Nancy Lanza Was Prepping For “The Collapse”


She had all those guns because she feared the financial system was going to collapse and SNAP EBT was going to quit working:

The mother of Newtown school massacre gunman Adam Lanza was a survivalist who was stockpiling food because she thought the world economy was on the verge of collapse.

Nancy Lanza began hoarding such items because she feared that the financial crisis was going to bring about the end of civilized society.

She reportedly became ‘obsessed’ with guns and taught Adam how to shoot, but on Friday he turned on her and blasted the woman to death while she laid in her own bed….

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  1. This has been a bonanza for the lefties. Not only does it give them yet another soapbox to crow about gun control, but has also opened the door for criticism of homeschooling (doesn’t matter that he was almost through the 10th grade and had to be pulled out for behavioral problems), and has allowed them to strengthen the stereotype of preppers as lunatics.

    The “see I told you so’s” from the left have been deafening for the last few days. I’ve just had to tune out.

  2. Gayle
    “The “see I told you so’s” from the left have been deafening for the last few days. I’ve just had to tune out.”

    I tuned out their chatter a couple of years ago and have never felt better. If more people turned off the MSM, the left’s power would go up in smoke.

    As for preppers, the Democrats have been demonizing them for a few years now. Apparently, anyone that prepares for bad years is, “a dangerous nut job, they do not think Correct thoughts, and must be rooted out and robbed of their caches of food.”

    Leftists are sick, intolerant people. Everyone must think the same thoughts as them, or they go on the attack, like rabid dogs.

  3. This broad was living off an enormous alimony settlement. Why not emphasize that instead? The family dynamics seem almost diabolical.

  4. If she was prepping, she was doing it from a suburban mansion and living off a court ordered settlement, paid for by a tax accountant at GE. Can we at least deal with these basic things?

    Also, what about the shooter? Bright? Yes. Few prospects? Don’t know but at 20 you should be chasing pussy even if you are bad at it.
    The Divorce actually seems to be a significant cause.

    If we sent off a few more of these miserable bleeders to Africa to colonize there we would be in better shape. Any natural sadism or evil would be inflicted on subject populations and heavily controlled by officers and civil servants for the betterment of

    There wasn’t much of this sort of civil conflict during eras of active imperialism.

  5. “The Divorce actually seems to be a significant cause. ”

    Likely the only cause worth noting… Thus it will be swept under the rug.

  6. There are multiple interests are responsible than the NRA Media is covering it up; electronic games industry, Pharmastical,Lawyers that give women the leverage to divorce with assets and alimony are responsible for the high rate of divorce.

    the single mom is the norm MSM praises in movies and commercials, dads are merely sperm donor.

  7. Well – WE need to be yelling BACK. Cite the divorce, the meds, etc. And if a very adffluent Divorcee, in a very affluent community is worried about financial collapse – then we should be screamng about THAT.


  8. Nancy Lanza Was Prepping For “The Collapse”

    Not according to this ……

    “Connecticut Shooting – (3 combined shooters) Police Audio and Witness Video Testimony 12-16-12 ” 15 min

  9. When we take back the Republic, first on the list of elimination of non-productive entity are ‘Lawyers; ¾ of 2 million vampires to be liquidated.

  10. Divorce and perversion are intimately connected. Both are usually the result of broken promises. Among adults and between adults and children.

  11. “This has been a bonanza for the lefties…The “see I told you so’s” from the left have been deafening for the last few days. I’ve just had to tune out.”

    Push back.

    I think psych meds are the weakest point as
    1) It’s not disprovable
    2) It’s probably true

  12. I don’t quite belong to the class that could pay 1/4 million a year in alimony, but surely that’s hush money? Right? 1/4 to keep her stfu and at arms distance.

  13. The cops didn’t put Adam Lanza into the cooler after his first altercation at the school. Someone dropped the ball in CT. This person should have been in a jail cell already cooling off and a restraining order plus electronic tracker being prepared for him.

  14. As it turns out Adam Lanza’s uncle is a cop. The house they lived in was the Champion family’s “ancestral pile of bricks”. So a lot of Adam Lanza’s hijinx would perhaps have been let off as he comes from a rich reasonably well connected family on both sides.

    The Mom’s name is Champion (French sounding) and her mother’s name Hanson. I suspect the shooter had a lot of local relatives.

  15. This is why her son was the patsy.

    Henry Makow has updated On Dec 15, 2012 he posted links to the aerial tape of another shooter running from the scene. Also links to the apprehension of the other shooter. It is important to track these primary facts through the Media publicity releases for this act of political theatre perpetrated upon an American school and children.

  16. Prepping is not irrational, in a healthy society it would be encouraged. I believe in Switzerland and Israel it is, though on a community basis. The Mormons do this and it should be regarded as a major point in their favor.

    Danger from within is something preppers fail to plan for, and this is an object lesson.

    Wonder of the woman posted on survivalblog? Comma Rawles probably would not admit it.

  17. the anti survivalist message is a good one for yankees

    the vast majority of survivalist are White so they get to work their beloved anti White stuff

    a large number of survivalist are country folk an the get to work their anti country message

    it’s mostly a masculine pursuit so they get to be anti man

    firearms play a vital role in the lifestyle so they get to be anti gun

    and it’s a very individualistic pursuit so they get to slam one of the traditional values

  18. “She had all those guns because she feared the financial system was going to collapse and SNAP EBT was going to quit working”…
    Seems like a reasonable fear to me.

  19. the divorce will only be mentioned if the father left the mother.

    a 1/4 mill year seems pretty normal for that economic class.

  20. The Moral of this story is:

    Stay away from End Time, conspiracy theory, “prepper”, survivalists.

    Nothing good comes from this drop out cult.

    Say “YES” to life.

  21. Sorry Nancy,

    The collapse happened when you and your damn Yankee book club pals voted for a Negro that can’t speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument. You had a mentally challenged son and President. Now you have neither. God rest your soul.

  22. They may be getting ready to sacrifice Obama (Lincoln) to bring in their New World Order.

    Notice how they rammed a guaranteed loser Romney down our throats?

    I didn’t see one Romney sign until late September; I only saw about a thousand Ron Paul signs…

    Obama stunned the world in the first debate with his “take this cup away from me” body language, now the tears.

    This is getting out of control.

  23. I haven’t followed very much of the msm this weekend, but the one story I read really contradicted this claim. It was quoting her neighbor. The woman was apparently very much into landscaping her yard, but it didn’t mention a garden. Nothing about this claim rings true to me so far.
    If the left said it was raining, I’d go look to make sure.

    This *is* getting out of control, Afterthought. What time I have spent online has been at du, watching the dummies going berserk.

    As far as discrediting home schools, what happens when White males are bombarded to the point that their self esteem is all but destroyed (ashamed of their race, ashamed of their gender, notified in no uncertain terms that they are crap & would be better of dead, cut off from God & decency- unless they get that at home) & then saturated with violent images in video games & media? What could go wrong?
    The only time they’re not miserable is when they’re the guy “in” the a video game, getting a high kill rate. Some of them snap & that’s where they go to get relief.
    The left will never take responsibility for “deconstructing” our kids, but it would be some consolation to see the monsters they’ve created turn on this, as tragic a waste as that is. People with any sense will get their kids out of public school, pronto.

  24. Afterthought says: Sandy Hook was referenced in the Dark Night: post hoc ergo propter hoc?

    I think that’s Latin or something for “bullshit”, but is this bullshit too?

    9/11 Predicted on Movies – 2 min

  25. “The Moral of this story is: Stay away from End Time, conspiracy theory, “prepper”, survivalists. Nothing good comes from this drop out cult. Say “YES” to life.”

    Jack- very few of the people I know that are preppers are ‘end time’ (i.e., dispensationalist) folks- for they already foolishly believe that they are going to be ‘raptured’ when Jeeeeezusssss comes. More of them are Calvinists, if anything.

    If you don’t believe in ‘conspiracy theories’- what are you doing on this forum? lol

    And as far as a ‘cult’ is concerned- huh? J Wesley, Rawles is as multiculti as a prepper could be- he includes all races in his books, he consistently refuses to note the reality that race, and cultural breakdown correlate to, and his is the biggest ‘prepper’ site on the net. In my own area, I found zilch interest in preppers, once they knew I was a Caucophile (love my own race, culture, history) because most of them are in a river in Egypt (De Nial) So, it would appear that the only ‘cultists’ out there who also prep, are the ‘Multi-cultists.’

    And I thought we on this forum were against those folks?

  26. This doomsday thing had me going for a while. Nothing more than propaganda from below and above Hollywood churns’ out films of end of times that only a fraction of fraction delusions take action such as this. Nope, it’s not going to collapse overnight lest the governments around the world mobilize for war. And that was WWII that shook world.

  27. The Cuban missile crisis had every one on the edge of darkness some built fortress underground stockpile provision and weapons. Movie Mad max is a reflection cold war of mutual assure destruction.

    The real horror occurred during ww2,1 in 3 of 200 million Europeans were directly maimed,pereish in combat.Indirectly the civilians were in a state of horror of terror bombing cripple the in fracture folks had no food,fuel and all the were scavenging the streets that by war end, all the pigeons, rats, dogs, cats, bugs etc were gone .

    My relatives lived through the Armageddon.

  28. KGeorge -The only time they’re not miserable is when they’re the guy “in” the a video game, getting a high kill rate.

    The military service invests in the Xbox games for recruitments.

  29. Push back

    Yeah, there seem to be a lot of angles for pushing back:

    1. Secure your bloody guns from your nutty kid, you bloody idiot.
    2. This is what happens to kids from broken homes raised by single mothers; leftists love divorce and single mothers.
    3. Drugs.

  30. “It’s that he employs the intellectual stammer. Not to be confused with a stutter, which the president decidedly does not have, the intellectual stammer signals a brain that is moving so fast that the mouth can’t keep up. The stammer is commonly found among university professors”

    As in, his brain is moving so fast in trying to concoct the next lie and conceal the next truth that it can’t keep up.

    The idea that the negro-in-chief is brilliant is pathetically absurd. He didn’t even win a National Merit Scholarship, putting the upper bounds on his IQ at around 130.

  31. With all the paranoia in the media many people are starting to believe exactly as she is. The media basically makes extreme announcements says that the US “is broke” and all hell blasts loose. The media has no credibility at all and its little wonder that more and more people are starting to think that something really strange is going on. This woman obviously felt that way but now others who think like her will also be demonized because of her killer son.

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