Live Thread: Jared Taylor on Radio Free Mississippi


The highlight of the interview was Jim Giles putting Jared Taylor on the spot about the destructive fringe of the White Nationalist movement.

Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald very wisely chose not to punch that tar baby and get down in the mud with Alex Linder. The best advice that I ever got when I was involved in the White Nationalist movement was “don’t fight with people.” It is better just to ignore and steer clear of disagreeable people, let them isolate themselves with their own extremism, and focus on your own productive work.

Even if we choose not to engage the fringe, Jared Taylor is right that those people remain a liability to the White Nationalist movement. They are going to be a liability to any small, marginalized movement, especially a movement that advocates something as repressed and explosive as a revival of White racial consciousness in America, but ultimately there is nothing any of us can do about them.

In my view, this is one area where Southern Nationalism has a clear advantage over White Nationalism: Southerners have more in common than racial grievances and racial identity, we generally share a common religion, culture, and ethnicity, and the positive things that we have in common means that there is more homogeneity and less infighting which makes for a more cohesive movement.

White Nationalism casts a much wider net and the effective result of this is that White Nationalists end up coming from all sorts of different religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds and have far more difficulty uniting around racial grievances, whiteness, and the abstract concept of a White ethnostate.

Within the White Nationalist movement, I noticed that the Southerners have a much easier time getting along with each other, even when they are divided over questions like religion. Jared Taylor is obviously an atheist, but culturally he identifies as a Christian gentleman from Virginia, and he has no problem getting along with the CofCC.

The White Nationalist movement would be more effective if it abandoned the goal of a single “White ethnostate” in favor of a peaceful dissolution of the Union along the existing ethnocultural fault lines. That’s how it will inevitably shake out anyway given the cultural plate tectonics underneath the facade of the “American” nation.

As Jared Taylor notes in the interview, the European ethnonationalist movements in places like Greece, France, and Catalonia are more dynamic because they can draw upon a common ethnicity to advance their agenda.

Note: Check out my review of Chuck Thompson’s Better Off Without ‘Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession at Confederate Renaissance.

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  1. The timeless wisdom of WLP, down to the last phrase.

    Our enemies would do the same to us, kill every one of us, right now, if they could.

    Does anyone doubt it?

  2. Yes Lew is right, Jared Taylor does indeed seem to believe Jews are White, or else (as Alex Linder accuses him of), he doesn’t really believe that at all, but allows them free reign within Amren’s corrall as it were, because it suits his agenda to do just that.

    I think it’s bad policy. It’s not honest, and would have to agree with Linder on this one as I can’t see it ever being a positive for us to have Jews as our leaders (and you know they would always worm their way into leadership/influential roles) in any kind of pro-White movement. In fact, with jews in it, what kind of “pro-White” movement is it anyways?

    And not that it matters, but I am a reluctant Jared Taylor critic. I *wanted* to be in his camp, because I like the way he looks, the way he talks…….but I know too much now to ever pull the wool over my eyes again where jews (and the danger they pose) are concerned.
    The cost has simply been too high for us to ever mess around with them again.

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