Catalan Secessionists Win Regional Elections


Early Returns: A bittersweet victory in Spain … the Catalan secessionist parties have won a majority in the regional elections, but it looks like the CiU will lose 12 seats in parliament:

“Nationalists in the Spanish region of Catalonia are set to win in regional elections, partial results show.

With more than 95% of the votes counted, the ruling CiU had 50 seats, short of an absolute majority. The separatist left-wing ERC had 21 seats.

Both are nationalists keen to hold a referendum on whether the region should break away from the rest of Spain.”

Update: Walter Russell Mead is claiming that the CiU lost seats, but the four secessionist parties combined won a huge majority, up to 95 of the 135 seats in Catalonia’s regional assembly:

“Exit polls from the regional elections in Catalonia show that pro-independence parties are winning a huge majority: up to 95 of the 135 seats in the regional assembly, according to analysis from the Financial Times. Worse, from Madrid’s point of view, the radical pro-independence forces are doing unexpectedly well. The next Catalan government will now be convinced that it has a mandate to hold a referendum on independence that Madrid says is illegal.

In a worst case scenario, the provincial authorities will attempt a referendum that the national government tries to block. It will be interesting in such a case to see whether the police obey local authorities or listen to Madrid. At the moment, no one knows what comes next; there is zero trust between Barcelona and Madrid right now . . .

Spain must now come to grips with an angry and increasingly ambitious Catalan national movement — even as the country attempts to calm foreign creditors and implement difficult economic reforms. It will be hard — it may be impossible — to get it all done. Failure will be much more consequential than anything that has happened or can happen in Greece; we are on the edge of our seats as we wait to see what comes next.”

Note: Catalonia is 12,399 square miles. Alabama alone is 52,419 square miles. In terms of population, there are 7.6 million Catalans to 4.8 million Alabamians. There are around 3.5 million White Alabamians.

The GDP of Catalonia is $314.4 billion. The GDP of Alabama is $174.4 billion. The GDP of Georgia is $403.1 billion. The GDP of North Carolina is $407.4 billion. The combined GDP of New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts) is only $800 billion.

The GDP of Texas is $1.3 trillion. The GDP of the ex-Confederacy plus Kentucky, West Virginia, and Oklahoma is $4.7 trillion. Yet in this Union there are 12 senators from New England and 2 senators from Texas.

Catalonia is a mouse compared to Texas.

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  1. I appreciate this post and want to add that a STRONG case can be made in terms of both common sense and economic science that after partition, you would see a super-boom in the low tax, low regulation, low welfare nation of Greater Texas!

    You would see unprecedented capital and population flight.

    Conversely, we could expect an Economic Day of Judgement as the mixed race welfare states of the North East and West Coast go even further into Brown Out. I hesitate to publicize that, however, as I want them to believe they would be better off without us and would finally be able to bold their “Utopia”…

    I also want to express my gladness at the new comment policy: white-and-normal is the watchword, and I will refrain from most epithets myself.

  2. South Carolina – Population: 4.6 million; Territory: 32,000 sq miles; Economy: $145 billion (2010)

    Republic of Ireland – Population: 4.6 million; Territory: 27,000 sq miles; Economy: $217 billion (2011)

    As you can see, South Carolina is very similar to Ireland in size and population. It’s economy is not as strong but freed of the US Federal Government we would have a much lower tax burden and could exploit off-shore natural gas reserves. We could become a fiscal paradise if we wished. Lots of possibilities for SC if we were free. And we do not have all the natural resources of States such as Alabama or Texas, which could possibly become even much more wealthy.

  3. Did anyone notice the Economist front page story about a month ago? It featured a mob of blacks rioting on the cover with the headline “Cry, The Beloved Country” about the fall of South Africa. Read the article for a good laugh. They ask themselves what happened to South Africa, then try to answer it, when the answer is right on the cover!

  4. But every centralizer (organized looter) will scream, “But what about the disadvantaged (they mean negro in this case)?” So this means the great state of South Carolina has a long row to hoe if it wants its freedom because it is loaded with negroes. Honestly I would put Vermont turning itself into the Free State of Sodom before your beloved South Carolina took its freedom.

  5. Here are some updated results:

    Right now it looks like the centre-right CiU won 50 seats, a leftist-separatist party won 21, and two smaller separatist parties won 16, for a total of 87 out of the 135 seats in the Catalan regional parliament. Next step, referendum.

    You should be aware that the Catalan language area is much larger than just Catalonia. It also includes Valencia province, the Balearic Islands, the principality of Andorra, and even part of France. But Catalan nationalists are–wisely–only proposing independence for Catalonia proper.

    Similarly in Canada, Quebec separatists make no claim to the French-language regions of New Brunswick and Ontario. In South Africa, the nascent Cape independence movement is pushing for the secession of only the Western Cape province, and not the much larger Afrikaans-speaking region that includes the western third of SA and the southern third of Namibia.

    The lesson here for “Dixians” (LOL) is don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. Texas and South Carolina, by comparison, are easily digestible morsels ready for independence tomorrow if need be, just like Catalonia, Quebec and the Western Cape are. In contrast, the Catalan and Afrikaans language areas, French Canada and Dixie aren’t.

    Consider the logistics of creating an independent 14-state Dixie: you would need to win 14 state referendums on separating from the US, followed by a further 14 referendums on re-federating into a neo-CSA. Good luck winning 28 straight referendums, it’s next to impossible just to win one. Don’t take my word for it, just ask the Quebecois.

    And the idea of dividing the US into various ethnic or ideological nations is even more far-fetched, not to mention utterly ridiculous. Aztlan, Afro-America, West Israel, Redneckia, Crackerstan, SWPLdom and the Gay Republic are never ever ever EVER going to come into being.

    Nope, state secession is the only way to go. You’ll notice that there are now independence petitions for all 50 states, but not a one for Dixie. Hey Hunter, 1861 called and they want their ‘brilliant’ idea back. It’s almost 2013, so it’s time for some fresh thinking.

    Eventually, I believe that American secessionists will come to the realization that 50 independent nations within a supranational US based on the EU is the best way forward. Look at the Big Four separatist movements in the West: Catalonia, Flanders, Scotland and Quebec. All are already self-governing units and all want to join supranational entities once independence is achieved; the first 3 with the EU and Quebec in association with the rest of Canada. Why not go with what will work today rather than something that *didn’t* work 150 years ago?

    I’m glad that Hunter has pledged to study these separatist movements in greater detail. Surely he will soon come to the realization that secession beyond the state level is an impossible dream, and that his efforts are better served pushing for the independence of a real live place like Alabama rather than an amorphous entity like “Dixie”.

  6. Notice the left-right partnership in Catalonia.

    We can do the same here; the Obama coalition is comprised of left wing whites, brown nationalists, and various handout seekers.

    We can appeal to the left by pointing out that without pesky white traditionalists, they can build Utopia. We can point out to the brown nationalists, that after Partition, they will out number the white remnant, and will be able to dictate terms (think of California now)

  7. Catalonia is 1/4th the size of Alabama.

    The ex-Confederacy plus West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma would have a GDP larger than Germany or France. Alabama has a GDP larger than New Zealand. Texas has a GDP larger than Australia.

    The last thing in the world that we need is any kind of Union that includes the Northeast or the West Coast. We have already tried “federalism” with them – it was called the United States under the 1789 Constitution – and that experiment is what has brought us to this point.

  8. Afterthought,

    Vox agrees that the selling the Left on the mutual benefits of secession will be the key to victory:

    “For the record, I am in favor of self-determination. That is the key, I think, for secession supporters to win liberal/progressive support. American liberals, for all their ability to double-think, simply cannot permit themselves to oppose self-determination, since it is one of the foundations of their perspective on foreign policy. While some of them will be able to concoct a convoluted conceptual structure that allows them to vehemently support foreign self-determination while denying it to Americans, most of them will not. It is too integral to their view of the world.”

  9. Need to point a few things out: 3 and a half weeks ago, many were alleging a Romney victory, now secession is a question only of how and when. Credibility matters. Few have it on the traditional right.

    Secondly, single state secession is a non-starter. Even Texas would find itself a member of a vast coalition of territories. Alabama is not a nation. The south is.

  10. I have been dangling the bait of self-determination in front of leftists for 10 years. In all that time, I haven’t gotten a single bite. Not even a nibble. Hundreds of fishing trips, and not one bite.

    That is how they will respond to the self-determination arguments of secessionists; they won’t. They’ll talk about what’ll happen to the poor NAMs if the evil white secessionists get their way. They’ll paint secession as white and therefore Nazi. They’ll paint anti-secession as NAM and therefore holy.

    They absolutely will not engage the self-determination talk in good faith. They absolutely will change the subject, every time.

  11. Jeppo, you are right. This is a political fight that took place in the South from the late 1820s until 1860s. Most secessionists favoured all the Southern States leaving at once. Many opposed secession unless a united South could quickly be created. Rhett and others (the Fire-Eaters) came to understand that without even one of the Southern States in the USA the other Southern States will be at a political disadvantage and further alienated. This would put pressure on them to secede. He believed that once one State seceded others would follow suit. So he favoured single State secession. Eventually he persuaded enough South Carolinians to do so. And, as he predicted, the other Southern States (most of them, anyhow) followed suit.

    Imagine if Texas seceded. That would 38 electoral votes the GOP would never get again. They are already a party in decline. Without Texas they could say goodbye to any hope of ever taking the US House of Reps or the US Senate, much less the White House. This would probably lead to another Lower South State following suit rather than suffer permanent Democratic control of the US Government. Once a couple Southern States seceded I think you would see a general exodus of ‘Red States.’

  12. How does one allege a victory before the vote is cast? Don’t you mean predict?

    Id hardly say that the world view Hunter us selling was at all upbeat about Romney’s chances. A few days of exciting expectation (getting caught up in hype is understandable) don’t diminish credibility about the behaviors of diverse white and black voters. The View point here was as solid as anything expressed by Nate Silver, but for very different reasons.

  13. “We can appeal to the left by pointing out that without pesky white traditionalists, they can build Utopia. We can point out to the brown nationalists, that after Partition, they will out number the white remnant, and will be able to dictate terms (think of California now)

    The left knows that without those pesky white traditionalists (those people with a work ethic), utopia can’t exist. They also know that without the creativity of those same people, their economy will not work. The browns know that they can’t govern themselves effectively (they really are not that stupid- which is why they follow us wherever we go) and know that they need us for a meal ticket. What both the left and the browns want is control, a dominant position. They will never let us go without a fight. Aside from that, they would not be able to abide the thought of a successful non-coffee colored independent nation existing in “their” world”.

  14. FTR Drudge is pimping Catalonia secession tonite. FTR as was wrote above once one leaves then the gate is open. So open the damn gate already.

  15. I, too, take the white-and-normal pledge.

    As for secession: it seems impossible at present. Any real attempt by a U.S. state to secede would result in the federalization of that state’s National Guard, which would be deployed to seize air, road, and rail facilities. The national and international media would fill the airwaves with images of Bull Connor firehosing Negroes, Klansmen burning crosses, and fashion-challenged, working-class whites holding scary assault weapons. The Guy with the Mustache would be invoked. College kids, Negroes, and Latinoes would be whipped into frenzies of protest. The UN would condemn the “renegade racists” in the state in question. Facebook would be buzzing like a hive of angry hornets as the SWGOTI Red Guards that run this country launched volley after volley of saucy image macros with anti-secession themes.

    Then, one by one, military transport aircraft would touch down at international airports across the rebel state. Convoys of Humvees, tanks, and trucks full of soldiers would stream down the Interstates to occupy “hotbeds of racist secessionism.” A few hundred “resisters” would be shot pour encourager des autres.

    Game over. God Bless America. Cue Lee Greenwood.

    No state attempting to secede today could do so. BRA is just too powerful, and the federal entity too entrenched in the minds of Americans as the Good Guys.

    But that’s today. Tomorrow… well, who knows? Imagine the world of twenty years from now. If you had to bet, would you bet the federal entity will be more powerful or less powerful by then?

    In 1969 there was no hope for the Czechs who wished to escape the Soviet Empire. Their attempt to let themselves quietly out the back door was denied by the strong hand of the USSR, which pistol-whipped them into submission and locked them in the basement.

    But in 1989 — a mere twenty years later — things were different. The USSR was no longer strong enough to keep them under lock and key. The Czechs knocked the pistol from the shaking hand of the geriatric Soviet Union and skipped out the front door.

    Moral: The Empire will never be stronger than it is today. Stay Czech.

  16. The left requires a ready supply of Kulaks to moan about, and blacks need their Mark to predate on. It can’t go indefinitly.

  17. But the Czechs needed to have their uprising in the 1960s to lay the groundwork.

    The shock of watching a black president gunning down ordinary Americans would be quite an eye opener. He’d be exposed as Robert Mugabe with an American passport.

  18. “The ex-Confederacy plus West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma would have a GDP larger than Germany or France. Alabama has a GDP larger than New Zealand. Texas has a GDP larger than Australia.”

    I’m a Wyomingite. Please take us with you. We’re the same people. Wyoming is 2nd only to Mississippi as the reddest place in U.S. In fact, our founding stock is Confederate soldiers, who having lost their property in the Civil War, came to WY to be cowboys. (And a few Germanics who’ve assimilated. The only anti-Whites are the CA transplants in Jackson Hole and Laramie who brought the stupid ideas with them that the consequences of which had made them leave California.)

    We even have a town named Douglas — after Stephen Douglas, Lincoln’s opponent in the 1860 election.

  19. The use of the Marines or Army on the local population: you could only hope that the left would be that stupid. It would be a political gift to secessionists to have a couple of Dozen Martyrs!

    Nevertheless there is no reason the split couldn’t be amicable. Like the Slovaks or Catalans or Scots.

  20. The South would happily take Wyoming.

    K. And you’ll be glad you did. We’ve got the coal to power the entire nation of Dixie.

  21. Texans re-elected Neocon governor Perry who has been saying how much he loves the Union, and disowning the secession movement.

  22. Left and cultural marxist lunatic are not exactly the same. There are lot of left wing white nationalists available. I,m left wing nationalist, also called national socialist or nazi. Depends from caller…:D

    Left wing nationalism isnt very bad. Hitler rised German wrecked economy within few years and post war German economy miracle was made public schooled hitlerjugend, who all got free lunch in the school at goverment expence. Eastern Europe runs left wing nationalism also pretty well. Our public schools scoring PISA tests every year better and better. Mandatory army service after high school is not limiting personal freedom, but helps boys become a men and lot of military trained men are good for every country. Mass immigration is avoided, pederasty is condemned or even forbidden. And so on…

    Left and right are political viewpoints not DRD4R7 gene driven madness. WN must consider rename their enemy. I suggest call them anti white, not left or liberal. This name “liberal” always brings me laugh. Go tell them that you want ethnically pure society, forgetting holohoax and white guilt as whole or something like that…you will see their “liberalism”

    So there are not left and right, there are only pro white and anti white guys. Leftism and rightism are pure socioeconomical views. Genocide of white race is not politicis or economy, it is crime against humanity. This crime is timeless BTW so once we can make Zuroff and will haunt immigration activists from every corner on Earth and dragging them to the court even when they are already 90 years old.

  23. History is passing by Rick Perry as we speak; at least give the man credit for saying the S-word back when. And, no, the secession(s) will not be peaceful. The demican/republicrat Kosher Mafia and the FreeShitArmy parasites cannot let the Host pull away..they know they will die without it. War to the Knife. Not a brotherly discussion like 1861-65. More like Spain, 1936-39. Catalonia Now….20+ former “American” states after the debtPonzieconomy collapses.

    @Oculus: when States secede, the NG units will refuse Federalization and go with them. Important point here: before a state makes the Move, must make sure its NG units are w/in state borders…not on the other side of the planet fighting one of the ZOGwars.

  24. The case the Catalonian secessionists made is one to emulate: “people of Catalonia: you will be better off independent of Spain. ”

    Any divisive sideshow was avoided.

    A strong case can be made that Texas et al will be better off, made all the easier by the foul ups of Obama’s second term.

    A clarification: my ire is not provoked by HW or OD, both of which were vangurds of secession, but for those who even after the events of the last 4 weeks can only say “it can’t be done! ” Most whites have already seceded. from the multicult as much as they can given government pressure, they need.only to be remoralized and reorganized. Hense my anger with the demoralizers.

  25. I know a number of Southron old school liberals who favor secession. Of course their version of liberalism isn’t the godless version that appears to be the normal up north. I’m fair certain we can get more of our liberals on-board but yankees? I don’t think so. They have a long history of exploiting the South and won’t want to give up the cash cow and sense of moral superiority

    I am excited about the increase in secession talk. I don’t believe it will happen until the economy gets much, much worse, but it’s good our people have it on their minds. Personally I think secession will occur when States ignore and repeal federal laws that make doing business here so difficult. More specifically I think States will tell the feds to shove off so they can exploit the oil and gas reserves off our coast when unemployment gets bad. Increased immigration and the drain that puts on us as a people will also play a part

    How would we take Wyoming with us with all the yankees and yankee land mass between us and them?

    Let’s not forget how busy our Southron ports are when we talk about our economic power

    I’m not sure Southron men would fire on Southron civilians. Lord knows the “evil” Russian army refused often enough when the ussr was spent

  26. In response to the video HW posted above entitled ‘Catalonia: Europe’s Next Country?’ I wrote the following on the League of the South’s FB page:

    Notice how normal the people are. These are not nuts. They are normal people. This is what Southern nationalists need to work on – spreading our message to normal, every-day Southerners. Notice that these folks are not dressed in costumes from Catalan historic wars. They are not using weird rhetoric. They are normal people dressed in normal clothes speaking normally. And they want the best for their people and culture – they want independence. Mainstreaming Southern nationalism should be a goal of ours right now. As we have seen from the secession petitions, we have a potentially HUGE constituency. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to pack stadiums with our supporters. To do that we need to consider what works and what does not work. I’m not suggesting watering down our message. I’m about as hard-core as it gets when it comes to ideology. I’m talking about how to market Southern nationalism to the Southern public.

  27. “How would we take Wyoming with us with all the yankees and yankee land mass between us and them?”

    Texas takes OK, Kansas grabs OK, NE grabs onto Kansas, WY grabs onto NE.
    I’m, really, pretty much thinking all the Great Plains and Mountain West states (ex. New Mex and CO – or maybe CO, at least the eastern part, can come too if we excise the Front Range — which is only red because of damned libtard CA transplants and their mestizo helots) pretty much all the states that voted red, i.e., against Obama, we can make it work. We need some Great Plains states if we can get them for food production.

  28. Palmetto, you must recall that they are a highly organized people with a history that goes back 1000 years. Dixians had independence for a couple of years and the chimera of independence from 1776 to 1860 before that.

    But yeah ordinary people.

  29. HW, If we want to achieve influence and political power then we will need more than just a movement. We will need an influential movement that can reach a large percentage of our people. Using ethnic slurs and insulting the public (as in the GM ad you linked) will provoke some laughs but will not move public opinion in our direction. We have to be able to appeal to the average Southern Republican voter if we want to change the direction of the South. Again, I’m not suggesting watering down our message. I’m suggesting we get in the game rather than sit on the sidelines. I think more and more folks are moving in this direction. The secessionists in the Basque Country, Catalonia, Scotland, Flanders, Venice, etc. are not winning folks over by using ethnic slurs and insulting the public. We could learn from what is working.

  30. Barb your thinking red vs blue and I’m thinking kin. Southron folks and the folks from Wyoming maybe be kin, but those other places you listed… it’s lines on the map and not a nation based on kin. Lines on the map (ak what we have now) doesn’t work

    there is a lot more to it then red vs blue. Good people does not equate to the same people. I know folks think otherwise and they do so with good intentions but it would only set up the next generations for the same kind of problems we have now.

  31. It’s reasonable to connect such things to accurately stated deep roots. The Barbabos stuff is useful. The Catalans are digging deeply into their romantic notions of themselves.

  32. The sinister nature of the anti-separatist threats and taboos about separatism and partition and secession really throw into stark relief how much the Dixian is shackled to a state that means to grind him down. It exists almost nowhere else. A Cornishman can have his separatist party. The Waloons too. The Bretons if they like or Gascons.
    But no, not Texans or Carolinans. No sir, not them. That’s Hitler talk you KKK secessionists!

    It’s bizarre.

  33. “Barb your thinking red vs blue and I’m thinking kin. Southron folks and the folks from Wyoming maybe be kin, but those other places you listed… it’s lines on the map and not a nation based on kin. Lines on the map (ak what we have now) doesn’t work”

    I live in the Mountain West, SL. I’m telling you that most of these folks ARE your kin. Oil patch, cattle ranchers, wheat farmers (wheat is less subsidized than corn — the reason high fructose corn syrup is in everything is due to FedGov subsidies, and it’s the subsidies a/k/a handouts that made Iowa go Dem.) Kansas and Nebraska voted for Romney (which is to say, AGAINST Obama) more than 60 percent. Not quite as great as OK at 67% or WY at 69%, but pretty good. As good as West Virginia’s and Kentucky’s 60%, and you’d take West Virginia and Kentucky into Dixie, wouldn’t you?

    We can certainly carve out a nation of like-minded kin connecting Texas and Wyoming with a bit of thought.

    With the Obamanation, states going red (that is to say, voting AGAINST obama) are an excellent indicator of who’s our kin and who’s not.

  34. Go Catalonia!

    Anything that keeps secession alive as a political concept is a good thing.
    White Southerners need study and emulate the Catalan example.

    The economic plight of Spain has helped their movement along, no doubt.

    Nevertheless, this is encouraging development. Odd how much that is encouraging these days comes from Mediterranean cultures. Like the Golden Dawn and Generation Identitaire, Catalan Independence is yet another indication of the burgeoning archeofuturist political landscape in Europe.

    Nordic peoples seem too consumed with PC/Multiculti to do much good. They are the yankees of Europe, I guess.

    The old regime is dying everywhere. The coming economic plight of the US will provide the opportunity for Southerners to end their long oppression.

    Deo Vindice

  35. Scotland will have it’s independence if they choose it. No one, and I mean no one in England would fight to keep Scotland. Many English would actually prefer Scotland to leave. They are tired of the moaning Scotsmen and sending money north of the border.

    In polls, they have found that more English support independence for Scotland, than Scots!

    Not that I think Scotland will die without English money, I actually think it will be healthier for them, just as it has been healthier for Ireland to be ‘independent’.

    The old hatreds are dying in Ireland, which I think it a good thing, but it has taken a long time for this to happen. If Scotland goes peacefully, I can see the Scots becoming much more grown up in no time at all. And then England can begin to deal with it’s own problems.

    Spain is a different kettle of fish, there could well be some violence there, the memories of the civil war are still fresh in many peoples minds, and the Castillians really hate the Catalonians and Basques. I was chatting with a Castillian I lived with in Brazil, he was convinced that they were all just greedy for wanting to leave Spain. I think this a common feeling among Castillians.

  36. barb, I’m not saying the folks in Wyoming aren’t my kin. I understand who settled your AO. I’m saying the folks between us are alien and foreign to us and I don’t see how we can be united in one nation without adding way to outsiders

  37. Afterthought says:
    Notice the left-right partnership in Catalonia. We can do the same here; the Obama coalition is comprised of left wing whites, brown nationalists, and various handout seekers. We can appeal to the left by pointing out that without pesky white traditionalists, they can build Utopia…..”

    Take the Environmentalist (real environmentalist) position from the “left”—- and there is a portion of the educated whites, some still in the democratic party.

    They do not want their children poisoned by non-labeled GMOs, undrinkable water in housing secretly built on top of old hidden landfills, etc. The Alex Jones collegiate.

    They feel “America” has broken its unspoken contract with them. By selling out, and pandering anti-white rhetoric in whatever sector, they were supposed to get the pricy white suburb that used to be “safe” from toxic dumping, bussing, etc, not home invasions, school shootings, toxic soil, hormone food, etc. All this is not supposed to be happening TO (precious little) THEM.

    Where’s their payoff now? Their childrens’ suburbs are not safe.

    A group that genuinely cares about people could win. Wasn’t that the plot of The Ugly American?

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