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  1. I guess the new rule should be “never counter the ‘red state takers’ within earshot of a leftists.”

    Let them delude themselves into thinking they would be better off without us.

    Instead, reply that “in addition, you would have a freer hand with social and economic policy without us slowing you down”. NEVER defend yourselves!!

    With our people, simply point out that “you would see capital flight of Biblical proportions if Alabama could be a low tax, low regulation state.” All the productive people in the North, Canada, and Europe would move to the only white country with tax rates less that 30%!!!!

    You would see a super-boom that would baffle “the experts”!

  2. Wish Steele would ask: if Indians felt “frightened” when Fed Policies made them a “minority”?

    And wonder what motivates Mathews. Maybe beat up in grade school due to his spewing way of talking, coupled with potato famine stories of his oppression, neo-christian “we’rethegoodwhitepeople” rhetoric and the Irish need not apply signs intercut with Bull Conner— making him thoroughly at one with the oppressed of his imagination. A true product of t.v..

  3. Regardless of a growing number of signatures the secessionist movement will stop dead in its tracks when its leadership is publicly singled out and personally called “racist”. Until the power of the R word is broken nothing is going anywhere.

    As far as Chris Matthews is concerned I like to think that a special place in hell is reserved for white anti-Whites like him.

  4. —- The Indians should be identified as a Secessionist Movement (the real reason for the ‘reservations.’)

    Not enough use is made of co-opting terms/ memes that the ‘left’ has already done everyone the favor of creating with tons of money (like ‘genocide of indians’ meme)

    Ask: Why are some “remnant populations” allowed “reservations” so they can continue, where other remnant populations are not???

    Imo, the whole secessionist movement— should be reframed as a plea for a reservation. (Say, four states or so). Using Thee Indians as the prototype. And the historical record of “Total War” and “Scorched Earth.”

    The plan for Southern Genocide was on record. (With new examples daily). Genocide is against the law.

    Why do some remnant populations get “Reservations” so they don’t die out. But others do not?

  5. Sorry, that was unclear: But “total war” and “scorched earth” policies (and more) were/ are CLEARLY Genocidal.

    It is Genocide UNLESS you give the defeated population a land area where they can continue (i.e., like a reservation)

  6. Sorry, finally—

    Someone should tell Chris Mathews about the “scorched earth” and “total war” policies of his group. He’s a real Northeasterner—so would have had few chances to learn anything about southern history.

  7. A “debate” with four people who agree with each other; that “America” should become more “brown” and that the Yankee Leviathan is God’s gift to mankind.

    What never ceases to amaze me is the cavalier tossing of the canard, “This state receives X more money from Murder Inc. than they pay in taxes, therefore they would collapse if said state(s) leave the unholy union.” When are we ever going to get a numerical breakdown of exactly what that “X” is composed of? It may well be that 90% of “X” isn’t worth the Bernake paper it is printed on and it would not make much of a difference one way or the other. Better yet, the lack of those Bernake Bucks may well cause certain segments of the population to move to the North and Mid-Atlantic while correspondingly cause an increase in other demographics to flee to their choice of Red States.

    What are the specifics of “X”?

  8. Why does the left call themselves progressive? They absolutely NEVER say any thing new, or progress anywhere. Let them sneer and chuckle. Anti-racist really is a code word for anti-white. They say it themselves and then pretend they are so educated.

  9. When is the correct time to secessed, now while it is still in the air, a bit later maybe a year or so about when more groundwork has been laid, a long while of constant agitation and building up, or the unforeseeable future when the United State is weakened or falls?

  10. Long past time to turn off Mathews, TV talking head Lib-Min-Zionist-BRA propaganda.

    Start working for separation.

    Do the hard work of knowing, cultivating your local White reps, Congressional staff, even local White media.

    Listen more than you talk, work for locals, become known and respected as a quality good person who is like them. The Jews did this, make the long march through our institutions. We ‘ve wasted so much time and effort on pointless, sure fire losing Presidential campaigns.

  11. The liberal argument that an entity cannot argue against an activity it enjoys is a new level of obscenity. From receiving federal money to smoking, just because we enjoy something does not mean it is good for us or don’t have a vested interest in stopping it.

    Their entire game is making sure we are defined by our absolute worst moments and indulgences. That’s why they are against state’s rights. They can’t stand the idea of a group of people trying to define themselves by something other than their lowest common denominator.

    I’m getting so damned tired of it. They won’t let us free from the muck. These are truly twisted individuals.

  12. Matthews can be pardoned for bandying the ‘taker’ meme. Though he knows the bulk of that shea-butter lathered largesse winds up in the two-toned paws of his favorite people. Matthews joined the Peace Corps and hidout in Africa during Vietnam. His wife ran the fly-by-night “Black Student Fund” that funnels cash to DC Schwarzes so they can afford historically white private schools.

    He doesn’t recognize BRA despite being its mouthpiece. Part of liberation from BRA (the far enemy) is putting the Negroes (near enemy) in their place. Liberal Yankees can’t even fathom it. They’re quick to cry racism but they genuinely assume the south would keep MLK day on the calendar after secession.

  13. @Rudel politicians are just that politicians, imagining there are some good people is like imagining there were good men in Lincoln’s cabinet possible but unlikely. The only way a politician will even mention secession is if it is in that politicians interest.

  14. “@Rudel politicians are just that politicians, imagining there are some good people is like imagining there were good men in Lincoln’s cabinet possible but unlikely. The only way a politician will even mention secession is if it is in that politicians interest.”

    Are you implying that no politicians were involved when the South seceded in 1861?

  15. @fnn of course there were but let me pose it this way few if any were politicians in the way it is now known they were first private Men, meaning politics was just a thing a sort of civil duty though it may be possible many went on board due to their greed after all the federal goverment was a little runt back in those days. More to the point politicians are liars and those that are not are not politicians for long. To hold out for folk like these to lead the way is to hope the devil shall spare the tempted any temptations. I dare say it is time to stop looking at the goverment as a leader and realize it is more akin to a virus or at best a follower. Private undertakings are superior to goverment in the economy why should it not be so for secession.

  16. HW, I have misc problems and ‘mis-initialized’ a bit. Please delete my previous post.

    John II says:
    November 28, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    A “debate” with four people….

    This is the crux of the matter. The other sides’ argument is laughable. Within a decade there would be a northbound black exodus ten times the size of the one in the early 20th century and a 90% southbound Mexican exodus.

    Afterthought says:
    November 28, 2012 at 10:52 am

    I guess the new rule should be….

    This is probably a wise tactic at this point. Let’s learn from Abraham Lincoln. Outright defiance doesn’t work as well as subterfuge.

  17. The funny part of the Matthews video is his inability to talk away from his teleprompter. Notice that he initially expresses the word “secession” correctly and a few seconds later blathers it out as “succession” as those ignorant of the whole subject often do.

    Note: Matthews and his ilk are the scum of the earth and should be held in more contempt than YKW.

  18. Bismarck got a lot of things wrong. But he was a good phraseologist.

    He thought of politics as trying to detect God’s movement through history and an attempt to catch onto his coattails.

  19. You people think Matthews is going to Hell? No, on the contrary, he will be on the right hand of God, with me right beside him, for his beautiful advocacy for multiculturalism and the true meaning of Americanism. It is a joyful action to destroy the idea of the White Race, so those strong and noble whites like Chris Matthews and myself can be the keys holding the various minority cultures and anti-white and Jewish factions together. As anti-white whites we will create a race all our own and seek power over all, defeating all you trogledytes while ironically, keeping white power alive.

  20. This is easy to do. Steps to secession:

    1. Get small cities in the south that are almost all white to secede.
    2. Once those cities secede and become successful; get a whole state then a whole region.
    3. When we get ready for step one to happen, make sure multiple cities do it all at once so it is not one city being picketed by ACLU and race baiters. Move as one unit, but start small.

  21. @John,

    I don’t know about that. I think one of the problems with the secession movement is that you won’t be able to get a whole state to seceed right away. You might be able to get a lot of small rural towns and cities to sever and once that happens and is successful; you might get the majority of a state to vote for it.

  22. I’ve been trying to find the Hardball clip of Chris Matthews interviewing the League of the South president, know where I can find that?

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