Catalonia’s Precedent for Texas

The Lone Star State of Spain will hold a referendum on independence


In spite of the media spin, the bottom line coming out of Catalonia’s elections is that the four separatist parties won a clear majority in parliament, and there will be a referendum on Catalonia’s independence in spite of Madrid’s opposition.

The big winner in the Catalan elections was the Republican Left which is Catalonia’s traditional separatist party. Artur Mas’s CiU is a moderate conservative pro-business party, which some have described as the Catalan equivalent of the Republicans, that only recently jumped on the secessionist bandwagon.

The story of the election is that the conservative CiU lost support to the more radical parties which have benefited from the now legitimized secession fever and who are skeptical of his support for austerity measures:

“As a result, before holding any referendum on independence, Mr. Mas will first have to strike alliances with smaller parties that share his separatist goal, but not his economic and social agenda. After a vote that he had described as “the most significant in the history of Catalonia,” Mr. Mas told supporters that his referendum project was on track, while recognizing his party’s failure to consolidate its grip on power.

“Mas managed to turn separatism into a burning issue, but then ended up being overtaken by more radical parties in this debate and now finds himself in a much harder position to govern Catalonia in a time of crisis,” said Ferran Pedret Santos, a lawyer who was himself elected for the first time Sunday as a Socialist lawmaker.”

I haven’t seen a MSM article yet that notes that the Socialists lost eight seats and the Madrid-backed People’s Party only won one more seat in the Catalan parliament. The CiU lost twelve seats and the Progressive Left picked up eleven seats. The other parties (two of whom support the independence referendum) won the remainder of seats in the 135 member Catalan parliament.

Southern Nationalists will be dissecting Catalonia’s precedent in the months ahead: secession is illegal under the Spanish constitution, the Spanish parliament in Madrid has voted to deny Catalonia a referendum on independence, and the Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that secession is illegal. Yet the Catalan Nationalist movement is steaming ahead in spite of these obstacles toward a referendum on independence.

We already know enough about what is going on in Spain to draw some firm tentative conclusions about why the Catalans are succeeding: all this is being driven by the financial crisis within the eurozone, a depression level of youth unemployment, and the debt load in Spain and Catalonia, historical and cultural grievances against Madrid that go back centuries, economic and cultural arguments for secession are dominating the debate, and the movement seems to be dominated by normal people who have connected with a mass constituency.

Maybe Texas could become the American version of Catalonia? You got to think at some point there will be a dollar collapse, a debt crisis, another sharp downturn in the American economy, a California bailout, the Democrats in Congress raising taxes, or any number of things that will continue to piss off the hardworking Anglo-Texans who will watch helplessly as their money flies out of their own pockets only to be redistributed by Washington into SNAP EBT cards and Obama phones and DREAM Acts for illegal aliens and California public employee pensions.

Throw into the mix the fact that Washington refuses to discharge its constitutional obligations and passively allows Mexico to invade Texas. How long will it be before Texans are calculating the value of this Union with the Northeast and West Coast?

Note: When we can put over a million people on the streets with signs that say things like “Dixie is not America” and “Goodbye USA” and “Obama Out of Texas,” then we will have a real “movement.”

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  1. We in Texas better act fast. Whites are now down to 45% of the population and shrinking. Before too long the coming Mexican majority will secede and join Mexico.

  2. Fascinating news, and a good article, HW.

    Also, your previous article which compared GDP, total number of people, and other demographic data is the stuff that will win over the ideologically flabby.

    To those who have a heart for homogeneity, freedom, and normalcy, of course…. we already are THERE.

    Deo Volente.

  3. In Catalonia, they say “we have an economy the same size as Portugal.” In Texas, they can say “we have an economy bigger than Australia.” In Alabama, we can say “we have a bigger economy than New Zealand.” In Dixie as a whole, we can say “we have a bigger economy than Germany.”

  4. I wonder how much of the economy of the northeast is predatory, as in instead of value added productivity fueling its GPD, it uses banking and finance regulations in its favor to funnel cash earned in the rest of the country though its marketplace.

  5. Good news…I think that the global economic crisis will see a lot more “downsizing” and “localizing” being posited as solutions. God knows these behemoth nation-states have run their destructive courses.

  6. Now it is most obvious to people here why the Union should cease, however what exact concrete thing could be accomplished beyond simply talking of this action of sccesion. I would tender that the future lies with the young and if they go through public school many are lost to all sense of reason. For from a very young age a sort of revernce of the United State is pushed up into their teenage years along with a large portion of hogwash. Faith is cast down, reason and critical thinking put on the back burner to whatever false idols presented forth. So it beggars the question how can the young be reached and motivated out of these foolishnesses?

  7. @The Man From Mars
    “So it beggars the question how can the young be reached and motivated out of these foolishnesses?”

    You’ve never heard of, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White”?

    Call them anti-White.

  8. “how can the young be reached and motivated out of these foolishnesses?”

    Man from mars- Homeschooling, and teaching both a) true history, and b) white racial consciousness.

  9. Good analysis, Hunter. The story of this election is that the smaller, more radical separatist-leftist parties ate the lunch of not only the CiU, but also the pro-Madrid Socialists.

    I just checked the state secession petition numbers, and there are now 117,321 signatures supporting Texas independence. There are 6 other states, all in the South, with more than the 25,000 signatures needed to prompt a response from the Obama administration: Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama.

    I haven’t been following this too closely, but it seems like these numbers haven’t changed very much in the last 7 to 10 days. Could these petitions be losing momentum? I’m surprised that more states haven’t cleared the 25,000 signature threshold already.

    Texas is obviously the state that everybody’s watching, with its history as an independent republic and a strong Texas-first mentality among conservatives there, but it seems to me that the two most likely candidates for eventual secession are Alaska and Hawaii. These two geographic anomalies are separated from the contiguous US by great distances, both already have independence movements and both only joined the union in 1959. Last in, first out?

    Alaska has 7,946 petition signatures, more than twice as many as Texas on a per capita basis, and Hawaii has 4,137. Obviously secession fever in Hawaii has been damped down by the fact that Obama was allegedly born there, but with its history as an independent kingdom and the vast ethnocultural differences between the Islands and the mainland US, it’s probably only a matter of time before Hawaiian separatism returns with a vengeance.

    And there’s definitely no love lost between Alaskans and the federal government. Even Sarah Palin’s husband is an unrepentant Alaskan secessionist. With their massive resource base they could easily become a very wealthy independent nation, especially if they began fully exploiting the North Slope oilfields. And the Alaskan population, hardy pioneering stock with a strong conservative/libertarian bent, would seem to be especially conducive to calls for independence.

    So Alaska, Hawaii and Texas, in that order, would be my picks for the first states to secede.

  10. Raynauld,

    When do your border Castalans (twos that’s a specific word) raid the baggage trains and caravans of the Mexican cartels? Bring on the Crusade.

  11. The sentiment expressed by HW the exact precedent that will lead to victory, and as Texas goes dozens of states will follow, and as they follow, we will poach red counties out of the “blue” states until all that remains is a rump of America living of wheelbarrels of fiat money and Obamacare vouchers.

    Use EVERY crisis as a battering ram against the worm-ridden gates of America and start tearing down old glory and start getting other banners on the streets.

  12. What of those unable or not allowed to be homeschooled, and once brainwashed it is very difficult to be unbrainwashed unless ready to accept the truth.

  13. The Man From Mars says:
    November 27, 2012 at 1:31 am

    “What of those unable or not allowed to be homeschooled, and once brainwashed it is very difficult to be unbrainwashed unless ready to accept the truth.”

    Calling White people “racist”, over and over, has worked spectacularly well, has it not?

    If you want to understand psychological/political warfare, listen to this podcast starting at number 1.

  14. “What of those unable or not allowed to be homeschooled, and once brainwashed it is very difficult to be unbrainwashed unless ready to accept the truth.”

    Sacrifices for the future have to be made. I did without a full-time job early in our brood’s lives, to teach them to read, to read good lit to them, and to be the ‘stay at home’ parent. Yes, it’s an Ozzie and Harriet model, which is also good, for children need that parental input, the constant showing of affection, and the ‘quality time’ thing.

    The Bolsheviks’ major plan was to rip up the family, and make children wards of the state. Homeschooling is the most subversive method of destroying state control I know…. that is, only if you have aware parents. Homeschooling using the same propaganda textbooks is just feeding Moloch. That’s why we use pre-PC books. They also demand a higher literacy level, mainly because they were written for WHITE kids.

  15. @JamieG thank you for the links, I listened to some just so you know your efforts were not in vain.

    Now there is but one thing left and the most important the will to act. Cultivate this and fruits will be ripe for the picking.

  16. If Alaska or Hawaii were to secede, no one would care, because both are populated by little brown people. We could just slow the dust off the old 48-star flag and run it up the pole. Everyone liked 48-star America better, anyway.

    But if Texas were to secede… ah, that would be a different story. The Federal entity knows very well that a free Texas would start the dominoes falling. Texas Secession would be the North American version of the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia — the one that set off the nationalist explosion that tore the Soviet Union apart.

    Texas secession means the end of the federal empire. Texas secession means the end of BRA. And that is why BRA will never permit it.

    But BRA may not always have the power to prevent it. Until then, our job is to “stay Czech”.

  17. The Man From Mars says:
    November 27, 2012 at 6:27 am

    “Now there is but one thing left and the most important the will to act. Cultivate this and fruits will be ripe for the picking.”

    Yep, we don’t sit around complaining like some.

    We do back to them, exactly as they have been doing to us. Let our enemies whine about WN conspiracies, for a change. 😉

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