Catalonia Independence Referendum


The two major Catalan nationalist parties have agreed to hold an independence referendum in 2014. Madrid still considers secession illegal, but the Catalan nationalists intend to move forward anyway:

“MADRID, Dec 18 (Reuters) – Two of the largest parties in Spain’s northern region of Catalonia agreed an alliance on Tuesday that aims to pave the way for a referendum in 2014 on secession, a vote Madrid has said is illegal….

There is total agreement on the referendum. There will be a referendum in 2014, unless both parties agree to delay it,” ERC head Oriol Junqueras said on Tuesday …”

It goes without saying that this is what Southern Nationalists should be doing in Dixie.

Obama’s reelection and especially the GOP caving on everything from taxes to gun control to amnesty has cemented my belief that the Union must be dissolved. As long as the Union exists, it will trend toward bankruptcy, economic collapse, loss of freedom, White genocide, cultural degeneracy, and promoting non-Whites on racial grounds.

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  1. @ the GOP caving…

    What were they ever trying to conserve? Gun running, dope peddling, and state-run everything? The same “two-party” system for a population over 300 million dedicated to the most radical diversity, i.e. difference of opinions from different “home countries, and upheld by four-talking-point elections that boil down to who gets to spend the collected taxes that long-ago impoverished the creative, innovative, moral people who were left?”

  2. Holding a referendum? But the MSM told me that the secessionists had a bad election!!!

    “Yes” to everything written; I don’t want to take back America, I don’t want to slow the decline, I want a divorce. The folks at the gun stores agreed with me.

  3. the folks in Catalonia have a huge advantage; they are not dealing with yankees who love to send negros to kill Southron women, children and non combatants

    never forget what yankees have done in the last, or under estimate what they will stoop to in the future

  4. Re: Stonelifter,

    You’ll find blacks in every nook and cranny in Europe these days. They’re in every town and city and this is by design. Wherever their numbers reach critical mass, you’ll find rapes and murders – and the European hostile elite continues to import them. Actually the European hostile elite has a more dangerous weapon at its disposal to torment native Europeans: Muslims. Between blacks and Muslims, native Europeans will have a tough time surviving at all. So I wouldn’t consider the hostile elites of Europe to be any better than the Yankees.

  5. The Infowars has shaken off their Romney-induced doldrums and is using terms like secession and Civil War. I solicit reports from other white radical websites.

  6. “the GOP caving on everything from taxes to gun control to amnesty”

    IMO, the Republicans were never serious about putting up any resistance to the Democrats, or charting their own conservative agenda. They are only interested in preserving the Republican Institution. Who cares if the Institution no longer represents the ideals it was created for, as long as it survives – That is how these people really think.

  7. Re: XYZ

    Notice that the media is very willing, eager in fact, to point out that White men are most often the ones that commit these types of acts (although I have seen studies that state that black serial killers outnumber White ones by 2:1 on a per capita basis). However, when the discussion turns to who is most likely to commit homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary then the media falls into see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil mode. Very odd, isn’t it?

  8. Obama just handing secessionists another gift in his “all in” commitment to public disarmament.

    November: Secession petitions
    December: 2nd Amendment awakening
    January: Inauguration / State of the Union and Obama’s anti-white speech which will be his de facto response to the petitions followed by widespread flag, billboard, and sign campaign territorializing the de facto borders of the partition.

  9. afterthought, the rumor here is obama will enacted a new brady law by executive order. I can only hope and pray he is that stupid.

  10. I had a bit of fun the other day listing fir a hippy type chick, the names of serial killers who are black, asking her if she knew who they were. Then asking her if she knew who Ted Bundy and Dahmer were.

    I think she got it.

  11. XYZ, the important part of that title was “race matters”. Ten years ago, you weren’t allowed to say that a person was Black in giving a description of them.

  12. Jagdflieger says:
    “Very odd, isn’t it?”

    I used to find it hypocritical and it used to anger me, until I understood they are not “anti-racist”, there never was any such thing, they just hate White people and are going about it in a deceitful and cowardly manner.

    When Whites start calling them on it directly and that day can’t come soon enough, they will be all washed up.

  13. People should go to Youtube and watch the video by France’s white children. They were forced to accept and make all kinds of accomodations for the muslims. They have formed a group called Generation Identitaire and the video is called Generation Identitaire: A Declaration of War from the Youth of France.

  14. Yes, I noticed Nordic Sage is off the air too. Some of the blogs are very “inflammatory” (by PC standards) and overtly anti-Semitic.

    In the wake of the Sandy Hook atrocities I suspect the censors are watching the anti-PC opposition very closely. As I have read elsewhere and personally believe the attack on the 2nd is to get at the 1st.

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