Vox: An American Independence Party


In the United States, the equivalent would be a Southern Nationalist Party or a Southern Nationalist Caucus taking control of the state legislatures of, say, Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee and calling secession conventions.

“In Spain, the two pro-Catalan independence parties now control a majority of the regional parliament. While the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya is on the political left and the Convergència i Unió is on the center-right, the one thing they can agree on is that Catalonia should be independent.

In Great Britain, the Scottish National Party has all but eliminated the Conservative Party north of the border and seats nearly twice as many members as the Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament. As for the United Kingdom herself, the United Kingdom Independence Party, derided by British Prime Minister David Cameron as a collection of “loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists,” just handed the Tories their Eton-educated heads in three by-elections that serve as a likely harbinger of political upheaval to come; UKIP has already effectively replaced the Liberal Democrats as the United Kingdom’s fourth most influential political party after the Conservatives, Labour, and the Scottish National Party. . .”

Note: It only takes two or three states in combination to force the issue.

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  1. That’s a good point.

    I clearly remember a guy – I think his name is Ron Holland, who emailed me the other day – who used to argue for Southern home rule. They already have that in Scotland, Québec, and Catalonia. The strength of the secessionist movement there has forced major concessions.

    In Catalonia, they used their control of the public school system to teach the Catalan language to children, so that each successive generation would be more receptive to Catalan nationalism. In Scotland, they speak English, but they want to secede from the UK anyway.

    I’m not sure the United States would consent to a Southern Congress. I think the gap between the centralization of the government in Washington and the desire for decentralization in Dixie might become so great that it will just snap all at once.

  2. While I agree that secessionist sentiment runs high I still think it will take something like the impending economic debt catastrophe and/or full scale war in the Middle East to catalyze the average citizen into political action.

  3. First… FIRST… we need to get whites to be proud of their race, and slough off the shame and guilt that they’ve allowed to be heaped on to their shoulders for the last few decades.

    Everything else will follow from that.

  4. The point remains that most of these movements you tout are multi-culti leftist.

    How do you intend to buck that trend? Why is it that only leftist secession movements seem to get traction? I think I have an answer. They really don’t threaten the status quo. Actually, they enhance it. An independent Scotland will be MORE controlled by the EU, not less. I could totally see a newly independent South get highjacked by neocons.

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