Live Thread: Alex Linder Debate on Radio Free Mississippi (Round Three)


Here’s a link to the archive of the third debate with Jim Giles and Alex Linder.

Note: I turned the moderation queue off for the live thread. It was restored here when the debate was over. In the future, there will be no flaming or personal attacks on this blog, only substantial discussions in the comments.

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  1. Missing words before the exclamation point in the preceding comment: None indeed!

    Re: “Holocaust denial is the ideological clown car of the far right (…) It’s the glue that binds disparate misfits and freaks.”

    That is a definite unequivocal position.

  2. One could argue that world war II wasn’t really fought over ‘racism vs anti-racism’ but for control over resources.

    That’s why I said “retrospectively.” It doesn’t matter whether it was fought for those reasons or not. It matters that the anti-white power structure has successfully created the impression that it was.

    I really wouldn’t expect an anthro geek like you to get it. Ask an anthro geek why people do (or don’t do) what they do (or don’t do) and he will answers the genes, the genes, the genes. It’s all he knows. He will bore you to tears with genes talk. He is almost completely ignorant of the influence of beliefs on human behavior.

    Whites today are being wiped from the earth not because their genes are faulty but because of the beliefs they subscribe to; it’s their beliefs that cause many of them to joyfully, gleefully participate in that eradication, not their genes. When it comes to the institutions governing the beliefs-formation process anti-whites totally rule the roost. It’s not a fair fight, Iceman. One side is completely unrepresented. So it’s beyond idiotic for you to think that you can calmly, rationally explain that, no, in fact it’s not true that WWII was fought over [x,y,z], it was actually over [p,q,r]. People don’t care what you think because they’ve been conditioned to believe it’s morally suspect to even wonder.

  3. what i do now if it comes up is start talking about how the left use the holocaust as a smokescreen to cover up the 30 million people they murdered in the Soviet Union which is what led to Hitler coming to power in the first place.

    You might have something there, but I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to insist that that’s the sole use of the holohoax. It’s pretty obvious that it’s used for a hell of a lot more than just that (even if what you say is the true or ultimate purpose, which I’m far from convinced is the case).

    Then i start talking about how people should google the holodomor

    Personally, I’ve never considered the holodomor as anything to get worked up about. I’ve always thought it too easy to explain away in terms of it being a collectivization cock up. I concede it would be possible to get an emotional rise out of people over it but that would require media creation and distribution infrastructure that you sorely lack.

    The best thing holodomor has going for it, I would say, is that it begins with the letters ‘holo’, and the word thus has a similarly eerie ring to it as holocaust. That makes it come across as a competing genocide that people have purposely been kept in the dark about. More work is needed, but the seeds are there.

    The thing is they *really* don’t want people to know what they did in Russia so responding to holocaust questions this way trains them to avoid the subject so you can talk about what you want to talk about.

    Well, if you’re referring to thinking people, I’d say you’re correct. Even if they don’t agree with your take on it they do become aware that it’s a reasonable point of contention. I’m not really sure it would train anyone to avoid using the holocaust as a weapon though, since ‘holocaust!’ is really aimed at the masses, and you’re references to Russia are simply not going to generate anything like the same emotional reaction as ‘holocaust’ (not until you too have produced documentary after documentary, movie after movie, ‘survivor’ after ‘survivor’ etc).

  4. Silver says:
    “Personally, I’ve never considered the holodomor as anything to get worked up about.”

    Pro White says:
    Its hard to see White GENOCIDE, when you are anti-White.

  5. Hunter Wallace on December 4, 2012 at 11:11 pm said:
    “1.) I think it is retarded that the Holocaust could be used as an accusation against us when White Southerners fought against Hitler in WW2.

    2.) It is absurd to suggest that Southerners are “Nazis” when we fought against the Nazis. There are veterans in every Southern community who fought against the Germans and Japanese in WW2.

    4.) IMO, the most effective response is to tell the truth: I’m not interested in the Holocaust or Polish history, there are historians who specialize in that subject, and they are free to debate the subject until the end of time.”

    You are up against pros, Hunter. They have been demolishing folks just like you, for the last 50 years. You need to get advice from professionals that have experience dealing with them effectively.

    Winging it isn’t going to cut it, when pros come after you. You can save yourself a lot of tears in the long run, with a little professional advice now.

  6. Who knows where we all are in the continuum of time. “Who knows,” like General Odom, former Director of the National Security Agency, once told me.

    But let it not go unsaid that many if not most intellectuals are fucking pussies.

    The White Race/Western Civilization owes more to its warriors than it does to its intellectuals. Intellectuals and their keepers, the rich, have exploited the warrior.

    If White People are to ever have a safe homeland, the warrior will be the one who makes it happen not the intellectual or the rich.

  7. I really wouldn’t expect an anthro geek like you to get it. Ask an anthro geek why people do (or don’t do) what they do (or don’t do) and he will answers the genes, the genes, the genes. It’s all he knows. He will bore you to tears with genes talk. He is almost completely ignorant of the influence of beliefs on human behavior.”

    I believe genes influence temperament and perhaps “hunches.” They may as well determine natural ability. I don’t believe genes determine every action and I believe what you make of what you have is far more important than what you are given. People who have the will power to want to do something will make due with whatever they have in their given environment with their genes.

    However in terms of PHYSICAL characteristics, yes, I’m an anthro geek. Of course the Caucasian race is based on DNA.

  8. Hello Hunter:

    Rabbi Lender/Linder was begging you to censor or moderate highly my particular commentary on the ‘debate’ this week. You also has some of your meercats begging for censorship as well — every warlord hath his meercats who are at best betas in every way . I suppose secession will be somehow carried out with a degenerate population of degenero-puritans who will somehow want to be given secession without revolution and thus somehow further secession will not take place when they have dissenters. Which is why my Ten Thousand Warlords Program is the only workable solution which will take place inevitably with things going as they are. A massive civil war of each against all ending up with maybe ten million whiggers ruled over by ten thousand warlords all under a racial religion — like Medieval Europe before the rise of absolutism.

    Rabbi Lender/Linder, the gut-sick guido-kiken-weasel with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS, claims, like the ZOG false front of CreaTards and ReTards that was National Alliance, founded upon Order armored-car robbery ZOGbux, that they is “sumthang special.” Well, I agree, Lender’s Greater Free Range Tard Corral is indeed “Special.” Why they put the ‘special’ in “Special Edjewmacation.”

    The 6th URL of FAkins, i.e. Steven L Akins, was caught trying to ship a bogus gravestone so that this cork-eyed Tubal-Kenite Pictish mamzer can claim to be Scottish nobility. So much for ‘honor’ amongst some fat VNNF mongrel collecting welfare for hisself and hs spawn whining against Christianity on VNNF.


    THE ALABAM-POT; This American tried to plant fake gravestone in Scotland to stake his claim as clan chief.


    A CRACKPOT American tried to ‘plant’ a fake gravestone in a Scots cemetery – to back up his claim to be a clan chief.

    Steven L. Akins planned to mock up the bogus headstone at his home in Alabama, then have it smuggled into a graveyard to be photographed.

    Akins could then use it as ‘proof’ that his ancestors had lived in Scotland in the 1700s.

    The 34-year-old, who has never set foot in Scotland, tried to recruit Glaswegian William Wallace to help him.

    He offered to ship the tombstone to Scotland for William to plant in a cemetery.

    But William, 45, yesterday dismissed the American, who has lodged his claim to be chief of the Akins clan with the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, as “crazy” and a complete fraud.

    He said: “He contacted me on the internet and asked if I would be willing to help him forge proof that his family were based in Lanarkshire in the 1700s. . . .


    Lender/Linder claims that OD allows myself to post “legally defamatory and slanderous” comments on your blog and forum. Well, me stating that I and many others think that Linder is a jew with a jew genetic immune deficiency is somehow legally actionable — it is not. However, Linder is not only falsely claiming that I am a convicted child molester — liber per se in which all I have to do to prevail at law is to prove that this was said and not have to prove malicious intent because such is imputed — but this kike itzself imputes to you child molestation because you allow me to post on your blog and forum. Thus Lender is itzself no different than the $PLC and ADL in demanding censorship by means of lying.

    In fact, this “Hi-Standard” ZOG false front organization has one of itz fuktards claiming that Occidental Dissent will be shut down because of child pornography emanating from myself:


    Martin Lindstedt will bring in the Feds crashing down on OD eventually. He’ll start loading up tons of child porn images via hacking somehow.


    When you make a deal with ZOG-kikes like Linder, they automatically ‘intrepret’ any agreements to their benefit and to your detriment. There is an excellent reason why Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller and AmmoFace from Floriduh inform, turn state witness, and so many nitwits having anything to do with VNNF go to prison: VNNF is an ADL/$PLC false front.

    The Roid-Rage-Retard you get interviewed by is also an informant. An informant not for money but for vanity. Giles wrote a letter to a US Prosecuting Attorney over something having to do with Bill White. Giles ambushed you on Dec. 18th 2009 in order to take off the heat from Linder testifying against Bill White on Dec. 15th, three days earlier. VNNF is a data-mining ZOG false front. After nearly three weeks of trying to prove Edgar Steele guilty, I deliberately got this Roid-Rage-ReTard to scream about breaking some sick political prisoner’s scrawny neck and then when the screaming flagged, got him to scream at me. I credit myself for pulling the cork on this baboon.

    In case you didn’t notice, Giles isn’t too mentally well corked. He was screaming at Lender even while taking Linder’s part. I see no reason for you to discuss ‘Strategy” because neither yourself nor Lender have any strategertary. Linder will buy a few more colostomy bags, run a declining tard corral, maybe even close down yet another faggot bar in Kirksville — and if anyone can find a second faggot bar in Kirksville it should be some unmarried sick mischling bleeding out itz kike bunghole because itz own jew asshole is in immunological revolt against a . . . jew asshole.

    However, since tonight on the seventh anniversary of some Newton County pig knocking out four of my teeth taking me to the NutHouse, I’ll be discussing this past weeks events on The Movement Turd, you are invited to call in, anytime.

    After 9:15 pm tonight @

    I no longer expect much of anything except further degeneration from the Bowel Movement. What will save us as YHWH’s Servant Nation will be The Great Tribulation.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  9. Hunter Wallace: you mentioned one of the of the most blatant of the usual fairy tales:


    Einsatzgruppen can only be evaluated in context of Bolshevik Atrocities.

    Stalin’s order Nr. 0428 17. November 1941: bolshevik partisans (terrorists) in Wehrmacht/SS-uniforms (stolen from tortured and murdered regular soldiers) were to go 40-60 Km over the front into areas liberated by the Wehrmacht and commit atrocities (filmed, of course). This order was called “Fackelmännerbefehl “, fire-starter order. Einsatzgruppen and SS-units were then blamed for these bolshevik atrocities. The establishment of this partisan organization (millions of partisans, before any military action) was itself a war crime. The 4 Einsatzgruppen: A, B, C and D. Each group had 300-500 men. With training, sick-leave, vacation etc, all in all there were less than 2000 men in all the groups, including non-combat troops such as vehicle
    drivers, interpreters, and radiomen etc. Their job was anti-partisan (terroist) combat. The area in which they operated was roughly the size of the USA. LAPD, for example, has about 10,000 officers with fast vehicles, planes and such. The fairy tales concocted about the Einsatzgruppen are ABSURD.

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