Live Thread: Alex Linder Debate on Radio Free Mississippi (Round Two)


It is too late for the live thread, but I decided at the last minute to participate in the debate, and we spent about two hours discussing Greg Johnson and homosexuality, Catalonia, and Christianity.

Note: Here’s the link to the archive to the show. No flaming in the comments! Enjoy!

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  1. @Jim Giles

    Jim, I think you did just fine handling your end of the discussion. Inviting the Spaniard to speak on the Catalonian situation was one of the high points of the show.

    Alex is Alex. Makes great points, but tends to be obnoxious at times. I wouldn’t get too upset over his slights if I were you. That is his style. He is the same with everyone.

    It would be a shame if you fellows stopped the broadcasts over petty squabbles.

  2. That way, you and the perishing whites who look up to an ape like you will know you’re better than I am.

    You are the one threatening me with physical violence going so far as to suggest you are going to kill me. Perish?

    I only linked to a fictional movie and speculated as to how you would respond in my physical presence, i.e., cower. I have suggested no overt act on my part. But again, you are suggesting and propose that I am about to perish which suggests premeditation and intent.

    Anymore threats of this kind and I will be forced to contact the Department of Homeland Security.

  3. Jim Giles,

    I was once a guest on your RFM show and received some positive, listener reviews.

    I am interested in being a guest again and speaking from a Chicago perspective on contemporary politics. Please check out my many articles here on Occidental Dissent, also my many lettters to

    Thanks Jim.

  4. You need to open up dialogs with Scottish nationalists. Point out that you are only interested in the ORDINARY reasons for independence.

  5. How is the humourous Will Hunting an invite to a punch up?

    Hunting was cleverly picking up Minnie Driver, that’s all. He used the other men in the room as his foils.

  6. You are the one threatening me with physical violence going so far as to suggest you are going to kill me. Perish?

    You really are illiterate, aren’t you? I’d already referrred to whites as a perishing race.

  7. To clarify: I was saying that your beating me up would do nothing to prevent whites from perishing. I happen to be on your side, son.

  8. Look, Mr. Giles —

    You’ve created your podcast, Radio Free Mississippi. You and I both know that creating something like that takes wit; excellent. I’d advise you to keep in mind that there are, in this world, persons who, in their school days, had interests other than football. They include the engineers, scientists, and businessmen who created the technology and the telecommunication services that enabled you easily to speak with that man from Spain during your recent show with Mr. Wallace and Alex Linder. They also include the persons who, over recent centuries, have mapped the world virtually inch by inch, as to its minerals, plants, animals, languages, religions, and human activities of all kinds. They include, too, the persons who’ve put a vast amount of that collected information readily before you and me and everyone else on the internet, where, with a bit of care, it may be reliably accessed. When the man from Spain came onto your broadcast, there came almost immediately to my mind (and, I’d guess, to the mind of Mr. Porter, who complained about your handling of the podcast) half a dozen questions about whites’ attention to their racial displacement in Spain. That’s a subject about which I know nothing; but if I’d known I were going to speak to a man from Spain on the subject–in a broadcast–I’d have prepared myself, with some geographical, historical, and political information that would have enabled me to draw from him as much knowledge as he had to offer. As things played out, you were left with nothing to say to him, for the few minutes, at least, during which I listened to your conversation; after that, in frustration, I simply switched the show off (at about the halfway point, I’d guess, of the two hours). I’ll say it again: Excellent–you’ve created a show that has the potential to address subjects of great interest to this blog’s followers and similar persons. If you’ll pause to widen your perspective beyond, say, the doings in the NFL, the show will be much improved, I think.

    I don’t find it gratifying to address anyone as “bigmouth,” “illiterate,” or any other harsh thing; but at this blog, I sometimes get the impression that there are whites whose attention can not be gained without such abuse.

  9. If you asked the average Catallan about Football they will endlessly talk about FC Barcelona. Indeed their team is their nation.

  10. If you asked the average Catallan about Football they will endlessly talk about FC Barcelona. Indeed their team is their nation.

    Well–thanks, John. That’s more than I learned through that podcast.

  11. PS If, as you say, John, I am an exemplar of the culture of critique, I am, at least, in respectable company. From The Devil’s Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce (who, as any good Southron should know, wrote “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”):

    ACADEME, n. An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught.

    ACADEMY, n. [from ACADEME] A modern school where football is taught.

  12. Mr. Bonaccorsi,

    I have been criticized for lack of preparation by friends. The complaint is clearly justified but it’s not for lack of motivation or ability. I don’t have the time. At present all I can do is get someone on and let them speak. And while I played football up to the collegiate level, I stopped watching football decades ago. Moreover, I don’t really believe in expert ‘journalism’ but rather letting the expert guest speak. Most of my guests shine in spite of me not asking them brilliant questions and I attribute that to my voice and manner. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and most of them were/are ‘famous.’ Alex and Brad are something new and the two broadcasts thus far are not consistent with the vast bulk of my other interviews.

  13. Throw up some stuff you’d like to hear addressed. I guess Giles is back on board, so we’ll be doing it again this Monday. I believe we’ll focus on strategy. I’ve outlined my view, as has Griffin; this time we’ll really dig into the different approaches.

  14. Moreover, I don’t really believe in expert ‘journalism’ but rather letting the expert guest speak.

    I understand that you would want to avoid doing more talking than listening, Mr. Giles. In the particular conversation of which we’re speaking–the one with the man from Spain–a few simple questions about, say, his location in the country, his understanding of the racial sentiments of his acquaintances, and the immigration practices of the Spanish government might have enabled him to tell us much.

    Anyway–that point is made; I can certainly believe that, if I were to visit your podcast’s archives, I’d find broadcasts that would be more effective than your recent conversations with Messrs. Wallace and Linder, with whom, as you say, you’re still getting your footing. I look forward to your next show with them. Your voice and manner are, as you say, great strengths.

    PS It doesn’t bother me personally if Mr. Wallace prefers to use his pseudonym. I’d guess history is filled with effective figures who have used such names.

  15. There is a Scottish footba team called:

    The Hamilton Academicals! Another is called “Heart of the Midlothian”.

    Another team set up by expats in Turin is “Juventus”. A team in Brazil is called “Corinthians” after an English private school team.

  16. Dixiegirl says:
    November 28, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    “No, John White—

    I laugh at brown folk incoming to the U.S. who have been hate-incited against Anglos, (…)

    Anyway—- my heart goes out to the Catalans.

    But ALL I REALLY KNOW is that a massive, coordinated effort was done AGAINST THE PUBLIC WILL (again) in the u.s.—- the effect of which was to print EVERY SINGLE paper in dual language (spanish being the new language).”

    My White brothers in the USA have all my sympathy.

    In my opinion, English should be made the official language of the US, and the only official one.

    The language issue up there is one aspect of the bigger scheme – which is White Genocide. The ongoing Amerindian/Mestizo invasion & takeover of the SW USA should be stopped and reverted, even if all those Brown people spoke English.

    That’s the reason why I oppose the very same Brown invasion of Spain. To suggest that White Spaniard children must be reduced to a minority in their own homeland because of the Spanish conquest of the Americas five centuries ago is just sick and unjustifiable.

    “History” does not justify White Genocide. Period. That’s what we should help our unawakened fellow Whites understand.

    No other race on earth have their past history thrown at them in order to justify their genocide. That is only being done to White people. That’s why we pro-Whites should always remind our people that “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White.

    By the way, my Anglo Saxon friends in America know how much I love them. And if you, Dixiegirl, are a pro-White woman, then I love you too because you are my sister, my family, and want you to know that I fight for you every day.

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