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  1. Why let the interviewer get away with this—- instead of pinning him down on what exactly he thinks “the union” even IS.

    Is it the military’s satellites? Bases? It’s not documented workers, since undocumented sometimes have more rights than the living descendants of the founders, nor a land space (open south border). Is it PC REligion/ ideology adherence, in which case is doing in “heretics” ok? And certainly not a people with shared history, historical narrative, mythos, heroes, ethnicity, shared historical narrative about various ethnic conflicts, etc. Definitely not the constitution, which said “for us and our posterity,” and so on.

    What IS Tom’s “union?”

    What, exactly, does he see as holding the 320 million labor units together?

    Just them being documented by some nebulous central entity? An entity that does not share their background, sometimes language, history, ethnicity, culture, etc.?

    Can you really base a “country” in “most people have eaten at a Mcdonalds at some point?

  2. Still listening…

    Amazing @ 41… when the “demographic shift,” and its inevitability is discussed.
    But no one has the balls to pin them down and demand admission that the shift is a result of POLICIES that are intentional, sustained.

    Why let him get away with saying, “Asians will be players in two decades.”

    —His only “crystal ball” is Anti-white policies are so normalized for his pea brain that he does not even notice. Bet his children really hate him.

    —Like in high school, where everybody sits around saying stuff like, “Yep. There goes Daddy again, talking about how being a minority with Asians is his little baby’s “inevitable” future. Dear Daddy, the freaking tool. Daddy, doing another one of their “repeater” memes.

  3. There must be an upper limit on population, especially if they belong to different races. It’s hard enough to get ethnicities to agree on basic stuff.

  4. George Washington obviously intended Fu Man Chu to take over Americe while Django murdered and raped his great great great granddaughter. OBVIOUSLY.

  5. Do you think the Powatans, discussed “demographic shifts” or invasions?
    It’ll end in one side massacred as it always does.

  6. That Washington speech —where he lays all that out— must have been in the “lost papers,” i.e., in one of the ten or so counties of Virginia where absolutely ALL citizen records were burned during WBTS.

    If someone named Malcolm puts an X where HIS name used to be, due to destroyed history, it is Genocide, however.

  7. John says:
    Do you think the Powatans, discussed “demographic shifts”

    Sure, John. Don’t you even have a t.v.? What are you…a redneck? Haven’t you seen all those movies showing how happy they were to change their Medicine Man Universities and teach the White man ways? The Indian Remnant did not even really want their SECESSIONIST “reservations.” That’s a racist, right wing LIE. They fought against the whole idea. They wanted to be totally integrated, until they looked exactly like jewish people or asians, or even Chris Mathews.

    You really must be a redneck. Did you go to public school or something?

  8. Seriously—- ask Chris Mathews if it follows from what he said— that the Indian reservations need to be ended. Are the Indians secessionists? Obviously. Why is their secession ok?

  9. Sorry for being ignorant, but isn’t this the faggot whose ‘leg tingled’ when he first saw BamaDaddy?

    What more do we need, to totally ignore such a perv?

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