small minority of Rebels, who feel compelled to embrace more drastic and more violent associations, have gravitated to the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups.

“Revisionists” are mostly non-Southerners, spread far and wide throughout the land. Some live in Dixie, but most still tend to cluster in the cities of the Northeast and Midwest. Many of them are “ethnics”: self-conscious Germans, right-wing Irish and sundry Eastern Europeans, on whom the upheavals and wars of this century have weighed heavily, if not always personally, from the Russian Revolution to the First and Second World Wars. Many are Catholic, at least by heritage. While most are no friends of blacks, their chief incubus has been the Jew. Over the decades Revisionists have swelled the ranks of Coughlinites, America Firsters, Joe McCarthy boostersand, at the extreme, a variety of Nazi and Fascist outfits, from Silvershirts and GermanAmerican Bundists to the fledgling parties of George Rockwell and other latter-day fuhrers. Regardless of their social and economic status,

Revisionists have never really assimilated to the newmodel American state constructed by FDR and his successors.

Attend an American Renaissance conference (Rebel), then an IHR conference (Revisionist) and the differences, not merely in ideology, are plain. Compare the ways the two camps have traditionally tended to look at Woodrow Wilson. For Revisionists he was the president who inveigled America into WWI. For Rebels, he was the president who screened The Birth of a Nation in the White House-and liked it!

Over the past several decades there has been a growing politesse between the two camps on formerly divisive issues (above all religion), along with an increasing willingness to collaborate in a spirit of common defense against the rising onslaught on white America. There are Rebels with strong Revisionist affinities. There are Resionists who honor the South and its traditions.

Still, despite lip service to an overriding unity based on race, the two affinities soldier on mostly independently. We rarely talk about this phenomenon. Why sap our morale with constant allusions to the divisions in our thinning ranks? We assume unity-and much unity there is. But in important, tangible ways our roots are separate, our myths are different, the dragons we try to slay are diverse.

Considered in the current American situation, the Rebels and Revisionists are most intertwined in the overriding difference between them and the rest of the Majority. Unlike most of our fellow American whites, we recognize our dispossession, and call it for what it is. We work–or at least desire-to reclaim our patrimony and master the future for our kind. No less important, we per
ceive this dispossession, despite the burdens of taxation for welfare, affirmative action, aid to Israel and the like, as chiefly a problem of the spirit and a threat to the soul rather than a threat to wealth and prerogative.

It will be no news to Instaurationists that the overwhelming majority of white Americans, driven either by aggressive cupidity or defensive self-preservation, regard our racial idealism with contempt. What we see as a visionary quest conjoining biological survival with societal and cultural transformation, transfiguration, even transcendence, a mighty cohort of our fellow whites sees as wickedness and evil. In neo-Calvinist terms, many of the more successful whites mark our “obsession” with blacks and other nonwhites as the latter-day badge of the non-elect, forced to mingle with the lower races not by predestination, but due to their own insufficiency. (A cruel gibe at us hereditarians!)

Worst of all in the eyes of the Majority at large, we are losers. The popular media unfailingly depict us as such; our candidates or street activists nearly always lose their infrequent electoral or courtroom jousts. We are losers even in our own mythology: Pickett’s Charge and Appomattox; Stalingrad and burning Berlin. Even those “ethnics” whose struggles in their motherlands have culminated in independent nation-states tend more to honor the heroes of their unsuccessful risings and revolts than the colorless bureaucrats who lead Dublin and Kiev and the
rest towards a drab “Euro” present and darker one-world future.

We who regard ourselves as the sentient and active vanguard of the Majority are the smallest and most impotent contingent of racially aware members of white America since the conquest of the continent was undertaken. Perhaps never before have so few members of the Majority’s upper crust been engaged-financially or otherwiseon behalf of the descendants of the nation’s Mayflower, Tidewater and other elites. Nor have the nation’s key institutions for molding leadership and for consolidating power, from the Marine Corps to the boarding schools to the Rotary Club, ever been as hostile to what founded and sustains them.

Well may the reader ask at this point, “Now that Moriarty’s struck up the usual jeremiad about how rotten most white folks are; how hopeless those of us who give a damn are; and on top of it how we’re split off into two different backward-looking sects, is he going to tell us that it’s time for our little Camp of the Saints to stack arms and file off to the strains of The World Turned Upside Down played on a jew’s harp?”


“When vice prevails, the women of the family become unchaste; the corruption of the women leads to mixture of the varnas!” Bhagavad-Gita 1:41

“When justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, then I come. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born in age after age.” Bhagavad-Gita 4.7-8


  1. I used to subscribe to Instauration, but I cancelled my subscription because of it’s anti-religious, Anti-Christian bias. The people who wrote for it, IMO, did not understand or care for the spiritual values gave a race it’s soul and culture. To them it was all white skin. I later converted to Catholicism (from Lutheranism) and discovered E Michael Jones Culture Wars magazine. CW had the right balance of race, culture, and Logos that Instauration lacked. I highly recommend that OD readers take a look at The site has a lot of on-line articles that will be of interest to OD readers. CW also publishes books. Two I would recommend to OD readers would be The Revolutionary Jewish Spirit and The Slaughter Of The Cities. The title of the first one is self-explanatory and the second one is about BRA and its DWL helpers.

  2. Thank you ConfedNorth – I’ll check out

    I do note that Europe Catholics, South American White Catholics and European American White Catholics were once the strongest fighters against Marxism, feminism, Hollywood, “a certain people”, but it seems now like mostly something from the past.

  3. Me, I watch what the Catholic politicians do in Congress—that tells the whole story! Everything else is bullshit. LOL.

  4. Spirituality is great.

    Catholics have been among the biggest institutional boosters of illegal alien infiltration into the United States. That alone is reason enough to give up on them.

    As well, they want to ban abortions, forcing little Renée to carry Tyrone’s rape baby to term – and what if Ann Dunham had had the option of having an abortion 50 years ago? And they want to ban condom use, keeping minorities having tons of children.

    Catholicism was once a great religion of the White race. The institution has since been captured by the anti-Whites, as has the Southern Baptist Convention.

    However, Benedict XVI has had some important things to say. Check out then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s description of Liberation Theology, written for John Paul II as official Church teaching:

    tl;dr Ratzinger denounces cultural marxism.

    He also, importantly, fingered ’70s feminist, homosexual and pedophile activists for their role in creating the climate in which the clergy abused boys. Naturally, today’s feminist, homosexual and pedophile activists mocked him for it.

  5. Strictly speaking a priest is significantly less likely to sexually abuse children than any other cross section of men. abuse in rampant among secular public school teachers and Orthodox rabbisin Brooklyn and Pakistani gangs in the UK or boyscout troop leaders.

    It’s a huge bullshit issue. Comb through the bordelloes anywhere and you have the same underage racket going on.

  6. Peppermint, I assume you are a former or disillusioned Roman Catholic by the tone of your post. If you are, I understand why you’re upset. However, in your anger, you made several mistakes.

    One, the pro-unrestricted immigration thing is strictly an obsession of some of the bishops not the Catholic people at large. Many of us are telling the bishops that we don’t want illegals to use the church as a gateway into this country and we’re doing what we can to force them to abide by the law.

    Two, pregnancies caused by rapes are extremely rare. Most, if not all interracial babies are conceived by willing intercourse.

    Three, Obama’s momma, even in Pre-Roe Hawaii could have gotten an abortion without any difficulty. Her father was a CIA employee, her mom was a bank vice-president, and Frank Davis, the communist who was, I’m convinced, was Barry’s real dad, had connections in which they could have procured an abortion in Hawaii or stateside. They chose not to, so we’re stuck with BHO for four more years.

    Four, condoms actually cause more pregnancies, because more people have sex thinking they will be safe from pregnancies or STD’s. However, rubbers break and some STD’s can go through a latex barrier, resulting in more pregnancies and higher STD statistics.

    Five, Catholicism is still a, if not the great religion of the European descended people. (Remember, HW said there’s no such thing as ‘white people’.) The Catholic Church has had troubles before, enemies inside and outside it and has always managed to beat them. The gates of hell have never, in the long run, prevailed against the Church. The Protestant churches, liberal or conservative, are not prevailing. The sola scriptura doctrine made every man a Pope, so they each have a different teaching on the same subject. As a result, they keep splitting into smaller and smaller groups (if they are ‘conservative’) or if the larger body become liberal, the more conservative members leave, and the mother body shrinks in membership.

    Peppermint, I’m glad you like some of the things Papa Ben has to say. However, he needs to put some teeth into what he says and back it up with action. However, I suspect that will be the next pope’s play. For the salvation of souls and Western Civilization, I pray this will be so.

  7. I have a Polish last name and 11 generations of South Carolina ancestors, but I am neither revisionist nor rebel.

    The Holocaust happened, and nothing in the 1860 Republican platform justifies secession. (Sorry great-great-grandfather. You fought with skill, courage and honor, but you fought in an unneccessary war brought on by the fire-eaters)

    What motivates me is the well being of my people, White Americans – which is to say, the descendants of the original colonial era white population, and those subsequent European Christian immigrants who fully assimilated to them.

    If I criticize a certain hyper-ethnocentric group, it is because they are hostile to my people (far more so than Blacks, Muslims or any other group), powerful, intelligent, devious, indefatigueable, and utterly immoral.

    Were their ancestors murdered by Hitler? Yes. Were my ancestors wrong to bombard Fort Sumter? Yes. Does anything in history excuse the wretched behavior of today’s diaspora Jews towards today’s White Americans? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  8. The Holocaust did happen, in the sense that the Germans put Jews and non-Jews into work camps where a great many died from privation partially caused by Allied bombing which the Zionists urged to be done. (Well documented.) For homicidal gas chambers there is no good proof. Some Jews were shot simply for being Jews, but many more for insurgency or other provocations. How many? I don’t know, but the figure we are constantly told is ludicrous.

    Were it not so, no one would go to jail for denying it. People are not jailed for lies, but for Heresy.

    Rubbers causing pregnancy? No. I’ve never had one break and I have used them for decades. I fathered one child on purpose, and later had a vasectomy years ago. I used them for STD control. Broken ones occur because they are old or stored poorly, because Vaseline or other incompatible lubes are used, or because they are not sized properly. (Japanese ones are too small for many Whites, and many negroes and mulattoes need Magnums.)

    Pregnancy caused by rape exceedingly rare? Not that rare, although rarer than that caused by consensual sex. Most of the mixed people conceived during invasions in ancient times were conceived by rapes rather than consensual sex, in fact. My paternal grandfather’s boss in the Edison battery plant (now yuppie apartments in West Orange, NJ) had a dusky, awful looking daughter from his wife’s being raped by a “high yellow” plumber’s assistant allowed in the house in the immediate post-WW1 era. The rapist was killed in jail awaiting trial, but the child was born and raised with his other four, and despite the best education and home life she turned into a petty thief and prostitute and was a source of enormous grief to the family. Death in utero would have been a blessing for her and her family.

  9. @ “… what Papa Ben has to say. However, he needs to put some teeth into what he says and back it up with action…..”

    Imo, it’s too late. He’s let the Jesuits go on, and they did create Liberation Theology, and the fact is— after 1500 years, most people just see it for what it is, the same “Good Cop-Bad Cop” routine that mirrors the “left-right” systems game they see on their t.v. every night called fox news versus cnn.

    The “right kind” of catholics have benefitted HUGELY from Liberation Theology, Jesuit shenanigans, and cultural marxism. Thanks to it, they are majority on the supreme court, and in the 60s years since Irish RC Banker Philip Hart opened the border, a Northwest Euro Prod nation became roman.

    People who pretend they haven’t benefitted —-taking the goodies while decrying how they got there— sometimes just inspire contempt.

    Once you get power that way—- you simply have it. That’s the way it works. No matter how much you try to play “the good white” or the “good catholic” or the “good minority”—– once you have a majority supreme court, the ploy ceases to work.

    Mark my word.

  10. —-when what was just said above is solidified, is when “tides turn” —whoever wants the hotseat can have it.

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