Mississippi: The Color of WIC, TANF, and Medicaid



In 2010, 44,671 Whites and 66,830 African-Americans were on WIC in Mississippi. 60% of WIC recipients in Mississippi are African-American. $66.8 million dollars was spent on WIC in Mississippi in 2010.


In Mississippi, 11,322 families were on TANF in 2009. 83.6% of those families were African-American. In 2010, $105.6 million was spent on TANF in Mississippi.


In 2009, there were 754,333 total Medicaid beneficiaries in Mississippi. In 2010, the federal government spent $4.1 billion dollars on Medicaid in Mississippi. 67% of non-elderly Medicaid recipients in Mississippi are African-American. 35% of African-Americans in Mississippi are on Medicaid.


In 2010, 95,556 children in Mississippi were enrolled in CHIP.

Note: Mississippi is first among the states in non-taxpayers. 45% of people in Mississippi pay nothing in income taxes. 42% of African-Americans and 15% of Whites in Mississippi are poor.

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  1. HW, facts are fine but they’ve failed Conservatism Inc, for generations. You need cartoons! Graphics! Visual things that previously disinterested people find attractive!

    What could be easier than satirizing the present regime? So much material, so little anxiousness to exploit it!

  2. I agree with Yancy, basically we have devolved into backward superstitious lot that uses taboo to shove stats like these into a hole. But no one believes this equality garbage anymore except maybe some stupid white girls somewhere. CrapMuurika is the new Soviet or Yugoslavia, we all pretend.

    The Left has given up on all pretentions of any intellectual rigor whatsoever, the Right is just confused, stuck between fantasy egalitrian blank slate stupidity and old axioms of classical liberalism. Ask anyone about equality any questions whatsoever and its like asking teenagers about Santa.

  3. Ah, home sweet home.

    At least until the collapse.

    Statistically speaking, one could make a fortune off the gold “teef” in Mississippi alone. Should one pursue mining after said collapse.

  4. “HW, facts are fine but they’ve failed Conservatism Inc, for generations.”

    Facts *alone* may have failed. You need them but they need to be combined with either active de-programming or economic distress or both.

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