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  1. Hunter,

    Wouldn’t you say it’s about time to scrape together a gubernatorial shadow-cabinet in Alabama? Not for the sinecures just the weighty offices. Are there ANY former or better yet, current pro-secession mayors / legislators?

  2. We should be allies with the Russians, not enemies. Nato needed to be disbanded when the Soviet Union fell. It’s a self perpetuating bureaucracy that serves no useful purpose except to extend military arms production. It is insane to encircle Russia with missiles.

    WTF are U.S. troops doing in Germany almost 70 years after the war ended? Bring them home and let the Germans defend themselves for godsakes!

  3. Are there ANY former or better yet, current pro-secession mayors / legislators?”

    All it would take is some Southerners with balls to step up to the plate. With purported secessionist sympathies in Dixie running as high as some polls indicate then enough small scale contributions should flow to those campaigns. Lester Maddox was certainly not a rich man.

    Has Southron man lost his nerve? Hell, I’m a Yankee and couldn’t run but I’d sure as shootin’ send $50 or $100 bucks to a legitimate registered political campaign in the South that advocated for secession and nullification.

    There would be a HUGE amount of free publicity (all publicity is good publicity even the bad) for an explicitly neo-Confederate Party.

  4. WTF are U.S. troops doing in Germany almost 70 years after the war ended?….”

    Twice that in the South. But they will stay wherever they conquer because that’s what military empire does —all it KNOWS HOW todo– and all they impoverish by their “salaries” and spoils then must go on programs (justified as “christian charity,” to the masses, who are told to understand their “endless giving” via that paradigm).

    But turning around to give payouts to people that you, yourself, have impoverished is DOUBTFULLY what Jesus meant by “charity,” and using their own money to pay them, is contemptible enough to be…. Embarrassing— LOL!!! —If only they could blush.

  5. —“charity” becomes such a farce. Second only to “humility.” Anyone can watch how it is transformed to mean “humiliATION.” Humility is more akin to sophistication, and knowing who you really are, and where you really stand, in the larger scope of things. (An opposite of arrogance—believing you are the top of all when you are not).

    But look at the opening pages of msm “home pages.” Look at the attention to HUMILIATION— (no one discusses this). Headlines are all about: “Guess what star got caught in something embarrassing!” Click to find out someone’s SHAME!! Stay tuned and learn whose breast was exposed!!! See what embarrassed this young teen!!!

    This is the main MEME of “news” home pages—- shame, humiliation, exposure, embarrassment.

    It corals the people— and they no longer know what “humility” versus “humiliation” even IS–

    Secession of the heart— comes first.

  6. I really appreciate how they showed the raising of the Texas flag as an act of defiance. phase 2 of the post-election rebellion needs to be flags, banners, sidewalk chalk, billboards, and bumper stickers with a consistent message: we would be better off after secession. The flags and banners hack directly into the mammalian territorial and herd instinct.

  7. Neo-confederate party or not. I’d just as soon support a strong secessionist tendency in the southern GOP. Eventually forcing a schism where the good guys stand to inherit infrastructure along with experience. There’d be a broken pro-Black Republican party forced to ally with Black Democrats against secessionists.

    Maybe revive the ‘Democratic-Republican” label? Who knows but it’s time to lay the groundwork at the state level.

  8. “Maybe revive the ‘Democratic-Republican” label? Who knows but it’s time to lay the groundwork at the state level.”

    This. ^^^

    Just remember, the national GOP will cut off funds to renegade Republicans. The revival of a “States Rights Party” which vows to oppose and NOT IMPLEMENT unconstitutional federal regulations, mandates, laws and judicial fiats and opposes the restrictions on property rights, literacy tests for voting, and freedom of association which were outlawed in the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 will be radical enough.

    All this talk of extermination is insane and will only alienate the voters the new party wants to attract.

  9. I think the Amuurikan empire will collapse before secession happens, but for order to prevail in at least some areas a government needs to be in place that is not a beholden tit baby to DC.

    Literally billions of people hate our government that frankly is ran by morons who never matured and have greatly inflated their self worth, when this crap empire falters look out below. Every country will rip at the carcass, because for the life of me can anyone respect a Susan Rice or her “opposition” John McCain?

  10. ToS, some of us in North Carolina who are LOS members are looking to start a campaign which will begin forming a database of secession supporters. Depending on the amount of support it could turn into a PAC. We’re looking to begin a petition to remove those sections in the North Carolina Constitution that prohibit secession. The mechanism would be to place those changes on the ballot. We currently have about $1500 pledged for the effort.

  11. I think the Russians miscalculated a bit but were nevertheless approximately correct in their predictions. God bless ’em and I value their partnership in throwing off the Yankee/”Jewish empire. Media! Media! Media!

  12. We need to think about how we dislodge the US government from out states, that includes the courts, the welfare offices (including the EEOC), and that king kong of entities, the US military. We in South Carolina have Fort Jackson, Shaw Air Force Base, Charleston Navy, and Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, and maybe others.

    All need to be sent out of our lands, no ifs, ands, or buts. They must go.

  13. OT: the nighttime talk radio show Coast to Coast AM is having a show on Abraham Lincoln assassination conspiracy theories tonight. It probably won’t be very sympathetic to your cause, but some of you may be interested.

  14. Wow this is great. Secession talk really is heating up. I agree with PP these gentlemen did an excellent job. We need more normal, well-adjusted, articulate men like this leading the charge.

  15. “We need to think about how we dislodge the US government from out states”

    Yes, practical pre-secession activities that lead to loosening of ties and preparation for independence as well as being practical in themselves are the best form of publicity for a practically minded target audience.

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