Obama’s America: Man U Betta Teac Sumin!


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How much money do you suppose Washington has squandered since the 1960s trying to “teac sumin” to Obama’s people in Chicago? The average public school teacher in Chicago makes $76,000 a year.

Note: If we seceded from the United States and created the Republic of Dixie, African-Americans would have to start paying taxes in order to get an “edjucashion” for their “chilren.” Under the present system, we tax Whites and shower their money on public schools like this one, year in, year out.

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  1. Students don’t realize that they are responsible for their own work.
    Black people especially appear to think that an education is something you receive gratis instead of something you seek out yourself. That skoo should be CBU’ed. I feel sorry for the teacher. He’s under constant physical threat by the looks of it. Did you note the male thugs all around? Jeesus.

  2. How are rank-and-file “conservatives” doing these days?

    Are they getting the message?

    What does it take to get your typically country club member or Chamber of Commerce type or police captain to get active?

    I reckon only an actual collapse where the ATMs don’t work.

    Or perhaps the actual wrecking of the GOP.

    In the last elections, whites rallied to the GOP. The post-election GOP has been horrific for our our people; imagine if they won! I advocated and still do, that white radicals nakedly and openly torpedo the GOP. It seems like we are activating powerless whites, we just need to make the powerful whites see that they have no other option than loyalty to us.

  3. Education is not a right, it is a privilege. In olden days, parents of nobility hired PRIVATE TUTORS, who lived, dwelt, ate, and gave intellectual stimulus to the adults ofttimes as well, while they carried on the ten years of study most White European children had, until the rise of the universities. From the ‘modern era’ (Henry VIII- onwards in English-speaking lands) there were nobles and commoners in the Universities, and more rigorous schooling was devised. Again, not really at state expense.

    In America, schools that were ‘public’ were also creedally religious, until (roughly) about 1800. The change- and drive- toward ‘Free Public Schools’ came about via the unitarianisation of once-Calvinist New England, and the importation of the Prussian ‘Kindergarten’ model, sought to make ‘good, productive citizens’ rather than educated individuals. Charlotte Iserbyt has written a totally devastating critique of this school paradigm, in her book, ‘The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America’.

    Non-whites…Negroes specifically- while being both less intellectually acute (actually, all of them are downright ugly, if you ask me…), and with no motivation to learn (they aren’t altruistic, as are whites), and with a culture that despises learning, (‘acting white’ is an insult to them) deserve to be reduced to illiteracy rather quickly- especially when it’s via the public purse. Slave populations don’t deserve the power that literacy gives to those who can shoulder its responsibilities, frankly.

    Cruel? Not when it’s your race and your nation one is talking about. The lies of BRA are many, and deep. When a blight hits your ‘family tree,’ the only thing to do is to uproot it, totally.

  4. —-there are so many white Americans who have never made anything near 76K like the teachers HW mentions (which is not even that much money in the Affirmative Action U.S. where the dough really flows)— and who regularly read 1000 page books for fun, have above-average IQs, are self-starting, motivated, clean livers, etc. Many just people who’ve “made life a little smaller” in order to avoid hurting their own country by taking jobs that feed the beast.

    America just isn’t a country that wanted to use people such as that, and one of its best-kept secrets is education doesn’t cost anything, not really.


  5. @ “…..What does it take to get your typically country club member or Chamber of Commerce type or police captain to get active?….”

    The smell that the tide already turned, that if they don’t get on board they will be left behind, that there may be social consequences for towing the current line, that it’s a new time now and their families aren’t part of the new direction.

  6. She asks: “Why aren’t you teaching anything?”

    Who could actually teach these louts anything?

    “Man U Betta Teac Sumin!” More like, “Girl U Betta Lurn Sumin!” Though, good luck with that.

  7. One factoid.

    Until recently professors and lecturers at Oxford were not allowed to be married. They also had to be ordained in many cases. The rules differed from college to college. The teachers were supposed to be young and aware the faculty position was a stop gap before running a parish or law firm or other businesses. That way the faculty was young and eager and opportunistic. It worked well.

  8. The teacher might very well suck. Hard to say without being there. Probably does.

    But the point is, within 10 seconds of that lardass spouting off, someone, ANYONE, should have slapped the Tina Turner out of her and told her to sit down and STFU.

    All in all, she should be thankful she didn’t go to school 50 years ago, when teachers were allowed to dispense corporal punishment.

  9. The Atlantic Magazine has a very good, surpisingly fair article about Whites in Mississippi establishing inexpensive private schools with defacto segregation so White students are spared the horror of going to school with violent, low IQ Blacks.


    “In Southern Towns, ‘Segregation Academies’ Are Still Going Strong”

    This article discusses the effective ways Whites can have a safe, affordable, White education after losing control of all of the public schools.

    We have something similar here in Chicago with some overwhelmingly White Catholic schools, there just aren’t very many so White folks in the city flee further and further out when they have children or else Whites in the city just don’t have children and remain “students”, “hipsters” their whole lives.

  10. As a ex-employee of the Chicago Public School system and District 202, this would be considered routine by the nigs. At least they arent assaulting or trying to rob staff. In my 5 years, I had nogs attempt to rob me twice.

  11. John says:’The jig should have been expelled or suspended’
    Like free a bird from the cage.

    Whites puberty reaches much later than Negros.
    That’s why the skull still grows up to 16-17 years of age where as the Negros skull fuses and close at 12-14 years of age. Big difference in DNA of ½ percentage wise.

  12. The screaming negress is obviously a victim of white discrimination, white bigotry, white privilege, white indifference, and other assorted “white” evils. It has nothing to do with her teacher.

    Don’t believe it? Ask a white liberal.

  13. so says the two faced son of the greatest slave empire on earth; proud of his slave owning roots but dismiss others

    when do I get your real name and address?

  14. @stonelifter

    I gave you my real name and real address, and you damn well know it. Meanwhile, you’re scared to even tell me your own name. So I’m here whenever you’re ready.

    That must be one mighty long “contract”, huh? I mean, you told me you were “on your way” back at the beginning of October, LOL!

  15. It takes 30 to 100 hours to teach a child to read, depending upon the age, intelligence, and motivation of the child.

    My guess is that if free schooling were eliminated, 75% of black children would never master the third-grade curriculum, and 75% of mestizos wouldn’t master the fifth-grade curriculum.

    If they don’t have free public schools to attend, and no other organization picks up the slack, then very little education will go on in the ghetto/barrio.

  16. the info you gave me does not check out in public record checks

    the only person with your name in your state is a 17 year old boy who lives 22 miles from the address you gave me

    the address you gave me has a 62 year old man, a 59 year old woman and a 22 year old woman living in it.

    you have my real name, my place o work and the flight schedule. come meet me. you have the chance to take 8-10 k in greenbacks, euros and gold. if not, be a good little girl and wait until my important business is done and I’ll get to you on my time and when I know who you really are. besides a liar and nigger lover (as all yankees are)

    of course I didn’t give you my address. my youngest child, live stock and farm is unprotected and I know what your people do to Southron children and farms when the men folk aren’t around.

    I’ m at the civil Kandahar airport everyday. You have the flight info. all you need is a passport. I’ m not sure why you think I should arrange my life to fit yours but come on out. hell I’ ‘ll gladly pay your pimp the money he won’t make off you while you travel and recuperate

    Maybe you could read a book while you fly out here and learn how wrong you are on these things… but you won’ t. come on down, or give me some proof you are who you are

  17. Why even waste money on schools for these missing link primates anyway? A classroom full of chimpanzees could be taught more.

  18. Before “Snivel Rights” blacks went to public schools financed by black tax revenues. They were lower than White taxes, because the rates and the incomes and property values were less, but they were a positive value because blacks had black stores and businesses and professionals and their own economic demimonde. The “talented tenth” provided a decent level of medical and legal and financial services and retail vending to the blacks at large, never as good as White ones, but they paid less too in many cases, particularly for medical care.

    Black schools had more modest physical plant, older textbooks, and less equipment than White schools and black teachers were often not as smart or as capable as the better White teachers, but those blacks that wanted to learn could and did learn. Most blacks got a better education in those schools than they do today, because the black teachers and principals brooked little nonsense, no race card could be played, and obstreperous students were kicked out. Many black teachers and administrators were amongst the smarter blacks and had a passion for teaching and the betterment of their people, just as White teachers of 1900 or 1950 were more apt to be amongst the smarter Whites than is the case today. Many if not most blacks who graduated high school could function at a level that made them at least modestly employable: they could do basic math and could write coherent, if simple English in legible handwriting.

    They did not equal Whites, of course, because they were not the equal of Whites. Their average IQ was lower, but the trend was positive: the average IQ of blacks went up every decade between 1875 and 1965. Still, the 90 IQ black high school graduate of 1950 or 1960 could fill out a bill of lading, could sort merchandise and stock shelves, could do useful work for employers. He wasn’t as likely to show up on time every day as White workers did, he often lacked in certain niceties, but he was an economic asset.

    Today, a large percentage of blacks are unemployable because they are illiterate, even at the level an 85 IQ person can normally be easily educated to. The males mostly have felony records, and neither sex can speak cogent English in many cases and many of those who can prefer Ebonics to an extent making them unsuited to public contact. They wear their hair in bizarre fashions which often smell bad, and are cursed with ridiculous given names in many cases. (Are you going to reply to the resume of Latrina, Vongina (you know I wouldn’t dare make that one up!), or DeAndrEqu’is for the next opening your business has? ).

    Blacks should be expected to pay for their own childrens’ education, which should be on the whole less lavishly funded because blacks are generally less benefitted by it. A person with an 80 IQ is better off dropping out at the eighth grade and one with a 90 IQ at the tenth, because they just can’t learn very much more. If we had to co-exist amongst blacks, I’d favor simply sterilizing any of them below 90 IQ (which is sixty percent now) and providing them with makework to keep out of trouble at taxpayer expense. But what I really favor is separation, total geographical separation.

  19. I’ve never felt more like Taylor from PotA in my life.

    Negroes as employees are bad enough, they try to turn every directive into a negotiation. They always have some brilliant (read retarded) idea or need a newport break. A lecture hall full of Negroes would be enough to turn Salman Khan into Col. Kurtz. There was one SWPL adopted criminal Negress in my middle school, we weren’t having it. “Tasha” would shriek then scratch and spit at us during class. Then on the bus one day we invited her to the back (where cool kids sat) we bloodied the kid up and shoved trash in her mouth then threw batteries from our discmans at her when she got off. Never saw her again after that day. That’s how we dealt with a criminal niglet in the 90’s. good times.

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