Mississippi: The Color of EBT


Here’s another excerpt from Chuck Thompson’s Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession which is part of a roundtable discussion on secession with James C. Cobb, an eminent Southern historian at UGA, and author of Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity:

“You’d see a severe shrinkage of the welfare system,” said Cobb. “We’re going to give all of them [welfare recipients] cheap bus tickets to your part of the country. That’s what they did in Mississippi in World War II. Gave them all bus tickets to Chicago and information on how to get welfare.”

“Deporting poor people sounds like a Cuban solution to the problem,” I say, acknowledging Cobb’s half joke.

“Southerners don’t mind spending if it’s on defense,” responds Cobb. “The Department of Southern Defense would be the largest employer in the South. The fact is, there is a general willingness to operate on a small tax base. Part of that is because we’re living too much now off the federal government.”

SBPDL has been reporting on the legacy of “Manifest Destruction” in Chicago. Specifically, what might happen to African-Americans in, say, an independent Mississippi in the aftermath of The Day The EBT Card Quit Working?

In Mississippi’s First Congressional District, which is 70.5% White, 12% of households were SNAP EBT card users in 2010. Of those, 54.9% of SNAP EBT users were African-Americans.

In Mississippi’s Second Congressional District, which is 35% White, 21% of households were SNAP EBT card users in 2010. Of those, 90.2% of SNAP EBT users were African-Americans.

In Mississippi’s Third Congressional District, which is 64.2% White, 12% of households were SNAP EBT card users in 2010. Of those, 68% of SNAP EBT users were African-Americans.

In Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, which is 75.3% White, 11% of households were SNAP EBT card users in 2010. Of those, 49.3% of SNAP EBT users were African-Americans.

The Color of EBT in Mississippi is BLACK: 63% of EBT card users are African-American. In total, I found that around 156,500 of 404,728 African-American households in Mississippi (39 percent) would be impacted by The Day The EBT Card Quit Working.

Update: In 2010, the federal government spent $848 million dollars on SNAP EBT in Mississippi, which is more than the salaries and wages of Mississippians serving in the Navy and Air Force.

Note: In 2010, there were 247,947 households in Mississippi using SNAP EBT. In 2012, there were 296,508 households on SNAP EBT, so it is reasonable to assume that at at least 40% to 45% of African-American households in Mississippi are now EBT card users.

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  12. You cite all the correct statistics & sources when I could have saved you the time & effort by sending a pic from my phone, taken at any given grocery store here… or from the line at the County Assistance Office… or the WIC Distribution Center…or the line at Foot Locker.

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