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  1. One State under Tyrant, more divisible the better with illegitimacy for all time. I wonder why southerners don’t riot or something against all these trashy beat up on the white southerner movies?

  2. A fantastic review. It is a shame so few people will question the ending:”and everything ended happily ever after, with no complications what so ever, resolving the issue for ever”.

  3. A lot of this has to do with northerners hating people who get their hands dirty.
    A spot of dirt under your nails or a smudge of paint on your jeans marks you out as Stupid or Uncouth. Lincoln must have hated southerners with a fury. He practiced law not too far away from from where I live. He must have hated the rubes and kulaks he had to deal with. Disgusting man.

    Grant bought his farm a mile from my house. Lee reengineered “Bloody Island” just up the river.

  4. No one ever mentions all the many major events or wars never filmed. Like 1812. Or WWI. Really, WWI was a big deal, wasn’t it?— not just part II. These are so obviously just Vehicles for delivering anti-southernism and anti-germanism, (often a code for North european protestant) intended to create push-buttons for two-mintue hates in viewers

  5. Tax payers are paying to rent a theatre to show it? Did he say that? And “he loves that his housekeeper was his mistress?” LOL— so much for women’s rights on the job, etc. And he “loves” that Thaddeus “believed in reconstruction?” Um… Mathews is FOR scorched earth and military dictatorships?

    —Interesting, in that —watching this— I do believe that Mathews is really just that uneducated. I don’t think he knows much about the war, nor the destruction. He worked as a beat cop, I think, before he got this job, (in Philly). So, maybe he’s just uneducated.

    He probably ACTUALLY BELIEVES that the “South” was a) always poor OR B) if it had anything, it was because of slaves. He shows no accountability for the North entirely fleecing the south, the way a hostile country might do to another country (and long after slavery, and in fact, after the south had merely recovered from previous northern assault). But it is quite possible that he is simply ignorant, a product of t.v. movies like this one—- and has never encountered more academic histories.

    And what was achieving “Peace?” as she says, lol. When was that? Don’t either of these people have a t.v.? See violence on their nightly news? Huh?

    ….Well, anyway, Daniel Day Lewis is always a testament to what can be done with makeup.

  6. In addition to being a power mad empire builder, Lincoln was essentially a corporate bag man as well…in the pockets of rich northern business interests.

  7. Lincoln forced whites in the south to bend over and submit. No peace was acheived. Merely submission. The Radicals didn’t really get their way exactly, as Jim Crow laws
    were essentially ignored by the Federal authorities until ww2.

    What Lincoln wanted was to have a population of whites be servants to the state and have nignogs police that state of affairs. I shudder to think what the henpecked asshole would have done had he lived longer.

  8. I don’t think that Lincoln’s affectation of white superiority was at all sincere. It was probably exactly as fanatical as the Euclidean “equality” stuff suggests. Once men are reduced to fungible wage labour units they can be economized. The difference between Lincoln and Stevens race views underneath all the politicking was probably zero.

    Great review.

  9. Did Lincoln really equate humans to geometric shapes? Wow, he really was quite a simpleton, wasn’t he? Never go full retard Abe.

    “Simple Abe”

  10. Lincoln is a true bastard but lets not forget he was only the front man for the damnyankee. Without the support of the everyday White yankee he would have been some big shot rail road lawyer no one ever remembers and the war would have never been fought, the South would have gone our own way with no shoots fired.

    The everyday working stiff is a damnyankee and a problem as much as Lincoln as ever was

  11. …if you want to see why the White Republic was a failure, you should go out and watch “Lincoln” this weekend.

    The daily display of the results of this failure is enough for me without putting more ZOGbucks into Spielberg’s sizable piggie bank.

    This film is propagandized “history” for those too shallow and lazy to seek out the details that comprise the real story – which accounts for about 99% of the American population. It serves the same purpose as the recently built MLK monument in Washington DC – to deify a morally flawed radical that furthered the reach of the state and disempowerment of the individual.

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