The Scarlet “W”

New York

Here’s another example of a mainstream conservative sputtering in The Wall Street Journal about MLK’s “Dream” in the wake of the election. See also this delusional essay by Victor Davis Hanson.

Note: I guess the 93% of black people who voted for Obama never got the memo that “race doesn’t matter.”

“This is the most violated saying in American public life:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King Jr.’s acclaimed call in 1963 for a colorblind society has been displaced, at least in our politics, by an obsession with racial categories. That is the meaning of racialization.

It may be over four decades since the passage of the Voting Rights Act, but whenever America votes today, the exit polls can’t move fast enough to divide voters by the color of their skin. Mere moments after the 2012 exit polls were released, a conventional wisdom congealed across the media that the Republican Party was “too white.”

Let us posit that this subject wouldn’t have been raised if the bottom hadn’t fallen out of the GOP’s share of the Hispanic vote. When George W. Bush attracted 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004, there was no cry that the Republican Party was “too white.” The GOP’s problem with Hispanics today is a tangle of issues involving the law, labor and assimilation that is hardly reducible to the accusation that the party is too white.

In virtually every instance, the idea that the Republican Party is “too white” is dropped with almost no discussion of what exactly that means. The phrase is being pinned like a scarlet “W” on anyone who didn’t vote for the Democrats’ nominee. It’s a you-know-what-we-mean denunciation. Its only meaning is racial.”

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  1. Swishers like that author if asked about racial equality could not gush enough in the affirmative, yet to ask them if the white race is equal to any of the others they simply cannot break that taboo.

    Anyway it points out that the establishment is based less on reality than the USSR.

  2. RRS is right once again. This idiot is a disgrace who makes our race look like a bunch of wusses. He’s like the constantly bullied little boy on the play ground who gave up his spot in the sandbox so the others would like him, and now he’s crying because nobody will give up a spot for him. Sad, really

  3. With military historians like VDH the reality must be read from between the lines.
    My old Professors Brian Bond and Lawrence Freedman suggested that, even if official histories are mostly tosh, the data you need to see the reality is all there. Particularly, they meant the official history of ww1 which ostensibly covers up the incompetence of British Generals. In reality the official history is an indictment for thosewhothink for themselves.

  4. If you look at VDH’sstories about his farm it’s all there. Given his dissertation was about Agriculture and Greek methods of warfare, it’s all there if you choose to see.

  5. Being that VDH is a war historian. He should also be able to conclude that as tribe begins to matter less than ideology, it becomes easier to send one’s own into a meat grinder, because after all, they aren’t really “one’s own”. Ironic isn’t it, the equality doctrine has resulted in exponentially more bloodshed than any tribe based warfare. “If everyone’s my equal, then no one is.” Equality doctrine has resulted in more narcissistic individualism and anti-social behavior, not less. This is especially true among the “eliltes” and leadership.

  6. This explains the Union’s greater willingness to waste bodies in the Civil War. They were just a bunch of abstracts to them, not their kin.

  7. In other news; just struckout with an “alabama girl” bar wench. Told her that my experiences at spacecamp (huntsville) left a mark on me regarding southron manners, then asked where her drawl was hiding. Turns out she’s a dirty transplant and said “they’re only polite to your face, to them you’re always a yankee.” Turns out she’s a long island lolita! Damn Yankees in New Netherland! #nycdraftriots #copperheads

  8. Do you think Michael King was acquainted with the trigramaton MLK as the Phoenician word for Moloch before he took on the name Martin Luther?

    Is this a mythopoetic religious fact that escaped attention? Feed your kids to the Molo…er MLK

  9. Jim good point.

    It seems that the Union spread around private assurances to Southerners that they would go easy on the whites if the whites laid down their arms.

    Also the cult of the Union was a pretty severe abstraction.

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