Secession: Breaking a Psychological Barrier


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The spate of secession petitions that flooded the White House in the wake of Barack Obama’s re-election on 6 November probably won’t amount to much from a legal perspective. After all, despite the fact that several States, including Texas and others of the old Confederacy, got considerably more than the required 25,000 signatures during a thirty-day period to warrant a Presidential response, Mr. Obama really owes them nothing. And nothing is what they’ll get from that quarter.

But the real matter of the secession petitions is not a legal one. Rather, it is a psychological one. The simple fact is that so many of those who put their John Hancock to a document that supports breaking up the union committed a revolutionary act for the first time in their lives. In doing so, they broke an extremely important psychological barrier. They fundamentally challenged the power of the Establishment elite…

Oftentimes a man crosses an important line and afterwards is no longer the same person. He begins to see things differently and then act upon them with changed mind and heart. He has made a basic decision from which he cannot retreat without some sense of shame or even cowardice. I suppose you could say many little personal Rubicons have been crossed during the month that has elapsed since the election in early November.

What’s next, you might ask? It depends. Most of these signatories likely are not really revolutionaries or even serious secessionists. But they are frustrated and rightly concerned about the future. They know, instinctively and viscerally, that the America they once knew or the one they hoped to see is no longer there. It has been hi-jacked by those who care nothing for its past or its foundations. They see a bleak future for themselves and their progeny.

These good folks need a legitimate avenue for their frustrations, and politics-as-usual is no longer it. They need uncompromising leaders and disciplined organization. They need to be told that their reasons for signing those petitions in the first place were sound. And they need to know that, as free men and women, it was necessary finally to break through that psychological barrier. It was meant to be their perpetual prison cell.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama
3 December 2012

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  1. Besides providing the federal entity with a ready-for-pickup list of Camp FEMA applicants, the recent secession petition at represents a significant milestone: it has transported the idea of secession from the realm of fantasy to the realm of the real.The creation and popularization of these petitions means that an important psychological line in the minds of the general public has been crossed: secession has gone from being something that is Utterly Impossible to being something that is Possible, but Highly Unlikely — and that’s a big deal.

    Small steps. Some portion of the American public has now come to realize that a partition of the country is at least theoretically possible. Our strategy now should be to use this realization as a point of entry with regard to secession — but we’ve got to do it the smart way. If we come strutting in with “Dixie” blaring and the Battle Flag flapping in the wind we are going to scare these embryonic allies into running back to the comforting folds of Old Glory. (If we come goosestepping in with the Horst-Wessel-Lied blaring and the swastika flapping, we’ll turn these potential friends into bitter enemies.)

    Instead, we need to start with the basics: White identity. We have to gently coax these baby secessionists into taking the first step down the road to identityy — admitting that White people exist, and that they themselves are White. This won’t be easy — but it must be done. No white identity means no White solidarity — and without solidarity neither the new Confederacy nor any other post-BRA social/political order will ever be realized.

    This is why I push the Three Truths so hard. The Three Truths are the basics, the foundation-stones upon which we can build our case for the restoration of free association. By showing our new friends that it’s okay to admit they are White, we help them to give themselves permission to do so. And once they admit that White people exist, they will See that Whites have the right to exist. From there, it’s a short step to the realization that Whites have the right to exist as Whites, defining for themselves their own mode of existence.

    Once our newly-minted secessionists are brought to admit this, the White nation is America will become actualized. Our fellow Whites will no longer see themselves as “Americans”, but as Whites in America, deserving of an America that is run BY Whites for the benefit of Whites..

    At that point we can begin planning how exactly we are going to separate ourselves from the federal entity — and what we are going to do afterwards.

    In practical terms, I think a good next step would be for Texas or some other state to hold a non-binding plebiscite on secession. This would necessarily entail the political support of a not-insignificant number of state legislators, as well as the governor of the state in question. The holding of such a plebiscite would be a major strategic victory for the secession movement, as it would represent the first legitimate political secessionist activity since 1861. It would also be a global media sensation, which would tend to elevate American secessionism into the ranks of other devolutionary and secessionist movements around the world. Played right, a secession plebiscite in Texas or elsewhere would — pass or fail — kick the state in question upstairs to the status of a Flanders, a Catalonia, or a Scotland.

    And once secession is transformed from the realm of the Possible but Highly Unlikely to the realm of the Possible, we re-introduce the plebiscite. We keep holding secession plebiscites until one passes.

    At that point, with the “will of the people” behind the secessionist cause, we may begin the political movement that will lead to the actual breakup of the federal union and the restoration of the traditional American social and political order.

  2. Secession will have to be forcefully and tirelessly pounded into Southern (at this point “conservative”) consciousness until it becomes the default option in the minds of our frustrated people. Every possible argument for the rejection of Conservatism Inc. as the default has to be made, with immensely confident gusto.

  3. Robert, your outline could take three generations to accomplish. If that is the case, by then, we’d be deep in a total Bolshevik state with a Planet of the Apes infrastructure so entrenched, it would take another six generations to get out.

    You mention FEMA camps. If you acknowledge that they exist, then don’t you realize how utterly precious and life-sustaining the life-blood of Whites is, to maintain the fiction that we still have a country? Appealing to some nascent ‘white consciousness’ is a pipe dream. About as successful on a timeline, as helping people believe that the filioque is at the philosophical root of all their problems.

    To compare ideological timelines, in Orthodox Romania, Codreneau at least had a populace steeped in knowledge of what real Christianity is. HW’s demographics have what? Dispensational Baptists, whose affinity for ‘the sons of their father the Devil,’ [John 8:44] has committed them to rule by Zionists, via the Darkies, now for three generations, at least. This Ziophilia has already replaced faith in the holy Trinity! If you read the history and operations manuals for his Iron Guard, you can see that even here, it was an uphill battle. And then, there was no rap, no ghetto culture, no BET, no MTV, etc. The fellow students of Codreneau’s day were European Whites, literate, and spiritually aware Orthodox laity, who had a definite enemy, and knew who it was.

    Your typical American is so deracinated, so multiculturalized, so aberrant in his/her theology, and so co-opted by the Beast of the Jungle, that they don’t see any problems listening to (c)Rap music, wearing their pants halfway down their asses, and/or their women, forming their caucasoid locks into something utterly DREAD-ful to European, christian sensitivities.

    Your viewpoint is that of the ‘enculturating’ Romanism that has always sought to give an incomplete rupture to the Pagan past, to make it ‘easier’ for the masses. They masses are cattle, they will go where their leaders tell them to. Or haven’t you noticed? Frankly, I’d prefer chopping down the equivalant of the ‘sacred oaks’ of Paganism, and get to the root/radix of the problem, asap. And stop wasting time.

  4. @ Your viewpoint is that of the ‘enculturating’ Romanism that has always sought to give an incomplete rupture to the Pagan past, to make it ‘easier’ for the masses….

    OT, but interesting sentence. Which would any thinking person have, though— the utter drivel of all church sermons? Or their christmas tree, mistletoe, hanging of the greens and bonfire?— frankly, this season pagan has more pull, with cause.

    Went to a church event over the weekend (living nativity play). — A lecture on the rightness of paying taxes and the census, then a walk through jewish villages with menorahs, right up to the stable scene, with a Polynesian Joseph, hugging the blonde Mary over the manger, next to the uber-muslim “Magis,” who’d followed the star.

    They would have to do something else with this before people will stop choosing decorated trees, lights, stockings, blue-eyed-bearded bearers of gifts and great tidings.

    The only reason fake trees caught on is so people can leave them up LONGER, which more and more, seems a public protest against the ‘war on christmas.’

    —-Heard that the trees used to be decorated outdoors, traditionally, but were brought inside, to be hidden there, due to the persecution of the pagans (“heretics”) by “christians.” Same was taught about the burning cross, traditionally, (a warning that could be seen on hilltops before telephones that romans approaching).

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