The Meaning of Minority

New York

Charles Blow on Matthew Heimbach:

“In September, a white student named Matthew Heimbach at Towson University caused a bit of an uproar when The Baltimore Sun reported that he was “gathering support” to start a white student union on campus. The newspaper pointed out: “His former group, Youth for Western Civilization, had sparked controversy with its public displays against Islam, same-sex marriage and multicultural education. That group disbanded after it lost the support of its faculty sponsor, but Heimbach said he hopes his new organization will promote white identity without disparaging other people.” . . .”

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  1. America will cease to exist under such conditions. I can’t think of any empire that straddles black/white/yellow/brown successfully for very long.

    Au revoir shoshana!

  2. Looking at Heimbach’s performance on Hartmann I have a final final critique. Blow brings up good points that Heimbach should use.

    1) whites appear to be destined for minority status in America and Europe within 30 years in the US and 60-70 years in the UK and France. With this in mind I am merely preparing the way for the white’s new status as a minority with rights to protect.

    2) can any minority be denied the expression of the own identity in the modern world?
    Currently whites are only 8% of the world population. So it is necessary to have a healthy expression of that identity with institutional frameworks and organizations.

    This combo of points are critically important for Heimbach to express. He’s picked out as a media spokesman for some reason. So be it.

  3. Do you have to be a minority to have human rights?

    The freedom of assembly and of self regard are basic human rights.

    The Marxists have cobbled together their “rainbow coalition” on the idea that the majority and the powerful are existentially wrong, that the weak and poor are existentially right. To the extent that democracy enables that, it is a menace.

  4. Charles Blow should be the first to feel the Master’s lash, come Dixie 2.0.

    Do you realize the ‘anti-black’ anger this dumb nigger is generating via columns such as thi, and, all the while, thinking that he’s actually the EQUAL of a white man, with his suit and smug-ass face?

    Come the Revolution, niggers will find no ‘hiding place’ (a la Corrie ten Boom) south of the Mason-Dixon line. Why should they? Four HUNDRED YEARS of anti-assimilation attitudes, ONE HUNDRED FIFTY YEARS of uppityness, and FORTY YEARS of mandated ‘equality’ has taught them NOTHING- just look at Mr. Smugass, himself, over at the “Darkie House” in D.C.

    As I said on this forum, months ago, and as I have been chronicling on my blog for the last year or more, the best advertisement for a Whites-only Nation, and a complete disenfranchisment of BRA, is niggers themselves.

    And they don’t realize how utterly repugnant they are…… to everyone.

  5. Here’s one of the Cubans the Republicans have always loved so much:

    “…Being an American of Cuban descent and living in the South for the vast majority of my life I have to admit, I like the white people around me less and less every year. It’s only been in the last 4 years, since President Obamas first election that I’ve really noticed just how racist so many of them are….”

    According to Pew—- those Batista cubans (angry over Bay of Pigs and voting “conservative” while “changing” Florida) were just fair-weather friends, after all. By the 3rd Generation, the “minority” rhetoric is where they see their bread buttered.

  6. Afterthought,


    The thing is America is done once it begins to look like Chicago. 1/3, 1/3, 1/3
    It’s intolerable.

  7. My point here is that whites are a global minority already. It’s just going to take people a while to realize how outnumbered we are. The point of our minority status needs to be driven home at all times.

  8. Dixiegirl: Your point about Cubans is spot on. And further underscores the senility of the GOP. Most of the muckity-mucks of the GOP are born to power, and thus do politics as a dilettante hobby. They have been isolated from racial conflict and are old enough to consider that the shit hitting the fan would come too late to affect them personally.

    Romney is a case in point he seemed happier after he lost the election, than during the campaign. The last Republican that was self made was Reagan, and they shot and drugged him.

    The anti-whites rejoice when the upper crust whites engage in class rather than racial struggle, because they know that’s an automatic victory for the left. We must force the upper crust whites to chose between the ANC or us. We must hammer it home that we are not going to protect wealth if our race is unprotected. And I think we need to be explicit about it. No weasel words.

  9. Good point, but it’s even worse than that. White females of child-bearing age or younger might be 2% of the world’s population or close to it.


    Currently whites are only 8% of the world population. So it is necessary to have a healthy expression of that identity with institutional frameworks and organizations.

  10. This article stuck with me….

    Like this: The author says, “….The last thing we need is a racial and ethnic backlash in this country. Now is the time to move forward with sensitivity and respect and with a watchful eye on how we behave and what we expect as the traditional American majority becomes just another minority…”

    It’s precisely this ethnic arrogance (on the part of the writer) that ensures future racial violence.

    The “white” in America CAN NEVER BECOME “just another minority.” The SHEER IDEA of “minority” was forged in relation them. And this is not “mere semantics.”

    Already—- a wealth of rhetoric exists to silence areas such as the Heimbach issue (where he is in a 30% white town but unable to organize). “Minority” is not a matter of “just number,” you know.

    The black author knows that the “privilege” remains even when the Heimbach is radically outnumbered. And he’s asking: will that stop. “When will it be time to let them have some form of voice???”

    This black man’s discomfort is evident with what a) he knows to be true; that his own ethnic violence and the silencing and willful genocide of the previous minority is what he OWES his position to—- He doesn’t like this, but can’t GIVE UP HIS OWN power (by facing the truth)

    To his great credit, he’s an honest enough man to try to address White Reality, (Heimbach in a 30% town can’t organized) but he can only see so much from his position of natural ethnic myopia). Also— he is not so honest that he can “give up his power,” his Black Privilege and admit how the whole “white minority” just sort of HAPPENED.

    This is evident in his expressions of discomfort about a potential “backlash” (meaning whites might try to claim their own living area, their own little Chinatown, and have thriving babies, anywhere in the u.s.)

    The only REAL REASON he offers one should be “sensitive” to the White problem is there might be “backlash” which is “the last thing we need right now” (since we are almost rid of the white people).

    One hears forever about the “horror of being a minority”—- so why would “minorities” WISH THAT ON OTHER GROUPS?— Why insist that it occured “naturally,” and was “inevitable?”

    —-Are they beginning to fear charges of Genocide?

    Even if the situation was reversed, and Whites quickly became a majority again— would it change what they did? Can they ever be forgiven? —-Because of what the author DOES SAY, rest assured these questions linger in his mind.

    WHITES ARE THE ONLY minority. They are the “evil thing” against which all “minority” was posited in the first place. Therefore, they CAN NEVER have in COMMON the “minority narrative” in the same way.

    The end game is Genocide—- then the coalition minorities will go at each other. That is how it works.

    The White “minority” status WAS NEVER USED AS A BATTERING TOOL to “take power” from anyone.

    —–That reality is not shared by whites and non-whites.

    (The Irish would be the only exception—-they claim oppressed status)

  11. —- Oh, actually— Heimbach did invoke his IRISHNESS to justify even being able to organize in a 30% white town. So, could he have had any voice AT ALL if he’d been a non-Irish White?

    Heimbach’s MINORITY STATUS (which he claims as such, saying the Irish were oppressed) was used to justify himself in the interview with Hartmann.

    But THE RIGHT TO EXIST—- was guaranteed in our own constitution. A right to life and liberty based in BEING.

    It’s horrifying to believe one would have to “claim minority status” to justify merely EXISTING.

    Many whites will never do this, imo. It is their Code, (system, identity, etc.) that existence is Always aAready justified, as it was God who created that existence.

    Existing is not contingent on “being good” or “being oppressed” in their (white) system and code, as it is in the Country that IS ALREADY NOT theirs. In the MS / Minority System, Existing is based on how “oppressed” one is and so on.

  12. Good point there Lew. Reproductive white women of child bearing age are 2% of the world’s population. it’s mind boggling how far gone the situation already is.

  13. Wow, the comments under this story are sickening. I suppose you expect it at the NYT but, wow. Too bad no one could chime in and ask the commenters to name one black society anywhere on earth that functions at a high level. Pins dropping . . . crickets chirping. Blacks aren’t oppressed they live at far higher levels than their abilities would allow by living as parasites off of white people. White people don’t HAVE it good, they MAKE it good, and as I said, the rest live off us as parasites. They admitted as much when they voted with their feet and came here. These are two of the central genocide myths of the Left.

  14. We must hammer it home that we are not going to protect wealth if our race is unprotected. And I think we need to be explicit about it. No weasel words.

    The last thing secessionists should do is try to extort successful Whites. They know we are the low tax/small gov. group. Let them come to us.

  15. The point of our minority status needs to be driven home at all times.

    You can also point out that this is particularly relevant in the sort of ‘globalized world’ we’re at all times encouraged to think in terms of. You can tell them, see pal, I am thinking globally.

  16. Good point about the global demographic percentage that the White race represents but I doubt that the anti-Whites will be swayed by it very much. Almost certainly they will respond that the globally unequal distributions of wealth and standards of living are evidence of how Whites are still the beneficiaries of massive “unearned privilege” far beyond their numbers. These types will never acknowledge the fact that it is virtually impossible for non-Whites with the exception of East Asians to perform at the same level as Whites due to biological differences among the races. Nor will they ever acknowledge that we even exist, except of course when they need a scapegoat for the failings of their beloved people of color.

  17. The seculars and materialists are casting about for something to unify the White race. The candidates as I see it so far are: race, minority status, greivances based upon aggression against Whites as a minority and genocide objectives against Whites as a race.

    I confidently predict that none of the above will unify American Whites. Not even in SA where there is manifestly a racial White genocide going on – those of British descent blame the Africaans and the Africaans blame the Whites of British descent.

    They both know that even as minorities it would be possible to rule the Black population.

    I don’t think abstractions like humanity and race have ever motivated White nations (originally tribes) to any great extent. They have always fought other White nations (we were originally tribal after all). A White nation state has never had too much difficulty in dominating non White populations. As nation states they have always ruled in the midst of their foes.

    The reason why they do not do this now is because the wealth of White peoples has been appropriated and used against them not only to arm hostile xenos for aggression against them, but also to buy off Whites to act as overseers and enforcers for a hostile and alien elite.

    Whites as a rule have sympathy for whinging minorities, but do not necessarily envision ourselves in the whinging category. Whinging minorities (even when they are a majority) whinge to the Whites who seek to remedy the problem. That is what Whites do. We don’t whinge to others – we fix our own problems. We have a difficult time seeing ourselves in this role. Under Islam in Europe the Whites were a minority in their own lands. They were being exterminated and driven back on the peninsula. They found strongholds, they organized, above all else they held to their Christian faith and began the reconquista. Their attitude: it takes as long as it takes.

    What really fires White nations is the national culture, tradition and language. They don’t identify as White, they identify as Catalan, English, Bretton, Bavarian, Irish, Scots Irish etc. They come together as a unity that can undergird and guarantee that little patch of what they truly love. Travelling in Europe, it takes about an hour to travel to another province where the language, music, culture, food, archetecture is different than it was an hour ago.

    What held these people together (when they were together) was a spiritual unity. That should be Spiritual unity and a political expression of that unity that embraced the extravagant wealth of White diversity. Race alone as a common denominator is not sufficient for this. Even in America, the original concept was the states and a federation of states.

    The Whites do not swarm or teem. We differentiate.

    As one would expect the Irish have understood this phenomena from the get go and even have a joke to explain it. The English tell jokes about the French, the French tell jokes about the Belgians, the Belgians tell jokes about the Irish. And the Irish tell jokes about the people in County Kerry.

  18. Any one with a lick of sense can figure out that they belong to that 8% and that 8% flow from 2% of fertile white women.

    That’s a whole civilization expressed as a percentage. Again anyone with a lick of good sense will register this factor and act accordingly.

  19. Mr Heimbach was on Russia Today: I thought he did much better than his last encounter with Mr Hartmann.

    My question for him would be if he is attempting to form similar groups at other universities, esp in the south? Such groups could tap into youthful energy and be geographic hubs for secession guerrilla marketing.

    Also a little clarity on the subject of “Are Jews white?” Some are, some aren’t. Many Jews are from the Southern Ukraine (Khazaria) and many have predominantly white blood. Look inside Israel; Sephardic Jews and Arab Jews are discriminated against and when the Israelis recently deported blacks back to Africa, wasn’t one of them quoted as saying “this is a white country”?

    As a Mediterranean country and as a people subject to the Roman Empire, western Jews are very similar to Italians in genetic studies.

    I like the “some are, some aren’t” rejoinder because the next likely question is going to deal with whether one likes or dislikes Jews. One can respond in a pseudo-universal way: I like anybody who isn’t hurting my people. And then segway to how the Israelis are tough on immigration, are not afraid to stand up for a Jewish homeland and use the power of government to keep it Jewish forever. Its only common sense for us to do the same in white countries.

  20. Tamer of savages – The soldiers, the police, the rank and file GOP voter are not wealthy people. Yet they are the thin line between the feral savages of cultural and economic Marxism.

    I am not suggesting “extortion” I am suggesting that radical whites, and that includes Libertarians, Ron Paul, types, and Secessionists need to be unambiguous with the GOP. Continue down the path of compromise and Amnesty, and we don’t vote for you and the ANC takes full control. I want them to keep their wealth, and would never take it. But I refuse to defend those that put wealth before the lives of our children.

    I was disappointed in the last election that so many voted for Romney out of racial solidarity when he had none for them. Many considered victory by Romney plausible which is a real problem for secession. Only when it is is nakedly obvious that the GOP is dead will whites look to practical political solutions. The rank and file are getting there, we just need to get the Chamber of Commerce types on board. Only fear of their wealth being taken by ferals will do that. With their Amnesty talk, you know they just don’t get it that America is dead.

  21. Personally I admire blacks. I admire the way they give up income and the good life just so they can live around whites. That’s real commitment to the idea of diversity. They could all just move to a corner of the nation and build a much richer and better society than the one they live in, since they are AT LEAST our equals and would be free from the yoke of white privilege that is the only thing holding them down, but they would rather suffer the oppression and poverty caused by bearing white racism than deprive us of their company. That’s real sacrifice. I don’t understand why they do it? They must love us very much.

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