Live Thread: Mayan Doomsday


According to The History Channel, the end of the world is tomorrow, so what are your plans for this evening?

Note: OD was disappointed when The Rapture didn’t happen last May and October. Maybe the Hollywood Rapture will come true and only Africa will survive the cataclysm?

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  1. Miguel Goitizolo is a traditionalist and a mathematician in the mold of Guenon and Evola. He has studied both the Hindu and the Maya calendars, and concluded that both calendars, based on traditional astronomy and the doctrine of the Primordial Tradition, situate the beginning of the end of the current Dark Age (Kali Yuga) towards the end of the year 2012. This, however, does not herald the beginning of some type of golden age, as the New Age crowd pretends, nor necessarily the complete apocalyptic destruction of the world (though this is a possibility.). What it does from 21 December onward, the decline will accelerate until the complete and utter collapse of the Modern World, and the inevitable arrival of a new Golden Age from its ashes. I think that this is a reasonable inference.
    His writings can be found here :

    Even if one outright rejects esoteric viewpoints, it remains a fascinating fact that so many traditional civilizations independently predicted that in 2012, the world will be in a very sad state, morally, politically, and religiously.

  2. Each of us has his own personal doomsday……. it’s closer than any of us like to think…….and it is very real!

  3. Schopenhauer thought everything was steadily getting worse. I agree.

    Robert Smithson the artist predicted entropy.

    Here is a parable: In four billion years the sun will consume our solar system. Game over.

  4. I’ve had a change of heart on the gun issue.

    Let’s confiscate a the weapons.

    1 disarm the blacks. This can be enforced by white gun owners. They can go from house to house confiscating weapons. They can be deputized especially for this. Resistance to this seizure will result in the arrest, fining and imprisonment of the blacks foolish enough to resist this good liberal law.

    2 Disarm the Hispanics (follow same procedure)

    3 after studying the effects of this gun ban phase 1, 2. For a decade, in a comprehensive longditudinal study we can form a committee to discuss the need to confiscate white people’s weapons or to simply pause at stage 2. If crime and property values have gone up then we can rest assure that disarmament of blacks and browns was a success.

  5. John says:

    I’ll be predicting which eschatological fraud the History Channel will peddle next.

    They’ll have to double-up on the evil Hitler/Nazi nonsense….. like they haven’t taken it beyond a bizarre level already.

    May be they can pedal: *Aspergers sufferers are the new Nazis*. I know, its twisted on a couple of levels …….. but so is the Hitler Channel.

  6. Eh, mayan calendar nothing. I’m waiting for Pope Benedict to kick the bucket, so we can all see if the Pope Prophecies are for real 😉

  7. The Mayans never accounted for Leap Years… their little Apocalypse should have happened mid 1980’s.

  8. Yeah I remember that! I had forgotten but I remember getting a really good laugh at the time. At the very end of the movie “2012” it pans out into space and the only thing that the men in the space station see is Africa. All of the rest of the world is underwater.

    It really was a LOL moment and so typical of the kind of shit coming out of Hollywood.

  9. Societies that have perished in the past didn’t realized the gradual changes occurred for better or worst. Intellectual’s 150 years ago didn’t envision such technologies of automobile, jet planes, electricity telephone wire and all we’re living in revolutionized life for ever.

  10. I’ve already taken shelter in my 6000 sq. ft. underground survival cave bored deep into a granite mountain range in northern Montana that shall remain nameless for security purposes. I’ll be playing pool at the redoubt bar with a few of my friends while the wives fix dinner. We’ll finish off the evening with a swim in the pool, which is warmed by the 60 foot hot spring underground waterfall which, via an intermediate pelton wheel, powers the 80,000 watt generator that feeds, among other things, the lights in the aquaponics section where we get our fresh greens.

    Even though it was below freezing and snowing when we closed and locked the three foot thick steel door two days ago, we’ve stocked the shelter with warm weather clothes. The result of my number crunching told me that after the pole shift, we’ll emerge oceanside in a fine, tropical meridian. Yeah, life’s a bitch. Enjoy the ride SUCKAS.

  11. I’m en route as we speak to my lunar fortress in Shackleton Crater on the moon. There’s nothing like a mile-deep subsurface lunar base to keep the wogs at bay! I plan to spend the Apocalypse being pleasured by my breeding herd of 1,000 fertile nineteen-year-old honeys, selected by me from from the best-looking girls of the white (and Asian) countries of the world. (Note: male personnel other than myself are not permitted within the Champagne Caverns.) In between sessions of fathering the coming race of Space Overlords, I’ll dine on fresh-grown fruit and veg from my subsurface farm-pods, and sup on tender beef, pork, and lamb from the ranch-caves. I’ll probably spend some time calibrating my constellation of Orbital Peace Cannons as well. And of course there’s my security system to tinker with. Thanks to the boys in Special Weapons, my selenian redoubt will never be troubled by nosy Mudfeet ( = Earthers ). Hail the Giant Robot Project! Praise the Electromagnetic Artificial Meteorite Gun!

  12. I was already raptured away this afternoon and I am writing this from the beyond! This means I don’t have to suffer through tomorrow’s tribulations. For the rest of you, SUCKS TO BE YOU! 🙂

  13. Fortunately for me I was born without the Rhesus monkey blood that flows through the veins of most of y’all. My O – negative alien blood type will keep me in good standing when the mother ship arrives.

  14. I’m stepping into my Mars Rocket…blast off in 1 hour. I have the Nucleostallar Terraformer Silos ready to release subterranean oxygen pockets into the atmosphere.

  15. RO3: “(Note: male personnel other than myself are not permitted within the Champagne Caverns.)”

    YT: LOL! When the stars align, the magnetic poles flip and we all go spinning into space, I’ll still be laughing at that. Good one.

  16. WTF Russia Times? No doomday? Why the fuck did I buy all this ammunition, MREs and a gillie suit?

    Whats that? THe niggers are getting uber-uppity? OK then.

  17. I reposted my thoughts from 2009 on this, over at my blog.

    I remember reading Rushdoony in the 1980’s, in which he noted that the Anglicans had, via their Golden Numbers, and calculating the date of (Western) Easter/Holy Week, figured out all possible dates for Christ’s Resurrection, until about 10,000A.D.

    Now, THAT’s an ‘eschatology of VICTORY’!

    See y’all the ‘day after tomorrow.’ It’ll be here, sure as shootin’……

  18. Built a manor made of wood on stilts above a termite mound next to an active volcano if it is the end of the world(and logic goes to hell) then my manor will be safer than all of your “safe” hideouts(moon included) and remember I have always got Mars to fall back to.(ha…hahahahaheh…heh…?…why is no one laughing?)

  19. It is the eve of Dec 21 here in OZ and the TEOTWAKI parties are in full swing. My village pub has an all night band playing Boomer nostalgia. I can hear the Tribute to Credence Clearwater Revival all the way down to the jetty – as I plan on sit out on the bay tonight and sing some Advent chants while I throw some out some nets – for the shrimp are running.

    This is the 2 thousand and twelth year of our Lord’s reign, 2012 Anno Domini and the holy season of Advent is drawing to a close. In a few days the entire Christian world will rejoice in the Feast of the Nativity.

    Six hundred years ago, Our Lord’s Church threw down the altars of public and continual human sacrifice in the Americas. Even though the anti-Christs and the warlocks have rebuilt the death cults of the old religions, I am confident they will be thrown down again as the Lord Jesus Christ must reign until all His enemies are under His feet.

  20. “I am confident they will be thrown down again as the Lord Jesus Christ must reign until all His enemies are under His feet.”

    Lynda, glad to hear you wish for the disappearance of the false Church of Rome, as much as I do! – lol

  21. RRS, and Lily,

    Thanks for asking. AG ad I did delete the blog. I outraged the wrong people, and I don’t want to expose people I care about to harm, because of my words. Events are accelerating. Hunker down, folks. We’re in for a wild ride.

  22. The Romans did us a favour. They set back Jewish domination of the Eastern Med 2000 years. The Americans otoh provided the materiel for them to re-establish that domination. Nothing per se wrong with the Catholic church. It’s universalism is a non starter. But on the whole it did great things. Like the School of Athens on the banner image.

  23. Fr. John+:

    You wish, my dear Brother in Christ. The “Church of Rome” has survived everything up to and including the collapse of civilization. We’ll still be here long after whatever you belong to is gone. I look forward to welcoming you home at that time.



    PS. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son together. Merry Christmas.

  24. What the hell happened Denise?
    To be fair your Jewish tirades are a bit much. But other than that, there’s nothing that unusual.

  25. Yes, LandShark had the best comment!

    I was hoping Denise would have abandoned pro-white activities and joined me as a proud globalist race traitor. Now that would have been a fulfillment of Mayan prophecy for people here.

  26. “. . .Schopenhauer thought everything was steadily getting worse. I agree. . .”

    Including his own writings?

  27. Yeah, it takes real courage to face down a den of vipers like Lapierre did. That man has more backbone than any 200 given GOP pansies combined.

  28. NRA? Too little, too late re Sandy Hook and all the other recent massacres in gubmint “gun-free zones”. All Wayne had to do was point out the obvious from the beginning: no massacres at gun shows, no massacres at shooting ranges, and damn all obvious why. Membership renewal went into the trash can. I believe I can sustain my own natural right to an “assault” (for hunting Tyrants not deer) weapon entirely unaided by the NRA and its republican lawyers. One thing for certain: the next “deal” the NRA cuts with the ZOG, it will go as extinct as the Republican Party is about to go.

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