PPP: 25% of Republicans Support Secession


25% of Republican voters support secession:

“Some GOP voters are so unhappy with the outcome that they no longer care to be a part of the United States. 25% of Republicans say they would like their state to secede from the union compared to 56% who want to stay and 19% who aren’t sure.”

A separate PPP poll found over a year ago that 25% of Republicans supported secession.

Here’s a genuine surprise: 27% of Hispanics would support secession, compared to 19% of Whites and 12% of African-Americans. 29% of 18-29 year olds would support secession, while only 14% of voters 46 to 65 and only 16% of voters 65+ would support it. Old fogies!

More African-Americans support secession than voted for John McCain or Mitt Romney. There are also significantly more Hispanics than Yankees who support secession. Perhaps they would like to secede and create Aztlan?

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  1. When a calm, reasonable case for secession is made and it contrasts with the chaos of the Union, thay number will go ip anove 50%, easily.

    The real % I care about is in secession ready states, especially the flagship state of Texas.

    A non-binding resolution, even if privately organized, will give cover to the fence sitters and coeardly politicians.

    To top the petition drive, perhaps as an answer to the White House’s “response”, our people could respond with flags of distress and half staff, texas flags, Gadsen Flags, and other territorial signs of rejection of Union.

  2. I agree, Afterthought. The case for secession needs to be presented to people in a mainstream manner. This issue has the potential to become a fully mainstream subject of debate.

  3. That’s why I say that Southerners should be encouraged to revolt in defense of their own values. Their demographic eclipse in the United States and their own values are naturally leading them to secession.

  4. I think you correctly sense though that there is a chance that secession could be derailed by getting hung up on irrelevant issues.

    Suppose we went before the public and said to the average White Southerner: if you want to support us, you will have to leave Christianity, conservatism, and football at the door, and welcome a mass influx of the most disagreeable, dysfunctional, and miserable people in America into your community, and support the extermination of all the Jews in Dixie.

    Can you imagine the reception that such a message would receive?

  5. Quote: “Perhaps they would like to secede and create Aztlan?”

    That is exactly what they want to do. Mexicans see all whites as unwanted invaders in America. That is why liberals and others are fooling themselves if they think that Hispanic immigration will save the United States.


    Thanks for your great website and great articles. There is another idea easier and simpler than secession. The public is sick and tired of the criminal US govt’s war on us.

    For eg. The reason our politicians continue to import aliens despite the harm to society and the public opposition (80-90% against) is because there are no NATIONAL REFERENDA in the United States. Many other countries, including 3rd world countries, have it, but not the US! It is a shame that US, which claims to be a “world-class” advanced nation, is a mere pseudodemocracy. It is tragic that our constitution lacks the most basic and elementary human right–national referenda

    The three branches have become corrupt, usurped power, and all three branches figured out that it is better to conspire, mug and terrorize the nation and totally ignore the owners, the US Citizens. So they keep imposing tyranny on us with impunity.

    But there is a solution to this govt’s war on the nation. It is a constitutional amendment to allow irreversible binding superseding national referenda, so people can pass good laws in the national interest themselves. These laws will supersede laws passed by Congress and cannot be overturned except on constitutional grounds by a supermajority of both houses and a unanimous vote of the Supreme Court. The people can then still override it with a 66% vote. Some believe that this right to amend the constitution is inherently vested in the American public (the US citizens). Others suggest an actual amendment. A survey showed that 76% of the public approved the idea.

    We can pass a national referendum that all laws that affect the nation as a whole, such as raising taxes, large welfare programs, foreign aid, immigration, bailouts, and raising the debt ceilings, etc. can become law only if finally approved by the people. We will solve 90% of our problems this way.

    For eg., see:


    The National Initiative For Democracy above (ni4d) is in the process of making a documentary about national referenda to bring this issue to a wider audience. They are seeking contributions.

    We Americans need to visit these websites, join these groups, contribute and call radio talk shows, etc. and promote this idea and get the process started soon, before it is too late or America, as we know it, will be finished.

  7. Edgar: nice sentiment, sir, but there will be no reforming this system. The Constitution has become a tool for the destruction of the nation it was written for. Democracy is the problem, more democracy will not help, not now. And in the rare instance that the opinions and wishes of the majority lead to wise laws, the despotic Judiciary is there to strike them down.

  8. I support secession and I’m a Yankee. Perhaps one day the proud sons of the South will allow me to defect to their newly created republic. I promise to leave the carpetbag at home!

  9. I would hope that, by some miracle secession should come, that the new Constitution would specifically mention that the government was founded upon Crhistian principles, that nobody could be considered for national office who could not trace his heritage back 4 generations, on both sides, in a Southern State, and citizenship requires both mother and father to have been raised in Dixie.

  10. So, Wayne, I guess you would exclude me from Dixie citizenship because my mother’s family was not from Dixie, even though I was born on Southern soil and my father’s family were Carolina Ulster Scots whose roots in the South go back to the late 1700’s?


  11. Wayne,
    It’s not a nice sentiment. This is a left-wing, multi cult, NGO out of yankee Massachusetts. This guy is either a troll or a gullible dimwit who has bought into the notion that Southerners are dumb rednecks.

    You’re welcome to your commie Amerika, but if you expect the South to ever go along, you are delusional. Maybe you should post your information at DU or Kos, where it will be better received.

  12. Edgar there recently was a ‘national’ referendum of sorts and Obama was reelected. The msm would effectively control such referenda. The United States suffers not from too little democracy but from an excess of it.

  13. Just a reminder- The Founders considered democracy to be the devil incarnate, in political realms.

    The old joke: Upon exiting from Constitution Hall, a woman came up to Benjamin Franklin, and asked, “Well, sir, what kind of government do we have?” Franklin’s reply was, ‘A Republic, ma’am- if you can keep it.”

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